Chapter one: Everyone is gone.

We open up to the loud house on a bright sunny day, and vanzilla just pulls up to the curb in front of the house. The side door of the van opens, and the baby of the family, Lily loud crawls down onto the sidewalk. The Rita poked her head out of the front window.

Rita: "Mommy has to go back to work Lily, you just head inside, and your big sister Lori will make you lunch."

Lily:(waves goodbye) "Poo-poo."

So Lily waved goodbye as vanzilla drove away from the curb and back through the neighborhood. Then she crawled up the sidewalk that led to the front door of the house.

Lily: "Wow, I actually had a great time at the daycare today. I wonder how my other siblings are doing."

Lily crawled through the doggie door built into the front door, then she noticed something….the house was very quiet. Lily looked in the living room, and nobody was there.

Lily: "Guys, I'm home!"

No one replied, so Lily just crawled upstairs to search for them in their rooms.

First she went into Lisa's room to see how her roommate was doing.

Lily: "Lisa, you in here?"

To make her more surprised, Lisa wasn't in there. Then she checked Lori and Leni's room.

Lily: "Lori! Leni! You gals here?"

But they weren't there either. Suddenly, Lily found a chunk of Lori's hair laying on the floor in front of her. After she picked it up and inspected it, she started to feel worried.

Then after she stuffed the hair chunk in her diaper, she quickly stuck her head into Luna and Luan's room, now panicking a tiny bit.

Lily: "Luna, luan, please respond!"

When she saw the also empty room, she saw that it looked like a major crime scene. But what really shocked her was when she saw Luna's guitar laying in the middle of the floor, and the top half of it's string stick had broken off. Now Lily really started panicking.

Then she checked Lynn and Lucy's room, nobody was there.

Finally, she checked Lola and Lana's room, nobody there either.

What Lily did next was when she moved to the middle of the hallway while heavily panting. Then after a few seconds of silence, she did the only thing that was in her head. She raised her tiny fists in the air, faced her head at the ceiling, and shouted…..


About 20 minutes later, Lily had gone up to the attic. She was having a meeting with Mr. coconuts and Colonel crackers at a purple plastic table, and she was telling them about her siblings going missing.

Mr. Coconuts: "Golly Lil-Lil, that's a total nutcracker there…..with a slight hint of horror."

Lily: "I know, and I gotta figure out what happened to them."

Colonel crackers: "Woah there youngster, you should give us more details on the disappearing situation first."

Lily just pinched the bridge of her nose, then she continued her explanation.

Lily: "After I screamed, I checked every other room in the house."

Mr. Coconuts: "Even the attic?"

Colonel crackers just slapped Mr. coconuts at the back of his head.

Colonel crackers: "We're in the attic you timber totter!...Lily, please continue."

Lily: "Well…..When I checked Lori and Leni's room, I found this lying on the floor."

Lily pulled out the chunk of Lori's hair out of her diaper, then she lightly slammed it in the center of the table. Mr. Coconuts and colonel crackers examined it very carefully.

Colonel crackers: "Hmm….interesting, some tuff of hair from that phone glamour."

Mr. Coconuts: "Yep, really thick stuff."

Lily then slammed her palms on the table, startling both of them.

Lily's: "Come on guys, focus!"

Mr. Coconuts: "Whoops, sorry. What else did you find?"

Lily: "I also found Luna's guitar on the floor, her string bar and snapped….I didn't bring it up with me because it was too big for me to carry."

Colonel crackers: "Is that it?"

Lily: "Yep, that's just about it."

Lily, Mr. coconuts, and colonel crackers all thought really hard on their little mystery, but they couldn't figure out how to solve it. Then as luck would have it, Colonel Crackers got an idea.

Colonel crackers: "Hey Lilian, I think I know how to find someone who will help you."

Lily: "Someone?"

Colonel crackers dug into one of the pockets of his vest, then he handed Lily an address slip with some information that was pretty interesting to her liking.

Colonel crackers: "I've heard about some guy that knows a lot about what happens to disappearing people, and this is all I snatched from his My-face page."

Lily looked at the slip for a few seconds, then she grew a determined look on her face.

Lily: "Alright crackers, I'll do it."

Mr. Coconuts: "Woo-wee, that's my girl!"

To be continued.