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Chapter 8

The next day, Gohan, Videl and Hercule were all up early to travel to the island and begin training. Gohan made sure to be prepared for the day. He packed a bag with bottles of water for each of them, as well as towels to dry up any sweat (which he thought there had ought to be a lot).

Videl prepared by making sure she had a change of clothes with her as there was nothing worse than a good workout and then having to be stuck in the same sweaty, clingy clothes for the journey home.

Hercule had simply put on his trademark brown gi and white pants that he was so fond of. He also chose to shave as his beard had grown ridiculously since he hadn't had a chance to shave the last few weeks. Thankfully, Gohan had picked up some stuff to allow him to shave the last time he went to pick up groceries.

The three of them had breakfast and thanked Chichi for her amazing cooking skills. Videl had made a mental note to ask Chichi at some point for cooking tips. She could cook but was nowhere near the level that Chichi made food and she felt that she was probably going to be doing most of the cooking once her and her dad had their own home.

After breakfast, they headed outside where Videl decapsulated her jet-copter.

"I don't think we can all fit in there Videl" pointed out Hercule.

"What are you talking about? Me, Erasa and Chichi all managed to fit in there" replied Videl.

"Yeah but, no offense sweetie, you're all skinny little things compared to me" he replied.

Videl only glared for a moment, she knew what her father meant, however she never liked being called thin or skinny or stick like. She had muscle compared to most other girls, it never really showed due to her baggy clothing.

"Don't worry about me guys, I've got my own ride" said Gohan.

Videl and Hercule looked around, puzzled at Gohan's statement as they hadn't seen any jets or cars or bikes of any kind since they got there.

"I'm confused, what exactly are you gonna ride in to get there?" asked Hercule.

Gohan just flashed a grin towards the pair and turned away from them, cupping both his hands to his mouth and yelled out;


Both Hercule and Videl looked at him, wondering why he was acting so strange, when something caught their eye. Descending from the sky, was a golden ball of fluff which, the closer it got, the more it looked like a cloud. Upon its arrival, they both got a good look at the object that came out of the sky and realised, that it was indeed, a cloud.

"Eh…Gohan, what exactly is that thing?" asked a confused Videl.

"This is Nimbus. It's a magic cloud that my dad passed on to me years ago" replied Gohan.

Both of the Satans just stared at him, minds equally blown;

"Riiiiiiiiiiiggghhhttttt…" said Videl.

"No really, watch" said Gohan, as he hopped atop the magic cloud.

"Nimbus, go up" he commanded, and the little cream cloud steadily levitated upwards.

"Ok Nimbus, now down" he once again commanded and sure enough, the cloud descended downwards and stopped just short of the ground.

"That's amazing. Do you think…I could try, maybe?" asked Hercule.

"Sure, but I have to warn you, not everyone can ride on Nimbus" replied Gohan.

"Oh, I'm sure I'll be fine" said Hercule as he approached the cloud and Gohan climbed off.

Hercule inspected the cloud for a moment before squatting down, followed by leaping in to the air above the cloud. His aim was perfect, right on top of the cloud, followed swiftly by his descent to the ground below.

Gohan looked on, unsurprised by the spectacle in front of him. His eyes were torn from the scene in front of him, as he heard an uncontrollable giggle emanating from the young woman. Videl was in a fit, she couldn't stop laughing at her father, so much so, that she was stifling the laughter behind one of her hands as best she could.

Gohan was now looking at her, noticing for the first time just how, disarming her laughter was, the complete opposite of what he knew to be Videls normal scowl and glare. It was a rather fresh change to see something that wasn't a scowl on her face. He also wanted to test something else whilst they had the chance.

"Hey, Videl" he called over to the girl.

"Y-y…yeah Go-Go…han?" said Videl, still trying to contain her laughter.

"Why don't you give it a try" he said.

"Me?" she asked surprisingly, also bringing the laughter to a halt.

