Everytime it happens.

I lose.

Either by the hands of a Green soldier, White Knight, Red champion, or a Black warrior. I lose.



Is there a way for me to win. What is the proper variable for me to create the right outcome where I stand tall above my enemies and my dreams are fulfilled.


My answers lie beyond my corner of the universe and somewhere a little, beyond.

Yes, maybe it is time I mess with the flow of time and space. If that is what it takes to assure that I win...

Somewhere in the 25th century...

The home planet of the Galra Empire, for over two centuries the slaves and inhabitants of this world called it home. Each person who was brought here lived in fear of the whip from their masters or being served as a fresh meal for the nobles. Some even were afraid of winding up being the nobles' concubine or being thrown into the ring for sport. The rocky terrain showed little vegetation or areas where there could be free water that was not held by the corrupt monsters of state.

But, no more. No more does this planet echo with the screams of slaves or the cheers of a righteous empire who held a galaxy in its grip. Now, all that remains is silence and peace. For two years the planet had remained lifeless and undisturbed, after the heroic Voltron Force and their mighty robot Voltron brought peace to the planet, quashing the empire and destroying Emperor Zarkon for good. None remained on the planet after this, many choosing to leave once it was said that the prince was also dead.

However, on this dead planet, some life still struggles to crawl from the rocky remains of this dead world as one lone figure proves. Draped in a long coat that obscured many of his features save his long white hair, the man begins to walk through the rocky rubble, yellow eyes looking over the remains of his home as if he was questing for a lost piece. His ears then perked to the sounds of movement from near where the emperor had fallen. Now curious, he began to trek through the rubble until he saw two figures standing in front of the unmarked grave, "What?" spoke the figure's voice, low and melodious as it was.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" asked the strange garbed figure, a mask with two pointed horn adorned his head, "And why this one? From what you told me his son-"

"Is either dead or missing," the other figure spoke, a woman with long dark hair. "For your purposes, the father alone will do. If we try hunting the remains of the witch, we'll have to worry about her desires to bring back her family. No, he is the one, I'm sure of it."

"If you say so," the man said, "You say that your spell can only keep me in this era for ten minutes?"

"Yes, then I have to send you back. Now if you'll excuse me, using this much magic takes a moment," the woman said, pulling out a staff with a giant Z on the end. Thrusting it forward, she closed her eyes and concentrated her magic. A swirling vortex of black mana began to encircle the staff before launching a bolt of energy into the grave.

The figure in the cloak let out a gasp as he watched the body rise from its grave in a explosion of light and magic. A skeletal body hung in the air for a few brief moments, only for tendons and ligaments to connect the joints while the blood vessels began to encircle the organs that filled up the cavities of the body. Soon enough, the bones were covered by muscles and then a dark blue skin. With a face that was held by the side with two fins, his cat-like eye looking at the two figures before him, "And who are you two?" asked Zarkon as the mage magically gave him his royal garb.

"My name is Berg Katz and this is-" Berg Katz began, only to be interrupted by the woman.

"Maeve, of the highlands. Broken free from the imprisonment I was sent under by an unknown force to enlist... help," Maeve said, bowing while keeping her face in shadow.

"Help?" asked Zarkon.

Berg Katz nodded and stepped forward, "We come from the past, in the early 21st century, seeking a powerful king from this time to help us in the past."

Zarkon looked at Berg Katz questionly, taken aback by his purple cloak and headress, "The past you say?"

"Yes, the past. Thanks to Maeve's spell, I was able to find a leader of great power who had knowledge of being able to combine beast and machine into powerful monsters. My own organization attempts at this are years behind your ability. If we had your future knowledge, then perhaps our project will come to fruition at last," Berg Katz said.

"And what do I get if I help you with this little project of yours?" asked Zarkon.

Berg Katz let out a soft chuckle, enjoying his little bait, "Imagine a world where there is no Galaxy Garrison, no Voltron Force, and no one to resurrect your greatest threat."

"You know of all that?" asked Zarkon.

"Indeed," Maeve said, "When we arrived here, I accessed your logs and studied your losses. When I saw how they came to big, I believed the best way to ask for your assistance was to offer you a gem."

"If we stop the foundations of the Galaxy Garrison from being born, well...I think you can guess the rest," Berg Katz said, smiling, "Plus, you would gain a potential ally from the past that will

"And all it costs me is my knowledge of Robeast power and my soldiers? HA! Fine then, you have an ally!" shouted Zarkon as he took Berg Katz's hand and in a flash, the trio vanished.

