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June 16, 1978

"Alright Lily Evans, you will not cry. Promise me that much, young lady." Lily smoothed out her dress and took a deep breath. "It's going to be a good day, and you will not spoil it all by shedding some saltwater."

"Ready, Evans?" James called from the window.

"James! What the bloody hell are you doing zipping around on your broom at this time?!" Lily cried as she rushed to the window.

"Oh ya know, just getting it all out before ya know…"

"Right… well I'll meet you in the common room, we can walk to the ceremony together?"

"Yeah, give me two minutes?"

"Perfect." Lily leaned out and gave him a quick peck.


"Oi, Potter! You're late!" Lily hit his head with her clutch.

"Hey! Only by a couple minutes!" He rubbed his head.

"We're late." Lily started to march away.

"Hey wait! Lils!"

"Tick tock, Potter, walk and talk."

"You look really beautiful." He said and entwined his hand with hers.

Lily smiled, "Not so bad yourself, Potter."


"Edison Davis!"

Another round of cheers carried out, as Edison Davis of Ravenclaw walked across the platform and collected his graduation paper from Dumbledore.

Lily took another steadying breath before-

"Lily Evans!"

Cheers rang again as Lily carefully walked towards Dumbledore. He was giving her his classic twinkling eyed smile as she approached.

"Congratulations, Ms. Evans, I hope this will not be the last I see of you?"

"As do I professor, thank you very much." She smiled and shook his hand as he handed her the papers.


"James Potter!"

James sauntered over to Dumbledore, gave a tremendous bow and a huge hug to Dumbledore before accepting his papers and jumping off the platform.

"Didn't expect that." Remus said. "Didn't expect him to graduate honestly."

"Oh come off it, he's bloody brilliant! Whoo! Go Potter!" Sirius cheered, jumping and throwing his fist.

"Congratulations Potter." Lily said as he came over to them.

"And to you, Evans." He smiled.


"So I might be a bit plastered, or perhaps its sloshed, never known the difference. Either way you must be sworn to secrecy Lily Evans, see theres a wonderful man over there, his name is Remus Lupin and Merlin is he the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Swear it, sweat you won't tell…. Shhhh shhh…. Fuck me"

"Alright there, Black?"

"Peachy." And with that he wandered off.

"That is one weird person." Lily muttered.

"Excuse me, madam, but I couldn't help noticing you from across the way, since you are obviously the most beautiful one here, I just wondered if you were also the kindest and would give me the honour of this dance?"

"Well sir, you should've led with how thoughtful I am, but since you are asking so nicely, I do believe I will."


"So, I know."

"Uhh…" James pulled on his collar. "What do you know?"

"That.. Sirius likes Remus…?" Lily furrowed her brow. "What did you think I meant?"

"Oh that, yeah, I thought you meant that," James sighed, "I just wasn't supposed to say anything."

"Well what are you doing about it?"


"James Potter, look at your friend sitting there all alone, and look at your other friend sloshed out of his mind and miserable, you are not doing nothing."

"Right, well what can I do?"

"Excellent question. You can buck up Sirius, I'll talk to Remus."

"Can we finish this dance?"


"Alright, alright.."


"Hey Remus, how are you doing?"

"Oh hey Lily, I'm alright, yeah I'm fine."

"Really?" Lily raised an eyebrow, "Cause you don't look fine."

"Oh.. well you know…"

"I think I do."

Remus' eyes flew open. "You think you know what?"

"Well, I personally cannot understand why, though I have seen evidence that you are not the only one, but for some odd reason you like Sirius Black."

"He's my friend." Remus said nervously glancing at Sirius across the way. "Of course I like him."

"Right, but it's more than that...isn't it?"


"I won't tell anyone, I understand what it means, but you must know he likes you too."

"Come off it Lily, why would a guy like him, like a guy like me? He probably isn't even into guys…"

"Ha!" Lily burst out laughing doubling over and clutching her stomach from laughing so hard. "You don't think that Sirius "Drama Queen" Black, is gay?"

"James is a drama queen…" Remus muttered.

"Oh not in nearly the same way. Remus, please be honest with yourself and don't let your usual self-loathing and depravation get in the way of your happiness. Don't let the last seven years fade from both your minds and you forget how happy you guys are together."

Remus stared at her. "You really think he likes me?"

"Cross my heart."

"Right, well…"

"Go ask him to dance!"



"Fine! I'm going!" Remus stood abruptly and hobbled around the edge of the floor nervously.


"Alright Pads? You look a bit sloshed…"

"James! Prongs, my man! You are looking lovely…" Sirius gave a great drunk smile and fell into James.

"Hey, clean it up mate!"


"Are you crying, mate?"

"Terribly sorry…"

"It's not that big a deal, pads, really…"

"Remus… he's…"

"Oh right… I'm gonna need some alcohol…"

"There I can be of service, my good friend." Sirius drew, from the inner pocket of his fabulous robes, a flask and swished it around.

"Ah yes, good on you mate!" James took the flask and downed the whole thing and shook his head violently in response. "So why haven't you bloody asked the man out?"

"Oh James, why didn't you ask him out?"

"Cause… I'm dating Lily….?"

"Well there you are."

"No there I am not, you're not dating Lily, so what's your excuse?"

"How do you know…?" Sirius leaned on James again, and James could smell the alcohol coming off him in waves.

"How much have you had mate?"

"Oh… ya know….enough… or maybe not-"

"Sirius, get up and ask that man to dance!"

"Right!" Sirius stood and gave a soldiers salute before taking a drunken step forward and promptly collapsing.

"You are going to get liver cancer.." James picked him up off the floor and slapped him in the face.

"Thanks mate, really appreciate it…"

"Feel less sloshed?"

"A bit, why'd you do that?"

"There is such a thing as too much…"



"Right!" This time he managed not to trip over himself as he marched towards Remus.



"Would you like to Remus with dance?"

"Pardon me?"

"Sorry, would you like to-"





"Allo fair witches and wizards!"

"We are incredibly sloshed!"

"Shut up Sirius! We are going to sing for you! Cheers!"

"Oi, hey they've got a right to know!"
"Shut up and sing mate."


"Anyways, there's this band from Liverpool…"

"I want to hold your hand!"

"Not yet mate!"

"You just said- Sod off Potter!"

"The Beatles!"

"Oh yeah I'll tell you something…"

"Those boys are absolutely off their bloody rockers."

"Oh definitely.."

"I want to hold your hand!"