Over the next week, his bloody crusade against crime made national news. His body count soared into the high hundreds and was nearing a thousand at this point. He had many names and he was a national threat at this point. For the most part, he didn't care. All he cared about was getting rid of the scum that were hunting him and the White Fang, then he'd leave. He could tell that he had Mistral underneath his thumb though. Most of the criminals and mercenaries recklessly threw themselves towards him in hopes of claiming the bounty on his head. Each one had the authorities turn their head at the sheer display of brutality.

Six was always violent, that much was obvious. It stemmed from what he experienced when the Covenant invaded his world and he saw what they did to his parents. Through that small crack under the floor boards he watched as an Elite stabbed his mother with its sword then as Brute used the bladed edge of its Gravity Hammer to cleave his father in half. The biggest thing he remembered was feeling the blood drip onto his cheek and mix in with his tears as he stared through the floorboards. Watching as a group of Brutes ate the corpses of his parents. Indulging their violent instincts and filling their bellies with gore from his loving family.

It was that day he broke. His mind snapped like a failed bungie cord and his human side fell into the dark abyss, never to return completely whole. When the UNSC found him, he was a husk of his former self. Eyes fogged from the trauma and tears practically dried up.

That day was when the human side of him was lost and B312 was born. His trauma carried on into his training and eventually into his work as a Spartan. His disconnection with everything made him stand out amongst his peers. Every brutal tactic humanity had ever come up with, Six had learned and used against his foes. Eroding morale of his foes was something he always had a knack for. To see them realize how hopeless their situation was made his targets easier. At that point they weren't targets anymore.

They were prey.

When it came to sending a message, he found that leaving a mutilated mess of the victims was the best way to deter others from walking the same path. It worked in the past, the only problem was that Remnant was too stupid to think twice. They think that attacking at him from a different angle would work, all it did was force him to adapt to their ways and work around it. Whatever they threw at him, he would change his ways to counter it.

The UNSC carefully molded him to adapt to any situation, regardless of the opposition. It wasn't luck that made him because that would only get him so far. It was his drive to live and overcome that gave him an edge over his opponents.

He stared down at the pitiful sod before him, begging for his life. He managed to find the head of a powerful mafia family, who had done his own evil deeds, and killed everyone protecting him. All of his goons were in the hallway floor or slumped against the walls, leaving a trail of blood on paint. The man's lips quivered as Six held his collar and stared at him unflinchingly, narrowing his eyes when the man claimed he didn't know about the trafficking ring.

He didn't believe the man's lies and proceeded to interrogate him for whatever he knew. It was a lot, but Six had remembered every detail and when it was clear the man before him didn't know anything, he decided to end his life.

Growing tired of the man's blubbering, he raised his fist and slammed it into his throat. His neck broke from the sheer force of the punch while his throat caved in grotesquely. The corpse was let go and crumbled to the ground with a loud thump. All was quiet and Six's eyes scanned the room before he perked up and looked towards computer. He clicked on the various files and observed them. His eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw the countless crimes the bastard was committing and how much money he was making off of it.

He had the Monitor access the deceased crime lord's bank account and give him the password. The money would be taken out and given to the homeless or someone less fortunate. A portion of it would go to the outer settlements seeing how they were suffering from the Council's tampering. He had to shake his head at their stupidity. That was how insurrections were started. If he could, he'd try to persuade the outer settlements to avoid throwing their lives away. He'd defend them from the government should the latter decide to invade and needlessly kill them.

There were times he truly wished for the UNSC to arrive. Would they be perfect? No, they wouldn't. They had to get their hands dirty to make it work sometimes, he was part of the ones who constantly got his hands dirty. He was literally ONI's Grim Reaper, he didn't get that title by just sitting on his ass and being a happy puppy. His hands were stained with enough blood to fill a river.

After sifting through several files, he saw something that was related to a White Fang location. The clicking of the mouse was heard and the Monitor connected two wires to the computer and transferred the files over to the tablet, allowing him to take it with him. Once she was done, she attached herself back onto the strap of his bag. His head flicked a sound outside of the door and he heard multiple set of footsteps. The active camo concealed his figure as specialized police units stormed the room. They quickly scanned the room before seeing the deceased crime lord lying still on the ground.

"Shit..." One of them said, crouching down near the body.

"You said it." Another one commented.

"You think it's the person we've been chasing for the past several weeks?" The first one asked.

"Probably. Certainly fits his M.O. and the guy isn't exactly known to be clean." Another one said.