The man in the cloak gasped and bit his lip as he said to himself, "Damn, this is not good."

Arus two days later.

Two years ago, Arus was a world at the forefront of a war. Alone, it was a planet that was bearing the brunt of the attacks by the Drule empire and it's evil commanders. This war was brought to a halt by the powerful Voltron Force and their mighty robot, loved by good and feared by evil. Led by Keith, their battles against the empire were long and hard, but fruitful as it brought forth a new era of peace. No more were they afraid, but now they were free to live their lives in peace with little to no fear. On this day, a celebration in honor of the heroes of their world was being held.

No better was all of this peace and happiness was demonstrated than in the towering and pristine castle of lions. The crystal-like structure stood as a symbol against the forces of evil during the war. At the moment, it was also a source of happiness and celebration. Except, for a lone figure who stood on a balcony looking over the green fields of her home. Princess Allura, grabbed in her long pink dress, brushed back her flowing blonde hair and sighed. For a moment, her blue eyes looked down at her people with a tinge of regret and sadness, "Squeak?" came a small voice from a blue mouse.

"Hmmm?" Allura looked down and saw the rather chubby blue mouse. Smiling warmly, she leaned on the bannister and said, "Oh, it's nothing Cheddar. I was just thinking. About the war, my place in the grand scheme of things, and other mopey stuff like that. You probably don't want to hear about it."

Another little squeak and a concerned tug on her arms made Allura rethink her position. Smiling she said, "Well, it just that, I don't think I was worth much i the war. Sure, I was part of Voltron, I was the leg that they needed in order to become the mighty robot and I was there for the ride. But when it comes down to it, what good was I? I barely led, that was all Keith's doing. I got captured more times than I care to think about, and when it came time to defeat Lotor, who was it that defeated him?"

Cheddar let out a little squeak.

"Sven! Not me, not the princess who earned this, not her so called 'hero', but Sven. While I...just stood back and watched," Allura said, before turning her back and leaning against the railing, drumming her fingers along it, "The great princess Allura, is just a girl who follows orders from her soldiers. A beautiful bird, still in her cage. I just wish-"

Before she could continue on in her thoughts, a call sounded from the intercom, "Princess Allura, report to the throne room. There is a person who wishes to have a conference with you."

"Yes Coran, tell Keith to meet me there," Allura said, and then shook her head, "My brave captain of the guard." she added with a tone of voice that seemed to hide a hint of vile.

Quickly getting herself into her royal robes and her crown on, she walked down into the royal throne room where Keith, of the Voltron force, stood at the right side of the throne. At the left was Coran, her advisor, and Nanny. The entire room was done up and the people were standing at attention as if they were receiving royalty. Looking down, trying to avert her gaze from her advisors, she took her seat on the throne and said, "Allow the visitor in."

Keith looked at Allura and asked, "Why would a commoner need such pomp and circumstance? It's not like we are getting a royal visitor."

"Now presenting, the Prince of the Planet Doom. Heir apparent to the Druel Empire, the Defender of Lost Galaxy, and the Savior of Cyttorak," the attendant said, shaking with nerves as he looked at the figure in the cloak. "Prince Lotor!"

"What?" gasped the people in the throne room as they watched in horror as the man in the cloak stepped forward, slowly removing his hood and revealing his dark blue skin, cat-like eyes, and long silver hair.

A smirk came across Lotor's lips as he crossed his arm over his chest and bowed in respect, "Thank you for receiving me, Princess Allura."

"SEIZE HIM!" shouted Coran, extending his arm.

Keith nodded and pulled out his pistol, "I'm on it."

"HOLD!" said Allura as she held up her hand, "As of right now he is not attacking and he has no weapons on him. So whatever he says, we should hear him out."

"Princess I must object to this," Coran argued, looking at her.

"Indeed. That man is a monster," said Nanny.

"And he is here as a royal. Or am I to understand that I should treat every visiting dignitary with hatred, Nanny," growled Allura, eyes narrowing.

"Now see here-" yelled Nanny, but a sharp look forced the fat woman to sit back down in shock.

Lotor smiled at this as he said under his breath, "Good to see my queen has a backbone." then he looked up at Allura and into her blue eyes, "I have come to bring you a warning. A few days ago, two beings arrived on Planet Doom and resurrected my father. They then disappeared through a time vortex to the past. I can only assume that they plan on finding a way to make sure that the Galaxy Garrison is no more."

"You lie!" shouted Keith, "No one can be brought back to life!"

