A/N: I wasn't sure if I was going to have everybody in class A pass, but after I had Shoto and Inasa pass I was like I can't let Bakugou be the only one not pass so I gave the whole class a clean sweep, but now that Izuku has his license what are his plans for the future? Will he take Iida's advice and partner with other heroes to gain experience? To be honest I don't even know yet.
Corrupted Fire Dragon: Thanks for pointing this out for me. That was a mistake on my part. I meant for the "Salamander Smash" to be Izuku's Sidewinder Smash that he used on the Nomu in USJ. I always intended to have it be Naruto as the next Vestige to awaken, as far as Natsu goes…well that would be telling.

Under a large mansion Tomura Shigaraki was lead through a series of winding tunnels interspersed before being brought before a nondescript door. The door was opened to reveal a Spartan room with only a pair of couches and a coffee table. In this room sat the young boss of the Shie Hassaikai Overhaul. "Shigaraki I'm glad you could make it." Overhaul said as Tomura circled the couch and sat down putting his feet on the table.

Overhaul glowered over the top of his mask. "Get your feet off the table. You'll get it dirty." Overhaul stated as Shigaraki ignored his demands.

"You called me here therefore I'm your guest and should be allowed to make myself comfortable. I'm comfortable like this." Shigaraki rebutted as the smallest of Overhaul's men jumped on top of the table.

"Show some respect you mongrel! You are in front of the bos-!" Overhaul raised his hand.

"Mimic that's enough. Tomura has a point he is our guest." Overhaul looked from his diminutive minion to Shigaraki. "Welcome to the Shie Hassaikai base Shigaraki. Now we can begin worki-" Shigaraki looked at Overhaul as he cut him off.

"I only came here to see if letting you use our name would be profitable for us, but I do have some ground rules before I even consider letting you use the League of Villains' name." Overhaul glowered, but remained silent. "First of all we're not your minions we'll move as we please and do what we like. Secondly I want reparation for you killing Magne."

Overhaul spoke to this. "I killed one of your men and you killed one of mine we're even on that front."

"You kill one of mine I kill one of yours that supposed to make us even? If you think that one of your disposable puppets' life is equal to Magne you're sorely mistaken, but even if I did agree with you there's the matter of Compress' arm. You've effectively halved his power. I want compensation. Tell me everything here and now. What your plan is and how it will benefit us. And what this has to do with it." Shigaraki said producing the bullet that had disrupted Compress' power. "When your man hit Compress with this his quirk wouldn't work for a while, so I can already piece your plan together, but I'd like to be absolutely sure." Overhaul looked at the young villain before him.

"You expect me to lay it all out in front of you? You can't be serious." Overhaul said as Tomura pulled his feet from the table and stood up.

"I'm dead serious, so if you're not going to play ball then I'm leaving." Tomura turned towards the door as Overhaul's men moved in front of it. Mimic once more climbed atop the table as one of his arms enlarged going for Tomura.

"Sit down! You will not disrespect the boss like that!" Tomura whirled around ready to attack before Overhaul's voice rang out.

"Enough!" He shouted for the first time raising his voice. "If that's how it has to be then fine. Have a seat it's a very detailed operation." Overhaul said as Shigaraki turned around and sat down.

Endeavor stepped out of the car and looked up at the face of the Nighteye agency before walking in. He was immediately led to Nighteye's office where the hero sat on one side of the room. "Good morning Endeavor. Welcome to my agency." Nighteye said as he waved his hand to the couch on the other side of the coffee table. Endeavor took the proffered seat.

"What do you want?" Endeavor asked as subtle as a sledgehammer. Nighteye sat up a little straighter as he crossed his legs.

"Straight to the point very well you took on Izuku Midoriya recently trained him to the point he was able to pass his Provisional License exam, now after all that what do you think of him?" Nighteye asked as Endeavor arched a brow before sighing.

"I don't know what you're getting at, but to answer your question I think Midoriya is a fine man. He's genuine in his want to be a hero; he has convictions and the power to live up to them. He's intelligent, but he's too soft. He wants to see the best in everyone even people he shouldn't and that's dangerous in our line of work." Endeavor took a moment to finalize his thoughts before speaking again. "All in all I believe that in the near future Izuku Midoriya will be the greatest hero we've seen. Even better than All Might."