"What exactly are we dealing with? The homeless and lower class paint him as some saint, but the higher ups say he's a demon." A fourth one asked.

Six just observed them before quietly making his way towards the door. There was a creak of the floorboard and all of them turned around at the sound and one of them began to slowly move towards him, making him back up and observe them. Another floor board creaked and they aimed their weapon at him, finger on the trigger. From his angle, he saw they were beginning to squeeze and grabbed the gun, jerking it upwards as soon as it went off. Material fell from the ceiling and landed on them as the muzzle of the gun was bent.

The unit's eyes widened behind their mask when the active camo deactivated and slowly revealed his figure. He stared at them before his hand clamed around their throat and hefted them up, and spun them around to use as a shield. The others aimed their weapons at him while he just stared back at them, slowly backing out the door. He ignored the man's fearful cries as he went up the stairs, making sure the others saw his hostage. They cautiously followed him upwards and ordered him to let their companion go, to which he didn't listen. Once he was at the top floor, he kicked the door to the roof open and went onto the roof.

The warm night air tickled their skin as the wind blew a bit and he looked over his shoulder at the next building. Once he got to the edge of the current building, he threw his hostage at the group and dashed towards the edge; his muscles tightened in his legs and he jumped to the next building, taking cover when they began to fire at him. He popped a smoke and fished in his bag, bringing out a gravity throwing knife. Some of their rounds impacted him and his shields flared up in response as he vaulted over the side of the building. He threw the knife just before he hit the ground and it broke, slowing him down and upwards a bit and landing safely on the ground.

A spiderweb of cracks still appeared, but it wasn't as big. The active camo made him practically invisible as he quickly dashed across the street and into an alley, staring at the units from his position. He saw them tense up before screaming out in frustration at his disappearance. All he did was shake his head and vanish into the dark alley. He could have killed them, but he needed to save ammo and that would only open another can of worms he didn't feel like dealing with.

He needed to find whatever he could regarding the White Fang and who put the bounty on him. Then he'd leave the city and never return, it was too corrupt and dirty for his taste.

Six did some digging and found a White Fang warehouse. It was well hidden and it took him a few days to find, but he managed to do so. He could understand why it was so hard to find considering it was in an abandoned section of the city. Countless foul individuals usually roamed around like rats looking for their next meal, but it was strangely vacant recently. It was due to him being in the city for the last two months, cleaning whatever filth stuck to the foundation like a toxic sludge.

It was midnight when he arrived at the location and he saw snipers on four buildings, covering each corner of the warehouse while keeping an eye on the surrounding area. From his spot in the alley, he saw one of the snipers constantly scanning the area and he made his way to them, making sure the others didn't see him. He saw a large pipe and wrapped his hands around it, planting his feet against the brick building and climbing upwards. The pipe took a horizontal direction and went to the right and he adjusted himself a bit.

He barely made a noise as he scaled to the right and saw the pipe go vertically once more, this time it went up to the roof. His motion tracker picked up a red blip and he quietly climbed upwards. Once he was at the top, his hands held onto the edge and he peeked over it, seeing the sniper constantly looking around. He whistled and caught their attention before activating the camo and bending down. With one hand, he held on to the edge as his feet stayed on the wall. His other hand brought out his knife and he waited patiently for the sniper to approach.

Closer and closer they got while his fingers flexed in anticipation. Once they looked over the edge, he reached up and stabbed them in the forehead. The blade entered easily and the teetered a bit before he gripped the hilt and jerked it forward. Their body fell over the edge and landed with a splat on the concrete below. He looked down and saw a large puddle of blood on the ground before putting his knife away. With a small grunt of exertion, he vaulted over the edge and grabbed the sniper, inspecting it a bit before taking out the magazine.

Each round glowed vibrantly with Dust and he inserted the magazine back in. Looking to his left near one of the corners, he spotted a bag and reached inside. A suppressor was seen and he twisted it on before extending the bipod, planting it on the edge of the building. He carefully aimed in and scanned the buildings, spotting a bat Faunus on the building to his right. Once everything was lined up, he squeezed the trigger. There was a small recoil that he felt, and he watched them jerk backwards. Blood shot from the hole in their forehead as the round went through and he watched them crumble on the roof.

He moved onto the next one and aimed at them calmly. They seemed to notice him at the last second but he was quicker and squeezed the trigger again. Just like before, the small amount of recoil was the only thing he felt before the sniper round zoomed through their throat. From his spot through the scope, he watched them jerk backwards before slumping forward. Blood leaked form the side of the building as their body lied still.