"Is that so," Lotor chuckled, smirking, "I think Sven have had another way of looking at it, or did you really think that he was only badly injured on that day?"

"Sven wasn't-"

"Magic and technology has been known to work miracles," Lotor said, looking at Keith with a cruel grin, "It was simple to bring him back to life from the brink of death. We even had plans to us his body to attack and kill you all. The only thing stopping us at the time was his spirit and determination to protect his friends."

"Even if you were telling the truth, the idea of time travel is absurd," said Coran, shaking his head.

"Really? Didn't you have cadets?" asked Lotor, "Or has the time ripple already touched your memories, wiping all trace of them from your minds?"

Keith stepped forward, only to wince in pain as he saw the image of five students standing in front of their own lions, only to fade away. Then the image of a black voltron flying through space, "We...never had...cadets?"

"That's what I believe is called a temporal wobble, if I remember my Gallifreyan," Lotor sad, holding out his hands, "Where your mind has a vague memory of the altered past for but a moment before it's gone. The only reason why it hasn't affected me as of yet is because I am not of your planet."

"Even so, why should we believe you, what if this is a trick?" asked Corn.

Lotor shrugged, "Then don't believe me, think of me as a liar, and then execute me in a grand ceremony like a common thug. But if I'm wrong, then you are imprisoning an innocent man, and when I die, the sun will set on your timeline and then rise on a burning Arus with my father standing on its ruined remains."

"Allura, this is obviously a trick!" shouted Coran.

"Yeah, we can't really trust a monster like him!" Keith sad.

Allura looked down, thoughts running through her head, "They're right, he can't be trusted. He's a monster. But, if he is lying, then where is his army? Why be so small in his assault, subtlety was never his strong suit. What if he's right and if I arrest him now, I'm dooming not just planet, but the history of my friends!?" For a moment, she looked at the former prince, and then to Keith.

Slowly, she arose from the throne and nodded, "Lotor, I choose to believe you. I will have Keith gather the rest of the force and send out Pidge to investigate."

From within the throne room, a mass of murmurs and gasps were heard. With his eyes wide in disbelief, Coran stepped forward and gave her a disheveled look, "Princess, this is most irregular!"

"You can not really be ready to trust and believe that MONSTER!" cried Nanny.

Allura clenched her fists, digging her fingers into her hands, "Will you two finally SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES!?"

The elicited a gasp from the entire room, except for Lotor who crossed his arms over his chest and smiled to himself.

"Every day, every single day of my freaking life, you have never treated me with the OUNCE of respect I deserve. You both treated me like a freaking CHILD! A DAMSEL! Or just a breeding tool for a prince. I... I should've been trained in war and battle, but no! I was trained to just sit back, watch, and be quiet while the men do all of the work." Allura then narrowed her eyes at Coran,growling, "Like a woman should be right?"

"Princess, no. That isn't it at all," said Coran, shaking his head.

"Oh no? Then why am I an orphan? Why was it that my FATHER was allowed to fight on the frontlines and die, while I was forced to just sit back and watch as my kingdom burned to the ground and my people suffer! It's because I lacked a male body part wasn't it,?" Allura questioned, frowning as she stepped up to Coran and pressing her finger to his chest.

Nanny stepped forward and put her hands on hips, before wagging a finger dismissively, "Now see here, this is no way for a lady to behave."

"Last I checked, I am no lady, I am a queen. But you never saw me like that, did you Nanny? You always saw me as a little, weak, pathetic girl. A child who needed the big strong man to save me with their dick! I remember when I tried standing up for myself, and what did I get in return? A spanking. A spy offered to pilot the blue lion, and you were all ready to bow down and give him the keys, all because he had a dick and was not a princess. I bet if he wanted my body, you would've given me up just to have a strong prince and not a never wanted me as a ruler, you just wanted me to sit back and look pretty. You needed the control, you demanded it! You never cared one bit about me!" Allura yelled. Then she looked into Nanny's eyes, "I am going to do to you, what I have been waiting for YEARS to do. NANNY, YOU ARE FIRED!"

"W-w-what?" gasped Nany.

"Fired, and if I see you on the grounds again, I will have you executed on sight. NO LEAVE!" screamed Allura. Then she turned to Coran, "And you, you are demoted. You are no longer my advisor. Out of my sight!"

"But, princess, I-"

"Don't question me," Allura said, sitting down on the throne.

Keith took a step forward, "Allura, isn't this a bit harsh?"

"Keith, when you are treated like I have been, you need to release your rage," Allura said plainly. Then she looked to Lotor, "As I said, we will trust you for the time being."

