It has been some months since Nanoha left. The life in Midchilda continues, and Vaizen is recovering. Even booming, what with all the rebuilding going on.

A limousine clears the checkpoint and enters Sail Force's dock in Midchilda. Three large transport ships hover above the ground, ready to set sail, their hull shining orange from the early morning sunlight.

The limousine comes to a stop next to Teana's vintage motorbike. Teana and Red Ribbon stand close by, arguing about something.

Fate and Vivio step out of the car, greeting the two. Red Ribbon is still a bit shy in Vivio's presence and shuffles around and hides behind her enemy Teana.

"Come on, don't be shy. You've met before." Fate urges the girl, smiling. Vivio waves and says hello. Red Ribbon timidly hellos back.

"How long will you be gone, boss?" Teana asks.

"Two weeks max." Answers Fate. It's not like she is going on a vacation. The Bureau has tasked her to have a look around in Al Hazard and see what needs to be done to establish laws and orders in compliance with the Bureau Charters. The good news is that she will be talking to Nanoha a lot in the process.


The dock's PA system announces everyone to board. Fate kisses goodbye and goes off to board the first ship in the formation.

As soon as Fate is out of sight Teana and Red Ribbon start bickering again. Vivio intervenes and suggests they go have breakfast together. She knows a good place that's open at this hour and the two will love the pancakes.

Vivio puts on a helmet and gets in the sidecar, leaving Red Ribbon to take Teana's back, hugging her enemy from behind, her hands clutching on Teana's boobs.



Fate is greeted by the captain of the transport ship 'Charon'. She is led to a seat on the Bridge. She sits down and buckles up, getting ready to go.

"Captain, I'm bringing her up." One of Charon's Bridge operator informs his captain.

With a low wobbling sound, the enormous ship starts to move. The captain gets on the comm.

"Control, convoy is entering the gate."

"Convoy, may the solar wind blow in your favor." Sail Force control operator's voice fills the Bridge, wishing a good journey.

A large pulsating dimensional gate appears in front of the columns of the transport ships. With a slow woooosh, the ships disappear into the gate.


"Interchange in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." A Bridge operator counts down.

From the space-time fabric surrounding Midchilda, Charon and her sister ships change their travel path, immersing into the neighboring lane; the Vaizen - Al Hazard path.

"We are on the Al Hazard lane, captain." The operator informs. The captain nods and gets on the communication magic shared by all ships.

"All ships, this is convoy leader. We are now in the Vaizen - Al Hazard path. Destination: Al Hazard."

Fate can hear cheers going around the ship. She, too, is excited. The captain continues.

"Our primary mission is to deliver the first response disaster provisions. It will be the first of many such trips."

Fate nods listening to the captain. It has taken months for the Managing Directors to finally secure enough public support to dispatch aide to Al Hazard. The clone girls in Vaizen behaving themselves helped somewhat, but the biggest turning point was when the report from Lighthouse came; Al Hazard is under control. By none other than-

Somebody taps on Fate's shoulder. She turns around and sees Yuuno's smiling face. Delighted, they air-kiss and hug.

"You might have noticed we have a group of people from Disaster Recovery Corps." The captain is saying into the comm, referring to the situation assessment specialists.

"They will be quite busy once we arrive, so make sure they are rested up good."

The captain turns to face Fate. He smiles.

"Also, it is my pleasure to announce a special guest; none other than beautiful Chief Enforcer herself. Say hello when you see her wandering around."

Another round of cheers goes around the ship.

The captain is about to end the comm but realizes he's left something out. He gets back on the comm.

"Oh, I almost forgot. We also have professor Scrya on board. He will be pretty pissed when you guys trample around in Al Hazard, so be mindful where you step on."

"People always forget about me-" Yuuno complains to Fate.

"Also," The captain goes on. "Leave the ferret alone when you see one."

Yuuno rolls his eyes. "But not the ferret part."

