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Sky's POV-

It's been a day and a half since Star and Aqua defeated that monster in Granite Village. So far we're halfway to the Woods of Illusions, which according to Reginald, will test us with our worst fears.

Aqua thinks that the woods have some sort of magic surrounding them which cause anyone who enters to hallucinate. This leads to one problem however.

We have no way of preventing the Woods from making us hallucinating.

While I have my amulet, Aqua has her bangle and Star has her wand for one reason or another, they weren't working. Not to mention Star doesn't have her wand on her since it's at where she's staying.

Both Star and Aqua believe it's because we're in a dimension that has different magic from what we normally use.

On the thought of magic I can't help but frown. Star and Aqua have both unlocked their elemental magic, meanwhile I have barely done anything.

"Hey Sky, are you okay?"

I jump before realizing that it's just Star. I look and see she's looking at me with concern.

"sigh I'm fine, it's just... you and Aqua have both unlocked your elemental magic, meanwhile I've barely done anything to help you guys. I can't help but think that maybe I'm not suppose to be here."

Star looks at me with sadness before responding.

" Sky, don't say that. If you didn't belong here you wouldn't have been summoned. Stop doubting yourself, only by believing in yourself will you succeed."

I look at Star before smiling and answering.

"Thanks Star, I think that helped a little."

"No problem Sky. Now lets catch up to Aqua."

I smile, but I couldn't help but continue to feel slightly down still.

Meanwhile in the Dark Zone...

Raimon's POV-

I couldn't but feel slightly agitated. Those blasted girls had destroyed the strongest Level 1 Shadow Beast! The good news however was that I now had permission to send Level 2 Shadow Beasts after them.

I thankfully didn't have to report to Lord Phantom since he saw the defeat of Shadow Armordillo as well. The bad news on the other hand was that if this Shadow Beast failed, I'd be letting Raible handle the Magic Knights.

I had nothing against Raible, but I was the one put in charge of eliminating the Magic Knights and I did not want to fail.

As I made my way to the place where the Level 2 Shadow Beasts were kept I knew just the creature to send after them.

I then made my way to the Shadow Beast I wanted to send.

"Alright Shadow Knight, you're going to take down those 3 girls once and for all."

Despite it's appearance of knights armor, it was actually a creature made purely of magic on the inside.

It would also be the Magic Knights downfall.

Star's POV-

As we continued are way to the Woods of Illusions I couldn't help but worry about Sky.

Eventually, it began to get dark out, so we set up camp for the night. Sky would set up the tent, Aqua would collect fire wood, and I would get the food ready.

Once we were done doing that, I started the camp fire and we ate our food.

"So, how far until we reach the Woods of Illusions?" I asks Aqua

"Well, according to the map, we've got an hour and a half until we reach the woods when we wake up tomorrow. Assuming that we don't run into any problems." Says Aqua.

"Well that's good to know."

We then hear something coming from the West of us.

Sky looks at the both of us nervously.

"I'm not the only one who heard that, right?" She asks us nervously.

'No, you're not." I say as I grab my sword from my bag. "I'm going to check it out, Aqua, Sky, keep an eye on things here okay?"

Aqua and Sky both nod as I head to where the noise came from.

Aqua's POV-

I look to where Star had gone and couldn't help but wonder if her going alone was a good idea.

After all, splitting off was never a good idea in this kind of situation, especially since we had no idea what was up ahead.

I then look at Sky, who had grabbed her bow and was holding it, prepared to fire it at where Star has gone.

"Sky, whatever you do don't fire the bow until you're sure you won't hit Star, okay?" I say quietly.

She looks at me and nods.

With that we hear Star running this way with some sort of creature that looks to be a suite of armor running after her.

Star's POV-

I look around where the noise came from but don't see anything, I then wondered "What was that noise?"

That was when I heard the noise again.

It was coming from right behind me.

I slowly turn around and see it, a creature that looks to be a suite of armor with a red glow coming from where the eyes usually are and strange symbols on the shield, elbows, knees, and chest plate.

I knew that I probably wouldn't be able to take this thing down on my own, so I decided to try get some help from Sky and Aqua. After all, Aqua and I managed to defeat the last creature by using our magic to crack its armor. Why wouldn't that work again?

Sky's POV-

I aim my bow carefully and wait for Star to run pass so I could hit the creature. I knew that my kingdom was never much for war, but after what I'd seen I knew that there wasn't much of a choice.

The creatures that served Lord Phantom were dangerous and needed to be stopped!

I then see that I had a shot at the creature's chest and fire my first arrow. However, the creature uses its shield to block the arrow. But my arrow does hit the symbol on the shield, causing it to dissolve into purple mist.

I only had 14 arrows left, so I needed to make them count.

I fired another arrow, this one hitting the left elbow causing its left arm to dissolved, before I could fire another arrow, the creature grabbed Star!

I knew that I needed to hit the creature in the chest to finish this. So I took the risk and fired my third arrow at the creatures chest.

It hit and the creature dissolved into purple mist, but I ended up slicing Star's leg as well.

"Star! Are you okay?!" I yell in concern as I run over to her to see how bad the injury is.

That's when I feel it, the same as when Star and Aqua needed it most I felt my element magic and instantly knew how to use it.

With instinct I gently place my hand on where the arrow had sliced Stars leg and said the words as if I had said them many time before.

"Winds of Healing!" I shout as energy came from my hand and sealed the slice on Stars leg shut.

"Sky, you did it! You unlocked your magic!" Star says excitedly.

"I did, didn't I?" I say with a small smile.

"Yeah, you did pretty good Sky." Says Aqua smiling.

With that Aqua and I helped Star to her feet since her leg felt numb and we went to our camp site and headed to bed so we could go through the woods of Illusions tomorrow and get to Mana City.

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