The last sniper saw everything and scrambled for their radio. He shot their hand and they barely got the chance to scream before he fired one last time. Time seemed to slow down as he watched the bullet zoom through the sky and go their eye, punching a large hole out the back of their head. When their body fell backwards, he stood up from his spot and observed the building.

Going to the side of the building with the pipe, he vaulted over the edge and slid down. Once he got the horizontal direction of the pipe, he maneuvered to the left before coming across the vertical section again then slid down until he was on the ground. He crept through the dark alleys until he was at the back of the warehouse. He saw two guards at the back and activated the camo once more.

Their ears flicked at the sound of something running and they felt a quick, sharp pain flash across their throats. Both of their hands shot to their throats and they felt the warm sensation of blood leak through their fingers. He quickly gripped their collars and dragged them into the darkness. His figure emerged a second later with an eyeball and he put it up to the retinal scanner, listening to it beep and the door unlock.

Entering the building, he dropped the eye and stepped on it as he walked inside. A wet squelch was heard as he brought out his shotgun and aimed it forward. He replaced his shotgun for the DMR and weaved through the shelves and crouched down. From his spot, he saw dozens of White Fang staring up at a speaker, chanting and cheering at the man's words. He saw his picture up on a screen and narrowed his eyes. He listened to the person talk about how they planned to kill him, by luring him into an area and detonating explosives.

He sighed almost inaudibly at the simplicity of the plan before he listened carefully at the next bit of information. The speaker was in close contact with Adam Taurus and Six's objective now was to get whatever he could out of them. Once he killed Taurus, then the White Fang would start to break down. He's been killing them for years and reduced their numbers by the hundreds, potentially scaring away any other recruits. His eyes flickered to a lone individual entering the bathroom and followed them. The active camo was turned on and he quietly followed them.

He followed the rhino Faunus inside the bathroom and watched as he washed his hands. The man sighed and flicked his hands before looking up at the mirror. His eyes widened in terror when he saw the familiar sight of Six's cloaked figure. His mouth opened but a word barely came out before Six's hand gripped the back of his head and his mouth then twisted. A sickening crack was heard and the man's body went limp and fell to the ground. Six gripped him by the collar and dragged his corpse to the stall, planting him on the toilet and leaning him against the back.

He closed it and had the Monitor lock it from the inside before attaching herself back on the strap of his bag. Exiting out of the bathroom, his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and he went back to his spot to see them give another cheer. He listened for several more minutes then looked up at the large shelf with large boxes. A majority of them were nearby and he put his DMR down and grabbing a smoke before planting his hands on the shelf. With a mighty push and a small grunt, he tipped it over and a large amount shouted.

A large crash was heard as the countless items on the shelf crushed the majority nearby. Bones snapped violently as blood shot from openings and organs were squashed together. He threw the smoke bomb and it detonated, covering the area in a thick cloud that blinded some of them. This variation was different seeing how he mixed spices with it. It mixed in with their eyes and made them water severely while several of them cried out in pain. They had to rub their watery eyes and didn't notice him dash in the group.

He dashed by two of them and cut their throats open quickly, moving onto the next two and repeating the same action. A couple of them managed to wipe their eyes well enough, but it was too late before he tackled one into the smoke and killed him quickly, gripping the collar of the next one and twisting their neck. Some of them fired at the spot they heard the snapping at and screamed in a mixture of rage and terror. They heard a moan of agony and saw one of their companions slump forward before falling on the ground dead, her body riddled with holes.

"Oh gods-" One of them started but didn't get to finish. Six's foot met their shoulders and folded him forward. They gave a wet gurgle when the weight of his body and armor impacted them; the sound of their spine snapping violently made other cringe and they saw her spine protrude through her skin and the fabric of her shirt. He moved onto the next one and brought out the Suppressor, firing a few times and listening to them scream before the shards detonated.

He turned around and fired into a group of them, shards impacting and piercing them before detonating shortly after. A series of explosions was heard and the ashes of their bodies floated into the air, mixing in with the smoke. After several seconds, the smoke cleared and the remaining two dozen saw him and aimed their weapons at him shakily, terror clouding their minds. It was silent for a while before one brave soul decided to rush at him with a fire axe.

He sidestepped them and wretched the axe from their grip and flipped it over. Swinging the axe and slamming the pick part into their eye socket. With a wet squelch, he turned around and threw it with all his might at the next person. They flew through the air when the blade entered their chest and they dropped dead instantly. The others turned tail and ran out the entrance while the leader held a detonator.