Nighteye looked at the number one hero and nodded. "Endeavor you've never been one to hold your tongue, so I know I can trust your opinion of Midoriya." Endeavor leaned forward placing his elbows on his knees.

"Cut the crap Nighteye we're not a couple of schoolgirls here to gossip. What do you really want to know about Izuku Midoriya?" Endeavor demanded as Nighteye adjusted his glasses.

"What do you intend to do with Midoriya now? Will you make him your sidekick fulltime?" Nighteye asked as Endeavor shook his head.

"No I won't. I promised Midoriya that I would train him to get his license and he did. He's free to do as he pleases now." At this Nighteye shot up.

"You can't be serious! Are you intending to set that boy loose on this world?! He's powerful sure, and so far he's been successful in his hero work, but he's years away from being a real hero." Nigheye said as Endeavor leaned back.

"So that's what this was about you don't trust Midoriya. I'm surprised. You and All Might were the best hero team there was and with his interest in Midoriya I thought you would be happy to hear this. What do you have against Izuku Midoriya?" Endeavor asked as Nighteye sat down.

"Personally I have nothing against the boy. I just don't think he was worth of All Might's interest." Nighteye couldn't tell Endeavor about One for All, so he'd have to placate Endeavor with a series of half-truths. Endeavor arched a brow at this.

"I have high standards Nighteye insanely high for myself and those I surround myself with, and Midoriya met them. Maybe it was because you weren't there in person, but I saw All for One and even now I'm not sure I would have been able to overcome his power." Endeavor clenched his fist as a tremble ran through him. "He was a monster and we are all lucky that Midoriya was there. What more could you want?" Endeavor asked as Nighteye crossed his legs.

"You're right Endeavor I wasn't there and I wish every day that I was, but being there in person or not has no bearing on what I saw. Midoriya lost control. He wasn't being a hero in that moment he was taking his anger out on All for One. He didn't defeat All for One because it was the right thing to do, or because he wanted to prevent more people from being hurt. He just wanted to hurt him and that is not what I consider to be a hero." Endeavor stood up.

"I'm not here to argue heroic philosophy Nighteye. I regard Midoriya as someone who is worthy of the title of hero. To answer your question from before I don't intend to cut Midoriya loose. For a while now I've been getting requests from other heroes about Midoriya. Until now I've kept this information from him and urged those heroes to keep their distance, but now that he has his license I will bring this up with him. It'll be his choice to stay with me or pursue other routes. This will be a good opportunity for you to see if you're right about him. Take him on at your agency see him work up close and find your answer." Endeavor said walking out of the office.

"Maybe I will." Nighteye said as the door shut.

"So that's it then?" Tomura asked as Overhaul leaned forward.

"Yes that is my plan in its entirety, and I will need several of your men to accomplish this." Overhaul said as Tomura arched a brow.

"Who do you need?" Tomura asked as Overhaul leaned back clasping his hands in his lap.

"Kurogiri for starters and, Twice, and Toga. I think those three will be useful for our needs." Tomura bared his teeth at this.

"No way that's almost half of my men, and Kurogiri is out of the question." Tomura growled as Overhaul rubbed his forehead.

"I've placed a great deal of trust in you Shigaraki telling you my plan, and now I'm asking you do the same. Just as you needed to make sure of my commitment to our endeavors I need the same from you." Overhaul said as Tomura leaned back.

"I won't give you Kurogiri. He's on a mission right now and is currently unreachable as for Twice and Toga. I'll see what I can do. As you might recall you killed Magne and she was close with those two. They may not be willing to work under the man who killed her." Overhaul scoffed at Tomura's words.

"You're their leader aren't you; subordinates should do as their boss tells them to. If you can't get them to obey you're orders then you're not a good leader." Overhaul said as all his men nodded at his words.

