Chuuya looked at the large empty chamber that was to be his working space for the month to come. The ceiling reached so far over head that it takes him more than several seconds in the equivalent of earth's gravity to reach. And so are the walls to either side and in front.

Large bold letters told him which wall was which - considerate of them, it seems they are no stranger to training in zero gravity (or gravity that can change according to one's own will)

"These walls doesn't look like a good buffer for black holes." He remarked dryly, adjusting his hat and drilling holes in the overconfident staff with his eyes.

At least Dazai had run off somewhere already.

"Don't worry. We had those records of your last fight with Lovecraft from your boss. The range of your black holes are microscopic compared to the scales we are used to working with, truly gravity is such a weak, weak force."

Chuuya worked to not feel offended. Instead he stated the obvious.

"Your pathetic weak microscopic black hole could kill you in half a second. But let's not waste time and use my kick instead, I can send you crashing into the other wall before you could calculate your final velocity."

The scientist seems at last reminded of his station and took a step back.

"Well, you were running your mouth off about the walls."

"A- ah, yes, sir, the wall is built to be thicker than your range, and it is suspended in another larger room still filled with air, then suspended in near vacuum. If you were to blast a hole in one of the wall it would likely not penetrate. If it somehow did, like you happen to blast the same place twice, you will simply be in a larger room. If you broke the outer... well, the only one in danger would be you, who would be in a vacuum, and would likely die before you can do further damage, sir."

"Well, then I want that damned bandage-wasting bastard near and ready while I'm practicing then. Let's hope you guys didn't underestimate Corruption."

Chuuya adjusted his hat again, disconcerted and annoyed to be so dependent on the aforementioned bastard.

"Sir, would you like to look at your lodgings next?"

"Yeah, lead the way."

The next few hours, Chuuya spent his time following large men, one after another, around the compounds. He already felt small with the able-bodied guards in Japan, but these western people are another matter entirely. He might as well be a dwarf.

And he has to stay here for one damn month.

Mori's orders come to him again, vivid in his memory.

The coming battles would continue to worsen as more enemy organizations than ever are making their way into Yokohama. Your powerful abilities would be useful, but not so much anymore in its current form, since the enemies knows about it. That's why, Chuuya-kun, you will be sent to Europe under the pretense of personally presiding over the weapons transport, but you will be heading to a research facility. You will willingly call upon Corruption, to be analyzed by my trusted experts, and you will learn to control them... I trust you would make haste. This, is the most effective solution.

He had been speechless, then. Shocked. But years of loyalty knows what to do. He took off his hat and knelt. The next week, he was packed off into a plane, heading for Switzerland, to call for a taint he would never dream of calling again, over and over.

To prepare himself for what might mean his own suicide- self destruction, over and over. For one month.

Chuuya quietly swore to himself that he would finish his job before then. He numbed the fear he don't want to admit with the first-class wine, and set out to find his former partner.

He would just have to trust Dazai. Again and again, every time. Hoping he wouldn't mess with him too far. Hoping that he wouldn't screw up.

Somehow, in one month, he would control Corruption, and then, the enemies of Port Mafia would cower in absolute fear.