A second Chance

"You're Jace, right?" Jace was looking at Clary like he couldn't believe he was speaking to her again. He raised his eyebrows, and had that crooked grin, "Yeah, I'm Jace." He breathed out. What is happening he thought?

Jace just kept staring at Clary. He couldn't believe that after a year of watching Clary go about her mundane life, he was talking to her again. She could see him again.

"I...I'm Clary." She smiled at him.

She was just looking at Jace. She couldn't help but feel an intense feeling of love wash over her. She began to glance over him and noticed a black looking mark poking out of his shirt. She reached up to touch them, and Jace looked away, feeling overwhelmed from being so close to her. If this was just a fluke, or a dream, he would be heartbroken. So many times he had dreamed that Clary would notice him and remember him and their love.

"What are these tattoos on your neck?" As soon as she touched his skin, they felt a spark run through them. Jace looked back into Clary's eyes. She was frozen with her hand on his skin. Both looking at each other and started smiling. She knew him, but Clary couldn't figure out how she knew him.

After a few moments, she gasped and brought her hand quick to her mouth. "Runes…" she whispered almost to herself, but Jace heard her. He was looking at her with a mixture of confusion and happiness on his face. Was she remembering? How was this possible?

"I don't understand, how do I know you? How do I know what that mark is? I feel like I should know you?" Clary said while shaking her head.

Jace was so confused why she was suddenly remembering. Did the angels finally hear his pleas to forgive Clary and bring her back to him? He started to tear up and reached out to gently run his fingertips down her cheek. Clary closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, feeling that spark again.

Jace stepped closer to her and grasped her face just looking into her beautiful eyes. Those eyes that he missed waking up to. He leaned in and just placed his forehead on hers and closed his eyes. Breathed her in deeply. They stood there for what felt like hours, but really only a few minutes went by. They both felt a peace that was indescribable.

Their moment was broken by a loud slam of a door, and someone yelling for Clary.

Jace and Clary stepped away from each other and she spun around quickly to see who was looking for her. It was Raphael. He had been helping her set up for the Art gallery and was pretty much like her part time assistant. She let out a gust of air, and turned back around, but didn't see Jace.

She felt like a piece of her was ripped away suddenly. She gripped her chest and started to cry but didn't understand why.

Jace had turned and ran as fast as he could to hide in the shadows. Not wanting to leave her, but he was suddenly overwhelmed. He knew Raphael had been watching out for her. Which he appreciated. But, why was this suddenly happening to her? Did he do something wrong by being around her? Was Simon right that he needed to stay away?

"Clary…" she heard her name mentioned softly. She turned back around to see Raphael looking at her with concern. "Clary, there is a gentlemen interested in a couple pieces of yours. He would like to talk to you about them. Are you okay….?" he asked hesitantly. He was looking at her, wondering what had happened. He had saw her running out, but wasn't sure why.

Raphael still knew of the shadow world, even though he was human again, he was asked by Izzy to just keep an eye on her. He felt honored to look after her. So he posed as a new friend and had been by her side when needed.

Clary had always felt comfortable with Raphael, she didn't know why she instantly felt like she had known him, but he was a good friend.

"Sorry, yeah I am fine. Just needed some air." She wiped the tears from her face. Fixed her clothes. "Which item is the customer wondering about?" she asked. He looked at her for a moment to try and figure out what was happening, but he just smiled and said, "Your angelic power one." She nodded to him, and walked back into the building.

Raphael hung back out in the alley for a moment longer. He heard a throat clearing and turned around to see Jace. "She saw me." Was all he said. Raphael looked at Jace with wide eyes.

"Does that mean…." He asked not able to finish his sentence.

"I don't know, but if this means we get a second chance, then I am not letting her go again." Jace said with a determined but for the first time, happy look as well. His eyes looked brighter, he was standing straighter.

Clary was walking toward her "Angelic Power" painting that she did. She would always dream of a man with beautiful white wings and golden hair. He was holding a sword that was alight with symbols. This man was always a silhouette, she could never see his face, but she could tell that he was always there watching over her.

She stopped suddenly when she noticed the gentleman that was standing in front of the painting. He had a very subtle glow around his body. He was almost shimmering. She shook her head to clear it, thinking she was seeing things, but that didn't help.

She walked over to him, when he turned around with a small smile. "Hello, I am Clary. I was told that you were interested in this piece and wanted to speak with me about it?" She asked, with a slight tilt of her head.

He nodded gently. He held up his hand as if to, as silly as it sounds, to high five her, and the whole gala froze. Clary looked around startled about what was happening. She looked back at this man with wide eyes.

"What….what is happening? What are you?" she stammered out.

"Hello Child. We have been watching you. My name is Raziel."

What did you think? I felt like we needed a little something after that ending. This might not be a long story, but we needed some closure. Hope you like it. Let me know something that you were hoping to see, and maybe I can work it in there.

No flames, just writing this as a closure for one of my favorite series.

*Disclaimer – all characters belong to rightful owners. Just giving them a happy ending.