SWAT Kats: Slaughterhouse

Chapter 3: 'Rebel' (As Told By: Kona)

Take a good look at me. What do you see? Hey, eyes up here buddy. Yeah, don't beat yourself up over it. That's for me to do if you get on my bad side. My name is Kona, Kona Moonhowler, and yes I am a wolf. Like all the girls at the Slaughterhouse, I am big, I am curvy, and buxom. Yet when you come here, we girls are both waitresses and bouncers.

If you're that one moron that thinks you can get yourself a piece of tush when we walk by, then I hope you like forcefully being turned into a Persian Kat. Then again, I'm not all bad. I do have a good side which is much easier to stay on. My soft fur is as white as snow, and my eyes are golden brown. I do have a tail a bit shorter than some might expect

I was born in the Northwest quite a way's away from all the bustle of MegaKat City. I was told as a cub that MegaKat City is the place where dreams come true. There's only one problem. They only come true if you're a Kat. When I first arrived here, I got used to the sting of a simple yet powerful word: no. I wasn't gonna take it, and I will never give up.

Such a simple word. Yet it hurts more than any word in the dictionary. No matter where I went, it was the only I would get back. I couldn't even get hired as a garbage-kat. So many times I wanted to give up, and go back home to move in with my parents. I couldn't do that to myself. They have other things to worry about. I shouldn't be one of them.

So do I hate Kats? No. It took two Kats to show that there are good ones outside of those that say: 'MegaKat City is for Kats Only'. Then there are those Kats that fight for the rights and acceptance of 'Minority Species'. Ones that fall into the second category became two of my best friends: They're Whitney the Tabby Cymric and Maya, a 'Rumpy' Manx

How I got to the 'Slaughterhouse' started at a bar. I got rejected by the Enforcers, and I looked to drink my troubles away with a bottle of 'Old St. Pete' and a shot glass. I was wearing a pair of skintight black leather pants with a slight flare, 3 inch block heel boots, and a grey fitted t-shirt. You know how I mentioned those morons? Well one showed up

"Wow, can I get some biscuits with those thighs?"

"How long did it take you to come up with that?"

I took a shot to clear the bad taste, "Oh sassy,"

"Trust me, Buddy, I'm not your type, never will be,"

This guy is not giving up, "Oh c'mon, I ain't bad"

"You're just drunk" I sneered, can't he get a clue?

"C'mon Wolfie, all the ladies come running to this,"

"I'm not going to say this again...NO," I snarled,

I can smell vodka on his breath, "Please?"

"Are your ears just for decoration, I said-NO,"

"I'm not going to repeat myself," I warned,

"Oh, me likey," purred the tom that clearly has had more to drink than me. He started rubbing my butt, and stroking my tail. That did it. I was quick to turn, and sock him in the cheek and broke the bottle upside his head. The bouncer caught me, and I just put my hands up and left without fighting him. I had no beef with this big bouncer, and I just left.

I leaned on the wall outside my car, and lit myself a smoke. That was when I met Whitney and Maya. Those two looked to be going to get a drink, and maybe flirt with some of the toms in there. Maya had eyes like sapphires, and Whitney's were brown as ambers. They happened to catch me getting thrown out of the joint, "Rough night?" asked Maya,

"Nah, I'm just doing my part in taking out the trash," I replied, puffing smoke from my cigarette into the night sky. I noticed that Maya doesn't have a tail. I didn't know the kats come like that? These two Kats were as big and buxom as me, "I wouldn't go in there if you're looking to flirt, slim pickings in there," I advised, they seemed to think otherwise.

"Oh? And who's fault is that?" asked Whitney, I lightly snarled with no regrets on putting that tom's lights out, "hey, I know it's tough for non-felines to find any room in the city, but...if you're looking for work, there's a place you can go, and no it ain't the YMCA," Whitney handed me a little white business card before heading into the bar with her friend.

"I'd take it if I were you," added Maya, as I left that night and headed home which was a boarding house. I looked at the card, and saw the opportunity. From the kindness those two showed, maybe I could go along with it. Heck, it could save me from doing something stupider. I went to the address in my Black Pearl Edition Datsun 280Z. My car is family

At the bar cleaning the counters was the biggest canine I had ever seen. But with those curves, muscle and that smile of hers, she was also beautiful in her own special way, "So you're the 'Big Bad Wolf' Whitney and Maya mentioned? I must say you are big but you're not bad," she looked over my resume, and looked at me with a grin, "you're in, Kona,"