Not As I Appear
by Gingivere the Shadowreaver


Disclaimer: Bored...


So he was on his own now... and he welcomed it. Years he served the Shu and not once he was given the full respect he deserved. He was looked over and shunned, for many reasons. He was too rash, as many would say, and he was looked upon as an idiot for his terrible speech. Not to mention his appearance, as he crouched like a Neanderthal and wore a brightly colored mask. This was the last straw, as he doomed the man he hated so dearly to his fate. He shrugged as he wondered alone now. He never liked Zhuge Liang anyway.

Many times he was shamed by him, and enough was enough. He knew Zhuge Liang saw him to be nothing more than a mindless drone, always sending him to death and at the front of the lines during a battle. Yes, Wei Yan wanted Zhuge Liang to pay, and he made sure of it when he 'accidentally' knocked over that stupid lanturn during that foolish ceremony. What a coward, to run from death, when Wei Yan, dubbed the sixth of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu, had always ran to face it. Who was afraid of death?

Not Wei Yan!

Time and time again had Wei Yan proved this fact, rushing first into battle and bravely facing any man that dared face his double-sided voulge. It was where Zhuge Liang placed him, hoping to rid Shu of such an arrogant officer, even if it were to take away their advantages. Still, to Zhuge Liang, he was expendable, as other warriors such as Zhao Yun and Ma Chao, were not. It was a no win situations for Wei Yan; obey and bend to his will, or disobey and be sentenced to a death of shame.

But not anymore! No Zhuge Liang, no Shu, no worries! He was, once again, a free man!

As for now, the masked warrior wondered the countryside with nothing but a cloak (given to him by Zhao Yun) to keep him warm at night, an empty flask tied to his waist, a quiver with broken arrows and an equally broken bow strapped across his chest, and his deadly weapon in his hand, simply used now as a walking stick. Perhaps this was the life for him, to be unaligned and alone, not to be held down by an army and cowardly soldiers and generals.

Bad thing was that he was starving, but he kept on moving, to keep his dull mind off of the grumbling pit of his stomach. About this time, the second week after he had departed from the last Shu camp he ever rested, he wished he would have taken a horse. Not to ride upon, of course, but to feast upon.

"Dead... horse... food... damn..." He mumbled to himself, deciding now would be the best time to begin searching for food. That brought him back to remembering the broken arrows and bows. "Bows... go... broke..."

Sighing, he would have to make due with what he had, grasping his double voulge and giving it the job it originally had once more. Perhaps he could find a cow that foolishly wandered from its gated pasture...

"Should... take... Zhuge Liang... body... eat... it..."

Still, as much as he wanted to manipulate the body of the man he hated so dearly, he had a feeling that Zhuge Liang wouldn't taste half as good as he appeared to be. Instead, he would just have to deal with the fact that he held the reputation that it was he, the idiot and sixth of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu, had been the major factor of the death of one of the greatest minds of their time.