"Yeah, I'm sure you'll do just fine" he replied.

"O…kay, sure" she replied.

After studying the cloud for a moment, Videl approached the small puff, still levitating above the ground, her father having since moved back next to where she was standing. She tentatively approached the cloud and looked it over once before climbing on to the cloud. She braced herself to hit the ground, but after a few seconds, nothing happened. Videl was sat comfortably on the cloud, amazed that she hadn't fallen through.

"See, I told you you'd be fine" said Gohan.

Videl then looked back up to the young man, and then looked back to the cloud. A smile crept up on her face, then she looked up again to Gohan, the smile even more evident now. Gohan too, was smiling back at her.

Hercule took notice of both kids, smiling at each other. He was happy that his little sweet pea had a smile on her face, and it seemed to revolve around this kid, Gohan. He was full of nice gestures and appeared to be kind and gracious, a gentleman, to say the least. It was one of the few times that Hercule had ever approved of any boys hanging around with his little sweet pea. Although, it wasn't like he had much of a choice, given the circumstances. Still, he was happy just seeing Videl smile again.

"Ok, we should get going" said Gohan.

Videl looked up at Gohan again with a slight bit of disappointment on her face. It seemed that she wanted to ride the magic cloud, but, realising that her father didn't really know how to pilot the jet-copter, she would need to do so. She dismounted the cloud and made her way back to her jet-copter.

"Ok, let's go" she said as she and Hercule both climbed aboard her jet-copter and Gohan once again, hopped on to Nimbus.

The cloud floated over to where Videls jet-copter was;

"Ok, follow me and Nimbus and we'll be there in no time" said Gohan as he sat down cross-legged on the cloud.

"Ok, ready whenever you are" said Videl as the cockpit door closed.

Gohan and Nimbus began ascending in to the sky steadily, making sure not to go too fast as they waited for Videl and Hercule to catch up a bit. Once they had caught up, he urged Nimbus to go faster until they were at a steady cruising pace for both cloud and machine.

On the way there, Hercule had wondered about the reason why he couldn't get on the cloud but Videl could;

"Hey, Videl" he called to his daughter.

"Yeah Dad?" asked Videl.

"Why do you think that cloud let you ride on it but not me?" he asked.

"Hmm, I dunno but Gohan did say that not everyone can ride on it" she replied.

"I wonder what he meant by that?" Hercule asked rhetorically.

"Beats me, why don't we ask him when we land" replied Videl.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. Gohan sat on the cloud in front of them, looking back every so often to make sure nothing had happened to the two of them. Videl would signal him with a wave or a thumbs up every time he looked to indicate that they were ok back there.

Eventually after a while, the small island came in to view and cloud and machine slowly descended until they were upon the island. Gohan jumped off Nimbus and bode it farewell before moving towards the small house and giving way for Videl to land the jet-copter.

Krillin had already came out from the house and had begun speaking to Gohan whilst Videl and Hercule were climbing out of the jet-copter;

"Seems very small, I've owned bigger dojos and gyms" stated Hercule.

"Well, it's what we're getting so get used to it" replied Videl as she capsulated the jet-copter.

Krillin, with Gohan in tow, approached the two to greet them;

"Morning Videl, nice to see you here bright and early. And you must be Mr Satan" said Krillin, offering his hand politely to shake the other mans.

"Yeah, it's nice to see you again" replied Videl.

"Nice to meet ya. No offence but, you don't seem like someone who could train us" Hercule admitted honestly.

"Dad!" cried Videl.

"Don't worry Videl, I'm sure he'll change his tune once we get started. Speaking of, I've got a basic regiment for you both to follow. It's not much right now but we'll tailor it down the line for you both" said Krillin.

"Thanks" they both replied.

"Okay, let's get started, follow me if you please" said Krillin as he motioned for them to follow him.

They walked to the other side of the island where Master Roshi was already in a sun lounger, soaking up the morning sun.

