Chapter 3 Justice League War P3

Metropolis Streets

Within streets of Metropolis, a fight had been breaking out, not with the alien invaders, but rather between some heroes. Their pride and stubbornness were making them look like angry kids fighting over some cookies and milk. It had first started with Batman tracking an alien invader before Green Lantern Jordan showed up and caused a few things to happen.

Such as dealing with more invaders after Jordan had grabbed and accidentally activated a Mother Box, which they have no clue about; not its name, origins or even its abilities. Even GL's ring couldn't give them any answers.

In seeking those answers, Batman and Green Lantern went to Metropolis to find the one alien on Earth that they knew of. To ask him their questions, the duo sought out the Man of Steel himself, Superman, but that ended up being not so good an idea as a certain green-themed hero got too cocky. A fight broke out and things were not looking so good for the Dark Knight and the Lantern of Sector 2814. The Man of Steel was not allowing either of them a chance to land a hit, not that Batman was trying too hard to fight Superman and GL was the one doing most of the fighting.

The fight was stopped thanks to the Dark Knight, knowing who the Man of Steel was from a previous encounter. Soon after Batman got them both to talk, to decide what their next move might be. Green Lantern couldn't figure out what the cube was and that was shocking due to the Power Ring having knowledge of everything and anything in the known galaxy. That might be the point, however. Maybe this box comes from another world, one that has not been recorded into the Book of Oa and the Guardians don't know of them just yet. That could be the case.

However, before the talk goes even further, it was stopped as Superman saw someone flying in with another strange alien cube, one he'd seen before. He knew all about Doctor Doom, the actions from EVIL parents, and now seeing that the younger doctor had sided with the aliens that had been attacking so many different cities. The Man of Steel took off towards the King of Latveria to take him down.

As he flew off to deal with the New Doom. Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman thought back to the past, and of the day he last saw Victor von Doom.


Superman thought about a time when he was not a Superhero of the world but rather just a Red-&-Blue Blur of a small Kansas town filled with Meteor Freaks.

It was 20 years ago when a group of Latverian civilians had run off to the U.N. to tell this Earth's Government about the EVIL Monarchs of Latveria, They had spoken of how the Evil King had killed his parents to take the throne. How he'd sought out the Queen of Dark Magic herself to take her as his Evil Queen. How he'd gone to War with the World and the Worlds Heroes. All the crimes they knew he committed. How after defeating the Norse God Odin, Doom had stolen his powers and then Killed a Titan to take his own Powers and after that kidnapped all Latveria and transported them here with the help of his Evil Queen.

Superman then thought of the day, a month after he had fought and killed General Dru-Zod. Superman had put him in a headlock, but Zod activated his heat beams and slowly inched his face towards a small family of three. Kal-El had no choice but to snap Zod's neck to stop him from killing that family.

After that, The U.N had summoned several heroes to a private meeting. Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Etrigan, Constantine, and Zatarra were summoned. The world leaders revealed to the heroes the "Truth" of Latveria's Monarchy and requested that they deal with the problem and free the people to form such Evil beings. The heroes had agreed.

Some more readily than others. Like Etrigan, who wanted to reseal Morgan away back where Merlin had banished her. And some less readily like Batman, who did not want to become an attack dog of any Government.

And so nearly a decade ago, Dr. Fate, Etrigan, Constantine and Zatarra, fought against The Witch of Avalon and quickly banished her back to the Void only to soon realize that there were now two Morgan Le Fey's in that void and the law of Doublegangers may apply if the touched and fused, either adding to or multiplying each other's powers. In either case, she'd be back soon enough, the best hope they had was that they would erase one another from the universe just by touching the other.

Shortly after that event, Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Arrow had assaulted Palace Domashev the Castle of the von Doom's. There they battled the Doom Bots, it was like fighting Metallo powered by Magic, but they beat the Robots and soon encountered Doom himself. The battle was a long and hard one. The four heroes could easily tell why one man could kill a God, a Titan and wage War against a World full of Heroes.

In the end, Superman shot his Laser Heat Vision at Doom and the same time that Flash tossed a Lightning Bolt. Doom had lifted his hands and began to absorb the energy. That was when GA had fired an EMP arrow while Batman tossed an EMP Batarang. The two EMP's hit the Arc-Reactor in the center of Doom's Infamous Iron Man Armor. The EMP's were supercharged by the lightning and the Kryptonian Eye Beams, causing the armor exploded sending the helmet flying while the body was disintegrated

The helmet landed at the feet of a boy, apparently looking up at the kid and a pool of blood forming at the neck of the helm. The four heroes were shocked at what had transpired. The kid had crouched down and picked up the helmet before touching his forehead to it. Then the boy had said one word that chilled them all to the bone, and that word was ... ... "Father."

