Hiro and Baymax looked at a huge portal that was created with the help of many other SFIT students. Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred came into the room

"Hiro?" Honey Lemon asks. He and Baymax looked at the group

"Oh thanks for coming. I want to test out the student-wide project everyone has contributed to" Hiro says

"Are you sure it's not dangerous?" Wasabi asks

"It shouldn't be. Now to test it out" Hiro says. He pushes the button to the machine but things don't go as expected. A earthquake starts to erupt from the ground. The portal opened successfully.

"What is going on?" Hiro asks

"This isn't supposed to happen. I would know because I triple-checked because I knew someone would test it" Gogo says as she tries to keep her balance

"There is a rift in the space-time continuum" Baymax says as he looks at the portal. A figure flew out of the portal right before it closes. The earthquake stopped. The group looked at him

"Who is that?" Hiro asks. The figure had blonde hair, a huge red sword behind his back, and abnormal clothing.

A Bridge of Two Worlds

The figure got up and looked at the group

"What in the name of Bionis?" The figure says as he looks at the group

"What's your name?" Honey Lemon asks

"It's Shulk" Shulk says

"Shulk. Are you from another world?" Fred asks

"I guess so since I was sucked into a portal and ended up here" Shulk says

"Well, welcome to San Fransokyo" Hiro says

"It appears Shulk's DNA is similar but not the same of a human" Baymax says

"Human?" Shulk asks

"He's an alien" Wasabi says

"N-no, I'm a Hom" Shulk says

"What is a Hom?" Gogo asks

"Well...I'm not too sure what is the difference from humans and homs" Shulk says

"Interesting" Hiro says

"I best be going now" Shulk says. He tries to go but Hiro stopped him

"We cannot cause another earthquake" Hiro says

"Earthquake...that's where Reyn, and the others ended up" Shulk says

"There are others?" Fred asks

"Of course. There were a lot of others that were sucked into the portal. I just ended up here" Shulk explains

"Wait a minute...does this mean…" Hiro says. There was a explosion outside

"Mechon" Shulk says. The seven run outside and see a bunch of mechon running the streets

"Are these the mechon?" Hiro asks

"No doubt about it. Luckily...I have the Monado" Shulk says. He takes out his sword

"Alright. We need to put on our suits. Cover for us" Hiro says. The six members of Big Hero 6 run away

"Wait what?" Shulk asks not knowing what he means by that. He starts to destroy all the mechon in his path.

Obake's Lair

Obake watched as the Mechon came through the streets

"That Earthquake sure gave everyone a scare, but if this...Monado boy was the cause of it, I would like to know why. This sword could break the very fabric of the universe" Obake says

San Fransokyo streets

Shulk continued to destroy all the Mechon.

"I'm outnumbered. Where are those six when you need them?" Shulk asks. A yellow disc came flying out of knowhere hitting one of the mechon.

"Need a hand?" Hiro asks as six figures come to assist

"I'm really feeling it" Shulk says

"Me too" Fred says. He starts to use his robot strength on the mechon causing them to get crushed. Wasabi sliced most of the robots in half

"How much of your world came to this one?" Gogo asks while she fights

"A lot, I fear" Shulk says. He starts to activate a Monado art. "It would seem you like speed a lot so...Monado Speed" Shulk says to Gogo. There was a flash of blue light on everyone

"This is my style" Gogo says with a smile. She starts to destroy the Mechon in seconds

"Look at Gogo go" Fred says as he watched

"No wonder she likes speed" Shulk says. He continues to destroy the mechon. The numbers of the enemy dropped to the point where there were none left. Everyone looked at the Heir to the Monado

"You sure know how to fight" Honey Lemon says

"I like this guy" Gogo says

"That sword is the single most important thing to destroying those robots" Fred compliments

"How did you do that blue thing?" Wasabi asks

"Can I study the Monado?" Hiro asks

"Thanks guys and no...the Monado is not a toy." Shulk says

"Now about the others...I have an idea" Hiro says

Fred's House

Shulk, Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred waited for Hiro and Baymax. The two came into the room eventually

"So we scanned the entire city and four people with the DNA like Shulk's" Hiro says