Tomura smiled and chuckled at Overhaul's words. "Don't push your values onto me dammit. My guys follow me because I allow them the freedom to be who they are and do what they want. I don't force them to conform to some outdated philosophy like the puppets you keep. I won't order them to work for you, but I will try to convince them." Tomura said standing up. "Now one of you bastards lead me out of here I've had enough of breathing your stale air." Tomura said walking towards the door.

"I suppose that's all I can ask." Overhaul said as Tomura left.

Jiro was lying in her bed having the best sleep she'd had in who knows how long except for one thing. Someone kept poking her. "Kyoka…Kyoka!" Jiro waved her hand swatting whoever it was away. "Kyoka come on wake up I need to go." Jiro huffed as the person continued to pester her. She opened an eye seeing Izuku lying next to her and trying to extract himself from her arms.

"No staaaay!" She moaned squeezing him tighter before Izuku sighed.

"I can't Kyoka if I stay everybody is going to wake up and I don't want to risk running into one of the guys or worse Mr. Aizawa." Kyoka moaned as she loosened her grip allowing Izuku to get out of bed and find his clothes. Kyoka sat up holding the blanket to her chest as she watched him get dressed.

"Maybe we can convince Mr. Aizawa to let you stay another day." Jiro said as Izuku laughed.

"I doubt it, but thanks for the offer." He said fully dressed and moved over to kiss her it was chaste but passionate and over far too soon in Jiro's opinion. "Bye Kyoka." He said quietly exiting her room as the young musician fell back on her bed gently caressing her lips.

Izuku walked down the hall making sure he didn't run into any of the guys and made his way downstairs. "Midoriya!" Shouted Aizawa making the green haired boy leap several feet in the air and fall flat on the ground as Aizawa walked over to him. "I was just coming to get you. Your times up." Izuku nodded.

"Umm yes I know Mr. Aizawa thanks for letting me stay the night." Izuku said heading for the door before feeling Aizawa's hand on his shoulder.

"You did well during the exam, but don't get cocky just because you have your license. Think about how your actions affect others especially yourself." The erasure hero said as he pressed the small case containing Izuku's suit. It looked like a glasses case to be honest. Izuku smiled as he put the case away.

"I will, thank you for everything Mr. Aizawa." Izuku said as he left the dorm.

Izuku exited the gates of UA and took a deep breath. He still couldn't believe that as of this moment he was a licensed hero. "It's like a dream." He said fishing in his pocket to find his hero license just to look at it. "I wish you were here to see this All Might." Izuku said rubbing the brimming tears from his eyes as he started to hail a cab to get back to Endeavor's agency, before remembering that with his license he was permitted to use his quirk freely.

A cab pulled up to Izuku who looked at the expectant cabbie. "Oh sorry never mind." He said as from his back a pair of black wings appeared and propelled him into the sky before flying towards Endeavor's agency. Looking at the city from up here was incredible. He'd always wondered what it was like to fly and now he could do it whenever he liked. Izuku opened his mouth and gave an explosive laugh as he sailed through the skies.

Izuku landed at Endeavor's agency as he dispersed his wings and went inside. From around a corner a girl watched the green haired boy enter the agency and smiled. "He's here, he's here, he's here!" The blonde said excitedly as a man clapped a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down if you act like that when we get him you'll scare him off. Just calm down." The man instructed patting the girl's back as she smiled happily.

"I can't wait!" She said excitedly.

Izuku knocked on Endeavor's office door before being permitted to enter. "Endeavor sir?" Izuku asked as Endeavor turned around from looking out his window.

"Yes Midoriya I trust you enjoyed celebrating with your former classmates." Endeavor said as Izuku smiled and nodded.

"Yes sir thank you for allowing me the opportunity." Izuku said bowing as Endeavor waved the gratitude off.

"Stop that, you are no longer my apprentice. That license in your pocket says you're a full-fledged hero as such we are now colleagues." Endeavor said standing in front of Izuku. "Now that you have that license there's a choice you need to make. You could feasibly start your own agency. I'm sure the Hero Association would love to have you as a proper hero after all the accolades you have it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for you." Izuku's eyes nearly popped out of his head at this.

