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Apocalypse Nowish

Chapter 1


Everything they had shared, every day Angel thought he was getting closer to his son; it all meant nothing. His son had hated him the whole time. It had been nothing but an act of revenge. All that bonding he and Conner had shared it was all worthless. Angel had no idea how Conner had deemed him the murderer of Holtz but the fact was Conner was out for his blood. Conner had spent all that time playing happy family to just turn around and spit it all in his face, an extra touch he supposed. To make him suffer evermore as he drifts towards the sea floor. Well it sure had worked. Angel felt his heart being clutched harder and harder with every second although Conner had not yet sentenced him to his eternal punishment. There was still hope.

Conner really had planned it out well, Angel had to give him points for such a cruelly conceived plan of revenge. It was truly torturous. As fear crept up on Angel. He was slowly brought back into the sharp gritty world of reality. He looked up to see a huge metal lid placed on open top of the crate. Angel didn't bother to try and move as he was tightly bound by the steel ropes around his chest and knees. There was a small netted window just were Angels face was but apart from that he was now surrounded by centimetre thick walls of steel. Words were Angel's only asset now, that was for certain.

Angel looked up at Conner desperately trying to scoop, up the right words.

"Don't do this Conner, one day you'll learn the truth and then you'll hate yourself for this." Angel stated applying the calmest face he could manage and looked Conner in the eyes through the netting. Angel tried to transmit as sincerer image as possible. "Conner, listen to me, I didn't kill Holtz. I understand your anger but please try to learn the truth"

"Shut up!" Conner spat." Your lying:"

Angel knew now that he had no hope of convincing his son. Conner was blinded by the thirst for revenge he wasn't in the mood for listening. Conner helped Justine weld on the lid, thereby sealing him to his fate.

"Conner just remember that I'm your father and I'll always love you"

The welding stopped abruptly and angel felt himself being rolled towards the edge of the boat. He took his last glimpse of the vast night sky as his container began to tip over the edge.

"I love you Conner" Angel said as quickly as he could before his crate plunged into the ocean. His container filled with water rapidly and he looked up towards the boat, desperate to get one last look at his son. The rush of water was over the last bubbles of air escaped to the surface and he was totally submerged. He looked out into the endless mass of featureless water that stretched out before him as he sunk slowly and placidly toward the bottom of the ocean. Every kind of emotion you could possibly conceive rushed into his mind just as the water into the crate. Anger at his son, anger at himself, sorrow for his son, sorrow for himself, regret and despair. These things grew until they clogged his mind. At least he would have a long time to think about it all.


Cordelia's feet rose from the ground as she began rise slowly and placidly towards the clouds. Her long white dress shone brilliantly against the dark night sky. Beautiful light radiated from her and spiralled around her. She looked down below as she drifted upward catching a wave from Skip. She smiled, near laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the whole scene. Cordelia Chase, higher being. She was still struggling to contemplate having her name and that term together but she took every second of her transition into the higher plain to be proud.

Everything began to get smaller. She knew she should be panicking, after all she had no idea about higher plains or anything what would this strange, new place be like? What she really worried about was wether she would ever get to see Angel and the others again. She was so angry about it happening now, now of all times was the worst. She was on her way to tell Angel how she really felt about him; the single thing that had haunted both her and Angel for months of denial would not be resolved. She wanted to tell Angel so badly. Yet with all these things she felt greatly at ease, like everything would be taken care of, like she need not worry, like a a soft, warming drug. She entered the light and then, all of a sudden everything made sence. It all connected for her. She was a higher being.


Conner stood on the very edge of the boat; he stared at the last few bubbles of air on the surface of the water. The spot where he had just dumped his father was slowly retreating from his vision as the boat churned towards the shore. A gentle, chilling breeze swept across his face and his hair blew wildly. The sea air was freezing but Conner felt none of the cold, his entire body tingled with pleasure. Pleasure that Angelus, the monster of the night, the murderer of his father was put to eternal torture. A sentence far lesser than the beast deserved. Conner had put his trust in that monster, he had began to believed that Angelus truly was different, of good nature, but none of it was true. Angelus and all of his kind are and always will be hunters of the night; they will always be evil.

Yet even now Angelus' words haunted him. He pushed everything out of his mind and remembered what Angelus had done to Holtz. Conner swore then that he would avenge Holtz by the torture of Angelus and the slaughter of the whole of his kind. He turned away from the water and smiled, justice will be done.


Fred waited patiently in the lobby for Gunn to fetch Conner. She made her way over to the grey couch in the centre of the lobby. She sat down and looked at the stained floor; the pentagram was still clearly visible. The couch had been placed over it in a lazy attempt to hide it. She was aching to get out of the hotel and shove some tacos in her mouth, literally; her stomach felt like it was collapsing without some food in there. Tacos were her favourite food and she was desperate just to smell some. Come to think of it she actually hadn't had any Tacos since Conner was taken to Quartarth.

Suddenly a strange and unwelcomed sensation came to her. She suddenly felt that something was missing. She felt a great emptiness overcome her as though the hotel was lonely somehow. She jumped down of the couch and her shoes landing on the hard marble floor made a sharp clapping noise. The empty feeling began all over again when the echo filled the air, proving just how silent the hotel was. She heard just how silent everything was. Something was wrong, she could tell that much. She began clicking her fingers and listening attentively to the sharp echo it made.

Gunn walked quickly down the stairs with his hand on the rail. His shoes against the carpet produced little to no noise as he approached Fred. He stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked at Fred who was staring at the roof clicking her fingers. Gunn stood there watching her taking in every move she made, every sound she created and every look that

came across her face. Gunn felt rush of admiration and adoration for the sweet young lady that stood before him. God he loved her. He smiled at her; she could be so funny sometimes.


Fred jumped with the shock of the sudden noise. After getting all wound up about the silence she had forgotten Gunn was in the hotel. She was off in her own little world again. That happened to her a little too often for Fred taste. From the large grin Gunn had spread across his face she knew that he had been watching her, he thought everything like that was funny.

Fred almost blushed when she thought about what she was doing must have looked like to gun.

" Umm....rrr..I was just...umm."

She stopped herself sternly for talking so stupidly and quickly changed the topic, focusing on trying to talk clearly and with complete sentences.

"Is Conner ready to get going?"

Gunn's grin faded slightly.

"Nah. I couldn't find him anywhere," He said doubtfully, trying not to sound too concerned.

Although he could not think of where Conner would be and why he would be gone he made himself think optimistically. God knows what could have happened.

"Were do you think he's gone" Fred replied, looking very concerned.

" I wouldn't have a clue, I don't see why he would have left"

"We should tell Angel or Cordelia right away"

"I already phoned twice and neither of them are picking up" Stated Gunn casually.

Gunn tried as hard as he could to think of a rational explanation, a hoping that there was one.

"I don't like the sound of that"

Fred started to worry and all sorts of scenarios popped into her head, half of them impossible but then, anything can happen.

" Where is everybody?" Fred asked her out loud.

She guided her eyes around the empty hotel, on the verge of panic. 'At least Gunn was still around,' she thought as she locked eyes on his comforting face.