Title: A Little Chaos

Part 1

Author: Gumnut

May 2019

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: A little conversation in less than optimal conditions.

Word count: 1976

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo, Scott/Em.

Timeline: Sometime after 'Gentle Rain'

Author's note: Yeah, I should be writing 'The Bellini Incident', but this was supposed to be a quick fic, but then so was Bellini. This one will not be anywhere near as long and I will be back to Bellini asap.

The prompt: From a series of OC prompts. Kylorr asked for 5. Have they ever cheated on anyone before? And 7. How many partners have they had? I don't know if I'm going to answer either of them, but this is the fic that happened. I hope you enjoy it :D

Disclaimer: Mine? You've got to be kidding. Money? Don't have any, don't bother.


"So how long have you known Virgil?"

Kayo blinked and a frown wandered across her face. Em didn't react in any way, focussed on maintaining the pressure on the other woman's arm.

"Wh-why do you want to know?" Another blink.

Em shrugged. "Friendly curiosity? I'm interested? You are my friends and there is a lot I don't know about you, I guess."

"Not in the habit of sharing."

"I noticed."

She fell silent and Em went back to automatically scanning the room for anything that could help them and yet again came up with nothing. Em was faced with the possibility that she had never been so angry in her life.

She had finally managed to drag Kayo out for a girl's day out. It wasn't just for Kayo, it was for Em as well. It had taken all the persuasion in the world to entice her friend to come with her, and she had her suspicions that it was a word from Virgil that had tipped the scales, rather than anything Em had begged. But finally the both of them had made it a date and hit Wellington for a day at the shops.

Em knew that Kayo, despite her bravado and tough exterior, did have a liking for simple summer dresses, so they had started in a department store.


What were the chances? Really? They hadn't even looked at a single dress when gun shots started firing over their heads. A woman not three metres to their left had gone down without a sound.

Em reacted immediately, gunning her hoverjets in her direction. She only had a moment to catch her lifeless gaze before Kayo threw her sideways, tipping her off her 'jets and to the ground.

"Stay down!" Her whisper was harsh.

There was yelling. Male voices. More gunshots.

And then they were crawling. Or more Kayo was dragging Em, as her hoverscoot was useless at that angle. They found cover in the form of a storage closet.

Em discovered Kayo had a bullet in her left arm. Part of Em's dress took the role of a pressure bandage and they found themselves stuck. Every now and again there would be another gunshot fired or a scream. Voices. Yelling. They had no idea and no real way of finding out what the hell was going on.

Didn't stop either of them from contacting John.

"You're what?!"

Some firm whispers and they were transferred to Tracy Island.

"You're what?!"

"I'm sorry, Scott." It was all she got out before Kayo threw a report at the man.

"We're on our way. John is speaking with the GDF and local police. We will get you out of there." His voice was fierce.

Em's breath hitched. "You stay safe, Scott. You hear me?"

A pause. "You do the same."

"I plan to. We both do." She bit her lip. "Don't do anything stupid, flyboy."

"No promises." And he was gone.

Em swore.

Kayo stared at her.


"He's not stupid."

Em bit her tongue and held back answering what Virgil might be capable of doing with Kayo in danger. "I know. He just occasionally does stupid things."

Her friend thought about it a moment. "Yes, yes he does."

So here they were stuck.

"Eight. I was eight."

Em blinked and it took her a moment to register that Kayo was answering her question. Her friend wasn't looking at her. Apparently her own hands were more interesting.

"My...uncle was causing...difficulties for my father. There was an incident and it was thought best that I stay with the Tracys for a while. That while lasted a long time."

"So you grew up with them?"

"For the most part. They're my brothers."

"But not Virgil."

To Em's surprise, a small smile curved her friend's lips. "No, not Virgil."

"When did you realise?"

A pair of green eyes stared at her for a moment as if assessing her. They blinked as if coming to a decision and Kayo grinned. "Would you believe while he was working out on the pool deck?"

It was Em's turn to blink. "Really?"

Kayo looked away, but the smile stayed on her face. "He was injured falling from a train and was stuck home recovering. He hates rehab." She sighed. "Always overdoes it. He had grazed his back so couldn't wear his shirt. I guess I found myself enjoying the view more than I should have."

Em couldn't help it, she strangled a laugh.

"You can laugh, but trust me finding your brother attractive is a confronting proposition."

"So what happened?"

Kayo didn't answer immediately and for a moment Em thought she had stretched the confidence too far.

"He kissed me. I went on a mission, was captured, Scott, Virgil and Gordon instigated an international incident to rescue me, Virgil was shot, nearly died, and I guess I realised that...it was mutual."

Em stared at her. "The two bullet wounds in his back."

"Yes, those would be the ones."

"Bloody hell."


They fell silent again, Em rolling those thoughts around in her head.

"What about you?"


"When did you realise it was mutual?"

"Oh, uh, Scott just..." A self conscious grin. "There was something about him from day one. He is the great commander of the legendary International Rescue." She let out a half a laugh. "But he isn't that. Just a man like any other. I think it was that fact that attracted me the most. He, uh, cares, you know? Cares so much about his family, the world..." She looked down at her hands holding her friend's arm. "Do you have any idea how rare that is?" Kayo blinked at her. "So few people nowadays care beyond themselves, beyond their core family, beyond what they can get out of the world. Scott just cares so much, it hurts." She looked away. "All the Tracy brothers do. And I...couldn't help myself. Heh, never expected him to return it. I wouldn't call myself the greatest catch."

