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September 1, 1977

Lily had trouble holding in her excitement as she rode in the back of her mother's Ford Escort. It was her last year at Hogwarts, and she was going to make the most of it. Over the summer Lily had received, along with the usual list of supplies she would need for the coming year, a letter from Dumbledore appointing her head-girl at Hogwarts. Lily's mother had been very excited, but Lily had been nervous about all of the responsibility that came with it. The badge had also arrived and Lily had put it on gingerly this morning.

Summer had been troubling, since she had been trapped in her house with Petunia, and her overlarge boyfriend, Vernon. She had gotten to get out of the house when their mother took them down to Whales for a week, but otherwise it had been a very dull summer filled with trying to do her wizarding homework without Petunia seeing it and throwing a fit about it.

Now as they pulled into King's Cross station, Lily's nerves were reaching a crescendo. Lily exited the car and went round to collect her trunk from the boot. Lily's mother followed her as she dragged her trunk into the station and collected a cart.

"Mum, you don't have to come onto the platform."

"Oh it's alright dear. I want to see you off for your last year of school."

"Okay, then let's go."

Lily pushed the cart over to the wall that separated platforms nine and ten, then they both casually leaned against it and emerged onto platform 9 ¾.

The gleaming red engine on the Hogwarts Express puffed great pillars of smoke out into the vaulted glass ceilings.


A tuft of curly dark hair obscured her vision as Marlene wrapped her in a hug.

"Marlene! How have you been?"

"Oh great, we went to Spain over holiday. It was gorgeous. Hello, Mrs. Evans!"

"Hello Marlene, had a good trip then?"

"Bloody fantastic!"

"Good as it should be." Lily's mum checked her watch. "Almost eleven, you girls better hurry up."

"Thanks mum, see you at Christmas!"

"Have a good term, I love you!"

She wrapped Lily in a tight hug.

"Love you too, Mum."

Lily joined Marlene on the train and found a cabin where Mary, Dorcas, and Alice were sitting.

"I've got to go to the prefects cabin, because you know…" She gestured to her badge.

"Oh go! But promise you'll come back for some of the ride, yeah?"

"Yeah. Hey, have any of you heard who the head-boy is?" Lily asked nervously.

"It won't be Snape, Lils, he's too creepy. Don't worry about it." Dorcas said.

"Okay yeah… thanks. See you in a bit!"

Lily made her way down the train to the prefects cabin and stepped in.


"Alright Prefects, congratulations to you all for being selected. I look forward to working with all of you. We'll start in a moment when the head-boy gets here." Lily smiled around at the prefects gathered in the compartment. Lily's heart was beating very fast. It wasn't that she was afraid of public speaking, it just wasn't something that was easy for anybody.

"Ello, all." James Potter said strutting into the compartment. Well, not easy for almost anybody.

"Potter, this is the prefects compartment, I assume your not lost?" She smiled in an innocent "I'll kill you later" sort of way.

"Not lost Evans, I've been appointed head-boy!" Lily felt her jaw drop along with everyone else in the compartment.

"No, you haven't, come on Potter, Dumbledore may be a little mad, but he'd never appoint you to be head-boy." Lily said after a minute of everyone staring dumbstruck at James Potter.

"Well, he has." James showed her his badge.

"You stole this, who'd you steal it from, come on Potter, out with it!"

"I didn't steal it, it's my badge, I'm head boy." Lily looked him dead in the eyes and realized he wasn't joking. She would actually have to spend time with this git. This git with hazel eyes. Had Potter's eyes always been hazel, she'd never noticed.

"Fine. Let's begin then."

James smiled and lit his cigarette.


Lily sat with her friends at the end of the Gryffindor table waiting for the first years to come in from crossing the lake. She had just told them what had happened in the prefects compartment and they were all in shock.

"It can't be him though. He's always breaking the rules." Mary said.

"Well, maybe Dumbledore really has gone mad."

"No, Dumbledore always seems like he's close to being off his rocker, but he isn't." Alice replied.

"There isn't another explanation though is there? Why would James Potter be head-boy?"

"Maybe he bribed Dumbledore over the summer because his parents were mad that he wasn't doing well in school?"

"Don't be daft, Marlene... Dumbledore would never accept bribe money."

They all dissolved into giggles, though quickly sobered as Professor McGonagall ushered the first years into the Great Hall.


"Michelle Fitzwallace."


"No can't be Gryffindor, Prongs, Ravenclaw!"

"Hufflepuff!" The Sorting Hat called out.


"Bloody git. She's a Ravenclaw mark my word!"

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Black would you kindly shut up!" McGonagall cried in frustration at the pair of them.

"Sorry Minnie, but the Hat's made a mistake."

"Be quiet!"

"We'll try our best, Professor!"

"Maeve Gaddis."


"For sure, Prongs, she's Scottish!"

"Mr. Black and Mr. Potter, detention!"

"Sorry, Professor!"

"Come on, Minnie it's the first day!"

"Be quiet!"

They continued on this way for the rest of the first years, after which Dumbledore stood and gave his customary short speech before letting the students enjoy their feast.


Lily lay in her four-poster that evening thinking over the day. She still couldn't believe that James Potter had been made head-boy. Lily thought over how she'd handled the prefects and thinking about what else she should do as head-girl. It was certain to be an interesting year.