The boy's caretaker; Lucia von Bardas, Victor's 5th or 6th cousin had demanded that they leave or be charged with regicide. The heroes had left rather quickly after that. Bruce and Barry were not seen again for three months.

A week after Storming The Royal Palace in Doomstadt, Latveria, Prime Minister Lucia von Bardas held a press conference. It was there where she recited the history of her country... ...

She spoke of days long ago when the Nobles had murdered their good Queen Coco von Doom and then tried to kill the newborn princess; Cynthia von Doom. All so that they could gain power for themselves.

She told of how the common people had revolted against the Nobility in a Civil War, the quantity of the Commoners had beaten the quality of the Nobles. She explained how the traitors were put to death, but their families were spared.

She then informed the world of how the Commoners had forced all Nobles to surrender their titles and allow them to fade away into the sands of time, as such in the country of Latveria. There were no titles other than King and Queen.

She next told the tale of Werner von Doom's betrayal of his Wife; Queen Cynthia von Doom. How he had murdered her in cold blood when she refused to allow him to be "King" and force her to do "Woman's Work". She spoke of how a young Victor killed his father after in a blind rage after they had both witnessed the murder of the Queen.

Next, Lucia spoke of how Victor had learned that Werner von Doom was really Mephistopheles, and how the Demon had dragged his mother to hell. She told of how Victor created a Time Machine of some kind to travel to the past and recruit Morgan Le Fay to help save his mother's soul. Then how they had journeyed into hell but had failed to save her, how it had changed the two, and how they had returned as much darker people.

Lastly, she spoke of how the traitors of Latveria, who had gone to the U.N. were the descendants of the Nobles who wanted revenge on the Royals. She then spoke of how the U.N. Leaders had sent a group of "Heroes" to kill their King and Queen but did not name the said heroes.

However, word-of-mouth and rumors spread quickly and the whole world knew who and killed King Doom. It had to a decade of tension and a high Cold War, between America and Latveria. Lucia also revealed that young Prince Naruto had watched his father's death and had become rather traumatized by it - which lead to the young boy not being seen for many years to come. She then called for restriction to be placed on not just the Heroes of the World, but also on the U.N. Something that All none U.N. countries agreed with as did several actual U.N. countries as well.

Present Day

Superman shook off those thoughts. Naruto von Doom was a Child of Evil, one who'd seen his Evil Father die and heard of how his mother was banished to where she belonged and NOW. Now The New Dr. Doom was leading his Army of Aliens to seek revenge. The boy had to be dealt with, but this time he'd do it alone, to capture him, lock him up, and make him see the error of his evil ways.

Metropolis Park

At the Metropolis Park, Doctor Doom had been following the destroyed parts of the alien machines towards the area where his little friend told him where he can find the next Mother Box. He was cutting through the nearly empty Park to reach his destination. Wonder Woman was not far behind him, a mile or two, if that. She was staying behind to help with the civilians that got stuck in the crossfire. The Amazon Princess just would not have that. The royal pair went on their own paths, the King would find the next Mother Box and the Princess would save any civilians that needed help on the way there to save time.

The King of Latveria was about to ask his little friend a question, but he was jumped and tackled by the Man of Steel, who held him up by his cape.

"So, this is what the great king of Latveria does? Side with the alien invaders and take over the world. I knew you were mad, just like your parents," Superman said, getting the doctor to become rather upset.

Doctor Doom narrowed his eyes, having his magic flowing within him, he chatted with an old language that was unknown to the Man of Steel.

In fact, it was unknown to all alive, save for those on Avalon. The King of Latveria's eyes shined red through his mask and brought both his hands up, with red lightning covering his hands and soon launched a powerful volt onto the fool-in-blue. Superman groaned in pain as he was blasted into the ground by the hands of Doom.

"None may lay hands on Doom!" Doctor Doom said as his eyes return to being blue and he calmed down.

The King of Latveria had been studying many heroes over the course of the many years he'd been away.

Ah, yes, Inter-Dimensional Travel, and going to places and planets - one, where Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, even Naruto Uzumaki, were nothing more than the character of Fiction, Comics, Manga, Cartoons, Anime, TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, etc. This had served him well in learning more about the multiverse, Heroes and Villains "Back Home". He had learned their strengths and weaknesses, identities and origins, vices and virtues, he'd learned it all. He would say that a good number of having them had even earned his respect, but most did not and that was enough to say on that.