"Howdy" greeted the old turtle hermit.

Hercule was flabbergasted at the site of the old man;

"Is that…the turtle hermit, Master Roshi?" he asked.

"Yep, the one and only" came the reply from Videl.

"But I thought he was dead" exclaimed Hercule.

"Nah, still alive and kicking, hehe" said the hermit.

"Woah…oh, where are my manners. I am Hercule Satan, it's an honor to meet you sir" Hercule said, the most respectful he has probably ever been to another human.

"Thanks. Now, I believe you and young Videl are here for training, yes?" Master Roshi asked.

"Yes sir!" cried Hercule.

"Good, I won't be teaching you myself, but I might still throw in a few pointers now and then. Krillin there will get down to brass taxes with you" said the turtle hermit.

"Of course," replied Hercule.

"Great, now that introductions are out of the way, let's begin" said Krillin.

"First up, you're both going to run laps around the island…in the water" said Krillin, with a sly smirk on his face.

"What!" both Satans cried.

"That's right, about 100 should do to warm up" he said.

"100!" they both cried again.

"B-but that's insane" said Videl.

"I have to agree" said Hercule.

"Hey! You wanna get stronger? Then trust me, this is a good start for you" said Krillin sternly.

"Okay, fine, c'mon dad let's get started" said Videl making her way towards the water.

"And keep your shoes on, it'll help in the long run, trust me" Krillin said, raising his voice a little to ensure they heard him.

"Fine" they both muttered and started doing the laps in the water.

They had barely made twenty by the time Hercule was collapsing, and Videl didn't make it much further, only getting to twenty-five herself. Krillin had seen this and decided to ease up on them a bit.

"Ok, you can take a break. It seems I've overestimated your current ability, but that's fine, we'll get you up to speed in no time" said Krillin grinning wildly.

"Yeah…sure…right after…you give me…a…new set…of lungs" a winded Videl managed to spit out.

"Hehe, young whipper snappers can't keep up, eh Krillin" said a laughing Master Roshi.

"Nope but it's fine Master, they'll gain their strength, just like me and Goku did" he replied.

'Goku, now where have I heard that before' thought Videl. She made a mental note to ask about it at some point, right now, she was busy gasping for air after the intense "warm up" that she and her father had just been through.

After a brief intermission, Krillin gave them their next task;

"Ok, I want you both to take it in turns to climb to the top of the tree here and then climb back down. Seeing as you both made it through roughly a quarter of the laps, let's say you only have to climb the tree twenty times" he said.

"Ok, that seems a bit more manageable" replied Hercule with Videl nodding in agreement.

And so, the day continued as such, Krillin gave them a task to do and both Satans performed it as best they could with Videl faring better than her father for the majority of each task, though neither one of them managed to complete any of the given tasks.

By the middle of the afternoon, both Videl and Hercule were completely drained of energy with barely enough to stand on their own two feet;

"I think I might honestly die today" said Videl as her legs wobbled her towards the small home.

"You ok Videl?" asked Gohan as she stumbled her way in to the house and plopped down on a chair.

"Yeah, just peachy" she replied sarcastically.

Gohan just shrugged his shoulders and made his way to the couch next to 18 who was playing with Marron. Hercule walked in at the back of them, or rather, dragged his feet across the ground in order to make it to the couch. Roshi has made his way in and sat on the floor across from the table, a little perturbed at the fact that he wasn't able to keep up with his aerobics on tv, due to the present company.

Krillin had entered the kitchen and brought out glasses of water and juice for everyone, save 18 who had a coffee instead. Krillin then turned to the two Satans;

"So, how do you think your first day went?" he asked them.

"That was the most intense work out I think I've ever done in my life. And you call that a warm-up?" replied Videl.

"Hehe, honestly Videl, just wait until you see what that kind of training will do for you" he replied.

"Yeah, if you could just let me sleep for…oh I dunno, the next 10 years, that'd be great" said Hercule.

