Hey there, welcome to my latest story! This is going to be… pretty wholesome. I honestly just want to make some folks happy the same way I make myself happy: reading or watching something laid-back and cute. I don't even know if I want to make this have a sex scene or not, but in any case, I hope you enjoy the antics of my favorite monster girl!

Lublin, Poland

August was kicking his feet idly and absentmindedly, barely concentrating on what was on the screen of the smartphone he was looking at. His family or strangers sometimes liked to tease him a bit about how he inherited his father's giant hands or feet, good looks or facial hair that grew just a bit too fast. And now it seemed he had inherited something else from his father.

"Mister Czarnik?" He heard his name being called, a nice-looking lady with glasses peeking from the door on the other end of the waiting room. He got up.

"Present." He said, managing to force a polite smile on his face.

"Ah, good! Come in, come in." She gestured, returning a gentle smile. He followed her into one of the many rooms, being offered a seat on a nice couch and a glass of water, which he drank quickly. He had heard it's even more important now to keep himself well fed and hydrated.

"So, mister Czarnik-"

"Can… Could you just call me August?" He asked shyly, to which the lady nodded.

"Very well then. August. Your doctor contacted me with the details of your condition, but perhaps… you would like to explain them yourself?" She asked, gesturing with the pencil in her hand while she talked.

"Yes, that is true. Very well, I'll begin…" He adjusted himself so he was sitting up straight, clearing his throat somewhat awkwardly and taking a few breaths before hesitantly telling his story.

"So… I'm depressed. I… I just feel so… useless and alone. I… I don't even know why, but I just feel like I've accomplished so little. I can't… I-it's like I… think I'm useless without somebody to remind me that I'm not, but… even that doesn't help because it doesn't sound genuine enough from strangers or colleagues… H-heck, even my family can't seem to get me out of this ditch. I don't know where this all came from, other than my dad…"

It felt just a tad better after he had confided this information to the therapist lady, but it didn't help much.

"Mhm… So it seems like nobody can help you, is that it? Aside from the necessary medications, do you think you could accept the help of another trusted person besides myself to help you with this?"

"Ummm… I-if you're suggesting I get a girlfriend, I'm not really… in the market at the moment."

"Is your situation that desperate, August?"

"I-it feels like it…"

The therapist thought for a moment, idly tapping the other end of her pencil to her chin.

"What about… the Mamono Adoption Program?"

August looked at her curiously.

"Do you think that's gonna help? Don't they just want to have sex with every human male that breathes?"

"August, they've become more tame. The reason I am suggesting you adopt a Mamono is because they're different from humans. Maybe the reason the praise of others doesn't have a positive result on you anymore is because they're essentially giving you special treatment because of your depression. Monster girls don't do that, though. While they like men, they generally show trust and affection like animals: once they know you'll take care of them. Think about it as… working with a fully sentient therapy dog! Plus, it's a good accomplishment to help one." She suggested.

Now it was August's turn to think. She did kind of have a point. He knew many monster girls needed shelter and the government usually paid the ones helping them integrate in order to compensate for the extra food and necessary room. He had time on his hands considering his insurance…

"You know what…? It's… not a bad theory. I could try that."

"See? Now, I assume you'll be starting your medication ASAP?"

"Already did, got the pills and took them this morning."

"Good, and you've gotten all the numbers from our organisation? Those being mine, the reception and the suicide hotline?"


"Very good! And when do you think you'll adopt a girl?"

"Hmmm… I'd say tomorrow. Not today, I'm tired."

"All right, just two more questions: do you have the energy and courage to visit a shelter and fill in the adoption papers yourself? Adoption has gotten pretty simple, but it can still be a lot of work considering your condition."

"The shelter is only a block away, and… Y-yeah, I think I can."

"Very good! Feel free to call us if you're not feeling up to it anymore. Let's continue this session, shall we?"

Later that evening…

August returned home, hanging his coat up and taking some more medicine right away before plopping down onto his bed, deciding he'd shower tomorrow morning.