Lotor smiled and cocked his head to the side, " Am I to be treated as a prisoner and locked away in a cage? Or am I to be a guest in your wonderful castle."

"You will be given your own room for the time being," Allura said, "under guard. If you are telling the truth then we will discuss the rest of the plan. If you are lying, then we will hold a trial for your crimes. If you take one step into my chambers or act in any way unroyally, then I will have you arrested. Is that clear?"

"Crystal, my queen," said Lotor crossing his arm over his chest and bowing. Then he looked to a guard, as if to order him to lead, smirking at Keith as he followed the guards out of the throne room.

Once everyone else was out of the room, Keith looked at his princess and asked, "Allura, is this smart? He's a monster, a creep and-"

"Keith...what am I to you?" Allura asked, looking back at her friend.

"My princess, someone I have sworn to protect," Keith responded.

Allura frowned, and then asked "Is that all? Is that all I am to you?"

"What else is there?" asked Keith, before shaking his head as he watched her walk away, "Wait, I didn't mean I just..." he then sighed and looked down before turning to walk away to the comm room.

Planet Pollux.

Pidge stood in front of a mirror, his green jumpsuit hanging on a coat hanger in the corner. The young an sighed and looked at his body with a frown. His eyes traveled up and down his almost naked body, as if he was looked at stranger in the mirror. Turning his head to the left, he heard a large knock on the door, "Hey little guy! You coming or not? I really want to head to Spacey's and get some space burgers with space fries."

"We get it, Hunk, we live in space," snarked Pidge as he grabbed his green suit and ran his hand through his brown hair, putting on his pair of glasses. Then he walked out the door and into his best friend on the team. For a bit he smiled at Hunk as he walked with him down the hall.

Hunk grunted and stretched his arms over his head, " Man, these vacations rock don't they?"

"Yeah," Pidge said, a sombre tone in his voice.

"You ok, kid?' asked Hunk.

Pidge opened his mouth to say yes , but then he paused and looked away, "N-no, not really." Turning his green eyes up towards Hunk, he asked, "Hunk, you ever feel like your body is...wrong? Like you don't really belong in your own body?"

"Kid, it's called being fat and wanting to stop," Hunk said, "I get that occasionally."

Pidge shook his head, "No, it's not that. I mean, you look at you body and you just feel like you were born wrong. Like something is wrong with you or that you are just not right?" Lightly rubbing the ground with his foot, "Sometimes, I have this dream where my penis just falls off and I don't have it anymore."

"Dude, that sounds horrifying," said Hunk looking back at his friend.

"That's just it though," said Pidge, looking back at Hunk, "After that? I'm happier than ever been, like some sort of great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Like I'm... normal."

"Pidge, what are you saying?" asked hunk, looking at his friend strangely.

"I'm saying that I think-"

"Calling Voltron Force," said Keith over the comms, "Commander Keith speaking. We need you all to return to Arus asap, except you Pidge."

"Me?' asked Pidge.

"I need you to take Green Lion to the planet Doom and scan for Chrono-energy. Tell me your results," Keith said, turning off the comm.

"That was...odd," said Pidge. "He sounded almost...sad."

"Eh, probably nothing. Come on buddy," said Hunk, trying to forget the earlier words of his friend, "Get into the lion, and then head for home."

Pidge sighed and looked at the planet Arus in the distance and said, "Yeah, sure."

Planet KL-12

A man dressed in a flannel jacket and jeans leaned up against his giant red robot lion, with a large bottle of sake in his hand. Taking a drink from the bottle, he threw his arm up into the air and shouted, "A toast to Lance McLain of the Voltron Force and the rest of the team. Long live the fighters!" Lance shouted to the sky before sitting down on the ground and frowning, "Fighters, what a laugh."

A forlorn sigh escaped his lips as he looked up at the blood red sky from the setting sun in the distance, "What good is a fighter when there are no more wars to fight, no real reason to pilot other than to be awesome in the race, and to stand tall with your friends. Nothing! Just, fuck peace, fuck the whole idea." he shook his head, "All it does is take the fun away from being a pilot." slowly he took another drink from his sake bottle and put it down to his side.

Looking back up to his lion, he patted it's side gently and said, "Maybe we should start finding a new war. Huh old friend?"

An alarm rung from his comm, "Commander Keith, calling Lance. Report to the Castle of Lions immediately. We have a situation requiring the team to come meet at the castle of lions."