"Amazing. We need to go get my friends" Shulk says

"Now? What if those mechon return?" Wasabi asks

"It's okay Wasabi. I will protect you guys" Shulk says

"I trust Shulk. He did give us the keys to defeating these mechon" Honey Lemon says as she stands up

"Plus I like those things he calls Monado arts" Gogo says as she stands up

"He's like the cool superhero we don't deserve" Fred says as he stands up. Wasabi looked and gave in

"Okay" Wasabi says

Near the comic book shop

Richardson Mole, Fred's archrival, was having an argument with none other than Reyn



"SCREW YOU!" Reyn shouts. Shulk stepped into the shop followed by the others

"Reyn. What are you doing?" Shulk asks

"Thank goodness you're here. This hom is uncultured" Reyn says

"Actually you're…" Gogo says before Fred closes her mouth

"He is uncultured" Fred says

"Fred" Richardson says

"Richardson" Fred says

"Fred" Richardson repeats

"Richardson" Fred repeats

"Fred" Richardson says yet again

"Richardson" Fred says yet again

"Reyn" Reyn says. The two stared at him

"Can we leave now?" Wasabi asks

"Sure thing" Hiro says. Everyone leaves


Shulk looked at Reyn. Everyone else just watched

"Okay...do you know where is Riki and Melia is?" Shulk asks

"Never seen Melia since I got here but the furball on the other hand…" Reyn says. A ball came out of the sky and hit Gogo in the face causing her to fall over. The ball was caught by Shulk. "...is right here"

"Riki feel funny" Riki says. Gogo got up with her face red

"RIGHT IN THE…!" Gogo shouts. Baymax pulled her back. Reyn turned around

"I know the same feeling. He did the same thing to me when I first met him" Reyn says

"Riki not do it on purpose" Riki says. Gogo calmed down and was let go

"Never do that" Gogo says to Riki

"Melia must be with Fiora or Sharla then" Shulk says changing the topic

"The next friend of Shulk's is in...oh no" Hiro says looking at Baymax's stomach that projected a map

"Where is it?" Wasabi asks. He and the rest look

"Oof" Honey Lemon says

Lucky Cat Cafe

Dunban was drinking some coffee inside the cafe

"I was happy to find that ten dollar bill" Dunban says. Aunt Cass came up to him

"I don't think I've ever seen you around here" Aunt Cass says

"I just got here but...I'm not sure how to explain it" Dunban says

"I see, have a nice day mister…" Aunt Cass says

"Dunban. Call me Dunban" Dunban says.


The group looked at Dunban

"Dunban" Shulk says

"Dundun enjoy older ladypon" Riki says

"That's my aunt Riki" Hiro says

"Then Hiro's auntypon enjoy Dundun" Riki says

"RIKI!" Hiro shouts

"Typical furball" Reyn says.

"How do we exactly get him out of there?" Shulk asks

"Leave it to me" Hiro says

Ten Minutes Later

Dunban was still drinking coffee. Hiro and Baymax (with their suits off) came into the cafe

"Sir" Hiro says. Dunban turned around to see the boy

"You must be the nephew of this nice lady, I believe the name was Hiro" Dunban says

"How did you…" Hiro says before he is interrupted

"She said you would be walking around with a walking marshmellow" Dunban says

"Of course...so there is this guy with a large red sword that wants to…" Hiro says

"Shulk, he's here as well?" Dunban asks

"Yes" Hiro says

"Perhaps you should look to your right" Baymax says. Dunban did so but what he saw was unexpected. He made a surprised face

"What are you…" Hiro says as he turned to his left. Everyone else was screaming and taking down a Mechon. He, Baymax, and Dunban ran outside


"I'LL SMASH YOU UP!" Shulk shouts

"REYN TIME BABY!" Reyn shouts

"SMASH POW!" Riki shouts


"DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!" Gogo shouted over and over again

"DON'T HURT US AGAIN!" Honey Lemon shouted. All Wasabi did was scream

"WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING!" Hiro shouts. Everyone looks at him and the already dead Mechon

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Everyone that destroyed the Mechon said

