SWAT Kats: Slaughterhouse

Chapter 1: Seasoning

MegaKat City is the place to make it or break it in the world of business. None more so than in the culinary arts. My sister's done well with her pizza place, but I think it's my turn to find my place in the world as a restauranteur. My sister Sam has her talents with a pizza oven. My talents are with cuts of meat and a smoker. I am Josephina Santoro.

Good All-American style Barbecue in the heart of MegaKat. Those fancy restaurants may turn their noses up at me, but I don't care. Those hardworking blue-collar Kats need something to eat that is high quality and affordable for them. I would know. I'm a canine, and you don't see any canines in the upper crust of Kat society. Well, screw that stuff.

My sister Sam and I are twins. We are black and tan Dobermans. We're both 6'10 and 1/4 of a ton. We describe ourselves as follows: big, buxom, bulky, and curvy smooth. I'm not trying to be like my sister. I'm trying to make my way in the world doing what I love. My passion is in the pit, the frying pan and the fryer. The waitresses here are also curvy

I have five waitresses that work with me. They all range at around 6ft tall and 200lbs of lady. There is Whitney the Brown and White Tabby Cymric, Maya the Blue Grey 'Rumpy' Manx, Clara the Armadillo, Kona the Grey Wolf, and Delilah the Blue Swedish Duck. Birds are very rare. Kind of cool how their wings evolved into hands over the course of time.

"Well, good to see you ladies," I said seeing them waiting,

"Another day, another shift," said Kona with a happy sigh,

"C'mon, there's no better place in the city," said Whitney,

"It's the only BBQ joint in the city, sad really," said Maya,

"A good point," said Delilah, "still, better one than none,"

The day starts at 9am for breakfast, and getting the pit ready for the day. Meats like ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausages are put on racks, marinated overnight, and made ready at the beginning of the shift so they will ready in time for the dinner shift. The hours are from 9am to 3pm and from 5pm to 9pm. It makes it workable for the girls.

For breakfast, you get down home favorites such as chicken and waffles, steak and eggs, and various scrambles and omelettes. I use garlic butter for an 18oz. ribeye to make a flavorful cut of meat. Couple that with sunny side up or scrambled eggs with buttered toast, you might not need any condiments with your meal, maybe Tabasco. All for $15.00.

When it comes to working the pit, well I love me some ribs. I always look for those ribs that piled high with marbled fat and meat on the bones. Couple that with a secret dry rub marinate, you don't get just a standard rack of ribs. You get ribs that require two hands to eat one to sink your teeth into the marbled, fatty meat, and pull the meat off the bone

This is the place to let your inner carnivore run wild. I use the same marinate on the brisket and pulled pork too. Sweet, savory, and with a little spicy kick. The girls all helped decorate the place too with Americana signs and advertisements from the past, old license plates, and a few bumper stickers that you would probably not want on your bumper.

I heard the bell ring, "Oh? A customer," I said happily,

"I got it," said Delilah, a buxom duck in tight blue jeans.

It was Felina Feral of all She-kats, "Uh...you're a duck,"

"Yes I am, is something wrong?" Delilah asked curiously,

"Oh no! It's not that, it's a first time for me," said Felina,

"Well, first time for everything, eh? Have a seat," said Delilah with a smile on her cute, dark blue duck bill and escorted the Lieutenant to her seat. Della went to the counter, and grabbed her notepad for orders while I was wiping down the bar counter, and going to check on the meat. Right on time. The ribs are just right, and the brisket tender and juicy.

Felina's meal started with a Diet Pepsi as she looked over the extensive menu. When it comes to sauces you get 'Regular', 'Clara's Secret Texas Sweet-Heat', Horseradish Sauce, a few kinds of Tabasco, pickled peppers, and Garlic Aioli. Delilah got back giving Felina time to order with a notepad, "So...are we ready to order?" Della asked with a ready pen.

"Hmm...let's do the three meat combo with ribs, pulled pork and brisket," said Felina, I overheard Delilah mention that this meal gets two sides and a piece of cornbread, "let's go with the cajun corn and mac n' cheese," Delilah smiled with a nod and went to put the order in. This special meal is a 1/4 rack of ribs, brisket, and pulled and two side dishes.

The ribs come in 1/4 rack, 1/2 rack, and full rack. The sides includes creamed spinach, cajun corn, potato salad, coleslaw, brown sugar baked beans, collard greens with bacon, stewed green beans with bacon, garlic fries, garlic butter toast, and cottage cheese. Felina seemed to approve, "Wow...this is amazing, you girls got yourself a regular," she said,

"That's how it's done," I said hi-fiving Delilah for a good job,

"I don't think I'll ever look back on my old job," said Delilah,

"There's only looking forward," I said ruffling her top feathers,

Kona heard the bell ring, "Hey looks like we got another one,"

Now we gotta question for you, what can we get for you today?