"Be right there, commander," Lance said, getting back to his feet and then throwing his sake bottle away, "Heh, guess we found our new war."

The sun slowly began to set on the planet Arus, casting much of the land in the shadows of the mountains and a shade on the castle of lions. Allura did not pay attention to the setting sun as she walked into the training room, dressed in a loose fitting training gi. Around her stood several wooden dummies in various fighting positions. Slowly breathing in and out, she allowed herself to concentrate. Then she opened her eyes before ramming an elbow into the head of one wooden dummy, before lowering her forearm to strike an arm. Raising her other forearm, she blocked the other arm, and then lowered it to hit the other leg.

Quickly, she began to block and parry against the wooden dummies, treating them as if they were real opponents. Then she heard, "Real opponents are much better." Lotor said, walking in and dressed in a spare black gi.

Allura straightened her gi and frowned, looking at Lotor, "I thought I told you to not come out from your room."

"Oh, but you told me that it was only your room that I was forbidden from entering, the rest of the castle was fair game as I recall," Lotor said, smirking as he splayed his arms out, "And as you can see, I have nothing to capture you with."

Allura looked at Lotor in his gi, and for a moment was enamored with the way it rested on his well toned body. Shaking her head, she turned away with a blush and said, "Fine, you can join me for some light sparring."

"My pleasure, oh queen," Lotor said, bowing as he walked into the room and then turned to face Allura. Extending out his right hand and then performing a beckoning motion, he waited for the princess to attack. Stepping back quickly, he blocked two of her punches, grabbing one in the air, "Hmph, no wonder you never fight out of the cockpit. Your fighting talents are sorely lacking my dear."

"First of all, my name is Allura! You live in my castle and you will show me respect,"Allura said with a growl, doing a spinning backhand after disengaging from the grab.

Lotor calmly blocked it and smirked, "Get me to the ground, and I'll use your first name, my dear."

Rolling her eyes, Allura tried three more jabs, each one dodged, " Second, I was trained by Keith, a member of the galaxy alliance!"

"And," Lotor then ducked under her right hook and tripped her to the ground, "How often did I beat him when he was out of the lion? Or did you forget I had him at blade point before you guys saved him at the last moment."

"I...remember," Allura said with a sigh, before narrowing her eyes in determination and kicking up at his stomach.

Lotor smirked as he caught her foot in the air, "Oh, she has tricks?"

"A lot more than that!" Allura said, using her other leg to get herself off the ground and then kicking Lotor in the face, knocking him back. She then quickly got back to her feet,and then adjusted her gi before getting into her fighting stance.

Lotor watched this with open eyes in both amazement and a little hint of lust. Slowly drafting a smile on his face, he went at her with a cross and a hook. Each shot was quickly blocked by Allura. When she had her chance, she began to launch her own series of attacks, each one being blocked and parried by Lotor. Sweat beading down their faces, the painting of their breaths, and the strikes all had a small hint of passion in them. When Lotor went for a cross, Allura grabbed Lotor's arm and looked into his cat-like eyes, "Why me?" She asked, panting.


"Why do you want me so badly? You several slaves at your beck and call, a whole galaxy of women at your feet, and you were even engaged to a woman who wanted you once! So why would you want a cute girl from a backwater world like me?" asked Allura, holding onto his arm.

Lotor pulled away and then leaned in close enough to whisper in her ear, "Your eyes."

"My eyes?" asked Allura as Lotor pulled away and began to attack once more.

"I had never seen such eyes like yours before. Determination, bravery, power, and want. Every conquest I ever had, the women I took as mine? They always would be scared, begging me for mercy. But not you, never you. Then you kept winning, persevering in spite of the fact that I had the advantage and by all rights, I should've won," Lotor said, doing a roundhouse, only to watch it being ducked by Allura. He tried with a side kick, which was also blocked by her.

"You NEVER had the advantage," Allura said, before striking out with a spinning kick.

"Don't tell me you really believe that. What advantages did you have besides the most powerful robot designed?" asked Lotor, sending out a few strikes, eah blow being blocked by her.

Allura stepped back a little from the onslaught of punches, trying to catch up, "Well, we had... that is we have-"

"A domineering commander, the lancer, the fat one, and the smart kid," Lotor said plainly, "The most valuable one was you. And they never allowed you to be who you were meant to be."

"And what was that?" asked Allura catching his fist.

"The queen. You, should've been on that black lion, standing over me," Lotor said, looking into her blue eyes, smiling warmly at her.