"Aw c'mon, it's not that bad. Besides, it's only gonna get harder so I'd rest well now whilst you can" replied Krillin with a grin on his face.

"Seriously, ugh" said an exasperated Videl.

The three stayed for dinner, with Videl and Hercule eating at a slower than normal pace, due to the fatigue in their arms. Eventually, they were finished and Gohan decided that it was time for them to go home;

"Well, as fun as this has been, I think it's time that we headed home. These two need their rest before the start again tomorrow" he said.

The three of them bode farewell to Roshi, 18 and Marron, whilst Krillin accompanied them outside. Once there, Videl threw her capsule out on to the ground and her jet-copter appeared;

"I'm gonna be straight with you guys, I don't think I can fly this all the way back home. I'm struggling to stay awake as it is" Videl admitted.

"But sweet-pea, I can't fly this thing and we can't all fit in there" moaned Hercule.

"Hehe, it's fine, I can fly it" offered Krillin.

"Really? Are you sure? I wouldn't want you to make a trip all the way out there, just to come right back" said Hercule.

"No sweat, I have ways of getting back, don't you worry" replied Krillin.

"Then in that case, I'd be grateful if you could fly me home" asked Hercule.

"Sure, hop in" said Krillin.

"As much as I appreciate this Krillin, the three of us still can't fit in there" Videl pointed out.

"Don't worry Videl, I can give you a ride on Nimbus" offered Gohan.

"Are you sure? There didn't appear to be much space on that cloud" said Videl.

"Nah it'll be fine. Two people can comfortably sit atop Nimbus" explained Gohan.

"Ok fine, I'll ride with you then. See you back home Dad" said Videl, as Hercule had already climbed aboard the jet-copter and was barely awake.

The nimbus cloud was still floating above the ground from when they had arrived that morning. Gohan climbed on first and then sat cross legged on the cloud. He then helped Videl to climb on as she sat behind him;

"Ok, wrap your arms around my waste and hold on tight" said Gohan.

"Ok" said a bleary eyed Videl.

A few moments later, the jet-copter had sprung to life and took off as the cloud also began its ascent.

Only a couple of minutes had went by but Hercule was already fast asleep, much to the delight of Krillin not having to converse with the man at this time.

Videl was still awake, though she wouldn't be for much longer it would seem. Whilst she still had control over her thoughts, she decided to speak up;

"Hey Gohan!" she said over the rushing wind.

"Yeah, what's up Videl?" he asked.

"I just wanted to say…thanks" she said.

"What for?" he asked.

"For being so friendly and kind to me, I don't deserve a friend like you" she replied. Gohan's cheeks blushed ever so slightly, whilst at the same time he was a bit surprised.

"You're welcome Videl. I like you too" he replied.

"Mmmhmm…" was all he heard, as he realised that her head was resting against his back and that he could feel her breathing vibrating slightly against his back. She had fallen asleep, which was evident as her grip was starting to loosen around his waist. He gently grabbed both of her wrists and held them around his waist, ensuring that the girl didn't fall off.

Her skin felt soft and warm, despite the years of harshness that she likely put her body through. He could also feel her warmth radiating from her as she was pressed against his back. Gohan was enjoying this more than he would let on, in fact, he enjoyed it so much that he wished it would last longer than the trip back home. However, it wouldn't be comfortable for her to sleep in this position.

Gohan looked over to the side and could see Krillin peering over at them from the jet-copter. From inside the cockpit, all Gohan could see was Krillin mouth the words "love birds" with a large smirk on his face. Gohan merely groaned and furrowed his brown before mouthing back "go away".

Krillin smirked once more then pulled ahead to leave the two "love birds" alone. Gohan decided not to push the cloud further for fear of waking up Videl.

Eventually, Krillin and Hercule arrived at the Son house where Krillin had to wake Hercule to get him to go inside;

"C'mon sleepy head, time to go to an actual bed" said Krillin as he nudged Hercule.