"Burn in the deepest parts of hell, demon!" He shouted. He pressed the detonator and quickly rushed out the door, making Six turn around and watch a series of explosives start to go off. The Spartan activated his armor lock as the explosives went off quickly and could feel the force vibrate his body. Luckily, the armor lock made him nearly invulnerable for those short precious seconds, but it also made him immobile.

Once the last explosion went off, he slowly stood up and looked at the fire around him. Through the flames, he could faintly see the remaining White Fang celebrate their supposed victory and he allowed them to do so. He looked around and found a chain before having the Monitor weld a blade onto it. It took her several seconds, but he inspected it and started to swing the chain around.

The White Fang on the outside gave a triumphant laugh and cheer at the death of the demon. A living nightmare that had been relentlessly hunting them for years on end and effectively pushed them to their demise. Not a single one of them noticed or heard the sound of a chain swinging. They began to walk away but jumped in alarm when a member jerked forward, slowly looking down in horror when a blade exited through their chest. Blood erupted from their mouth and splattered against the pavement.

Each member shakily looked towards the fire with absolute dread in their eyes and saw a chain extending from the warehouse. The member with the blade in their chest shakily reached towards them before being dragged towards the flames; they screamed in anguish and went silent as soon as they disappeared in the wall of orange. A sickening rip was heard and they fell on their rears in horror when they saw Six emerge with the torso in his left hand and the bladed chain in his right.

"N-No... No, no, no, no, no!" One of them shouted hysterically and scooted back as he took a step closer. Their minds were so clouded with fear that they couldn't move a muscle. Each one was literally frozen in terror and Six took advantage of that. He threw the chain into the nearest terrorist's face and jerked it back to him before whipping the bladed chain in an arc-like motion. Blood sprayed from the countless White Fang and he did it even faster.

With calculated swings, he became a web of bladed death while blood and body parts started to fly into the sky. The speaker couldn't move nor speak as he watched his brothers and sisters become lambs to the slaughter. The hungry wolf gorged itself in a feast that would put a god to shame. A series of chains swinging along with the cleaving of flesh was all that met his ears and blood painted the area red. The stench of bodily fluids and gore met his nose and he gagged, holding his hand up to his mouth trying to keep the puke in. Some of it seeped out between his fingers and the horrid noise of chains stopped.

He gasped in dread as the heavy sound of boots impacting the ground grew closer. His head shakily looked to the right and left, eyes widening when he saw the mutilated bodies of his fellow members. Body parts hacked to pieces with quick succession and a gulp was heard from him. His eyes fogged over as his mind seemed to begin to break from the amount of death within the last several minutes. Looking up, he saw Six staring at him unflinchingly. The wind blew and his cloak gave him the image of death and he carried the scent of it as well.

"Taurus." Six ordered coldly.

"He's having a meeting in two days. An old underground subway station called Nitro seven, is where it'll take place. H-h-he's planning on detonating a bomb at the metro station. Claiming the bounty on your head as well as getting rid of you." The terrorist said numbly. His breaths were short and quick while Six just stared at him.

"..." Six didn't say anything and just walked past him disappearing into darkness.

"Thank you, gods. Thank you-" The terrorist didn't get to finish when the bladed chain shot out from the shadows and entered through the back of his head. The tip of the blade exited through his mouth and he gurgled copious amounts of blood before falling forward. His body was slowly dragged across the pavement, leaving a large trail of blood in its wake.

Not a single survivor left from the many massacres. He had what he needed on Taurus, and this time the bastard wouldn't escape. If he had to tear through another hundred terrorists to get to him, then so be it. That just meant Remnant had less to worry about.

Maaya sat on Myne's bed and leaned against the wall while reading the young girl a book, smiling when Myne gasped in delight in her lap. She smiled and kissed the top of her head before finishing the end of the story. A soft laugh was heard as the younger girl shuffled off the bed and scampered out the door before tossing a book on the bed. A small grunt was heard from Myne and she crawled on the bed before opening the book.

"Are you going to read this to me?" Maaya asked.

"Yeah. I got really good at reading." Myne beamed brightly.

"I'm sure you have, but it's late so we need to get some sleep." Maaya said.

"Do we have to? We haven't even gotten to the stuff Six has done." Myne whined.

"I know, sweetheart. We need to get up early though." Maaya said before turning the night light on and flicking the lights off. The stars glowed in the dark room and she climbed under the sheets, allowing Myne to climb on her chest and stare at the ceiling.

