Lupa yawned on the couch. It was another late night for her, well past midnight. She was alone downstairs watching some show on TV and not really paying attention. Truth be told she just liked being alone in the big house sometimes, it gave her time to think.

Not that she didn't love her family, she just had trouble dealing with so many of them at once. She'd love to spend more time with them; just, you on one

The creak of the stairs caught her attention and made her heart skip a beat. She snapped her head over to the source of the sound and was startled at the sound of pounding feet running at her.

This was it, this was how she died. One of aunt Lisa's freaky genetic experiments got loose and was going to eat her now. She had a good life so far. She had a big; loving family; got to smoke, that was cool too. Just as she was starting to regret not doing more with her life, a heavy hit to her stomach knocked the wind out of her and snapped her back to reality.

As she Lupa sat up and found her bearings, she shook out the cobwebs and glanced down. There; with her face buried in her midsection, was the unmistakable blond mop of her second youngest sister.

"Lizy? Why's going on? What are you doing up so late?"

Lizy detached herself from her older sister and looked her right in the eye "Help me find monsters!"

Lupa took a moment to process what the little tyke said. "Monsters?"

The small girl nodded enthusiastically "Uh huh! In my room!"

Lupa smirked; so that's what it was, Lizy woke up in the middle of the night and got scared. Thought she saw a monster and ran out to find help. She was drawn to the light of the TV and knew someone would be up that could help. Leia was spending the night over a friend's place so it was natural for Lizy to be jumpier all alone in the room.

"Alright kiddo, lets go monster hunting."

Lupa lightly pushed open the door to Lizy's room and poked her head in. Scanning the room she saw nothing out of place, and brought her phone up and swept the room again with her flashlight. She obviously wasn't going to find anything, but felt the need to put on a show for the three year old.

"See any?" said three year old was clinging to her older sister's leg and peeking into the room.

"Nope, nothing here." Lupa pushed the door wider and took a step inside; smiling as the younger girl ran up and took her hand, glancing around the room frantically, no doubt worried about being devoured by an unseen monster.

(Pfft, who gets scared of getting eaten by monsters in their own home?) Lupa thought to herself with a chuckle before her earlier thoughts flashed back in her mind. Lupa was now more alert as she glanced around the room for a third time.

Seeing nothing, Lupa shrugged her arms out in an exaggerated motion.

"All clear kiddo, back to bed."

Lizy pouted up at her sister "You didn't check good! Look under the bed!"

Lupa could only smile; she complied with the youngster's demand without complaint, and dropped to her knees to shine her light under the bed.

"No monsters under the bed, kiddo."

"Check the closet!"

Lupa rolled her eyes and got up. She walked over to the closest and opened the door wide. Seeing nothing, she presented the monsterless closet to the small girl.

"Nope, no monsters here either. Look kiddo, its perfectly fine. Its safe here in your room."

Lizy pouted. "Make them come here!"


"I wanna see the monsters but I couldn't find any!"

Lupa was at a loss. Lizy peeked under her bed one more time and huffed.

"There's supposta be monsters late at night!

The ashen haired girl's mind caught up with her. "Listen kiddo, monster arn't re-" she paused mid sentence as the smaller girl looked up at her with big eyes, Lupa cleared her throat "Ahem...monsters only go after bad kids, you're a good girl."

"So I hafta do meany things to get monsters? Should I..." the tot learned forward and gestured for her sister to lean in closer. She cupped her hand to her mouth and looked around to make sure no one was listening "...swear?" she whispered.

Lupa grinned and raised an eyebrow "Swear?"

"Bad girls swear right? But swearing makes daddy sad..." Lizy looked down at the floor, struggling with her moral dilemma.

The older girl placed her hand on the blond girl's head, and patted it. "Don't worry about it, its not monster season anyways."

"Season?" Lizy looked up at her sister and tilted her head.

"Yep, monsters go south when it gets cold, like birds."

"But its May!"

"Monsters arn't as fast as birds, they can't fly so it takes them longer to get back up here."

"I guess that makes sense." Lizy looked thoughtful.

Lupa giggled at her younger sister's nativity, Lizy was adorable. "Tell you what kiddo, how about we watch some monster movies?"

"But its past my bedtime!"

"Exactly; only bad girls stay up past their bedtimes, so monsters will go after you."

Lizy's eyes lit up and she grabbed her sister's hand and started trying to drag her towards the door "C'mom c'mon!"

"Ease up there, TV ain't going nowhere." Lupa smiled as she allowed herself to be led back to the living room.

"Lets watch monster movies all night! We can eat popcorn and cereal when then sun comes up! Then we can watch cartoons with Bed and Lulu!" The little girl was going a mile a minute, excited at being given the opportunity to stay up late.

Lupa smiled as she looked down at her lap. Lizy lasted all of 10 minutes before she dozed off using her sisters Lap as a pillow. The older girl ruffled her sister's hair, earning a smile from the sleeping tot.

Lizy was initially rearing to go, getting comfy and asking Lupa to make the popcorn. But as she settled in, the excitement of the monster hunt caught up with her and she was out like a light.

As Gozilla stomped through New York on their big screen TV, Lupa lost herself in thought again.

Sure she liked her alone time when she could get, but she had absolutely no problem sharing it when she had to.

Just, you know.

One on one.