Mr Satan woke up and groggily clambered out of the cockpit and made his way in to the house where Chichi was waiting at the front door, having heard the machine touch down.

"Hi Chichi, night Chichi" said Hercule as he walked past the Son Matriarch and touched down on the couch.

"Hey Chichi, how are ya?" asked Krillin as he approached the door way.

"Just fine Krillin. Where's Gohan?" she asked.

"Oh, he's giving Videl a lift on Nimbus. He won't be too long" he replied.

"Oh, isn't that sweet" said Chichi

"Man, he must really like her, he's already thinking about telling them about the Cell games" said Krillin.

"Yeah, it sure seems that way, although knowing my son, he probably doesn't even have a clue himself" said Chichi.

"Well, if he's anything like Goku he won't" Krillin chuckled as did Chichi.

"Anyway, I better get going, see you at Bulma's party?" he asked.

"Of course, we wouldn't miss it" she replied.

"Great, see ya then" said Krillin as he took off in to the sky and began flying home.

As he had just left and Chichi was about to walk in, she caught a glimpse of the magic cloud approaching the clearing. She decided to wait a few moments for them to touch down.

As the cloud stopped, Gohan carefully hoisted Videl on to his back to carry her and then climbed off of nimbus. He approached his home and spotted his mother at the door. She cooed at him, albeit very quietly so as not to disturb the young woman. Gohan merely rolled his eyes and continued in to the house.

He walked up the stairs and in to Goten's room and carefully and gently placed Videl on to the bed. He then made sure to take off her shoes and then her socks before placing the duvet over her. She was still fast asleep and looked very peaceful, a look seldom ever seen on the girl's face, at least to Gohan's knowledge. He liked the way she looked, not just the fact that she looked so peaceful, but also her new look, though if he were being honest, he had always liked the girl, not just physical aspects but also her determination to help others and to better herself, unwavering from her goals.

In fact, Gohan was probably starting to like this girl more, even more than he himself realised.

That night, Videl dreamt for the first time in a long time. She had dreamt that she was riding on a magic cloud, flying over the ocean, the wind in her hair, the smell of the sea breeze as they flew near the ocean and the view when they flew high.

They? Who's they? Dream Videl wondered, until she looked up to see the back of the young man with spiky black hair. He turned around to face her slightly;

"You doing ok back there Videl?" the dream Gohan asked.

"Yeah" she replied as she snuggled in to his back more and making sure her grip around his waist was secure.

She could feel the definition of his abs, though she wasn't surprised for some odd reason, in fact she was enjoying it, so much so that she could practically feel the warmth coming off of herself and a smile elicit itself on her face.

She was enjoying this…a lot, and she wanted to enjoy it some more.

Unfortunately for dream Videl, real Videl decided that it was time to wake up.

The next morning Videl woke up, tossing and turning in the bed trying to get comfy again as she didn't want to get up. She realised after a few moments that she was in bed, not remembering how she got there, the last thing she remember was getting on to the small magic cloud and taking off, after that things were a blur. She decided that she had ought to get up and get herself ready for the day ahead.

Videl swung her legs out of the bed and stood up, only to promptly fall straight back down on her butt;

'Oh right, yesterday's training, that's why I'm having trouble standing, oh well' thought Videl. She rose again from the bed and steadied herself and began to walk over to the dresser to get some new clothes for the day. It was a struggle, her muscles were moaning and protesting all around her body as she was performing these simple tasks.

She left the room and went to the bathroom where she was able to freshen up and have a shower and get changed. After returning to the bedroom briefly, she began to make her way down the stairs, albeit more slowly than normal before making her way in to the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, she found Chichi and Gohan both already at the table;

"Good Morning Videl" said Chichi. Gohan turned around to see Videl as she took a seat at the table.

"Good Morning Chichi, Gohan" replied Videl.

