WARNING: This chapter contains some violence and mature content. reader discresion (sp) is advised

Chapter 6: Takato Unmasked!

Looking back at me I see

That I never really got it right

I never stopped to think of you

I'm always wrapped up in

Things I cannot win

You are the antidote that gets me by

Something strong

Like a drug that gets me high

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold

Never meant to be so cold

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold

Never meant to be so cold

So cold to you

I'm sorry about all the lies

Maybe in a different light

You could see me stand on my own again

Cause now I can see

You were the antidote that got me by

Something strong

Like a drug that got me high

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold

Never meant to be so cold

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold

Never meant to be so cold

I never meant to be so cold to you

I never really wanted you to see

The screwed up side of me that I keep

Locked inside of me so deep

It always seems to get to me

I never really wanted you to go

So many things you should have known

I guess for me there's just no hope

I never meant to be so cold

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold

Never meant to be so cold

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold

Never meant to be so cold

"Cold" – Crossfade


The Tamers and Digimon all gathered in Guilmon's hut and patiently awaited an explanation from their friend. Takato paced before them trying to clear his mind and find the words to explain his past to his friends. Finally he sighed and turned to face them, reaching for his utility belt and pulled out another domino mask.

He started to place the mask on his face, when Rika quickly moved forward and grabbed the mask from his hand and through it across the hut, "No, no more masks! No more hiding, Takato," She spat, glaring daggers at the boy, "now tell us, tell me the truth."

"Are you sure you want to know?" He asked, giving Rika a look that made inwardly want to crawl under something and cry.

"They deserve to know it all, Tim," Henry stated firmly, which caused shocked looks from all humans present.

"Fine," Takato said, walking over to take a seat on the couch. "I will tell you what I can, but some things must be left blank. Some secrets aren't mine to give." He stated, his voice shifting back to the familiar tone they all recognized.

"I was born in Gotham City, and was given the name Timothy "Tim" Drake. My mother died when I was very young, and my dad was … busy. Later I found out my dad was a thief and a criminal. He was murdered by a crime boss in Gotham calling himself Two-Face."

"With a guy going by that name, no wonder you were never freaked out by all the 'mons," Kenta stated, earning a hard elbow by Jeri.

"I lived on the streets for years, stealing what ever food I could find to eat." Takato stated, and then a small smile crossed his lips. "Then He found me. The Batman. He took me in, he, Batgirl, and Nightwing became my family. They taught me how to fight; taught me to fight for what was right and what I believed in. Also they taught me how to hide behind invisible masks, to make new identities for myself. Then it happened, during a fight against Two Face there was an accident, and he saw my face. And make it worse he recognized me. To protect me Batman had my appearance altered, then arranged for me to live with two friends as their son Takato."

"Guilmon no understand …" the large red Digimon shook his head. "Why Takatomon say he someone else, Takatomon is Takatomon …"

"Guilmon, I'm still me, I just … it's complicated." Takato said trying to reassure his friend.

"Then you … you lied to Guilmon, you said Takatomon is Takatomon … if your name is Tim Drakemon, then you lied." The virus-type asked sadly.

Takato started to answer but couldn't come up with a way negating that statement. "Then how can Guilmon trust you? You no better then a stranger!" Guilmon roared, standing to its feet.

"Guilmon, wait!" Takato called, but the dinosaur had already run out of the hut.

"I'll speak with him," Renamon whispered, phasing into the shadows.

Takato looked around at the stunned group, before walking over where his mask laid on the ground. He reached down and picked it up. "I guess that's that then." He said putting on the mask. "I trust you all not to tell anyone what you've heard here today."

He swept around, his cape whipping in the wind as he walked out of the hut without another word.

He started to disappear in the shadows when a surprisingly timid voice called after him. "Wait!"

Robin turned to see Rika standing there gripping the front of her shirt nervously. "Takato … Robin … Tim … damn it I don't even know what to call you," She whispered in frustration as the Boy Wonder approached her. "I don't even know … who you are anymore. Damn it, Gogglehead, everything we went through together. Did all that mean nothing to you? I know I'm not the easiest person to be around but … but … Why did you feel like you had to hide yourself from us … from me?" She asked staring at her feet feeling her eyes sting while she fought back her tears.

"Look at me Rika," Robin said, sounding like Takato, as he placed her chin in his hand and tilting it up to look him in the eyes. Then she realized he had yet again removed his mask. "You don't know who I am … you know what, Rika, I don't either. I have no earthly idea who I am. Takato Matsuki, Tim Drake, Robin … two of those three are masks, Rika, which two I don't know anymore … I just … I don't know who the real me is anymore." He said, and she was stunned to see tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes. "I know you've grown to care about one of those three now. Robin … It's better to forget about him. Better to forget about me. Just … forget about it all. Its better that way, Rika, find some guy, maybe Ryo. He always did like you, Rika. Just find someone and be happy." Takato then place his mask over his eyes.

"You're probably the strongest person I've ever met. You don't have to hide behind façades, behind stupid masks." He spat angrily at himself, "This is who I really am, Rika, I am a shadow in the night. Takato, Robin, Tim, I don't think any of them really ever existed. I'm just their shadow. I've been through too much to be happy with anyone. I'm alone, Rika, I'll always be alone until some villain, or some lucky punk gets lucky and takes me out." He turned and started into the shadows, but before he vanished completely. "I'm dead already, Rika."

"Stupid Gogglehead …" Rika whispered, gnawing on her trembling lip.


Mrs. Matsuki turned the sign on the door to read Close and went back to sweeping the floor of her and her husband bakery. It had been a long day and she was looking forward to a long hot bath and maybe if she could pull her husband away from his newspaper long enough … Her thoughts were cut off when the door chime rung.