Allura blushed at this, but then quickly used the opportunity to trip him up and sent him to the floor, falling with him. She then found herself laying on top of him, her hands holding his at his side, panting, "Like, this?"

Lotor smiled and said, "Yes, Allura, just like this." he then smiled and said, "You know, if you wanted to... you could do anything to me from this position."

Allura panted and said, "Yeah, anything..." pausing, she looked into Lotor's cat-like eyes for a long time. Her mind was a blaze with emotions for this man, hate, anger, respect, and...lust. Her breathing began to slow down for a moment, as she looked deeper into his, wondering about him. Then for a brief moment, she closed her eyes and lowered her lips to his.

Lotor all too ready was accepting of this, closed his eyes and raised his head to kiss her back. Allura than opened her eyes wide and pulled away from him, getting off his body quickly Standing up, she adjusted her gi and said, "I-I-I think this little match is over."

"Right," Lotor said, bowing to her and walking out.

Allura pressed her fingers to her lips in shock, shaking her head slowly and began to walk out of the training room. Once outside, she saw Keith standing nearby, looking at her shocked, "Princess?"

"Keith? Oh, hello," Allura said, blushing, "I wa just sparring a little. Well, see you in the morning."

"Uh, yeah...in the morning," Keith said, looking at the receding Lotor, his mind putting together the pieces of what had happened.

Planet Doom.

After hovering for a few moments, the massive green robot lion floated through the sky and onto the remains of the battleground of the last war. However, the pilot's mind was not on the mission, even while the white gloved finger tips pressed the keys to scan for the unique energy signature that the commander ordered. Instead, the pilot of green lion was more focused on the dream and identity, "I'm a boy, I'm a boy, I'm," Pidge paused for a moment, before finally saying, "I'm...a girl."

There was a sigh escaping her lips, as if saying that was easier than anything and a weight was off her shoulder. Smiling, she said it again, "I'm a girl. Heh, I like that. I'm a girl." she then leaned back and looked up to the cockpit, "I hope my friends would understand thought. What am I talking about? This is the 25th century, people are way more accepting of that sort of thing, it'll be fine." she said, leaning back into her chair.

From inside of the cockpit, she looked up at the stars, the bobble head of Goku on the dash, and then to the picture of her and her brother. A small chuckle escaped her lips as she reached for the photo and pulled it back to her. Running a finger along the picture, she smiled warmly and said, "Hey brother, aren't you going to be-" her finger stopped as she watched the photo of her brother slowly fade away from her eyes, "Chip? CHIP!"

At that moment, a wave of nausea hit her, forcing her to roll off the chair in pain. After a few moments, her mind stopped swirling and she was able to get back onto her feet and into the chair. Panting a little, she picked up the photo once more and shook her head. What was once a photo of her and her brother at their graduation from the academy, was now a photo of her alone with a smiling family, "No, this can't-" pausing, he looked up and saw the scans on her lion confirming everything. Nodding slowly, she grabbed the levers of her lion and pushed the thrusters to the limit, flying back to the castle of lions.

Planet Arus

Pidge pressed a button on the command console and a hologram appeared before the group gathered in the command room. Looking up, she began to speak, "As you can see, this area has been washed in chronal and necromantic energy. This means means that someone has been using some powerful magic here."

"So can you tell where the time travelers went to?" asked Keith, looking at the readings, subtly biting his lower lip.

Pidge put a thumb to her chin and said, "From what I could tell, it looks like it leads to the year 2005."

"Damn," whispered Keith, punching the palm of his hand.

Hunk looked up, his mind a little shocked, "Wait, wasn't that when they were just starting to try out transwarp tech? As in the first few days of Earth space exploration?"

"The same," Pidge said, looking down, "There's more. While I was scanning the field, I was hit by a temporal wave that made me fall out of the chair. When I came too, the picture of my brother and me changed."

Lance looked confused, "Uh, Pidge, what are you talking about? You never had a brother. You've been an only child since the day we met."

"No, I had a brother named Chip! He used to tease me a little back when we were at the academy! I made fun of his part of the other Voltron," Pidge said.

Hunk shook his head, "Kid... there' only been one Voltron. Lion."

Keith stepped back and shook his head in shock as the realization hit him hard. Growling, he dug his fingers into his palms until they began to bleed, "Damn, Damn, DAMN IT!"

"What?" asked Pidge.

"He's right," whispered Keith as he looked to the door opening of the command room and two figures walking in.

Lance looked confused at this, "Who's right?"

"He means me," Lotor said with a tinge of slime in his voice as he walked in, smirking at the group. Next to him was Allura, already dressed in her flight suit.

