Nakahara Chuuya stopped amidst the streets of Geneva, his taller partner continuing on without a care in the world, casually calling back to him.

The call fell on deaf ears as Chuuya stood, tensing, his eyes wide with fear.

The whispers of red tendrils crept under his collar and his sleeves. Ocean blue pupils tinted with the barest hint of red.

Chuuya clenched his teeth, his nails digging into his palm as he tried to suppress the tainted beast from emerging. He wanted to cry out, but his throat was constricted so tightly he couldn't make a sound. The ground beneath him trembled, it was all he could do to keep it intact, to keep the gravity from being too much for the paved street to bear.

Chuuya panicked. He didn't call for Corruption- had not utter or even thought of the words, yet it is attacking him, threatening to take over. Like his time in the research facility... but this is in the middle of a population center! His eyes darted around, and everywhere there were people. Alarmed, or completely oblivious, or stopping curiously to take a photo or a video.

He wanted to scream at them to run, what came out was a mad laugh. A laugh he is all too familiar with.

He can't do this, not this time, not yet. Not here.

A black hole formed in his hands- the enigmatic singularity where all rule and laws break down. A point where no one, even light, could escape. His left arm grabbed the right one, steadying it. He could not hurl this around here.

Warm liquid trickled down his eyes, like tears. Chuuya humphed inside his own head. He could really have cried right about now. His lips was also bleeding, and his ears. He was being torn apart by keeping the power in as much as for tapping into it in the first place.

Chuuya hunched over, biting his lips a bit more violently, the grip on his arms vise-like, trying to cling to the pain to keep his entire vision from going red, then black. Then he would wake in the ruins of a city that gave him hospitality in a foreign land.

As if mocking his conscience, his right arm swung wide, blood arcing from the place where his own nails had dig so hard they left trails. Buildings disappeared into nothing. Another black hole formed before him.

He laughed at the destruction.

The people are scattering now, wisely fearing for their lives over missing out on their selfies. And Chuuya caught just a brief glimpse of the familiar figure.

Knowing it was his last chance, he threw himself that direction. Gravity poured over him, erratic and uncontrolled, consuming, pressing around him, absorbing him.

Then it was all gone, and they hit the pavement together, skidding to a painful stop.

Dazai groaned under him and as usual, resumed his taunt, "Aww, I never knew you would miss me this much, Chuuya! I was gone for just a minute! You should have told me you were the touchy-feely type!"

The chirp died on the now silent city, as Dazai felt the tremble of Chuuya's body. His hair was a mess, and as Chuuya struggled to lift his face up from Dazai's chest, a hideous amount of blood was left behind.

"I didn't call for it." He rasped, his voice painfully hoarse, scared.

"It's unlocked, Dazai," Chuuya's ocean blue eyes were wide with terror. And Dazai knew, then, what the implications were.

Corruption was out of its cage. It could take over at any time, run wild whenever it could possibly want. And if that time was in sleep, then it's going to have free reign. It also means they can't control the interval for which to let Chuuya heal.

It's going to kill him, and soon. Unless he could get rid of it almost immediately each time.

Chuuya's dilated pupils fixed on Dazai's startled ones.

"Tonight," he whispered, "you're moving into my room."