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- Matters of the Heart -

Chapter 1

Harry appears in a clearing in the forbidden forest. He grips his backpack tightly and surveys his surroundings. It's quiet, too quiet, and he smirks inwardly. The musky earthy scent invades his nostrils bringing a sense of comfort to his bones. He notices all the animals are giving him a wide berth, but he doesn't care, he's not here to feed. Walking slowly towards the castle, Harry remembers why he left all those years ago and not for the first time wonders if this is such a good idea coming back.

The final battle was fought on these grounds five years ago. It was a success for the light. Although they'd lost quite a few people, Voldemort was defeated. The Death Eaters that were intent on following him perished too; the Dark Mark taking their lives when the caster died. He will never forget the sounds of screaming men and women and the gruesome sight of all the dead laying about.

The night following the battle, he received his inheritance. It was definitely unexpected because usually you receive your inheritance at seventeen not at almost eighteen. He learned later that it was delayed because of the piece of soul from Voldemort stuck in his scar. Once the soul piece died, at the hands of the original owner, the now awaken creature gene asserted itself in more ways than one.

That is another experience he will never forget. He was alone at Grimmauld place when it happened. The process was unexpected and painful, taking him by surprise when he was reading in the library. The unimaginable pain seared through his body for hours it felt like, contorting him this way and that. His screams echoing throughout the house keeping Kreacher hidden in the kitchen until it stopped. At first, he didn't understand what happened but when it was over, he knew he was different. He felt good, he felt strong, he felt more confident and sure about himself and he felt hungry.

He stumbled to the bathroom to have a look at himself and what he saw looking back at him made him gasp. He was beautiful. Gone was the sunken eyes and pale white skin. In its place was a healthy complexion of a man. Sharp features, his own features only more mature and pronounced. His hair longer and straight cascading down his back to his bum. It shined like silk and Harry couldn't help but run his fingers through it. His eyes sparkled a fluorescent green, still his mother's eyes but more vivid in color and they radiated power.

Harry smiled at himself in the mirror and that's when he saw his teeth. They were impeccably straight and pearly white and when he smiled wide, he noticed his incisors. They were pointy. Like a vampire.

A vampire!

What the hell?

Touching the tip of the tooth, he marveled at how sharp it was. This made no sense. Did vampires even run in the Potter line? No one has ever mentioned it before so obviously it must be some family secret or maybe a creature buried deep in a past long forgotten.

Bringing himself back to the present, Harry walks on toward the gates of the school, still wondering why he left the comfort of the San Homestead, the place he called home for the past five years. Although he used to consider Hogwarts his home before his inheritance, it might prove to be something that should just remain in the past. Only time will tell. Once he passes the main gate, he stands and surveys the grounds. Nothing's really changed in the last five years, making him wonder if the school looked like this during the Founders time.

Smiling fondly at the remembered memories, he starts up the stone walk to the main doors. Running his tongue over his teeth and feeling the smooth surface where there's normally sharp teeth and hoping he can keep the secret long enough to snare his Other and leave.

You'd think he would be excited about coming back and seeing his old friends but the truth is...he's not. He didn't even want to come, but the Elders told him he needed to come back and find his Other, his Mate.

Vampires are not what he expected them to be. For one, there are different species of Vampires and each species has unique qualities all their own. The most powerful of the Vampires are the Living Vampires. Living Vampires are created when the vampire gene is the more dominant gene and the heart still beats like a human. This usually happens during an inheritance. They are the only species of Vampires that can live on blood and food. Their existence doesn't revolve solely around blood, although blood does make them stronger, heal faster, and boosts their magical cores. All Vampires are immortal, however only a Living Vampire's mate will become immortal when mated. The other species require an actual 'turning' of their human mate if they want to be together forever.

