Hey guys, Tymaxion here. For those of you whom were hoping that this update to my account was for Our Will of Fire, i am sorry to disappoint but also happy to announce two things. First off is that this is announcing a new fic that i have gotten motivation to write for a crossover of Negima and Harry Potter! Now, i am also going to announce that i am not nor will i ever abandon a fic, Our Will of Fire's next chapter is still in development but it's been fighting me every step of the way with how i want it to go hence the EXTREMELY long delay. As long as the fic is up, my channel active, and my desire to put out content you all enjoy despite my inadequate writing experience i will endeavor to finish all stories i start unless all possible motivation kills it for me. Now, onto the basic description for the story.

Summary: Negi and his family, years after bringing peace to Earth and Mundus Magicus are satisfied with their lives, living out their dreams until a simple plea for help from across the aether arrives. The cry being so pure and sad, they decide to use a magical ritual to traverse time and space to assist this wounded soul. (Hopefully this was ok) Eventual Harry/Harem, Negi/Harem. This story begins pre-hogwarts with a child Harry being rescued from the Dursley's early in his life and being raised as Harry James Potter-Springfield. (This does take place 5 years after the epilogue, meaning Negi is 22 in this story and most of the girls are 25+)

WARNINGS: Dumbledore Bashing, Ronald Weasley Bashing, Snape Bashing, Draco Bashing, Undecided on Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley Bashing, Semi-OP Harry and eventually others, Most Ancient and Most Noble houses, and Multi Heir Harry. (This is going to be a much more laid back story than Our Will of Fire and thus a lot of situations will have humor to them to the best of my ability)


Negima: Negi Entheofushia Springfield, Setsuna Sakurazaki Springfield, Konoka Konoe Springfield, Evangeline A.K. Springfield (Dropping McDowell except for a few parts), Chisame Hasegawa Springfield. Asuna Vesperina Theotanashia Entheofushia Kagurazaka (And yes, that is her full name including her post memory wipe last name which to my eternal shame as a nerd have committed to memory), and more characters to come later, but these are the main ones! Others like Nodoka, Yue, and Chachamaru will be making their appearances later and i'll probably throw in a few flashback chapters to describe why they didnt initially come with Negi and the others.

Potterverse: Harry Potter (Obviously), Hermione Granger (FUCK ROWLING'S INITIAL PAIRING FOR HER! NEVILLE IS SUCH A BETTER CHOICE THAN RON BUT HARMONY FOREVER!), Luna Lovegood, Daphnee Greengrass, Susan Bones, Tracy Davis, Nymphadora (She-who-must-not-be-named) Tonks, and maybe others. Neville Longbottom, Sirius Black, Amelia Bones, and more!

There's a lot to do story wise between these two universes and will 99% be in the Potterverse. I hope you all enjoy after i post the first chapter, which i am starting to write immediately after this is posted.