Westward Bound

A song of the Gray Pilgrim, derived from the Red Book of the West, as translated by J.R.R. Tolkien

Author's note: Technically, this piece is filk, so you're supposed to sing it, but you may have to make your own tune.

From ever-joyful Western lands

I came to hither shores

To body old, and woes untold

To toil, and pain, and more

To lonesome stand against the dark –

And counted myself blessed

So why do stars now call me far

With voices of the West?

Be thee silent, shining ones –

Let me see my labors done

Three hundred lives of men and more

I was the Pilgrim Grey

And I knew grief, and sweet belief

And night, and breaking day

And I'm no longer pure, nor free

Too much have seen my eyes

But from wrath's fire and dark desire

I could myself more wise

Distant, lovely, dreaming shores

Call no more, nay, call no more

At first I gave them pity, yet

'Tis less than they deserved

now friends have I, who lived and died

this cause of mine to serve

I love the children of this land

As if they were my own

But once my light drives back the night

I will Westward sail alone

Homeward calling, far away

I will come, but not this day

Now war is come upon the East

And aid comes not from West

And all regret I must forget

And look not to my rest

Would that I were upon the ship

That Westward seaways roam –

Yet trust, instead I guard this land

As if it were my home

Morning rising, triumph found

I am Westward, Westward bound