"Good Morning Videl, did you sleep well last night?" asked Gohan.

"Oh my God yes! All that training yesterday had me wiped. In fact, I wanna know, how exactly did I get home and in to bed last night? The last thing I remember was getting on that cloud and then…nothing" explained Videl.

"Gohan here was kind enough to carry you up to bed last night" said Chichi with a giddy smirk on her face.

Videl began blushing at the thought of being carried by Gohan, whilst Gohan similarly blushed, although not quite as much as Videl. The girl in question then turned to face Gohan before she spoke up;

"T-thanks Gohan" she said, her blush deepening slightly.

"Y-yeah, no problem" he replied, his blush also deepening.

Goten then walked in to the room and took his seat at the table, having arrived back home from Capsule Corps the prior evening before the trio came home.

"Morning mom, morning Gohan, morning Videl" the boy sang out.

"Good Morning Goten" replied the three in chorus.

"Oh boy I'm starving" said Goten.

"Breakfast is almost ready Goten, just a little longer" replied Chichi.

"Ok mom" he replied.

"So, Videl are you ready for another day of training?" asked Gohan.

"I don't know if my body can keep up with this training" Videl replied sarcastically.

"Hehe, well if you're anything like your dad you won't, he's still fast asleep and I have no idea if he'll be waking up anytime soon" said Gohan. Said man, walked in to the kitchen not seconds later, trudging his way towards an empty seat at the table just as Chichi put the food on the table and the two-half Saiyans began to dig in;

"Oh man, I feel like I've been hit by a freight train" he grumbled.

"C'mon dad, pull yourself together, we've got more training to do today" said Videl, although she wouldn't mind giving it a skip today if she were to be honest.

"No sweetie, I don't think I do, my body is so sore today that I think I'm going to have to build it back up before I can even do the basic training that they're putting us through" replied Hercule.

"Really dad? I never thought you'd be a quitter" said Videl.

"Well, you always thought I beat Cell and look how that turned out" replied Hercule, before immediately regretting what he said and the realisation dawned on him as he looked at his daughter's awestruck face. Chichi stopped and turned around whilst both the half Saiyans stopped eating and looked at both Satans with just their eyes moving from one to the other, daring not to move an inch.

Videl looked at him wide eyed for a moment before staring a hole through his head;

"W-w-w wha-what I meant was…" Hercule started before being cut off.

"No dad, I know what you meant!" said Videl sternly before she got up and stormed off and made her way out the front door.

"Well, that was smart" said Chichi as she too now took up a stern tone with the afro haired man.

"Damn, that was a stupid thing to say Hercule" he said to himself.

Videl tried to run as soon as she left the front door but realised quickly that her legs wouldn't carry her that quickly yet so she opted to try and jog, which was working but it felt more like a power walk with how slowly she was going. She kept going for as long as she could and began running through the forest, not stopping, despite her legs protesting which they eventually wouldn't carry her any further and she collapsed on to her hands and knees. She panted for a short while, not changing position, before she realised that her face was wet, not from sweat but from tears and her vision had become blurry somewhat.

Videl didn't know why but the comment her father had made had suddenly broke through the barrier that was her emotions. When they both went on the run, Videl didn't have the time to stop and think about how she felt, she went straight in to survival mode and did what she could in order to keep them both safe. Now that they were safe, she could relax a bit more, that is until her father had to go and say something stupid.

It didn't make any sense to her why now all of a sudden that she would begin to weep about it all. It didn't stop for a while and she had ended up sitting against a tree with her knees curled up to her chest and her head pressed in to her knees as she sat there and cried for a while.

After the tears had stopped, she wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and face and started to look around, trying to figure out where she had run off too when she heard what sounded like a twig snap, except it wasn't a twig but sounded more like a whole tree. She spun around to see a gigantic dinosaur having just crushed an old tree trunk under its foot. How had it gotten so close without her noticing she wondered, though now was not the time to think, she had to get away. She tried running but her legs wouldn't carry her as she stumbled to the ground and turned back to look at the gigantic beast.

