The pills took less than an hour to hit my system, numbing my body and mind.

A smile made it's way to my lips and I was able to fool myself into believing it was real.

Walking to my car, I kept my head down. I could feel my neighbors' stares, accusing, dirty. No one cares about the disgraced, divorced woman struggling to keep her job.

All they see is a woman who cheated on her husband.

Slipping into my car, I started it up and drove down the road.

Today was too good a day for it to be ruined by the judgmental residents of Forks, Washington.

After several months, I'd finally received a full time position as a personal assistant at Cullen Constructions. The founder, Carlisle Cullen, was a multi-millionaire and his work did not go for cheap.

I did not, under any circumstances, know anything about construction. But I'd gone to school for business administration and before everything had fallen apart, I'd had been working with the Mayor and my credentials and degree made me overqualified for regular desk jobs.

It had honestly surprised her that they had even given me the job after I'd flown to Seattle for the last interview with Jasper Whitlock. I was sure that my former employers would've wrung me through the dirt to make sure I didn't succeed.

The only thing I was really nervous about was that the open position had been for the PA of Edward Cullen, the current president of the company.

I was also hoping this job would be able to help me stop with the pills. Once I was out of this town and away from the looks and whispers, I wouldn't have to numb myself just to make it through the day.

When I reached the Newton's Hardware, I took in a deep breath and got out. After today, I'd quit, pack my bags, and leave. I'd just had to get through today.

Mike Newton was waiting for me behind the counter, a sleazy smile on his lips. We'd gone to school together and he'd aged decently but despite his many attempts, I was not going to go out or sleep with him. He was far too disgusting to do that.

"So, new job huh?"

I held in a sigh, repressing my glare. Of course that news would travel.

"Let's make today special," he winked, a dark look in his eyes.