"Me have my own agency? Th-tha-that's insane. I mean sure I can do hero work, but I don't know anything about the paperwork and finer details of working as a hero!" Izuku said nearly hyperventilating as Endeavor stared down at the boy.

"That's good. If you had said you wanted to open your own agency I would have hit you." Endeavor said before continuing to speak. "The next option you have is to become my sidekick officially. I wouldn't mind having you here and continuing to train you until you felt comfortable stepping into your own shoes, but if I did that I feel you'd pick up some of my mannerisms and my reputation would always be linked to yours." Endeavor's eyes darkened at that he didn't want to stain Midoriya's budding hero career.

"I mean that would be nice. I don't mind working under you for a few more years." Izuku said scratching his head as Endeavor shook his head.

"I'll be honest with you Midoriya with your power and your license the only thing that separates the two of us is experience, and on that I bring up your third option. Since your debut at the shopping mall I've been getting calls from various heroes about teaming up with you. I've firmly told them that you're not my sidekick and therefore it is your decision who you partner with. Now that you have your license you can approach heroes about working with them. It would be similar to UA's work study, but completely on your terms. That is the option I suggest. Go out and gain that experience take in everything; Rescue and combat learn how heroes work alongside the Police. Experience the pressure of working as hero, but with a bit of leeway since you're partnering with others that know their specialty. There's no shortage of problems to be solved."

Izuku's eyes widened at what Endeavor was telling him as he swallowed. "I-I see what you mean. Thank you for everything Endeavor. I guess this is goodbye." He said with a smile as Endeavor reached his hand out which Izuku shook firmly and turned to leave.

After Izuku left Burnin' came in. "Are you sure you want to cut him loose boss?" She asked as Endeavor nodded.

"Yes he'll have more chances to expand and build upon himself this way, and as of now there's someone else who needs my full attention." Endeavor said scrolling through his contacts before coming to Shoto Todoroki.

Izuku walked out into the morning sunlight with a proud smile. "Wow I-I didn't expect things to go like that." He said scratching his head as he began walking down the sidewalk. "This is the choice I made so I should get started. Who should I go to first?" He asked himself as he cupped his chin. "I could go to Kamui Woods I think being around him will help with my Snake Cowl movements, and he is an expert in apprehending villains. Then there's Thirteen the best there is when it comes to rescue operations. I definitely want to be the kind of hero who can rescue people efficiently."

As Izuku went down the street muttering he got the feeling he was being followed. He continued to mutter but began moving towards a more secluded part of the area and when he was sure that he was away from the public he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wristbands and turned around with green lightning arcing off him. "Who's there!?" He shouted as two figures walked towards him both recognizable.

"Easy there Midoriya why don't you come with us and don't put up a fight." Said the blonde in front of him as the man at her side crossed his large arms.

"Indeed it'll be so much easier if you just come quietly." The man further instructed.

Izuku swallowed as he looked at the two. "W-what are you two doing here?!"

In the depths of the super max prison Tartarus walked Gran Torino his cane clacking along the floor tiles as he was lead to the most heavily guarded cell in the facility and in this cell sat All for One. He was strapped to a chair in a straitjacket behind a thick plastic window and in the upper corners of his cell were turrets that moved each time All for One did. The villain laughed as he saw the small man in front of him "Oh what a surprise. How lucky I am to be visited by the great Gran Torino. Pardon me for not bowing if I do these turrets might blow me away."

Gran Torino sat in the chair on the other side of the glass. "I see time has done its work. You're not even a shell of the man you used to be." All for One said as Gran Torino grinned.

"We all can't be so lucky to have stolen longevity quirks. How's your stump?" Gran Torino said pointing at what remained of All for One's arm. The villain frowned.

"I see your tongue hasn't lost its edge. Did you come here just to make fun of me Gran Torino?" All for One asked as Gran Torino scratched his chin.

"No, I don't enjoy abusing pitiful creatures like you do. What is your plan All for One, why use Nana's grandson. There's no shortage of freaks and monsters at your disposal so why go so far as to corrupt the legacy of my dear friend?" Gran Torino asked as All for One asked.

"Now that is the question isn't it?" He asked leaning forward his sightless eyes staring into Gran Torino's.