She tried to scramble backwards away from it as it moved closer towards her. Before it could approach any closer, the dinosaur stopped and appeared to be looking past Videl at something, though Videl dared not to turn around, lest the beast pounce on her when she wasn't looking.

After a moment of gazing behind her, the dinosaur tucked tail and scampered off, leaving Videl to breathe a sigh of relief. She then turned around to see what it was that had scared off the dino only to see nothing but the trees behind her.

Just as she began to stand up, she could hear a voice shouting out in the distance;

"Videl…" came the voice "Videl, can you hear me?"

She knew that voice, it was Gohan's, he must have come looking for her to make sure she was ok, the caring goofball. The voice sounded like it was getting closer until he appeared from some trees off to her side;

"Videl, there you are, are you ok?" he asked the startled girl.

Videl walked over to him without saying a word and instinctively grabbed on to his torso and hugged the life out of him before she began crying again.

Gohan, being very surprised by Videl this morning, did the only thing he could think to do and that was to return the hug by placing his arms around her back and hugging her. He allowed her to stay that way for a few minutes before they broke away and she collected herself and began to speak;

"Thank you Gohan, I don't know what came over me back in the house" she said, not looking at his face.

"Don't worry about it, are you okay?" he asked again.

She nodded her head in response, "Yeah, I just…I don't know what happened…my dad, the idiot, made that comment and suddenly, everything came rushing back…the reality of our situation…the house we've barely scratched the surface on…making a living for ourselves…not relying on your family to bail us out" Videl said, still not looking at the boy.

"Hey, c'mon now, you've both been through a lot. In fact, I'm surprised by how strong you've been through this whole ordeal, many people would have cracked a lot sooner…but you're Videl Satan, you're the toughest person I know" said Gohan with a smile on his face.

Videl finally looked up to see his face;

"Really?" she asked with surprise and intrigue on her face.

"Of course, you've faced armed thugs and criminals on a regular basis for months, maybe even years, stuck out school and kept a social life and managed to stay relatively out of the media even with your dad being who he is, never breaking a stride through it all. If you can do that, then you can bounce back from this" said a heartfelt Gohan.

Videl was surprised and shocked, nobody and she meant nobody had ever spoke of her praises so much in all her life that they didn't have an ulterior motive. It's not like Gohan needed an excuse to get near the ex-champ since he was living in Gohan's home and dating her wouldn't have the same social prowess as it once would have. No, he cared, he genuinely cared and in turn, this allowed Videl to trust the boy more, something she would never had done before.

"Gohan…thanks" she said with a warm smile on her face before hugging the boy again.

"You're welcome Videl, now how about we head back home and see if you're dad has figured out a way to say sorry yet" he replied.

"He can say sorry but he still needs to explain everything to me, we haven't had time to have that discussion since we left the city" replied Videl.

"Well, you'll need to take that up with him I suppose. Now, are you up for some training today?" he asked.

"If you don't mind, I think I'd rather take the day off, you know, try to collect myself" she replied.

"Oh, ok…well then maybe we can get Krillin to come over here and help build the house some more, after all, it's not going to build itself you know" said Gohan with a grin on his face.

"Sure, sounds like fun" she replied.

"C'mon, let's head back" he said.

"Ok" she replied as she started walking forward in front of Gohan.

Gohan began walking but then stopped for a moment and turned around and looked up in to the sky before mouthing the words 'Thank you Piccolo" and catching up with Videl again to walk back together.

Floating high in the sky above the forest was a tall, green skinned Namekian looking back down at the area where Videl and Gohan were as he had caught sight of the half Saiyan giving him his thanks;

"Hmpf…it's not my job to keep your little girlfriend safe" he said aloud, "maybe for her next lesson with Krillin, he should teach her how to dodge" he smirked before flying off in the direction of the lookout.


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