"Do you think there's people out in space?" She asked.

"I don't know. We won't really know until they come here." Maaya said, rocking her body back and forth. This went on for a few minutes and she saw from her angle that Myne was starting to doze off.

"I want to meet someone from space." Myne said tiredly.

"I do too, sweetheart." Maaya said. She closed her eyes and opened them when she heard Myne start to mutter softly in her sleep. A smile graced her lips as she maneuvered herself so that her back was facing the door. It was quiet for a while and the two of them slept peacefully before Myne got up tiredly. She looked at Maaya and smiled before patting her face gently and sliding off the bed.

Her onesie seemed to reflect in the light as she made her way to the kitchen to get some juice, opening the fridge and moving some stuff around. She found what she was looking for and giggled in delight. With a soft noise, the fridge shut and she stuck her straw in the box and began to drink the juice quietly. It was enjoyed and she wanted another one but heard a small noise and gave a quiet yelp in surprise.

The T.V. turned on and her favorite cartoon played quietly, making her glue her eyes to it. She gasped in excitement and looked down the hall before dancing with the characters on her show. Her small body bounced up and down as she jumped softly on the carpet and her attention was caught. Another noise from the room made her jump in surprise before quickly turning off the T.V. and quietly scampering back to the bedroom.

Her pace slowed down and a small sense of dread filled her heart and the environment suddenly became several times larger. Both her eyes darted around nervously and she shuffled towards the room, peeking inside to see it completely dark. A small whimper was heard from her and she tried to reach towards the light switch, but her body was too small. The nightlight flicked on and she saw Maaya not moving.

"Maaya..." She called out quietly.

"..." The woman didn't respond and just lied still.

"Maaya?" Myne called out again, this time climbing up on the bed.

"..." She still didn't respond, but the little girl saw that she was breathing.

"Maaya, why aren't you waking up?" Myne said a bit more loudly, shaking the older woman. She turned around and her eyes widened when she saw someone in all black looking at her. The green goggles glowed in the dark and she opened her mouth to scream, but another hand wrapped around her mouth. They hefted her off the bed and she kicked and screamed in their hand. One of their fingers slipped in between her teeth and she bit down as hard as she could.

"Ow, you little shit!" They cursed and threw her against the wall. She cried out in pain as the sensation flashed across her body and she coughed, tears brimming in her eyes.

"We're supposed to deliver them unharmed, Ozpin and the General will have our heads if they found out we did this." Another one said calmly.

"The little shit bit me. You would have done the same thing." The first one said, their voice modulator taking on a slight female undertone.

"We got the targets, keep them sedated and bring them to Beacon." Another one walked in, along with a second one. Although the second one fidgeted around every so often and a pang of guilt was felt for the two innocents.

"This is wrong, we're supposed to deal with Grimm. Not kidnap innocent civilians." They said.

"What's the matter, rookie? Can't stomach such things? The bitch on the bed and this little biter are in cahoots with a certain wolf." The first one said.

"It's not the fact that I can't stomach these things, but this isn't right. We're meant to represent something greater." The newer one said.

"When did the new recruits get so soft?" The first one scoffed, bringing out a canister and spraying Myne in the face with it. The little girl gasped and coughed before weakly reaching out to Maaya on the bed.

"Mommy... I'm scared. Daddy... help..." Myne squeaked out before slumping down on the ground unconscious. Her and Maaya were picked up and taken elsewhere.

Shortly after the night ended, the settlement knew and they knew that a certain person wouldn't take too kindly to his own being taken.

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Another one of my friends asked me to make fanart of this. I cannot draw to save my life, I swear to god. I can write and have thought about doing it as a profession one day, albeit with more help and experience, but I can't draw worth a damn. So go wild if you want, I'll check it out if you guys do some regardless of the quality. If you took the time to do it, then the very least I can do it look at it and give a thumbs up.

Yet another thing, got a lot on my mind lately, I might not be all that on next summer. I plan on staying in Japan with my class and will be gone for a couple of weeks to a month so don't expect anything. Although, with our current conditions, I don't know so don't hold me to that.

Last thing, I promise you all that. Just... have patience, guys. Please? I know you enjoy the story and all, but can some of you stop messaging me at five in the fucking morning asking when the next chapter is. A WEEK after the most recent one comes out? Chances are I haven't even begun to think of it. That's it and that's the end of it.

Otherwise, be respectful and have a good day. See ya.