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By Weasleyaholic

Chapter 5: Part Three: Draco: The Astonishment

Well, things seemed to be going quite smoothly. Oh yes indeed. I had the best girl in the world pick me, over Potter nonetheless. Things were great, until, that girl, pointed out something very unusual. Something bright green in the distance. I knew that sign, I had been trained by my pathetic father to respect and honor it, and trained by my Head of House to know what to do next, and that step was alert the Dark Lord's adversary. Harry Potter, with a side order of Albus Dumbledore. I figured Potter'd be more likely to believe Virginia than me, but that wasn't likely as it was. But all the same I sent her off to find him as I went in search of someone that Professor Snape had told me was in the Order. First member I found was all I needed. Perhaps the Great Hall? It was close enough.
I ran the familiar steps to the Great Hall. Upon entering all I found was Sprout and Flitwick, they weren't on the list of Order members, and Professor Snape knew them all. I figured best rout of action, after that, was the Staff Room. I raced my way up flights of stairs, ducked Peeve's chalk and ignored his comments about be running in comparison to walking in my normal swagger. Apparently I didn't ignore them to well, eh? Well, I found my way to the Staff Room all the same.
"What's your purpose?" one of the gargoyles asked me.
"It's an emergency; I need to see Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, or even Hagrid!"
"Emergency, eh?" the other gargoyle responded, "It's not as if we haven't heard that one before."
"Oh come on! Let me in."
"Wha's the problem 'ere?" Hagrid said coming out of the room.
"Quick, is Professor Dumbledore around?"
"Wha is it Malfoy?"
"There's well, been an attack."
"On wha?"
"I don't know, that's the problem."
"Where? An' how can I know that yeh arn' tellin' me lies?"
"I've already sent Ginny to get P- Harry."
"Well, the Professor is not 'ere. I dun suppose I can help."
"Are there," I lowered my voice, "any more Order members in there."
"'Ow do yeh know abou' that?"
"Professor Snape," I replied quickly.
"Ah, well, then, he's no where to be seen, neither is Professor McGonagall."
"Bloody Hell."
"'Scuse me."
"No, I just didn' hear wha' you said," said Hagrid obviously pretending not to hear what I had said. And surprisingly enough, I smiled back. "Well then, what say yeh, let's go find this attack."
As Hagrid jogged down to the entrance hall, and I sprinted, we found Ginny dragging Harry behind her with a McGonagall not far behind. She gave me a look that clearly said he didn't want to come. But I was glad to see that she used her force to make him come along, we needed him, especially if Dumbledore was no where to be found.
"Hurry up, this way. Towards Hogsmeade!" I called out, "he's attacked someone!"
And with that, Potter came to his senses and started running to the oak doors. It was good to see someone who had battled with the Dark Lord snap into consciousness, sure, I had learned quite a bit with a Death Eater for a father, but that didn't mean that over the past summer that I hadn't learned what was right. My mother, when not over pressed is a very insightful woman.
She had taught me everything I had needed to know over the past few months and how it wasn't a matter of blood lines, but a matter of spirit and determination, not to mention loyalty and friendship. I only wished I had learned these things before my sixth year at Hogwarts.
As we exited the building I pointed in the direction the Dark Mark had been. I could see its remnants still, and I could tell that Po—Harry could too. Probably all the Quidditch practices, because it didn't seem as if anyone else, with the exception of Ginny of course, could see it. We started racing down the path to Hogsmeade, when we finally reached it there was no one to be seen. It had an eerie feeling about it.
"Shh!" McGonagall whispered to us pulling out her wand. We all mimicked her action. Until she said "Invenio formidilosus," which didn't seem to help us much, her wand spit out dirt colored sparks that fell to the ground, then span around until they stopped in many different directions, leaving me completely confused. That's when she said; "it shows us where fear is Mr. Malfoy, and that should lead us to the problem." Oh, enlightenment, but why did the paths lead so many different directions.
"Hagrid, take along young Mr. Potter with you, and I'll take the other two."
"Yes, Professor McGonagall."
Ginny and I were still confused. Until McGonagall explained how the spell worked. "As you can see, the footprints are darker due to the amount of fear was in the step. If we follow--" And then an ear piercing scream was heard from across the village. We could still see Harry and Hagrid up the path, so it was obvious that it was neither of them was the one in danger.
"Clearly, that's where our people are," McGonagall said.
"Clearly," I muttered to myself. We hurried up to the area where the scream was heard from, around the area of the Hogsemeade Station. The chilling air was, well, chilling. I, myself could not help from shivering. Then I remembered the warming spell and muttered it to myself, and felt the warmth wash over my body. That was a relief. Then, I saw something move in the distance that wasn't right. Harry was on the ground. And Hagrid was trying to pull him up, but he seemed to be failing.
"Harry!" he was calling. "Harry, wa's wrong? Harry!?" He seemed to be getting no response. I quickly ran, as fast as I could to his side. No thought at all that he was my enemy, he had been my adversary all my life, and yet even still, I was worried the that forces of primevil might take him. That'd be the last thing we would want in our world. The last thing for it. It would end, with a monstrosity of the Dark Lord reigning on high. It would be terrible. Absolutely terrible. Harry was still breathing, he was still a live. Please, God, let him live, I'd trade my life for his. Let him live!, I prayed a silent prayer. So what if I wasn't the praying type, sometimes in time of need you do things you normally wouldn't. And yeah, I just told the Lord of all that I'd trade my life for Potter's. Wow. Can't believe it, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You know? Well. This was my type of Hell. I'd gone from bliss to agony in just a few moments of time. Ginny was crying, I could hardly even tell. But the matter still pressed on; there were other people in need elsewhere. I could tell that McGonagall knew that, I could tell that Hagrid knew that, and it's not as if Harry's not an important person or anything, but he was not the most important matter right now, we knew where he was. We didn't know where the evil that was waiting for us was. We decided to send Hagrid back to his hut with Harry.
But as we said that Harry stood up. "No. I have to go with."
"Did you see anything?" everyone but me asked. And I had no idea why, Harry see what? Apparently, my father hadn't told me all that he knew, nor had Snape, OH yes, I'm prepared.
"Well... it's.... it's...."
"It's what?!" I snapped. "I mean, I hate to be impatient and all, well, no I don't, but this is a matter of life or death, we need to know."
"It's your dad," he said looking at me. Which didn't surprise me much, that my dad would be involved in something as stupid as this, "and your brother."