The good doctor knew of Superman's weakness towards magic and the various colored stones of his home planet. While he could respect the Symbol of Hope to a small degree, he'd likely never respect the man that wore it, all things considered. He could also understand the Big-Blue-Boy-Scout's reasons to attack him as he did have a Mother Box with him. So yeah there was that and a good talking to was needed.

"Now that you are down, Superman. How about we talk like civilized people and maybe…," Doctor Doom said, but was cut off and groaned in his throat as another fool that unwilling to listen to reason showed up.

"Back off! Green is my thing, metal face!" A male voice shouted, this was the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, who then started to fire off a hailstorm of green bullets from his green minigun of light.

Doctor Doom stood still has a yellow force-field bubble surround him, having the green bullets bounce off as if they were nothing to him. The King of Latveria narrowed his eyes at the fool and shook his head of such foolish. Heroes and their pride these days. At least a few know when to cast that off, but it isn't easy, and this needed to stop.

Seeing as his attacks weren't working, Green Lantern stopped the bullets and created a baseball bat to swing for a home run. Doctor Doom saw this coming, he let his force-field drop and soon fired off a powerful beam of yellow energy blast of magic from both of his gauntlets towards the green-clad fool with a little surprise in store for him.

Green Lantern was blasted out of the sky and tried to regain himself but found out that his ring wasn't working suddenly and then he crashes landed hard into the ground. He groaned and grunted in pain, not going to move for a bit and wonder why his ring was not working.

"Such a wonderful piece of alien tech. A ring that can fire and create things out of the user's imagination and powered by the user's emotions. For your case, Green Lantern; that's Willpower or Courage, at any rate. Fear might work well against you to stop your ring from working, and your power can't affect anything that's Yellow in color, but magic and tech together work better against either one alone. Don't worry it won't last long. It might give enough time for me to explain what is going on and who the strange visitors are. The ones that are coming to earth," Doctor Doom said as he walks towards the fallen lantern.

Green Lantern snapped his eyes open of hearing that and could tell that the King of Latveria might just know what the hell is going on.

Before another word could be spoken, Superman had got up on his feet, his eyes shining red and soon he fired off a powerful red heat vision beam of energy out of his eyes. The red beam was fired towards the good doctor, who put his hand out and stopped the attack like it was nothing.

Superman grunted as he fired more power into his attack, but soon realized that it had become a big mistake. Doctor Doom had backhanded the attack right back at the source, Superman himself. This caused the Man of Steel to grunt in pain as he smashed into a stone wall and shook his head, not believe what was happening.

"Hmm, interesting. Nice try, but please stop this foolishness and listen to reason. There's something far bigger than us coming here and we little time to fool around for when it shows up," Doctor Doom said, speaking honestly and hoping that the heroes would listen to him.

Once again, another hero shows open, zooming in with high speed and yellow lighting following behind him. Then someone punched the good doctor in the face before moving away.

Doctor Doom felt the punch, it did little damage thanks to his shock absorbent protections and simply shook his head. He looked around and noticed that someone new was here, running so fast that the human eye can't keep up and knew just what hero was here. The Crimson Speedster, the Flash was here and had started to attack the King of Latveria, thinking he was here to take down GL and Supes.

Getting tired of this, Doctor Doom enchanted another spell, having his hands covered in purple runic energy and a magic circle. His eyes shined red for a moment as the spell went to work, before returning to normal once it was done. The ground started to spark up with negative blue lightning that was as cold as ice and soon enough it captured the speedster. He tried to vibrate his legs to shake it off and break free, but he was trapped.

The King of Latveria snapped his fingers, having the spell fade and caused Flash to drop into the ground with a grunt.

"Anyone else?" Doctor Doom questioned, wondering if anyone else wanted to fight him.

As an answer to his question, four Batarangs flew at the good doctor, but they were stopped when Doctor Doom held his left hand out and activated the magnetic field to cancel the attack. The batarangs drop down to the ground before the good doctor and waited for the Dark Knight to show up, which he did.

"I take it, that you have some answers to our questions, Doctor Doom," Batman said, he was being smart and not attacking the King of Latveria, again.

"Yes, I do, but we will have to wait for my friends to show up first. As I don't want to have to repeat myself twice, for what I know. Is that good for you?" Doctor Doom replied, with his Mother Box friend flying up by his side.

[Beep! Beep! Beep!] The cube beeped, talking to the good doctor, who was the only one that could understand the poor A.I. box.

"I know my little friend. We will wait for her first, then we will explain what's going on to the Testosterone Club," Doctor Doom said, getting the heroes around him to wonder what they met by "her" and the four males look rather insulted at the last remark that had both Flash and GL let loose a "Hey!' in return.

