Kimmy walked into the door with the nervous look written all over face after her encounter with Robert. She watched Titus walking to her and hand her over Frankie. This gave her the chance to hold him for a while. Next she had to go to her interview for work at the hospital.

Kimmy realized that talking about her interview for her job with Titus was not important. She needed to talk about her encounter with Robert.

"Titus, I just had this very weird encounter with this man who wanted to take his son from me.",shared Kimmy, as she was bouncing Frankie in her arms.

Hearing that, Titus was stopping himself from what he was doing. He checked through the window and saw that the man that Kimmy was telling him about. He was still outside walking around the front of their apartment. Then, after looking from the window, Titus looked back at Kimmy.

"Isn't that a good thing? Then you could give Frankie back.",said Titus.

Kimmy then looked at Frankie then looked back at Titus.

"I don't know if it is a good thing. He said something that tells me he was cruel to his wife.",reflected Kimmy.

Titus to paused himself again.

"Why don't you ask him first?",suggested Titus.

"That's a good idea, thanks, Titus.",said Kimmy.

Frankie started cooing up at Kimmy

"I know I'm sorry you have to be with Uncle Titus again." ,apologized Kimmy.

She gave Frankie back to Titus before heading outside of the apartment again.