"We panicked over a Mechon" Honey Lemon finally says

"You really hate Mechon...Shulk" Hiro says

"Not as much as earlier" Shulk says

"Looks like I'm not the only one that landed here" Dunban says

"The whole gang is here" Shulk says

"Who else is out there?" Dunban asks

"Sharla, Fiora, and Melia...I think" Reyn says

"Baymax over here only detected Homs and he only detected five in the entire city" Shulk says

"You, Reyn, me, Sharla, and Fiora. It makes sense" Dunban says

"And what about me?" A man that looks like Hulk Hogan says. Everyone turned their attention to him

"Dickson too" Shulk says

"That's impossible" Hiro says

"Must have been faulty wiring" Reyn says

"Hiro scanned the entire city for Homs lifeforms. Why would he not show up?" Honey Lemon asks

"Machines aren't always correct" Shulk says

"Never mind me. Some High Entia, Homs, and Nopon landed in the nearby forest" Dickson says

"What of Alvis?" Shulk asks

"He's in that forest area too. I landed there as well so don't be mad if I didn't show up on the radars" Dickson says

"Is Egil here too?" Dunban asks

"He is...on the other side of the city maybe" Dickson says. Gogo pulled away the rest of Big Hero 6

"Then we go there to stop him before Mechon continue to run the streets" Shulk says

"I'll go and warn Kallian" Dickson says. He leaves immediately.

"Guys, did this guy seriously just pop out of nowhere claiming he was in the forest area?" Gogo asks

"Yep. Baymax, did you scan him?" Hiro asks

"I was unable to" Baymax says

"Darn it" Hiro says

"We will find out later if he's good or secrelty evil...we'll warn Shulk if we find out anything" Honey Lemon says

"What if he was good all along. Hope Reyn doesn't rub it into our faces" Wasabi says. Shulk came up to the group

"Okay. We're headed out to find the others" Shulk says to the group

"Alright" Hiro says

Somewhere near a bar

The group all looked at the bar

"Who landed here?" Gogo asks

"Either Fiora or Sharla...maybe Melia" Reyn answers

"Why?" Dunban asks. There was a gunshot

"Sharla" Shulk and Reyn say at the same time

"Oh joy. She's armed" Wasabi says

"Are you afraid of guns?" Dunban asks Wasabi

"No...maybe...yes" Wasabi says

"Well, I'll go in and get her out" Shulk says

"Me too" Dunban says

"Why not Riki?" Riki asks

"Because you guys look underrage" Dunban says. He, and Shulk walked into the bar. The group looked at each other

"I disagree. Me, Wasabi, and Gogo look just like adults" Reyn says

"That means I'm going in" Gogo says. She walks into the bar

"Come on Reyn" Wasabi says. He and Reyn go into the bar as well

"What Honey, Fred, Hiro, and Mellowpon do?" Riki asks

"No idea" Honey Lemon says

"I got it…" Fred says

Inside the Bar

Sharla and Melia were drinking as much as they please

"What did they put in this stuff?" Melia asks as she looks a beer bottle

"I don't know" Sharla says. Dunban and Shulk came into the bar

"Sharla, Melia" Shulk says. Sharla and Melia turned around and got up

"There you guys are" Melia says

"How did you guys end up in here?" Shulk asks

"We landed in the street and immediately came in here" Sharla says

"Who are they?" Melia asks

"Who are who?" Dunban asks

"The one in the yellow suit and the one in the green suit...with Reyn" Melia says

"With Reyn?" Shulk asks. He and Dunban turn around

"We fit here perfectly" Reyn says

"REYN!" Shulk shouts

"Oh right. This is Gogo and Wasabi...they are a part of this world we landed in" Dunban says

"Hi" Wasabi says

"Sup" Gogo says

"Nice to meet you too...now how about outside?" Melia asks

"Come on" Shulk says. The seven run outside


"Then that's when I found out that Thanos had won" Fred says

"We watched that movie before" Honey Lemon says

"Yeah" Hiro says

"But Riki hasn't" Fred says

"Riki love story about Avengerpons" Riki says

"See" Fred says. The group comes out of the bar

"We got Sharla and Melia" Reyn says

"And they're not drunk?" Honey Lemon asks

"Apparently not" Gogo says

"My name is Melia Antiqua" Melia says

"And I'm Sharla" Sharla says

"Nice to meet you both. My name is Hiro, this is Baymax, Fred, and Honey Lemon" Hiro says