"Hold down your weapons guys, he's our ally," Allura said, looking at Lotor, and then frowning, "For now."

Lotor chuckled, "Cold, my queen."

"Wait, wha-" Lance asked, shaking his head, "Care to explain to me what the heck is going on?"

"Long story short," said Keith with a bit of venom in his voice as he glared daggers at Lotor, "He found out that some mage resurrected his father, teamed up with some weirdo in a mask, and then went back in time to erase our timeline. In return for that info, he's willing to help us out."

Lance looked back at Lotor and then to Keith, growing before asked, "And we're just letting this guy walk around, helping us?"

"Resurrection would explain the necromantic energy I detected," Pidge said, putting a finger to her chin, looking down so the light would cover her eyes, "And history has said of powerful mages that had that ability..."

"And it's not my decision," said Keith softly, "It's hers." he then turned to look at Princess Allura.

"Right now, we have to much evidence to support what he has said, and nothing to support that he is going to turn against me," Allura said, looking at Lotor. "So as for right now, he is working with us. But rest assured, if he tries to backstab us, then I will personally... kill him."

There was a grim silence in the room for a moment as she made this declaration, except for Lotor. He could only smirk as he paid attention to the pause in her voice. Keith looked at Lotor and frowned, before looking to Allura, "So, what's the plan."

"Pidge, is there anyway we can open a time riff to follow them to the time that they had landed?" asked Allura.

Pidge walked around the room, thinking to herself as she said, "Perhaps, if we use the elemental weapons of all five lions at a focal point. We should be able to open a time warp and I could lead us to the right era. The problem is, we would be at least two days behind them, any plan they may have will have already begun."

"Well, why not open a second portal to go back two more days?" asked Hunk, eating a burger.

Pidge look up and shook her head, "Can't, that required to do the time warp would require our lions at full power, and then we would have to wait five days before they get back to that power level again. We might be wiped from history by then. I'm lucky to be able to get within two days of their landing date."

"Would we at least have a location?" asked Keith.

"No, just the time," Pidge said, "I'll try and locate where their magic signature ends, but from that point, we'll have to rely on our eyes, ears, and a prayer that Zarkon makes the first move."

"Fine then," Allura said, before looking at the team, "Everyone suit up, meet up in the lion launching room in an hour." and with that, she walked away, Lotor following close behind.

Lance rolled his eyes at this, shrugging his shoulders before saying, "Well, guess I figured it was only a matter of time before she lassoed him in."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Keith, narrowing his eyes at Lance.

"That girl has had eyes for that guy since day one, she just figured she could probably help him become a better person and now she has her chance." Lance said with a sigh, "Guys like you just never had a chance."

"That's not true!" argued Keith, "She and I...She always..."

"Buddy, answer this," Lance said, holding Keith's hands, "Did you ever see her as anything more than just the princess to save? Just a damsel for the brave space explorer to protect? Or did you see her as a valuable member of the team."

Keith looked away and sighed.

"You weren't even fooled by the princesse's little fake death trick like you were positive she would survive. And why? Because you figured you were the big brave hero, just they taught you in the Garrison," Lance said, shaking his head before letting go of his commander's hands. Then he placed his hand onto Keith's shoulder, "Hate to tell you this, but they lied to you. The knight doesn't always get the beautiful princess, sometimes it's the evil king who takes her." Seeing the frown crossing the leader's face, Lance finished with, "Come on, let's suit up and get to the lions."

Keith calmly nodded and walked away. As he did, Pidge took a few steps forward, wanting to tell them about the decision, "Um...guys, there is something I need to-" but by the time she could say anything more, the others had left her behind. Looking down she said, "Sure, they'll understand."

One hour later...

Lance sighed as he walked into the command room, seeing Lotor stand with the princess. Shaking his head, he tried to put on his arrogant face before looking to his left to his commander, frowning at the sad look that he could see in the eyes of his commander, "It'll be fine, bud." he whispered, hoping he would hear him.

Corran walked into the room, looking down, "Prin-I mean, Queen Allura. I know I am but a humble man now and have no place in battle coordination, but I still must warn you. Even if you succeed in this mission, there may be a chance that the timeline will still change permanently. You do not know if the future you come back to will still be the same."

Allura looked up at Lotor, and then to her friends, "We still need to try something. If we don't do anything, then the world will change for the worst. It's better to die trying to save the world, then to sit back and let it burn. We are the defenders of the universe, which means protecting the timeline as well."

