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Chapter 1


He only had a moment to register the green flash of the floo before he was engulfed in a very familiar tight hug.

"Hi Hermione, hey Ron." Harry said, smiling at the latter while clasping hands with him. "C'mon, I have a booth in the back."

They made their way through the perpetually crowded pub known as The Three Broomsticks and the nostalgia that hit Harry was surprising in its intensity. It had been years since they had been to the pub with just the three of them. Between the smells from the kitchen wafting into the dining area, the crunch of wood shavings and peanut shells beneath his feet, and the view of his closest friends weaving through the crowd of Hogwarts students it felt as if a piece of himself had been returned.

It was the first Hogsmeade weekend of the year for the Hogwarts students ensuring that the famous pub was even more crowded than usual. Normally Harry would have avoided the crowd, but the stars had aligned in a way that they never did for Harry Potter and the company he could keep today would more than make up for the glances he was already getting.

"Oh, I almost feel like a third year again. I missed this!" Hermione said as they sat down at the table, three Butterbeers ready and waiting for them. They each took a long pull from their mugs, sighing in contentment in a way that only Rosmerta could provide.

"Forgive me if I prefer being able to walk around without hiding under the Cloak or fearing a detention." Harry retorted, the easy grin on his face taking any bite out of his words.

"Or a Dementor." Ron added dryly, "At least this time there's no escaped convicts after you, right?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny any such allegations."

"Already preparing for the press conferences Mr. Head Auror?" Hermione asked in what she probably thought was a sly manner, but really came off as ecstatic.

"You know that's not a forgone conclusion, Hermione. Besides, Tonks deserves it just as much as I do and has seniority."

"Well the rumors going around the Ministry have you as a sure thing." Why Hermione was pushing the subject was beyond Harry, but he wasn't about to let politics play into what should be a selection based on merit.

"Well you know better than to believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to me. But that's not why I asked you guys to meet me and I hope you haven't been lobbying for me."

"Why did you ask us to come?" Ron asked, taking the opportunity to change the subject that Harry had given him.

"Well I likely only have a few days off before my next assignment, and I'll be a bit further from home this time so I just wanted to catch up. I feel like we barely get to see each other anymore."

"Oh Harry, we miss you too and I know the kids are dying to see you." Hermione said in an earnest voice "But you're leaving again so soon? You only just got back from France."

In fact Harry had gotten home just the night before. He could tell Hermione, and even Ron when he glanced at the other man, were worried that he would be unable to see his niece and nephew as well as the rest of the Weasley clan. He wasn't technically their Uncle but if Harry wasn't Ron and Hermione's brother he didn't know what the word meant. Luckily he would be able to reassure them.

"I'll be home at least a week so don't worry too much guys. How are Rose and Hugo by the way? Where are they?"

"They're with Mum, she demanded that we take at least the morning for ourselves. You know how she can get with the grand kids." Ron replied with a happy grin on his face. Already Ron was looking more relaxed than he had when Harry first saw him step out of the fireplace.

"Yes, Molly really is a saint. I have no idea what we would do without her. My parents love them both as well but they're already doing accidental magic and I'm afraid my dad is going to have a nervous breakdown if he has to go through that again." Dan Granger was almost famous in his Muggleness. He supported Hermione no matter what but even mentioning a spell near him would cause the man's mind to need a reboot. "What about Teddy, will you be seeing him today?"

Harry flicked his finger, casting a silent Tempus, causing a fiery 11:07 to float briefly in the air. "Yea I am, but I'd be surprised if he's out of bed before noon so we have plenty of time." Harry said, ignoring Hermione's eye twitch at his casual wandless magic. In truth he could do very little "wanded" magic without a focus, but he knew plenty of types of magic that either didn't need it or were in fact harder with the use of one. Small things could be done though, and he liked trying to get a rise out of his friends. "Tonks has the day off too so I'll be meeting her at the front gates around one."

"So what's so important that you only have a week downtime? I swear mate, every time we talk I feel better and better about leaving the force after only two years."

Harry laughed, silently agreeing that Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was a much better fit for Ron. While he had been a reliable friend through their years at Hogwarts and throughout the war, second only to his wife, he just didn't have the temperament to make catching Dark Wizards a career. He much preferred his creature comforts and steady hours, something Harry had never really experienced growing up and thus was just fine with his lifestyle. It was one of the reasons he was quietly hoping that he didn't make Head Auror. Riding a desk just did not sound appealing.

"Obviously most of it's classified, but I can tell you I'll be heading to the States. Something about an increase in Dimensional Energies around New Mexico."

"I don't understand why they would call you, a British wizard, for something like that?" Hermione asked, confused.

"It's not exactly a secret that I studied at Kamar-Taj after the war, not to the Ministry anyway. MACUSA wants one of 'their own' to take a look because they don't trust Drumm. He's the protector of the New York Sanctum that I told you about. What is it about wands that makes us so paranoid? But anyway, you also know how the yanks are about the original twelve. They've been trying to send me assignments since before I even graduated the academy. They finally have not only a real reason to ask that I come, but also something that actually interests me."

"Original twelve?" Ron questioned, looking to his wife.

"The original twelve Aurors of MACUSA. Harry's ancestor, Abraham Potter, was one of them and even their descendants are basically royalty in the Americas because of the sacrifices they made."

"I don't know if I'd say royalty, but yea it's almost as bad as all the hyphenations-that-shall-not-be-named. Add in the fact that I'm the only descendant that's also an active Auror and MACUSA will do anything to get me to emigrate."

"But really Harry, it's not as if Kamar-Taj accepts just anybody and people naturally fear what they don't understand. I for one am glad at least one of our Aurors has access to their libraries, even if it means you get sent on every little thing that might involve them." Hermione said, not even trying to hide her jealousy that he would have access to information that she didn't.

Harry just laughed and changed the subject away from his job and toward the reason he did it at all, his family. Over the next hour and a half the three talked as if they still spent every day together, falling right back into their easy friendship.

A/N: So, a couple things. This is my first attempt at creative writing pretty much ever. Tell me what you think.

Obviously AU. Tonks is alive having survived the Battle of Hogwarts. Mostly because I just like her as a character but also because I wouldn't be able to justify Harry ditching his godson if he didn't have at least one of his parents. We'll see these two and how they are with Harry next chapter.

Why Harry trained at Kamar-Taj will be explored though his time there likely won't be. I'm going to try to avoid scenes that we all already know well except the really major things such as the Battle of New York and important character interactions. If you want a Kamar-Taj training montage might I direct you to the movie Dr. Strange? He won't be throwing "wanded" spells around wandlessly but like I said small things are possible. He'll also be more competent in general than the direction canon Harry was heading. If he was to make Head Auror he would have to do a serious 180 in regards to his studies.

What do you think of my reason for Harry heading off to the States? How about the trio's conversation? In my head as I read it they all have their own voice but how does it read to you? Do they sound like different people?

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