"Interesting names" Sharla says

"They're mostly nicknames" Reyn says

"Okay...so the last signal should be your friend Fiora" Hiro says

"She's a friend for all but one of us" Reyn says. Shulk looked at him

"Maybe Vanea is with her too" Dunban says

"Okay. What exactly happened before you guys came here?" Wasabi asks

"Well it all started with me searching for spare parts…" Shulk says

One Xenoblde Chronicles Story explaining later

"...and then we were heading to Agniratha then we landed here" Shulk says

"So you live on a person bigger than Mount Everest" Fred says

"Yes" Shulk says

"Tough life" Honey Lemon says

"We were on the Mechonis" Reyn says

"So there is something inside your friend Fiora" Hiro says

"Someone...Meyneth" Melia corrects

"The Goddess of the Mechon while this Zanza is the God of the Homs...interesting" Gogo says

"Vanea did tell us that Zanza layed waste to the Mechonis...so my guess is that evil comes from both sides" Sharla says. Shulk started to scream as he felt a pain in his body. He went to the ground

"SHULK!" Hiro shouted. Everyone attended to him

"What was that?" Gogo asks

"This has happened before" Dunban says

"The energy signature running through Shulk is not in my database" Baymax says

"I don't know it either" Sharla says

"It happened again" Shulk says getting up like nothing happened

"We have to be careful Shulk. Baymax and Sharla will take care of it" Reyn says

"Is Sharla a healthcare companion too?" Baymax asks

"I'm a medic...and you would be perfect for medical help" Sharla says. The group ran towards the street but they were encountered by Obake's team, Noodle Burger Boy, Globby, and Momokase

"Howdy and hello" Noodle Burger Boy greeted himself. Shulk took out the Monado

"Looks like Big Hero 6 is now Big Hero 12" Globby says

"It doesn't matter. We can take them" Momokase says

"We can take on you all anyday" Gogo says

"What she said. We have the Monado" Reyn says

"That red stick?" Momokase asks

"This is not stick...Monado...BUSTER!" Shulk says. A purple light was sent out to everyone.

"What is this supposed to do?" Wasabi asks

"You are stronger with this on" Dunban says. Momokase ran up to Shulk and got into a sword duel.

"Riki have special bag" Riki says. The bag is filled with items from the Smash Bros series. Hiro took a look. The first thing he took out was a Frankling Badge.

"Gogo use this" Hiro says. He throws the badge and it goes onto Gogo's armor

"What is this supposed to do?" Gogo asks. Noodle Burger Boy fires some lasers at the speedster but it was reflected back and hurt the mascot instead causing him to fall. "Oh"

Hiro continued to dig through the bag and found a Pokeball. "This is weird" Hiro says. Shulk was pushed back

"That sword is mighty but your skills are weak" Momokase says. Globby was busy trying to fight off everyone not named Shulk, Hiro, and Riki

"Alright. Time for a Chain Attack" Shulk says

"What is that?" Hiro asks. Shulk pushed Momokase against Globby and a series of attacks by team Shulk and Big Hero 6 was made causing the two villains a world of pain. It all ended with Shulk making a harsh slash.

"Uh…" Momokase says

"We better get out of here" Globby says. He and Momokase try to run but they were encountered by another figure

"Stand down" The figure says. Globby grabs Noodle Burger Boy and the villains run away. The figure turned out to be Fiora. Vanea came in after her

"She's a cyborg" Fred says

"We have some terrible news to break to you guys" Vanea says

"What bad news?" Shulk asks

"It's about my brother" Vanea says

"Egil?" Hiro asks

"He commands the Mechon. And the last time we saw him...he controlled the very Mechonis" Shulk explains

Inside the Mechonis

Egil inside the golden Mechon was inside the Mechonis

"Once it rises up from this city. I will lay waste to the people of Bionis...and they will never see it coming" Egil says as he awaits to awake the Mechonis once more