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Rimuru's Massage


At the Jura-Tempest Federation's Capital City of Rimuru, the Slime Chancellor of the Monster Country itself, Rimuru Tempest, had offered a reward to his Kijin bodyguard and secretary, Shion, for all her hard work as of then. Rimuru figured that she would ask for something manageable, like cooking supplies, but what Shion wanted was for her Lord to give her a massage in his Human form. While initially reluctant with his inexperience in both massaging and reading Shion's romantic intentions, Rimuru ultimately agreed. At the Chancellor's residence, after some preparation, the two got to work.

For the next quarter of an hour, Rimuru unstiffened Shion's tense muscles with his own Human hands which elicited moans from the Kijin much to his blushing embarrassment.

Seeing his awkwardness, Shion decided to speak up first. "Lord Rimuru, is there something wrong?"

Caught off guard, Rimuru forced himself to respond. "Uh, no! It's just a new experience for me." He then sighed. "And I don't know how to respond to these kinds of situations when I'm a genderless Slime." Hearing Shion giggle, Rimuru yelped. "What's so funny about that?!"

Quickly clearing her throat, Shion replied. "Forgive me, Lord Rimuru, but as a Kijin, I can reproduce with anyone of any race, including Slimes."

Rimuru felt the metaphorical gears in his mind pause as he processed that statement. "Say what?"

Shion smiled broadly. "I figured you'd find that interesting if you ever wanted to find a "First Lady" for the Federation as I believe the term is called."

Rimuru felt sweat all over his body as he struggled to reply before he ultimately cheered with a wide smile. "Yes!" He then brought his lips over a surprised Shion's for an excited kiss which she soon reciprocated with equal enthusiasm.


I admittedly wasn't thinking when I said I'd write about That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, so this seemed like the best idea I could pull off.