Doctor Doom waved that off as all them waited for the next hero to show up.

The King of Latveria, the Mother Box, and the four heroes waited for the other person who was coming and had them thinking some things over.

Doctor Doom looked over at Batman and Flash from the corner of his eyes as he did not want to look at his parents' murderers. He had some anger within him at three of these four men. But he pushed that aside thanks to his teachings and the things about that day and the things leading to it that he had learned of over the years since. The young doctor had much hatred in himself for what had happened, but he knew that he had to push that aside and work with these people to save the world.

Later, maybe, one day, Naruto could offer up some forgiveness to them for that day, so many years ago. From what he had learned during his teachings and his studies on Batman and Flash, and other heroes. He may even forgive Green Arrow and had no real problem with the Green Lantern. Superman, the guy who was all for taking down his father, working with the U.N. while believing those traitors, and leading the assault on his home that leads to his parents' deaths.

Well, that will take a long while and only one can hope that a stable partnership could be formed between the Man of Steel and King of Latveria, during this world crisis. Again, anything can happen, but moving on to the others.

Batman and Flash shared a look with one another before looking back at Doctor Doom, who didn't even look at them. This was the same young boy, who all those years had lost his parents, at their own hands, and was now a young man stood before their eyes. They wondered if the doctor held any deep hatred towards them for what they had done.

The Dark Knight and Crimson Speedster could still remember what happened those years ago. They remember the sadness of a young boy who held his father's masked head with tears coming down his eyes from losing his family. They had been there, in his place, before themselves oh so very long ago. Those events that had made them into the heroes they are today and who they had become as people, as adults. They had both become heroes so that the evil that took away their families could never do the same thing to another kid ever again.

Bruce who had lost his parents thought back to that day to the guy with a gun in Crime Alley.

"Tell me, Kid. Have you ever Danced with the Devil by the Pale Moonlight?" the guy, Jack Napier, had said after killing his parents and pointing the gun at his 8-year-old head.

The police sirens blared and the 2nd thug, Joe Chill, the man who stole his mother's pearls turned and ran, yelling out, "Man, let's go. Let's go, Jack! Jack, we got to go, come on!" and the first had said, "See you around, kid. I'm on my way, Joe."

It had taken years to find them both with only their first names, Joe and Jack, were hit men for the Grissom Gang, more commonly called Chill & Napier. They had made him into Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham. The Falcone's had killed Chill, and later Napier (Red Hood) was dropping into a vat of Acid which turned him into The Joker.

As for Barry he had lost his mother in their home when she was killed by a man-in-a-Yellow-Suit who'd been covered in Red Lightning, his father was locked up for the murder of his mother and Barry had spent the next 15 years trying to prove Henry Allen's innocence. Later Barry had learned that it was the Reverse Flash who had killed his mom and framed his dad, and when the 2 had fought in public, the cops had seen them both, and as such Henry Allen was set free from his unjust imprisonment, but Henry was killed by Reverse Flash who snapped his neck and caused more pain to this very day.

The point being said. They had been there before and now that has been pushed onto another young boy. So, a good talk afterward was really needed and they both prayed that they'd find some forgiveness from this young man. But hey, anything can happen, Right?

Green Lantern thought hard about all of this, he saw the looks the two heroes had on their masked faces, and he could sort of understand why, mostly thanks to his friend Barry, who had told him what had happened in Latveria. He was not upset with what his friend had done. It had been an accident, after all, they had misjudged the protective integrity of the Power core and the strength of that armor. He understood all too well, the feeling of grief from losing the ones you love.

Hal could not even count the number of times he had wished for a different outcome the day he had watched his own father die in a plane crash right before his very eyes. As an Air Force Test Pilot, Hal Jordan was a member of the military as such he would have understood the need to follow orders, but he'd be ashamed of and hate himself afterward for following orders that were based on lies, as his friend had done.

The GL of Sector 2814 could only hope that Doom would find it in his heart to forgive his friend and then maybe they could start over, once things here with this invasion were all done with.

In fact, a good number of heroes could understand the loss and hardship, that Young Dr. Doom felt. That's what makes good heroes these days if you can push your pride away occasionally or even all the time.

Superman didn't have many thoughts as all he wanted was answers and yet, he still had a thought in the back of his mind of locking Doctor Doom up for some rather unfair reasons, mostly all coming down to his thought of 'The Apple Never Falling too Far from the Tree.'

But the Man of Steel couldn't just turn the doctor into the police as he was a King with some Diplomatic Immunity, 'Isn't that a load of BS, No One should be Immune from the Law.'