"Hey, that's crap and you know it."

Em blinked. "Okay, let's just say I'm not the obvious choice for a strong, active and healthy man such as Scott Tracy. Look at me, I'm half a woman, Kayo. I slow him down."

Kayo grabbed her with her good hand. "No, that is bullshit, Em. So, you have a hoverscoot instead of legs? Big deal. The man would have to be blind not to be attracted to you. Scott Tracy, believe it or not, is a brain man. He needs a mind that can meet his head on, and you've got it."

Em could help but smirk. "So I take it, you approve?"

"Hell, yes. That man has needed taming for years."

"And Virgil? Does he need taming?"

Kayo's lips curled up at the corners, but she didn't answer.

They fell silent for a moment, listening beyond the door for any sounds that could identify what the gunmen were doing. It was silent.

"Is Virgil your first...boyfriend?"

Kayo eyed her. "Is this Distraction 101 or Get to know your Friend: The Interrogative Edition?"

"A bit of both. You don't have to answer. I'm just curious. I have no doubt you know everything about my relationship history as well as everything else. It can't hurt to level the playing field a little, can it?"

"Are we playing?"

"We're friends aren't we? Just a little bit of casual convo."

Kayo eyed her. "Casual 'convo', huh?"

"Yes, between friends. Emphasis on the word 'friends'."

Kayo stared at the wall a moment, her face blank, before turning back to Em. "First serious relationship. Not my first sexual encounter."


"Anything else you would like to know?" It sounded cold, but Em had the feeling it wasn't really. Kayo wouldn't share if she didn't want to, Em had no doubts about that.

"Why Virgil?"

Kayo blinked at her.

"Out of all five brothers and every other person on this planet, why Virgil?"

Kayo continued to stare at her.

"You don't have to answer..."

"No. I just thought the answer was obvious. He's Virgil."

"Really? Nothing in particular? You two are very different people."

The other woman pinned her with her eyes. "As are you and Scott. Do you have a favourite aspect of your 'flyboy'?"

It was a challenging statement, but Em let it wash over her and smiled. "I like his arms, his hands and those eyes of his are stunning, but I have to say his passionate care attracted me the most. He will do anything for you, for Virgil, for his family. But even more, he will spread his wings to protect strangers. He's smart, clever, commanding, a damn hero, and I admire him, but he also makes me laugh, and sometimes I need that more than anything else."

Okay, so perhaps that was more information than had been required. She looked away a tad embarrassed. She could feel Kayo's eyes on her.

Quiet. Ever so quiet. "Virgil looks after me."

It was Em's turn to blink as she looked back at her friend.

"He's an idiot. A self sacrificing heroic idiot." Kayo looked down at her bleeding arm again. "An adorable idiot who hates having his hair mussed, who is so dopey before his morning coffee, he has been known to put his shirt on backwards and then wonder why it is hard to button up. He's ambidextrous at EVERYTHING. He's a soppy, sentimental, artistic softie who can bench press half the family. And for some reason all of his own, he decided he loved me." A pause and a half hearted shrug. "He's Virgil."

Em let a smile form on her lips. "Yes, he is."

The quiet fell again and it was uncomfortable as their predicament reared its head again.

"What about you? Is Scott your first?" Kayo was eyeing her with challenge.

"What? I thought you knew everything about me."

"I know a lot. But fair's fair. Level playing field."

Em had the urge to stick her tongue out at her friend. A second thought and she did.

The smirk that resulted was worth it.

"No, Scott is not my first relationship and you damn well know it."

A shrug. "'Convo' to pass the time."

Em rolled her eyes. "What specifics did you want to know?"

Her friend hesitated a moment and suddenly Em knew exactly what she was going to say before she said it. Her throat tightened. "No. I don't want to talk about it."

"You don't know what I'm going to ask."

"You're going to ask about Jim."

Kayo didn't confirm her suspicions, but that was confirmation in itself.

"Jim is out of the picture. You know that."

"You were engaged, Em."

"Yeah, well some things just aren't meant to be forever." She looked away, suddenly terrified the tightness in her throat would become something far more embarrassing. "Now who's doing the interrogating?"


"Just...just leave it, please, Kayo. He broke it off and I don't blame him. I was no longer the woman he loved and he had every right to call it quits. It's all in the past and it can bloody well stay there." A pause and a glance in the other woman's direction. "Sorry."

A hand squeezed her arm. "No. I'm the one who should be sorry. I should never have asked."

Em swallowed and sucked in a breath. "No. No, you can ask. You have the right and I want you to ask. Is part of being friends. Just...not that."

"Okay." She could feel those green eyes on her. "But if you ever do want to talk about it, I'm willing to listen."

Em looked at her sideways. "Okay. Thank-"

The door to their closet was suddenly thrust open. A large, hairy man reeking of half digested garlic blocked the view to the rest of the store.

"Found ya."