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Stars POV-

I sigh as I headed back to Marco's house.

It's been about a week since my best friend, Marco Diaz was kidnapped by this guy named Toffee and I was forced to destroy the magic wand.

Thankfully, me and Marco were fine and the magic wand didn't seem damaged.

I later learn that Toffee was an old enemy of my mother when she was still a princess and that half of the star on the wand was missing.

So yeah, that was a heck of a day and a half.

Once inside, I head up to my room and go to my Inter-dimensional Mirror to contact my mom and ask her a few things.

"Call mom" I say into the mirror.

Once the call gets through I see my moms face in the mirror.

"Hello Star, is everything alright?"

"Yeah mom, everything is alright. It's just I've been wondering."

"Yes Star?"

I pause before asking what I wanted to ask.

"How exactly did you encounter Toffee for the first time?"

She pauses before answering.

"Well, it starts off like this."

Flashback Start-

"Back when I was still a princess, around the age of 17, the Septarian known as Toffee had tried to take over Mewni by overthrowing our family."

"If he had successfully taken over, Mewni would have fallen into chaos and the people would have lived in fear."

"He had challenged me to fight him in combat, it was a long battle and Toffee was certainly a skilled fighter."

"But in the end, I was victorious."

"Once he was defeated I severed his middle finger and he was exiled for attempting to conquer Mewni."

" Toffee, you shall now be exiled for attempting to conquer Mewni and bringing fear to the people!"

"Toffee had a look of pain and anger on his face when he made his statement."

" You may think this is over Princess Moon, but know this, I will return!"

Flashback End-

"After that, I was certain I was sure we'd never have to worry about him again. But now I'm not so sure."

I was surprised, Toffee had tried to over throw our family, not only that but mom had defeated him in combat, this didn't exactly surprise me as I have been told that she is a excellent fighter.

I thought this information over before asking her something else.


"Yes dear?"

"Do you think he'll cause anymore problems?"

She pauses again before answering.

"That I do not know. But be careful,okay Star?"

I nod

"Okay mom, I'll be careful!"

"Thank you dear. Now I've got to a meeting."

"Okay, bye mom."

Once she hangs up I sigh and head to my bed to lay down, knowing I'd have some trouble falling asleep.

There was a reason for this, recently I've been having weird dreams.

Most of the time they were about me being surrounded by flames, others there was a giant, were-wolflike silhouette with yellow eyes and a red glow surrounding it.

I quickly shake off these thoughts and head towards my beds.

Before I could reach it however, someone knocked on my door.

I sigh and head to the door to see who it is, once I open the door I smile as it's Marco.

He looks excited as he speaks.

"Star! Guess what? There's a convention that is being hosted for three different schools and our school is one of them! "

I was instantly excited

"Wow really!"


"Okay, good to know, when's the convention?"

"On Friday"

"Sweet! That's three days from now!"

"Anyways, what's on the agenda for today?"

"Nothing much, just finish out homework and maybe play some video games."

"Alright, I'm good with that"

Three days later, at the convention

Stars POV-

"Wow, look at this place!"

I was surprised, this place had as much space as the castle! Not to mention there at least 800 people here!"

I was very excited to say the least

"Alright so you remember the plan for today?"

I snapped out of my thoughts and answered

"Yup!, walk around and explorer try to meet new people and don't break any thing!"

"Right! See you in two hours Star!"

"See you laster Marco!" I shout as he heads off to the game area at the convention.

I sigh

As of recently I have been wondering, if Marco and I could be... something more, I knew it was silly and that it probably wouldn't work out, I was Princess from one dimension and he was an ordinary guy from another.

I mean, yeah he's my best friends, but how would my parents react? They probably wouldn't let me date him.

I didn't realize it but I had started to wander while in my thoughts.




While in lost in my thoughts I had ended up crashing into someone.

In front of me was a girl around my age. She's about 2 inches taller than me with long straight azure blue hair and eyes, wearing a uniform like outfit that seems to be in perfect condition, with a gold bangle on her right wrist that has blue tear drop symbol on it.

The most surprising thing about her though were blue tear drop symbols on her cheeks.

I had never seen cheek marks like hers before, was she from Mewni as well?

"I am so sorry about that! I was thinking to myself and I wasn't paying attention!"

She sighs before responding.

"It's alright I guess, please watch where you're going though, I don't want to get my uniform dirty."

After stating this she looks me over, like she's inspecting me.

"You're not from around here are you?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

We look at each other for a minute before speaking.

"My name's Star Butterfly, yours?"

My name is Aqua Moonfish, it is nice to meet you Star."

The next few things I noticed about her were the air of authority around her, her posture, and the way she spoke. She seemed to be a bit on the mature side and probably didn't have much fun.

"Excuse me, is there room in this conversation for one more person?"

We both turn around and face the person who spoke to us.

In front of us was another girl around our age. She was around an inch shorter than me, had short green hair being held up by a hair piece with matching green eyes with glasses. She's wearing a light pink under shirt with a green one over top of it, blue shorts, white socks, light gray shoes and a golden amulet with a green gem on the inside and matching wings on the sides of it.

The most surprising thing about her, were the green wing cheek marks on her face.

Okay, this was getting confusing. Why were there more people from Mewni on Earth?

"Hey, the name's Star Butterfly, what's yours?" I ask her.

She smiles before answering.

"My name is Sky Dove, it's nice to meet you Star."

Aqua then introduces herself

"My name is Aqua Moonfish, it is nice to meet you as well."

"Thank you Aqua."

"So uh, what's with your cheek marks? Are both of you from Mewni as well?"

However, before they could answer me the ground began to shake.

"What's going on?!" One person yells.

"An earthquake?!" Another yells.

Before anything else can happen a bright light appears and I black out.

That's a wrap for the 1st chapter of this story! So some of you might be confused as to why I am writing this. Well, I am writing this for the Super Robot War Union X-Over that EvaShinobiKaiserKnight is working on. Be warned this is the 1st time I'm writing a character like Star, so her personality might not be 100% correct. Anyways, this PK-GamingDrew:Omega signing out!