And the doctor had a good number of countries, much like his own, on his side. That would be bad for the image of the Big Blue Boy Scout. However, for now, the Last Son of Krypton was willing to listen to what the King of Latveria had to say, not just in his defense, but about what was going on here.

Soon enough Wonder Woman showed up, landing before the King and the four heroes, getting some "Wow Mama" and "Hot Damn" looks from Flash and Green Lantern, but they pushed that aside for a couple of reasons. The main one was because Doctor Doom was glaring at them, sending some chills going down their spines. Batman and Superman had met Wonder Woman a few times so enough said on that front.

The King of Latveria used his magic to bring the now dead Mother Box into his hands. The cube in this city had gone offline from using too much energy to bring the invaders here. His little friend beeped sadly of the loss of his fellow AI, but now is not the time for sorrow.

"Good, now that Wonder Woman has shown up, I can explain a good number of things that have happened and what will happen soon enough, that our alien invaders have in store for us," Doctor Doom said.

"And what's that?" Batman asked.

"War, Batman. War, Blood, Death, and enslavement for the surviving men with the women being tossed into breeding pits. An invasion is coming to this world, Batman," Doctor Doom answered, getting the heroes, minis Wonder Woman, to become worried about this news.

"To explain, our little friend here will show us a better view," Doctor Doom said, the cube beeped again before displaying a light show from his eye and showed a view of two worlds, one a hellish place with fire and brimstone, while the other world was calm with clear seas and green trees.

"Now, for what you are seeing here, these are the two worlds known as New Genesis and Apokolips. These worlds are worlds filled with Gods that are at war with each other and have been since the Big Bang happened. New Genesis is the home of the Gods that fight for Good and Justice, in their own ways, and for the lives of others. Think of the Greek and Norse pantheons with a few Gods all together in one place, and a few family problems. Apokolips is where the Evil Gods and Demons live, they mostly seek out war for their master. The two worlds keep on waging war between each other and have only just barely stopped, a somewhat peace treaty was signed. The rulers traded their first-born sons as political hostages so peaceful agreement could form and the war would be placed on hold. It's now effectively, a Cold War," Naruto explained to the group of five and stopped to take a pause before speaking again.

"The ruler of Apokolips has been searching for something and he is destroying everything in his path, not stopping or caring about what he kills, so long he gets what he wants. No one knows what it is, but I know that it can't be good. As for how the cubes, the Mother Box, get involved in all of this, it's easy. They are supercomputers with advanced AI programs that act as information networks and provide transportation for both the Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips. The Demons of Apokolips act like scouts for their generals and masters by placing Mother Boxes in different areas before they start the next part of their plan, this is something that they always do, for any new worlds they find. They bring the army and then they start conquering the world for their general and master…Darkseid," Doctor Doom explained as he translated what the Mother Box has told him to the heroes.

This was bigger than any one of them could have ever thought or imagined. An invasion was coming to Earth, one that sounds like the end of the world with Evil Gods from another world coming here to find something for their master.

"And why should we trust you, Doom?! How do we know you're telling us the truth?" Superman asked/demanded.

"You don't trust me," Naruto stated; it was not a question and said, "Why? Because my parents were Villains on an Alternate Earth?"

Superman just narrowed his eyes.

"That's foolish, There are dozens of Earths out there where You are Evil! Ultraman, Overman, Übermensch. All of them are Villainous versions of You, but if you don't trust me, just because my parents were criminals. Well then, no one can trust you either Kal son of Jor of House El!" Naruto shouted but kept his cool.

"How. Dare. You!" Superman roared.

"My Parents...," Superman spoke but was cut off by Doom.

"I know exactly what your family did Kal-El," Naruto stated before speaking again, "The House of El knew that Krypton was going to die a full year before it exploded, What did they do? They informed the council and were told to cover it up or else. Your Parents, Aunt Alura, and Uncle Jor-El agreed. They then began building escape pods for you and your cousin. What about the other seven billion lives they could have saved? But doomed to Death! Well, they didn't care about them. When your Aunt's sister and others learned the truth, they began trying to tell the populous, but they were captured, tried, and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for the crime of telling the truth and attempting to save lives.

On Krypton the only legal way to have kids is by test-tube babies, but Your father committed the crime of sexual intercourse with body fluid transfer that caused your mother to conceive you. They hid that from the world with the help of your Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin and soon you were born. They were both criminals in the eyes of Krypton Law, and you were an aberration that would have been killed on sight for the crime of simply being conceived in a woman's womb. Your father compounded on those crimes by stealing the Kryptonian Codex and injecting it into your veins thus ensuring that no Kryptonian Sagitari aka The Cops would kill you. My Father may have been a Tyrant King, and a killer of thousands, but he would never. Never. Ever. Played party to the Genocide of a whole Planet!"

