Vampire Queen

My name is Aurora and I am the sister of Lilith who is the Queen of all demons and had as both cursed he to Hell and me to walk the earth as a Vampire and I hate her for it she made the one person that could not be loved like this.

I have lived a very long time and have had to hide a lot of it because of the Volturi they have been trying to get a hold of me so that they can force me to do there will so they can rule the world over vampire and human but it is the human they want the most because of the blood and it would make them more and powerful over any that try to take them on.

It was 1987 and they had caught up with me again as I was trying to give them the slip again I ran it to the local hospital as I was trying to find some place to hide I heard a woman start to scream that her baby was not breathing I walk into her room and sent out calm and sleep to her I when to the crib and saw this small baby girl and she had stop breathing I put my hand on her and made the choice to take her place to become his girl to live her life and hide all my powers to it came time for them come back as the light came through my hand into her small body as my old one fell to the flour and was dust a second late.

That day 14th September the day after she was born, I became Isabella Marie Swan and my life as Aurora is gone for good.

Present day.

It was my 16th Birthday when things started to change my eyesight was a lot clearer and my hearing was the same I could think a lot better and I was top of all of my classes then I started to see flashes from past time and things that was going to happing in the future, my mum met Phil and it was love at first sight and they soon married which I was real happy about as it was like I was the adult and my mum was the child she would forgetting to play the bill that I took that over and the cooking as well because she was bad at that to so when they married that took that off me when the said they where going to go on a second honeymoon and then on the road after.

I made the choice to go and stay with my dad and step mum and her two kids, so I packed up all of my thing and had them sent to my dad house had booked my fight and was read to go the next day.

I got up and was ready to go and start to a new life with my dad in Forks Washington mum was upset that I was going but I know she would get over it as I got on the plane I got a vision of a tall blond haired man standing in what looked like a canteen and he looked like her was smiling at me as if he knew me I put it to the back of my mind .

It was the late afternoon when the plane landed and I got off to get my bags then meet my dad as I went to look for him