Lucky Cat Cafe...not too much later

Aunt Cass was washing the dishes in her cafe. Dunban walked into the cafe

"Dunban, do you know where Hiro is?" Cass asks

"He is with my friend Shulk" Dunban says

"Oh. Something crazy happened. I am seeing new species of animals. I'm seeing a lot of new people" Aunt Cass says. Someone with a mysterious bear, that looked like a stuffed bear with a crescent moon on it's head, came inside. Dunban looked at the man

"Let's just say this world is new" Dunban says

Gogo's House

Gogo looked at the Pokeball that Shulk had in his bag

"Hey Honey Lemon" Gogo says

"Yes Gogo" Honey Lemon says giving something to Sharla

"Do you know what this thing is?" Gogo asks

"I don't know" Honey Lemon says. Gogo threw it down and something came out of was Togepi

"Togepi" Togepi says. It looked at Gogo

"Uh...come here" Gogo says. She picked up the Togepi


A catgirl came up to Fred and shook hands with him

"Never seen someone like her around" Fred says. Wasabi, Melia, and Riki came up to him

"Yeah. Might as well get used to it" Wasabi says

"Riki want to eat. Riki hungry" Riki says

"Shall we go and get something?" Melia asks

"No doubt. Nothing is better than free food" Fred says

"I could use something" Wasabi says

"Then let's get going" Melia says

Somewhere else in San Fransokyo

Reyn, and Fiora and showed everyone around the city

"This is the new Machina section of the town. We call this part New Mechonis while the Homs, and High Entia live in New Bionis" Fiora says

"The land here seemingly got bigger so we use it for that" Reyn says

"Some of the towns call these areas New Gormott, New Mor Ardain, New Uraya, then there is also New Kanto, New Jonto, New Hoenn, and many other new towns where people live" Fiora says

"San Fransokyo is now a diverse city full of new people. Y'all should check it out" Reyn says.

"We will Reyn" A man in the crowd says

On top of the San Fransokyo Bridge

Shulk, Hiro, and Baymax sat on the top of a bridge

"This is an amazing view Hiro" Shulk says

"Yeah it is" Hiro says

"It's as if the new world that was created is now united. Everyone sees to be very happy here" Shulk says

"What are you going to do now that Zanza is defeated?" Hiro asks

"I don't know unfortunately" Shulk says

"You should go to SFIT with us. You're smart enough" Hiro says

"I rather help out the world I created. This world is boundless. This world has is composed of the citizens of many different worlds" Shulk says

"True. I could use a break and see the world" Hiro says

"Yes. Eventually Alvis will come back and then I could start helping you guys with superheroing" Shulk says

"That would be amazing" Fiora says. She and Gogo joined the two heroes

"Hell yeah. We could use this Monado Boy" Gogo says. She had Togepi on her shoulder

"It's nice that I have a Homs body again" Fiora says

"I am so glad Fiora" Shulk says

"So where did that extended land come from?" Hiro asks

"It came from another world. New animals are appearing here although they seem to have a bond with the humans" Fiora says. There was a beep on Baymax. Hiro read it

"Robbery. We gotta go" Hiro says. The Monado that Shulk originally had appeared before him. Two knives appeared in Fiora"s

"We're coming to" Shulk says

"Then come on" Gogo says.

A Bridge Between Two Worlds


Gogo was picking up some groceries

"Excuse me. Can you help us get to the nearest hotel?" A catgirl with a Welsh accent asks. Gogo turned around

"Sure thing" Gogo says


"I still have one question though...what do you mean when you say you're feeling it?" Hiro asks Shulk

"Oh. I was feeling it so I have ever since said I'm really feeling it. Which I really am" Shulk says

"But it doesn't explain what it means" Hiro says

"It means I'm really feeling it" Shulk says

"Uh...okay" Hiro says