Superman's eyes were wide at what had been said, the secrets that had been exposed. Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman blinked at that. They looked at Superman for confirmation or denial, but the look on his face said it all, Doom's words were True.

"How...?" Superman muttered.

"Know. Thy. Enemy. Farm Boy!" Naruto answered.

Kal's eyes were wider now than ever before

"I studied you, all of you, just in case I ever need to Kill you on the Day you and others stormed my Home again but seeking My Head this time. I was not going to let it happen and so I learned all I could," Naruto explained before taking a breath to calm himself and fixed his hood that was close on falling down.

"Now, getting back to the matter at hand?" Doctor Doom asked the others who were still rather shocked, it was Flash that spoke up next.

"Should we find these Mother Boxes and switch them off, Right?" Flash asked.

"It's already been done. My Doom Bots have found a good number of the Mother Boxes within America, near Europe and all throughout the world. They won't be turned off, however, as that means death to the AI's. No, they will simply be put into sleep mode and be placed in a good, safe area, so that they won't be activated to create anymore Boom Tubes to bring an army of alien demons here. It's a start and it slows down the invasion clock," Doctor Doom replied.

"It's a start, but that won't stop them," Wonder Woman said, knowing very well from her own past battles on how the enemy can be during battle and War.

"True and that's why we will find the last Mother Box before its open another Boom Tube," Doctor Doom said, agreeing with Amazon Warrior Princess and started to lead with his little friend at his side towards the area that has the last cube at.

"We? Sure, you say we now, but how can we know that you won't turn on America, on us, or the world so you can take over?" Superman questioned with an eyebrow raised.

This stopped the King of Latveria in his tracks and turn his head towards the Man of Steel with a hard glare, having his fist clenched and eyes shined eye red. The two get having their eyes narrowed at each other and were very close to having another fight broke out.

Seeing a fight was coming, Wonder Woman and Batman stood in front between the King of Latveria and Man of Steel. Flash holds the doctor back and Green Lantern created a green brick wall between the two before a fight broke out. The Mother Box hide for the moment in fear and not wanting to get got in the crossfire.

"Now it's not the time for this. The world is in danger and we can't waste time-fighting each other," Batman said, making a good point.

Doctor Doom had his eyes narrowed but calms down when Wonder Woman placed a calm hand on his right shoulder and that pushed all the anger away. The doctor calms down, having his magic lowered and eyes return to normal.

"Very well and my thanks, Diana," Doctor Doom said and whispered the last part for one person to hear, fully calm and went towards where the last Mother Box was at with the Amazon Princess at his side.

"I understand your anger, Naruto, but now it's not the time for anger or any more infighting. Now it's the time to deal with invaders before Earth is attacked," Wonder Woman said, knowing what happen all those years ago and felt the need to help the King.

Diana had watched the news of what happened and how the U.N had sent heroes to capture the last King and Queen of Latveria for some misguided justice or their own needs to gain power. She had seen of the battle had ended with the death of the King and the banishment, most likely death, of the Queen. She didn't like that and now feels that she can help the young king with the pain on his shoulders.

Doctor Doom nodded his head as the royal pair kept going with the four heroes following behind them towards the next location. He was happy that Diana had helped him see a good view and calm him down. The King of Latveria kept on wondering what these feeling within him were and why they are pointing at the Amazon Princess every time he looked at or thinks of her. It was very hard to figure out and he wished for his father, mother, cousin, or friends were there to help him with this conundrum. But he would have to deal with this later as something much bigger was at foot and they were going to need all the help they could get.

Metropolis – Star Labs

After the heroes had gotten their answers and began cooling down, they all began to move out either by flying or running, the King, Mother Box, and heroes have arrived at the location where the last Mother Box was located, the place was at one of the Star Labs here in Metropolis. Those fools in there don't understand what they are playing with! That there are things they can't control or understand, but there was still time to stop this mess before it turned bad.

To save time, Doctor Doom created a blue magic circle that covered them all and transported himself and the heroes into the Star Labs building without any trouble. However, two guards rushed at them for stepping onto a highly classified area.

"Hold!" The guards shouted, getting some of the heroes to groan at this, as they didn't have time for it.

Both Doctor Doom and Batman brought out something much less harmful and quick to use, to deal with the guards. The doctor used a simple sleep spell, knocking the first guard out cold and into a deep sleep. The Dark Knight had pulled a small black ball from his belt. He tossed it at the feet of the guards shattering the ball and releasing the knockout gas within thus getting the guard to fall face first into the ground, sound asleep.

