ahem-ahem-hem-hem* Right. My friend GiggiEba wrote this little one-shot for me to post up here. Thank you so much for the opportunity to pour another one of my crazy ideas into this equally crazy website! Welp, here we go!

Written by GiggeEba as thanks for using "Eba" in Knock-On-Wood by LeMafiaKreb. Scene and Slender OC: "SlenderForged" by LeMafiaKreb. Enjoy!*

Italics are thought/telepathy Ex: You


As night casts its eerie glow, two beings of great evil power roam the centuries-old forest, unawares of the other.

One, you know very well: Slenderman. Tall and thin, almost tree-like in appearance, were it not for his darker-than-night business suit with a red tie and snowy complexion. His hands, also pale, hang down to below his knees. He can sprout tentacles from his back. With the uncanny ability to heal quickly, he is nigh impossible to kill. Unnaturally lanky, at the peak of all horror, and not to be trifled with.

The other, you do not know of at all. Some call it SlenderForged. Somehow more monster than even Slenderman himself — but by no means less skilled.

He wears a mask made of steel to hide the black skin of his face. The only feature on his mask is a sharp sort of edge in the middle, trailing from the top all the way to the bottom. It can be lifted up to reveal Forged's mouth.

If heated enough, it will encase him, almost as if it had a mind of its own. However, much like Slenderman, he also wears a business suit, but with armor underneath. He bears metal gauntlets that change with mood and metal spearheads on the ends of his tentacles, a formidable foe even for our beloved internet legend.

Slenderman was taking a stroll through his forest on the fateful night the two met. It was simply to check on the health of his beloved trees, when he heard a loud, low thud in the distance. A familiar orange glow came from the same spot. Teleporting forward, he noticed his black- skinned adversary, SlenderForged.

The being turned it's head towards him, regarding Slender coldly as the fire died down from the sheer luck of rain beginning to fall. This annoyed both of them, where they came to a brief moment of agreement to leave the current dimension for a much dryer one. Once in the same dimension, Slenderman confronted the unwelcome visitor.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"


Slender looked on. "That does not answer my query. These are my trees." A growl emanated from Forged.


"I will not let you cut down another one of my trees. If you try, I will slaughter you."

Funny... cunt.

Slender's fingers became claws, and tentacles extended from his sharply-dressed back. "Do not call me such a thing ever again, understood?"

My... trees.

Slenderman's mouth ripped open, revealing sharp teeth and a swirling tongue. "They are mine!"

He teleported in front of his enemy and swiped viciously with both claws and tentacles. Forged deflected every blow with his own appendages. The steel mask stayed on, glinting in the moonlight with one side cast into shadow.

Their battle lasted a long time. Forged cut and slashed at Slender's torso, ripping his suit and caking it in black blood. Slender tore Forged's own tux to shreds, revealing the metal armor underneath. His claws slid on the cool metal, unable to penetrate it.

The blank-faced monster changed tactics, using claws to fend off Forged's tentacles and using his own black appendages to spear the tough metal. The tentacles dented and then broke the armor, causing Forged's head to twitch.

Slender pierced the armor multiple times as Forged could not keep up with him. But Slenderman was already weak from constant blood loss, and began to sag. Forged did not hesitate to take advantage of this. The black-skinned monster pushed Slender back against a tree. Slender shrieked in rage but was unable to keep his enemy back.

Forged leaned closer, his metal claws holding Slender firmly in place. The masked monster punctured Slender repeatedly with his spear-tipped tentacles while defending himself from his enemy's frantic attacks. Forged's mask slid back, revealing sharp needle-point teeth and a blood-red tongue. The black-skinned monster screamed at Slenderman, inflicting his own static and ringing on the lanky creature beneath him.

Slenderman gave one last desperate strike, and pierced Forged's head with a tentacle, driving it all the way through to the other side.

The scream died in Forged's now punctured throat. The black-skinned beast placed one armored hand on the tentacle, unable to process what had happened. Slenderman retracted his tentacle and stared at SlenderForged.

The steel mask fell back into place. Forged's spear-tipped tentacles retreated into his blood-soaked back. The claws of his gauntlets became fingers once more. Slenderman stood up straight and watched as his defeated enemy crumpled to the ground. Black blood coated the grass under his masked head.

Footsteps. Slenderman turned around to find Forged standing there, hands clasped behind his sharply-dressed back. Slender turned back to find both the body and blood of SlenderForged no longer there.

The white faced monster snarled at his masked foe. "How dare you return?"

Forged looked up at the moon. The silver light glinted off his steel mask. Then he teleported away, leaving a single white tiger lily where he once stood.


So, what did you think? Before you go asking, yes, GiggiEba gave LeMafiaKreb ownership of this one-shot. She just wrote it after a conversation she had with LeMafiaKreb.*

What do you guys think? You should definitely go check out GiggiEba's stuff if you're into Slenderman or Minecraft. I wasn't into the former, but am inching towards there now. :p

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~ LeMafiaKreb


- GiggiEba