"Aw~" Fate squeezes Yuuno's hand and smiles. "Don't be upset. Captain doesn't mean it."


The convoy sails through the dimensional path at the cruising speed. Suddenly a familiar voice booms inside the Bridge.

"Ahoy, Charon. Lighthouse greeting from Al Hazard boundary." Captain Griffith Lowran's sounds happy. "We have just dipped into the gate to make sure you don't get lost. We will hang around until you arrive."

"Aye, thanks, Lighthouse." Charon's captain sounds pleased, too. To sailors, it's always good to have a lighthouse guiding the way.

"Rapid Recon is making space for you to unload cargo." Griffith informs from the other end of the path. "The girls are helping, too."

Fate's eyes sparkle hearing the mention of her sisters. It's good news. They are working with Rapid Recon.

"Convoy, be warned, though." Griffith's voice changes its tone. "White Devil has firmly established herself as the de facto matron guardian of these girls."

This time Yuuno squeezes Fate's hand. He knows any news about Nanoha is music to Fate's ears.

"Any disrespect or such towards the girls will be..." Griffith pauses searching for the right words. He gives up. "Just... don't learn the lesson the hard way, OK?"

Fate bursts out laughing.

"Well, that's Nanoha for you." Yuuno smiles, too.

"Don't worry, Lighthouse." Charon's captain winks at Fate. "We have Chief Enforcer on board. Nobody will dare mistreat her sisters."


Yuuno leans in, his eyes reminiscing.

"It feels like we are back to the old days." He smiles. "You and me. Sailing onboard a large ship. To Nanoha."

Fate realizes it, too.

"Ah, yes. I remember that." It was many years ago. That was a rather serious situation at the time, though. "That's how we met the Woklenritters and became friends with Hayate-chan."

The two turn their eyes to the space outside through the Bridge's reinforced front window, remembering the past event.

"I bet Nanoha's made some new friends this time, too." Fate giggles like a little girl.

"Hang on, convoy." Captain Lowran's voice grabs Fate's attention. Griffith sounds confused.

"Rapid Recon says the girls are sending out... gift? I don't- Oh! Aw~ what a sight!"


The convoy sails through the dark transdimensional tunnel connecting the two distant worlds. From afar, a large swarm of golden orbs flies towards the massive transport ships. They come closer and closer. At last, the orbs surround the ships, like fireflies, illuminating the otherwise pitch-black space inside the travel path with their golden luminescence.






Thanks for reading.

I was fascinated by the concept of TSAB as depicted in Strikers and post-Strikers materials; the structure, the organizations, and how those different subunits of TSAB join together to solve problems. I wished the franchise would explore that aspect further, but they instead opted to throw in more characters and focus on their stories.

When "Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha : Force" was announced I was really really excited. "Senki" literally means war (sen) saga (ki). I thought we'd see a super grand-scale slugfest involving the many branches of TSAB. That's what I hoped we were getting in the form of Senki : Force.

And so... I was immensely disappointed by how Force turned out to be. It's an interesting story on its own, but not exactly what I wanted.

So, I had decided to write a story for my own entertainment. And voila here's the result. Or rather... a re-write of the result.

This whole thing is actually a re-write of a 90K words long screenplay that I wrote early this year. Only after the completion of the screenplay I learned FanFiction does not allow script format submissions, LOL.

But it's been a fun experience. I decided I'd use the screenplay version as more of an outline (a very long-ass outline) and started writing the novel out. There were some interesting challenges. Here's one for example: In my script format draft Red Ribbon is simply referred to as Senior Alicia Clone B. That obviously won't work in any novel format. I had to give her an identifying feature. Hence the red polka dot ribbon. For the sole purpose of giving her a ribbon I ended up spewing out a 3000 words scene. For a single ribbon.

Anyway, tanks for reading. I hope you've enjoyed it. I sure had fun writing it.

By the way, Hayate rocks.