"Adopt a monster girl, huh… I… I didn't think I'd ever do that. And yet somehow, it seems a plausible option. Let's hope we didn't get stuck with the freakshow ones the rest of Europe didn't want." He said with a somewhat bitter tone.

As usual, he didn't sleep too well. Too long and too late, he battled the thoughts and fears he had in his mind. What if the monster wanted to take advantage of him? What if he got a nice one but began neglecting it due to his condition? It was a scary step to take.

When he did finally wake up and properly get himself out of bed, he showered and ate before he sat still, looking at the clock and wondering at what time he should visit the shelter. Thank goodness he didn't need to make an appointment, Lord knows that was already hard enough. He checked his pockets a million times before slowly closing and locking the front door to his house, checking if it was properly locked a few too many times as well. He then slowly made his way over to the shelter, doubts still running through his head and practicing what he was going to say. Opening the door, he walked up to the reception and cleared his throat, catching the attention of the receptionist.

"Good morning, sir! Are you here for the Adoption Program?"

"I-I think so. I don't know who I can adopt here yet, though."

"Ahh, and you wish to select a girl?"


"Very well. Our staff within the dorms will answer any question about their behaviours, diets and preferred living condition. Keep in mind that they do all crave attention, hygiene and nourishment, especially from a male."

"Y-yeah, got it. They're not going to have sex with me, right?"

"Oh, no, no, no! They're well behaved, I assure you."

"A-all right. I'll take a look."

He was then taken into the dorms by the staff, which were obviously mostly females as if to not… tempt the girls. His eyes darted around, a bit frightened about the various monsters. Considering Poland's colder than most European countries, almost any reptile and plant monster did not want anything to do with it. Instead, there was a large selection of monster girls that thrived in cold regions: Ice elementals, yuki-onna, white horns and more of the undead type than in most countries. They eyed him, all greeting him with either waves or a friendly hello. He greeted back politely, but he was still nervous and uneasy. He didn't particularly feel a connection with anyone yet…


He gasped, a bit scared as he saw what just shouted. The monster girl in question was… gigantic. She seemed to be nearly nine foot tall and had surprisingly broad shoulders for such a curvy build. Her arms and legs were covered in a somewhat thin layer of ruffled snow-white fur, ending in large paws… they looked like they could punch through a truck with relative ease. Much like her fur, her hair was white as snow and her eyes were innocently baby blue. She was dressed a bit… liberally, like due to her already being quite warm thanks to her fur, only wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt that didn't seem to hold her thighs or chest too well.

"Yuyeta! Please calm down, you're frightening our guest." The staff lady said sternly.

"Oh… sorry!" She said, looking at her feet.

"I-it's… okay." She was huge. She was strong. She was probably heavier than two silverback gorillas. And yet… she was cute. That irresistible pout on that adorable face with the flabby, pinchable cheeks…

"I… What can you tell me about her?" August turned to the staff lady with a curious expression.

"Oh, Yuyeta?" The yeti in question lit up a bit. "As you can see, she's a yeti. I think she and her tribe were found in Siberia and brought to various other places because their species was endangered due to there not being enough new mates. She's omnivorous, but she eats a lot. She's also pretty clingy, but she's super sweet." The yeti blushed a bit at the last comment.

"What about her speech? Any reason why she speaks like a toddler?"

"I'm… unsure. Only their alpha female leader could speak properly. They can't even seem to speak Russian fully. And their brain and IQ doesn't explain much either. It seems wild yetis usually communicate like apes, making various sounds and gestures to socialize."

"Hmmm… interesting…"

He thought about his choices for a bit more after talking to and asking about a few more monster girls. But… that first impression was just too strong. So of course, he went back to the reception and filled in the papers, giving the declaration his therapist sent him this morning. They would decide within a week, they said.

Making his way home, August once again laid down on his bed. He hadn't gone back to Yuyeta to tell her this yet, of course: he didn't want to give her false hope. He was curious if the yeti even knew what depression was… Was he going to be able to live with and take care of this big friendly giant? Despite this question ringing through his head, he felt at peace… Perhaps her energy was rubbing off on him already. He fell asleep peacefully, wondering what would be next.