"That's better, now onto the more important matters at hand," Doctor Doom said as waved his right hand covered in green magic over the keypad that would unlock the door to the highly classified room that held the last Mother Box within it.

The doors beeped and allowed the group to walk into the room with the last Mother Box that was captured in a portal force-field holding it. Doom's little friend flew towards his capture fellow AI and saw that time was running out. It was now close to the final countdown, but the heroes still had time, to stop it.

[Beep! Beep!] The cube beeped information to the good doctor.

"I see. The Mother Box hasn't been active yet, but it's still getting power for a Bomb Tube. Now to take it before anything foolish happens," Doctor Doom said as he typed in a few things into the keypad,

He was close to unlocking the force-field but was stopped when a strong hand grabbed his right hand and stopped him from pushing the last button.

"We don't need to steal it. It belongs to Star Labs' and the Mother Box is not active like you said. We can leave it here, as it was fine here anyways and away from your hands," Superman said with his eyes narrowed, not wanting to let the King of Latveria take another cube.

Doctor Doom narrowed his eyes as he removed his right hand from superman's and said, "You fool! You don't understand what's at stake here."

"I know what's at stake and one of them is to keep the Mother Box away from you, Doom," Superman said.

"Superman stop it. We are here to save the world from an invasion." Batman said, not liking Clark disliking towards Naruto and not wanted a fight at this moment of time like other heroes as well.

"I understand that, but I won't allow Doom to take the cube. For all we know, he could just be using this invasion as a cover-up and then use the cubes to take over the world." Superman said.

"Again, with this, "me in taking over the world" bullshit, Kal-El. Are you serious?! Or just out of your mind? I have no attention of taking over the world, not in million years, and using the Mother Boxes for that? What a joke! They are living beings, just as we are, and they should be allowed to live. I want to protect my kingdom, the world, and the ones I care about. So, for once in your life, put that stupid ego and pride of yours away," Doctor Doom said as he was up close to Superman, rather in his face, the two glaring at each other.

If this was an anime there would be angry lightning dancing between their eyes.

"My. Ego?! None shall touch Doom! You're just like your father, talking in the third person with that and I'm better than you tone. You call yourself a Doctor, yet force people to call you King! America got rid of your kind over 200 years ago. The world Needs no Kings anymore! Least of all Tyrant God-Kings like you and your Father!" Superman mocked/raged.

"Tyrants! Tyrants, like me and my Father? What a joke! My father was not exactly a good King, but he wasn't a Tyrant. He made and enforced Laws in our country. Traitors get executed, that's law everywhere! Killer's get Killed, liar's get their tongues cut out, thieves get their hands cut off, and rapists get sterilized. That is the law of my country and people like you see it as tyrannical and barbaric, and yet, Latveria has a crime rate of 1.009%. Can any American City say the same? My Parents ensured a 0% homeless citizenship and provided jobs for everyone in Latveria.

Hell, they even made it so educational tuition was free! Students only pay for uniforms, books, and supplies. Children of Latveria enter Schooling at the age of 3, and graduate from High School at age 15, Collage is Mandatory, and students graduate as Masters of their chosen craft by the time they are 21. They join the workforce right after graduation unless they choose to go for their Ph.D's. Latveria citizens are trained hard, yes, that's true, and Loyalty to the Crown is not expected… It Is Demanded! It's the same for any monarchy! You have no right, Kryptonian to tell us Human's, us Earthlings or Terran's, how to run our Governments. Especially when your Government destroyed your home Planet. So why don't you go back to Smallville, Kansas, and let us do what needs to be done here," Naruto ranted.

"Do what needs to be done here? And what's that? Let a man called Doom brings just that to this great country, and the World! I don't think so! I will never let evil win...," Superman shouted but was interrupted by Naruto.

"Let Evil Win? You know, On my Father's home Earth there's a Poem, how does it go again... "Demons run when a good man goes to war. The night will fall and drown the sun. When a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies, Night will fall, and the dark will rise. When a good man goes to war. Demons run but count the cost. The battle's won but the child is lost. When a good man goes to war." ...My father was rather fond of that poem, almost as fond of it as he was of the phrases "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." along with "Evil Prevails only When a Good Man Fails to Act." and "The Difference my boy, is Choosing between doing what is Right and what is Easy," Naruto stated to the gathered.

Strong points and more will come.