"I'm sorry, but we're closed," Mrs. Matsuki said, turning to see a tall man in a dark trench coat and hat. "We open at nine o'clock in the morning if you'd like to come back then."

"Forgive me, Ma'am," the stranger said in a distinct accent, "I am not here for bread, I am looking for something that I have lost."

"I'd be glad to help you, can you tell me what it is you're looking for?" She smiled kindly.

"Yes of course, it is a bird," the man nodded, "An annoying little Robin that refuses to die. This little bird goes by the name of both Tim Drake and Takato. Have you seen my little bird?" he asked removing his coat and hat to reveal a full black and white mask and a muscle shirt, pants, and what looked like a type of IV running from his belt to his neck and wrists.

Mrs. Matsuki screamed as the man hit a button on his wrist that caused a strange fluid to pump into him, making his muscles visibly grow right before her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Mr. Matsuki dashed down the stairs to see the monster stalking toward his wife. "Who are you, stay away from my wife!" He warned getting between the demon and Mrs. Matsuki.

"Do you believe in the afterlife or reincarnation, Mr. Matsuki?" the man asked grabbing him by the neck with one hand and lifting him into the air.

"Wha …" He gasped, kicking at the muscled-up monstrosity.

"If you return to this earth in another life," The man said jerking Mr. Matsuki closer, "Pray to never hear the name of Bane again." Bane said, squeezing Mr. Matsuki's neck with all his strength.

"NO! PLEASE NO!" Mrs. Matsuki screamed, as her husband's head and body dropped to the floor separately.

"No … no …" Mrs. Matsuki whimpered in shock, staring at the love of her life's body.

"Now you will pay for the crime of associating with one of mine enemies." Bane said starting toward the stunned woman.

"J-just get it over with …" she cried, knowing there was no escape. "Kill me already …"

"Patience, my dear," Bane whispered sickeningly. "A shame to waste such a beautiful dove so quickly …"


"Who else did Two Face bring with him? And where's the scar-faced freak hiding." Robin asked as he loomed over a rooftop, watching the cars travel below him. "Maybe I should hunt down Guilmon and try to talk to him … Na, I'll wait till morning. Let him cool off." he thought out loud as he fired a grapple and swinging toward the bakery.

Robin climbed into his bedroom window and started to reach for his mask when he heard movement. "Mom?" He asked, before his door was splintered and he felt a large fist grab the front of his tunic.

Robin kicked lose and flipped away toward the shattered doorway. "Bane!" He gasped, his heart speeding up as he saw the monster that almost literally broke his mentor several times.

"It pleases me that you remember me, Little Bird," Bane grinned beneath his mask. "Your small body is so frail and easily snapped, like that of your foster parents."

"What did you do to my parents?" Robin yelled, his breath quickening as anxiety began to build.

"Your foster father died quickly and painlessly," Bane informed, "But your foster mother provided me some pleasure before I ended her life."

Robin roared in rage as he dove at the monster extending his staff in mid flight. He spun the weapon in the air before striking at the massive man in various random places in a mad rage but the blows didn't even cause Bane to flinch.

"You learned nothing from the Bat." Bane said disappointedly before backhanding the boy hard sending him flying through two walls to the stairs, tumbling down into the bakery.

Robin pulling himself back to his feet and wiped the blood from his lip on the back of his glove. "Bane!" He called out in rage, only to be silenced when the monster exploded from the ceiling and punched him in the chest, sending him flying backwards into the wall, the bricks almost giving.

Robin tried to pull himself up from the floor, but yelped as pain shot through his ribs and fell back to the ground. "Shit …" He breathed, feeling of his chest and side, feeling multiple places where his bones didn't take the pressure.

"I will ground you into powder," Bane growled as he approached the boy, "Then hand you back to the Batman in a glass jar."

Robin started to retort, but could only gasp as Bane picked him up by the face. "I WILL crush you." He said before he slammed the boy's body into the brick wall as if he was a child's toy. Robin yelped as he repeated it, again and again, slamming and pounding his body against the jagged bricks. "Cry for mercy, child, I want to hear you beg as your foster mother did."

"Go … to … hell …" Robin breathed, before he was whipped into the wall, then back to the now jagged bricks in the broken wall; the broken pieces of stone digging through the Kevlar tunic and cape, drawing blood from the battered skin of his back.

"Beg, BEG!" Bane screamed as he held Robin's near limp body in the air and began punching him with his free fist. "Beg for mercy, Takato Matsuki, and I may not take your friends purity. What are their names? Rika and Jeri?"

Bane's eyes widened in amusement as Robin's ripped gloves shot up to grip his wrist, and Takato's eyes burned through his now broken domino mask. "I … won't let … you touch either … of them …"

"What will you do boy?" Bane laughed before lifting him high in the air, and slamming him so hard in the ground that all the air was forced from Robin's lungs. "How will a corpse protect his women?"

"You have heart," Bane stated letting go of the badly injured boy. "You serve your teacher well. The Batman would be proud of his student. Given a few years you might have bested me. But … now I fear you must be broken." He said before lifting his leg and slamming his foot down with all his weight on Takato's chest, blood gushing from the boy's gaping mouth.

"It is sad," Bane said looking down at the now deathly still Robin. His costume was barely recognizable from the rips and shreds and also from the blood soaking it from his many lacerations. "You have my respect, warrior. Safe journey on your path to the afterlife."

Takato managed to open one eye to see Bane rearing back his fist, preparing a deathblow. "Mom … Dad … Bruce … Rika …" Takato breathed weakly, "I'm sorry …" He whispered before his consciousness left him.

To Be Continued …

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