It had been over half a decade, and still there seemed to be no sign of him. Though, she had honestly stopped looking. Her hope had dried up years ago. A sigh left the silver haired goddess as she sat in the club she owned. It was almost time to open up for the night. Would she just leave her manager in charge tonight? It was something she was doing more and more. Even her right hand had noticed her withdrawing.

Speaking of the devil, he was walking over to her right now. Vanitas was good and knowing when she was feeling skittish. He read her almost as well as Loki had. The silver still wondered why he had chosen to come to her. It had happened a few years after Loki had passed. Jade really didn't understand it as they had been at odds with each other before. Now they were rather close and he even bore her mark. There was no question as to why he had gotten her favor. She valued loyalty and Vanny had shown that a hundred times over.

" You know, I have noticed there is a young man that comes in here every night." Vanitas stated as he sat down on the couch next to her. He had noticed the male always looked for Jade. On the days she wasn't there he dipped out after a half hour. There was also the fact that he looked like Loki. The raven knew it would be the end of the benefits part of their friendship, but if he got to see her smile again it would be worth it. " He seems to come in to see you."

Green hues narrowed at the raven as she tilted her head. That was interesting to know. She hadn't noticed, but so many mortal men came into her. If he stayed back it was something that could slip past her notice. " Maybe I should give him a show." Jade stated smirking as a thought accrued to her. It had been sometime since she had laid with a true mortal. Most of the time she just slept with Vanitas.

Oh he knew what that smirk meant. It meant she wanted a new flavor for a night. Did it rub him the wrong way? Absolutely, but he had no room to talk. The raven knew that she would never care for him as he did for her. It was a fact of life and there was nothing that would change that. In the end he knew it was better this way. It meant he would never have to admit to his feelings for her. He wasn't sure he would ever be able to admit to it without thing s turning sour. In the end he still didn't know how to express such emotions.

" If that is what you wish, goddess." Vanitas stated as a sigh left him. Maybe this male would be Loki. Really he hoped it was. Then he wouldn't have to watch her lose more of herself. The raven was tired of watching her become more hallow with each passing years.

" Don't give me that goddess shit." Jade stated as she got up and headed for the back. If she was going to perform she needed to dress for it. Gods, she didn't even remember the last time she had sung. Most likely before he died, or shortly after. No, when she had first gotten the club she had sung often to try and keep her spirits up. Now….. well, this was the first time she had even felt an inkling of hope.

The raven followed a bit mad at himself for telling her about the male that looked like Loki. Maybe she wouldn't see him. Oh what was his name? Vanitas knew he had asked the male for his name. What was it? It was on the tip of his tongues Aleric, Alistair….no that's right, it was Alabaster.

Walking into her dressing room that she barely used anymore his eyes went wide. She had bought that dress and never worn it. Green velvet that hugged her body like a glove. It did all sorts of things to Vanitas, but he knew he was unlikely to get any tonight. But he saw that spark of hope in her eyes and could bare to take it from her. This guy had better be Loki, because if he wasn't Jade might not react well.

" You think this dress will be good enough?" The goddess asked as she looked at Vanny. There was a small spark in her green hues. It was a spark that hadn't been there in so very long. She felt like a bit of herself was being revived at the mere thought of him finally coming back.

" I think he is gonna have a field day." Vanny states a bit sour. He had always known she was never really his to have. These years had been borrowed, and it would be coming to an end soon. It made his heart ache not that he would ever admit to it. No, keeping his feelings to himself was the best thing for both of them. Her heart already belonged to someone and that person made her happy. In the end that was what he wanted to see her be happy again. The only way for that to happen was for them to find Loki. So that was what they would do.