The room was small and messy. Cluttered on a big desk were towering stacks of files. Newspaper articles were just lying on the floor waiting to be stepped on by someone. The only computer in the room was on playing the same video over and over again. Near the door was a couch dull of color. Beside it was a plant wilting with its leaves falling to the ground.

At the center of this suffocating room was a person sitting on a black office chair uncomfortable but mostly angry. As every second of the video went by, their frustration grew more and more. Clenching their jaw, they just sat there and continued watching until they had enough of it.

They stood up and unplugged the computer from the socket. After that, they sat down and pounded their left fist onto the table causing the stack of files to fall onto the floor. The files were scattered adding to the room's disorderliness.

After a few minutes, the person took a deep breath and finally calmed down. On the desk was a framed picture. They took it and stared at it.

"Surrender my ass!" They shouted. They put down the picture onto the desk and started talking to himself.

"We did so much hard work for nothing! Nothing!"

They started rotating on their chair and started laughing hysterically like a maniac on a roller coaster. Their laugh was growing louder and louder as they spun faster and faster. It became more frightening by the second until they stopped.

They stopped with their eyes dead set on the picture. Then, they shook their head and let out a small giggle. They grabbed it and talked to it.

"If you think I will just watch, you are dead wrong. If this is really ending, then I will make sure this will end on my terms and my terms alone!"

Rules for SYOC:

1. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

2. Submit your OCs through pm ONLY. No review submissions.

3. No recycling of characters. Please send me characters that have not been used in any stories before unless the story was discontinued for two years already. You can send me rejected OCs. Who knows, maybe they won't be rejected anymore?

4. You can submit up to 5 OCs but do not expect for me to accept all of them. Most likely, I will accept 2 out of 5 OCs

5. Anything with * is not required to be filled up but the rest are mandatory.

6. No crazy talents like ultimate weeb. Be creative but sensible.

7. Please keep in mind this story is set in Japan. If their nationality is not Japanese, give a good reason as to why they are not Japanese.

8. Title this form 'Last Hurrah! - [Name, Talent]' when you send it to me.

9. The deadline will be on July 13, 2019. If I need more time, I will update the deadline.

10. Ask me if you have any questions. I will answer them as quickly as possible.

Submission Form





Sex: (Male, Female, Non-binary)

Gender: (I am okay with anything)


Ethnicity: (The story is based in Japan so it would be much appreciated if the character is Japanese but if not, give an explanation)

Height: (In feet and inches)

Weight: (In pounds)



Physical Body: (What is their skin tone, body type, eye color, hair color, hairstyle? Be descriptive)

Daily Clothing:





Mental Health: (Are they sane? Do they have any mental disorder? If so, be descriptive of how it deteriorates the character.)

Physical Health: (How is their stamina? Are they strong? Do they have medical conditions such as asthma?)


Outward Personality: (Be descriptive)

Inward Personality: (Be descriptive. Your character does not need to have a secret identity or personality. This is intended to help me understand how they act without anyone.)

Likes: (At least 5)

Dislikes: (At least 5)

Habits/Mannerisms: (Any quirks they do? Do they bite their nails? Do they tuck their hair behind their ears when flirty?)

Hobbies: (At least 5)

Pet Peeve*:

Biggest Fear*:

The Way They Keep Secrets: (Can they keep secrets? What do they do that suggests they are lying? Can they fool anyone when lying? Will they out a secret mistakenly?)

Speech: (How do they sound? What is their pacing of words? I want a description, not a voice actor.)

Quotes: (At least 4. Include their catchphrase and how they use them if they have one.)

Outlook on Life*:

Outlook on Death*:

People they like:

People they hate:

Self-Image: (How do they see themselves?)

Romantic Interests*: (Are they interested in finding their soul mate? What are their types?)


Background Story: (Be as detailed as possible. Tell me how their family was. Did they have friends? Were they a loner? Did a tragedy struck them? Were they living happily? How did they find out about their talent? How were they accepted to an Ultimate Academy?)

Achievements: (This must at least be connected to their talent.)

Legacy: (Will they leave anything in their field that will make their names remembered in history?)

Reputation: (Are they a celebrity? A hometown hero? A hometown shame? Are they only known to few people and why?)

Secrets: (This can range from heavy to petty)

Family: (You can list here anyone whom they consider family and not necessarily their blood relatives but I would love to find out their biological family.)



Important Objects to Them:

Anything of Their Loved Ones: (Any belongings of their loved ones that will remind them of their loved ones.)

-Killing Game-

Reaction to Killing Game:

Behavior before the First Murder:

Behavior after the First Murder:

Reaction To Body Discovery Announcement:

Reaction To Dead Body:

Role In Investigation:

Role In Trial:

Reaction When Accused:

Reaction to Execution:

Reaction in Execution:

Motive to Kill: (Not necessarily a motive like in the games but a reason for them to kill. If you can give two, that'd be great.)

Execution Ideas*: (Make sure it is connected to their talent or specific trait. Be cohesive and coherent with the flow of the execution. Be creative.)

-Character Role-

Character Role: (What is their role?)

Character Arc: (How do you think I can show their growth more?)

Free Time Events: (Any topic they will talk about with the protagonist. At least three.)

Justification for Survivor:

Justification for Victim:

Justification for Killer:

Justification for Mastermind:

Preferred Fate of the Character: (Take note I will take this as a suggestion only. If you suggest them as a survivor and I killed them in the story, don't be mad at me.)

Miscellaneous: (Anything I forgot?)

Do not expect a lot from this story. I already have a plan on how this story will go but I am not the best author. I will try my best though since I know I think this story is worth writing. I will keep everyone updated with the talents submitted and the genders. Do not expect quick updates as well. I will try to update 1 chapter per 2 weeks after the roster is finished. I think that is the best I can do to make a quality fan fiction.

Anyways, good luck to all of us.

Official Roster:


1. Ultimate N.E.E.T.

2. Ultimate Mathematician








1. Ultimate Environmentalist

2. Ultimate Toymaker







Submitted Genders:

Male x16

Female x18

Non-Binary x2

Submitted Talents:

Ultimate Ballerina x1

Ultimate Counselor x1

Ultimate Painter x1

Ultimate Hitman x1

Ultimate Defense Attorney x1

Ultimate Lifeguard x1

Ultimate Mixed Martial Artist x1

Ultimate Cyborg x1

Ultimate Comic Illustrator x1

Ultimate MMA Fighter x1

Ultimate Astronomer ×1

Ultimate Food Critic ×1

Ultimate Tact ×1

Ultimate Ventriloquist ×1

Ultimate Doomsday Prepper x1

Ultimate Accordionist x1

Ultimate Composer x1

Ultimate Fencer x1

Ultimate Detective x1

Ultimate Hairstylist x1

Ultimate Psychologist x1

Ultimate Video Game Developer x1

Ultimate Mythologist x1

Ultimate Baker x1

Ultimate Military Aviator x1

Ultimate Ninja x1

Ultimate Aerial Daredevil x1

Ultimate Sharpshooter x1

Ultimate Cyclist x1

Ultimate Rocker x1

Ultimate Supernatural Novelist x1

Ultimate Serial Killer x1

Ultimate Museum Curator x1

Ultimate Stage Magician x1

Ultimate Historian x1

Ultimate Executioner x1