"You Kal-El did what was easy when you stupidly obeyed the U.N. to depose my parents. Just so the descendants of traitors could get their Status', Title's, Monies and Lands back and give my countries technology to outsiders like Sam Lane and Lex Luthor. Gee, I wonder what they would do with that? You stand there preaching the virtues of the USA, Truth, Justice, Freedom, and Liberty for All! And yet, where did you learn this "Truth" when you lead the assault on my home? Where was the "Justice" when you colluded with the Heroes and killed my Father, without even giving him a trial? And what crime did he commit on this Earth?

Oh, that's right, after he helped to kill a Mad Man who sought to kill half of all Life in the Multiverse just so he could marry Death Herself. My Father teleported his whole Country to an uninhabited body of water on this Earth, so that I would not be taken from him to be used as a weapon against him! Where was your sense of "Freedom and Liberty" when you decided to enforce your rule and law on my people? You call yourself a hero, a Good Man, and yet, you failed to Act to defend my parents from greedy corrupt politicians!" Naruto shouted before he took a breath before and contained ranting, it felt so good to finally get this off his crest at this man after all these years.

"You who stands here with neigh Absolute Power, daring to say that I'm Evil and for what? Just because both of my parents had neighed Absolute Power and the Titles of King and Queen because my last name is Doom? My last name is Domashev, it is only translated into English as Doom you dip-shit! If the U.N. where to ask it? Who are you going to depose with your neigh Absolute Power, next?

Queen Elizabeth of Britain? Queen Audrey of Kaznia? Queen Perdita of Vlatava? King Teth-Adam the Black Adam of Kahndaq? Queen Bee of Bialya? King Odin of Asgard? King Zeus of Olympus? Ruler of Atlantis? or Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira?" Naruto asked of the Kryptonian.

At the last royal mentioned, Diana thought of Heracles the Conqueror, the Bastard son of Hera, he who had strength and power much like Superman. She thought of why Heracles had tried to conquer her Sisters. She also thought of Hercules the Legendary Hero; and Bastard son of Zeus, who had saved her sisters and her mother.

"Face it, Superman. You are a dog, a dog that obeys its masters without question, spouting out their dogma, and why? Because you want to be Human? You just want someone to blame for your own mistakes. So that when you fuck-up, you can keep your Heroic reputation by saying "Well, I was just following Orders." I truly wonder who many Nazi's got away with their crime's because they were just following orders?!" Naruto shouted/questioned the Man of Steel.

"You Son of a..." Superman said but was again cut off by Naruto who spoke in a dead and bland matter-of-fact tone.

"And another thing. How long have you been fighting Lex Luthor and your... ... Rogues, you call them, 10, 15 years. I know Batman's been at it for 20. How many people have died in Metropolis during the last decade because you fail to act, because you do the easy thing and just beat up psychopaths which you then send them to an easily escapable Prison or Asylum? How many people get killed during their breakouts? For over 15 years, 1,134,000 people had died, and you could have saved them if you'd just done the right thing and not worried about other people's countries. Batman's count is twice yours, but he has more rogues. He's been at this game longer and has the excuses of making a vow to god to never kill. You on the other hand Kal-El? You're Pathetic!" Naruto yelled, pointing to the Man of Steel.

Superman's eyes began to glow red as each word left Doom's mouth. A physical fight was close to breaking out between the two, but it was stopped by Wonder Woman and Batman, placing their hands on their friends' shoulders and telling them to stop.

"Um, shouldn't we be deciding what to do with the glowing cube thing?" GL asked rather dumbly.

"You're right, Lantern," Naruto said, relaxing and need to focus on the matter at hand.

"As I was saying earlier...," Naruto began, having Superman tried to interject but Naruto just spoke over him, "We need to get this one out of here before it goes online, it's still gathering power to open another portal, It needs to be removed from this device, and taken to the other Mother Boxes so that they can't be used."

Naruto stopped talking and began to slowly turn away from the Heroes, for you see.

As the heroes and doctor were talking, fighting among each other, it was stopped when a loud BEEP from their little friend got their attention. They turn towards the Mother Box, to see it forming an arrow in its eye that pointed at the captured Mother Box that was now coming online. Their eyes widen as they realized that they were too late, just then a powerful and big Bomb Tube opened before their very eyes.

Seeing the danger, Doctor Doom cast a spell and prayed it could make it on time, as the energy and power were that was being let off began going into the control consoles around the whole building.

The portal launched powerful energy into Star Labs and caused the whole building to fall as the power build-up was unleashed.

Nothing was left of Star Labs, save for the red portal that had one general and champion from Apokolips with a good number of Demons with him, coming out of it. The clock had struck, the time of invasion had started, and war had begun.

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