"Besides," Lance shrugged, "Maybe the time we come back too... will be a better one."

Keith nodded silently, before saying, "Let's go, Voltron Force!"

Lotor took the princess's hand and smiled warmly at her, "I hope you don't mind if I ride with you."

"Only if you don't mind the My Little Pony on the dashboard," said Allura as she grabbed the metal rod that led down the tube.

"You're a fan of MLP FIM III?" asked Lotor shocked.

Allura shrugged, "I love Surprise." she said with a giggle before grabbing the rod and lowering herself down into the launch pad along with Lotor. The small shuttle then launched itself down the tunnel, through the water and into the cockpit of the lion. Elsewhere, the other four pilots followed suit through their respective elements: Fire, Metal, Wood, and Earth. Each pilot found themselves being placed into the cockpit of their might robot, before placeing their keys into their consoles, activating and awaking their mighty beasts.


With triumphant roars, each lion raced out from within their hiding places, the moat and the deserts howled with the power of the lions as they raced out. Green and Red blur streaked out from within a forest and volcano. Finally, a massive black lion appeared from the column of the palace, letting out a loud roar against the power of lighting as it struck its body. Then it jumped off, flying into the sky and following its four brothers through space.

"Be careful, Voltron Force," whispered Coran.

"Be safe, my daughter," whispered the king's spirit.

Deep in space, away from the prayers of the ones below, the five lions floated in space, surrounding each other. Pidge, looking tense inside her cockpit, narrowed her eyes as she said, "Ok, on the count of five, we fire our elemental blasts at the center of the circle. We have enough power to do this once. Ready? 5!"





As the energy began to charge, unleashing with a powerful roar, Pidge said, "Um, one more thing to note...I'm only working on a guess. This might not even work."

"WHAT?!" all four pilots shouted as their beams collided in a flash of rainbow-colored light, creating a large hole in the center of the group of five lions. Within, the time vortex swirled and throbbed in a twisting mass of clouds and lighting. Somewhere within, a female voice in a blue police box could be heard screaming obscenities at them.

"Well, this is it, now or never team!" said Keith as he looked to Pidge. "Pidge, lead the way!"

"You got it!" shouted Pidge as she pushed her lion down the hole, "Keep on point and don't lose me!"

"Well, what do we got to lose!" shouted Hunk as his lion followed.

"See you guys on the other side!" shouted Lance as he jumped next.

Keith sighed and looked at Allura, "Princess...Queen, it was a pleasure."

Allura nodded and saluted. She then noticed that Lotor's hand was on hers and that he was smiling warmly at her. Before she pushed her lever, he could be heard saying, "You are leading wonderfully."

Nodding silently, she pushed her lever and the blue lion jumped into the time vortex, seconds before it closed...

In days long ago, there arose a legend. The legend of...


A mighty robot, loved by good feared by evil

With his might, peace reigned through the galaxy.

On earth, a galaxy alliance was formed, with the good planets of the galaxy.

But, a new evil arose within the darkness.

Voltron was needed once more.

This is the story, of a super force, of space explorers,

Sent by the Alliance to bring back...

Voltron, Defender of the Universe

Long ago, when the dinosaurs still walked the earth

A kind wizard named Zordon was gifted six medallions by Ninjor,

Wielding these six coins, he waged a battle with the evil queen Rita Repulsa

A war that ended with him stuck in a time warp

Years past, and Rita reawoke on modern earth and a new team of heroes was needed

Choosing six brave young souls, Zordon gifted them with the power to morph into


Using weapons and machines known as Zords, these heroes protected the world

Using the power of the coins and each other.

Soon, their legend passed into the mists of time and new champions took the name

To this day, their legacy continues!

In the shadows of the world, an evil organization began to plot against the light

Seeing this evil arising, a scientist gathered five young people to train them

To fly like birds and fight like ninjas.

Ken, Joe, Jun, Jinpei, Ryu

These five fight against evil from beyond the dark as

Science Ninja Team GATCHAMAN

Together, they strike from the shadows

Sometimes as one, Sometimes as five

Always leaving behind their mark.

This is the story, of these three teams

OF how they bounded together to save their world

To protect the past, present, and future

And ignited their...


This story had been in my headd for a while. Something that I wanted to do because when I looked at the crossover section of the site? I see only a few incomplete and mostly bad PR/Voltron crossover fics. Now there are several changes I made between the rough draft and the completed fic. First of all, the Lotor and Allura ship had ZERO development and KEith wasn't even mentioned.