In the hierarchy of the undead, the Living Vampires are at the top. They govern the lower species, keep peace between the different tribes, deal out punishment to those who endanger their kind or expose them too much. They're the strongest of the vampires, obviously; strong in strength and agility and strong in magic. They wield the most powerful magic on the planet. As easy as most people breathe, they can perform magic wordless and wandless. Besides wielding magic, Living Vampires are capable of beguiling their foe. Although they called it their allure, or charm. This allows them to influence their foe, or friend, to see things how they wish. This particular skill is solely unique to the Living Vampires.

Another thing he learned about Vampires is that each one has an Other. A mate. A person or creature that completes their soul, that feeds their existence. Unlike what people think about mates, a Living Vampire requires their Other to survive. Not widely known to the world, Living Vampires require 'love' to live an immortal life. Living Vampires love completely, soulfully, passionately, and selflessly. Besides blood, the Vampire thrives off the essence from their Other. It feeds their life force and allows them to continue living. Sure, there are those Living Vampires that never find their Other, however inconceivable that is. Most perish quietly, losing strength and magic before falling into a magical coma and just fading away. However there are a tiny few that have managed to survive, but only because the Elders have not foreseen a mate for them yet therefore their purpose in the Vampire family is different, unique. Most unmated Vampires are the future Seers or what they call Elders.

The Elders have 'seen' his Other and have sent him here in hopes that he will connect with his Other. Harry's not so sure he can do this. His Other is another man but that's not the problem. The problem for Harry is who his Other is. Maybe the Elders are mistaken. Maybe they're pranking him, but he knows they're not. The Elders seldom joke about matters of the heart. All he knows is that he must connect with his Mate to sustain his life force and hopefully build a family. He's not overly confident that all will work out but the Elders have assured him not to fret. How ever this journey plays out, he cannot go home without his Other. Without Severus Snape.

Finally standing in front of the main doors, Harry hikes up his backpack higher onto his shoulder. This is it. He's about to enter his old life. A life he's almost forgotten about. A life that was filled with pain and sorrow. He will definitely miss the Homestead and the only thing, at this point, that's driving him forward is the thought of going back.

"Harry! You're early!" The Headmistress says in surprise when she opens the doors. She is dressed in black and magenta colored robes. Very fine lines that flow to just above the ground. Her hair, as usual, is up in a tight bun.

She tried to meet him at the main gates and welcome him home personally. She never told anyone, but she always had a soft spot for this particular man. She took his leaving very hard and missed him just as much. She wanted to greet him alone with no peering eyes to give him a personal welcome home.

"Yeah, I decided to get here early so I could unpack and still have some time to visit and wander around. I hope this is okay?" He tilts his head slightly to the right and shines his brightest smile at his old Head of House.

"Mister Potter, as if you would ever need my permission to be here and 'wander around' as you say. You're practically a honorary resident of Hogwarts. This old school has missed you dearly and she welcomes you home just as I do. Come. Let's go up to my office and have some tea, go over your contract and get your rooms." She places her hand on his shoulder wanting to bring him in for a hug but stops herself. She smiles at him and turns back into the school. Harry follows her, smiling at the Headmistress' antics. He knew what she wanted and he'll gift her with a bone crushing hug once ensconced in her office.

The school looks good. You can hardly tell there was a war here five years ago. There's a few walls that look new and some of the armour is a bit dented still, but overall she looks good. Oh how he doesn't miss this place.

Taking a deep breath, he savores the smell of old books, ystone, and old antique school walls. Underlying those scents he can smell blood, sweat, the Black Lake and lots of potion ingredients. Taking another sniff, he can just make out that Severus is in the castle. At the sweet scent of his Other, no matter how faint, the hairs on his body began to tingle. Okay, maybe the Elders knew what they were talking about.

Thanks to finding and keeping his potions book from the Half Blood Prince, he knew Severus' scent well. When he was packing his bag to leave for the Homestead, he made sure to bring it along knowing it would help him better himself in the art of potions.

Riding the stairs to the Headmistress' office, he realizes something.

This year is going to be interesting.


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