The President's Daughter

Not mine, just playing with them.

The beautiful redhead stood in awe at the crowds in front of her stretching from the Lincoln Memorial to where she stood on the steps of the Capitol Building where her father stood ready to be inaugurated as the 61st President of the United States of America. She had never seen such crowds of people. Her father had been working towards the President since she was 5 years old. 20 years later he had finally achieved his dream. Her father Joseph Alexander Beale stood ramrod straight next to her, she sent him a small grin, he had tried his best to raise her and balance his political career and Chloe felt he had succeeded, sure things had been tough since her mother died but ultimately her and her dad were a team. Chloe could talk to him about anything.

After the inauguration, Chloe and the 61st President of the United States of America stood in the Oval Office taking a breather from the crowds of well-wishers. General Posen interrupted their moments of reflection.

"Good Afternoon Sir, it's time to meet your Secret Service team and assign code names"

Joseph sighed heavily "I was hoping this could wait till tomorrow"

"No Sir, you never know what may be around the corner, now your code name will be Eagle and Miss Beale will be known as Bella"

Chloe grinned knowing her code name came from her old college acapella group. General Posen then introduced the team that would be primarily guarding Miss Beale. At that announcement the brunette team leader Agent Beca Mitchell stepped forward to shake Chloe's hand. The Agent was dressed in the standard Secret Service pant suit and had her earbud already in. When Chloe shook her hand, she felt a spark of electricity race up her arm. The Agent gave a tight smile and took a step back to introduce the rest of her team.

"This is Jesse Swanson, my second in command." Jesse gave a dorky wave and a big grin. Chloe immediately took to him. "The blonde here is Agent Amy" here the blonde interrupted "Agent Fat Amy" Beca's small smile became more like a grimace when Agent Fat Amy announced this. The final member of the team Agent Stacie Conrad briskly stepped forward and shook Chloe's hand. Chloe smiled at the team and lead the way out of the room towards her suite of rooms.

"We'll work in pairs to ensure your protected at all times, you must let us know in advance if you wish to leave the White House" Beca said quietly as they walked towards the suite. Chloe had known when her Dad became President that her movements would be curtailed but not quite to this extent, but she had agreed to work with the team of Agents.

"Agent Swanson and I will take the first shift" Beca said as Chloe opened the door to her suite.

Chloe looked surprised, "I didn't realise that even within the White House I would have the team protecting me"

Beca smiled a little "Usually we don't, but the team need to get used to your movements and routines to allow us to best protect you, once we get to know you better, you'll find you won't notice us anymore"

Chloe nodded as entered her suite and closed the door, she was always going to be aware of the short team leader, Beca was gorgeous, Chloe was less than arrow straight and had experimented in college. Her Dad knew but asked her to be discreet as he didn't want his opponents using his daughter against him.

Beca took up her post outside the door and re inserted her earbud and took a breath, Chloe was exactly her type but she couldn't do anything about it as she was her Close Protection Agent and relationships between CPA and client were strictly frowned upon and Beca had worked too hard to make Secret Service team leader to the President's family to jeopardise her career.

The team of four Agents and Chloe soon got used to each other and Chloe always made sure to tell the Agents her movements for the day so they could protect her adequately. The team had been handpicked by Beca and were agents that had gone through the Academy together and trusted each other with their lives.

Chloe always preferred it when Beca was on duty, she felt safer knowing the short brunette team leader was watching everything. Chloe and Beca were slowly getting closer despite Beca's best efforts. There was something about Chloe that just made Beca want to tell her everything she wanted to know. Chloe kept engaging her in conversation en route to various events and outings, Beca had told her it was dangerous as she had to remain sharp in case of anything happening. Since then Chloe had taken on board her advice but had taken to standing outside her suite and speaking to Beca there. At this stage there was only 1 CPA outside the suite every shift.

Fat Amy came to the suite to swap out with Beca, they had a quick handover and Beca walked tiredly to her room. Being on her feet for 12 hours a day sure made them sore. Jesse knocked on her door and walked in without waiting for permission. "Yo Mitchell, Chloe has made some changes to her schedule tomorrow, Conrad and I will scout ahead"

"What's the change of plans? She's supposed to be at the library reading to underprivileged children?" Beca said mentally consulting her list of Chloe's usual weekly activities.

"Yeah she's still doing that at 10am but wants to go out shopping to the Mall to get a dress for the State Dinner in a fortnight with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge"

"I thought a designer had offered to make a dress for her" Beca usually didn't pay too much attention to fashion but Jesse was into it and had checked out the designer and had approved him to attend the White House for fittings.

"The designer fell ill, and all other designers are currently tied up with their Spring collections or are already making dresses for the Met Gala"

"Okay Swanson, thanks for the update, we'll plan to be at the Mall for 1300, ensure team 2 are prepared to help scout"

The next day the weekly reading to the kids went well and as usual were clamouring for just one more story Miss Beale, usually Chloe gave into their demands, but she knew with the advance team scouting ahead for her, that she couldn't be late today. Beca accompanied her into the town car and gave the driver instructions.