Jade and Kotal passed through a portal, arriving on a deserted island. The last few days had been true hell. The great battle had been won only because Princess Kitana came in at the last moment with a legion of allies. She murdered the tyrant Shao Kahn, making her more than worthy to take the throne.

Kitana had been a long time friend of both the healer Jade and the Sun King Kotal, so it was with kindness and compassion she allowed them safe passage to a place where they might find peace.

The sun god's tall muscular body was broken, and in pain, but the warmth of the cloudless sky felt incredible.

"Do you remember when we used to make love here?" she asked.

"Seems like a lifetime ago."

Jade went about removing Kotal's headdress, his armor, and as she did, his green body paint started to flake off, revealing his natural skin color. "Do you recall what I used to do to you?" she asked, with a kiss to his bloody knee. "The way I used to touch you?"

Kotal had no feeling in his legs, but he could still feel her.

"I remember. when you were nineteen, long before you were a God or even a king. Your father had beaten you for falling ill on the battlefield." Jade massaged his legs with even pressure, working from his ankles to his thighs. "You told me that bastard dubbed you the weakest of all his children."

Kotal did remember such a time. He had gone into battle alongside his brothers. But, on only the first day, he suffered a horrific injury to his back. His shoulder had nearly been torn apart, leaving him too crippled to continue. Had Kotal not been of royal blood, the military protocol of his people would have dictated that he be left behind.

The wound had not received proper treatment and as a result, by the end of the week-long siege, Kotal had fallen sick with a fever. This was the most dishonorable fate.

Upon his return, Kotal's mother contacted Kitana's family in hopes of receiving aid. As an act of charity, Kitana's father allowed Kotal to seek refuge in Edenia. He knew the cruelty of the Osh-Tekk people. If Kotal was not sent away quickly he would be killed as a means of maintaining the honor and dignity of his warrior clan.

When Kotal arrived via carriage he was very sick. Knowing of his mother's plans, Kotal's father had tortured the young soldier nearly to death. The cruelty had gone beyond beatings. Kotal had been denied medicine, even water. There was little chance he would survive, even in the care of the Edenian royal family.

He was given a bed and placed under the watch of a young servant named Jade.

From what little Kotal could recall Jade was told by the older staff members that he, the patient, was a prince who had been mortally wounded in battle. It would be her role to stay by his side and care for him until he inevitably passed away.

"The fever left him with a very weak heart," the older Edenian doctor explained. "We can't even be certain as to how much of his mind remains."

Jade took those words as a challenge. The way she cared for Kotal truly saved his life. Living as his roommate, nurse, and personal servant, she cooked meals in the room, and brewed medicinal teas. She dressed his wounds and would administer massages to help with the debilitating pain.

Kotal had gone temporarily blind due to infection so he knew little of Jade's physical beauty. For the first few weeks, he knew her only as the kind-hearted girl who would spend hours reading to him, or simply holding his hand.

When the agony of the situation was too much to bear Jade would crawl into bed with him, her voice whispering softly, "Let the warmth of my heart take your pain away."

On more than one occasion he would awaken with a rock hard erection, his body craving sex. He didn't even have to ask. Jade would gently massage his manhood, working from the base to the tip until she coaxed out a liberal amount of precum.

Now, on the beach, after so many years nothing had changed. Kotal moaned as he felt Jade lick the tip of his cock.

"You always loved when I touched you," she said in a whisper as a stream of saliva oozed from her lips. "When you went missing I would touch myself while thinking of you." she started to use the saliva as lube, caressing her hands down his shaft. "The way your body would tense." She slowly took his cock his her mouth. At well over ten inches, he was too big to comfortably slip down her throat. But that didn't stop Jade. She took Kotal's hand, guiding him to grip her hair as she deep throated him all the way down to his ballsack.

Kotal could help but moan as he ran his finger through her hair. Bathing in the warmth of the sun he could feel sensation in his once broken body; his arms, legs, hips- the closer he was to orgasm the stronger he was becoming.

Jade's chest throbbed as she came up for air, what little clothing she wore was slipping down, to reveal her tan, sensual, breasts. "Do you know what I miss most?" she asked as she held his cock between her soft mounds. "The way you spread your legs." Jade took a moment to lick her fingers before coaxing them into his ass. "The way you would beg me to keep going."

Kotal leaned into her touch. On the battlefield, he had seen many men reliving tension through anal sex. As a young teen, he himself had been on the receiving end of such acts. But nothing compared to the touch of a beautiful woman opening him like a flower.

"My mother taught me the mysteries of a man's body; how there was a way to touch someone that would bring about intense pleasure and with it, intense, spiritual healing. But you were the first boy who let me try it," Jade said, as she kissed him softly on his hip. "My big masculine Osh-Tekk prince." Jade finally allowed her clothing to fall to the sand, revealing a body as beautiful as he remembered. "Healing your body always made me feel so powerful. You were mine, to care for, to love. When you left..." Jade brushed her lips to his, this time holding the kiss long enough to feel his breath. "After a while, you became like a dream."

Kotal could feel Jade teasing her wet pussy against his cock. Her hands moved from his ass to his hips as she lowered herself on to his erection. He could feel her thighs quiver. "Are you alright, my love?"

"I'm just taking my time," she moaned as her juices oozed down his shaft. "Oh, God, you're as big as you've always been. I can't believe I let you take my virginity all those years ago." Her wet pussy gripped his cock as she moved up and down. "I remember you fucked me so hard I could barely walk."

"I remember." Kotal suddenly felt strong enough to sit up, pulling his lover close.

"I would give anything to feel that power." Her lips met his as she looked into his eyes.

As a younger man, he would have maneuvered Jade on to her hands and knees to fuck her doggy-style. He would have grabbed her tits, rubbing her nipples as he came in her tight, wet pussy. But that was not the choice made by the more mature Kotal Kahn.

Kotal pulled Jade close, wrapping her legs around his waist. He let her remain in control as they kissed. "If I never regain my strength, would you still be my queen?"

"I will be your queen, even if all we rule over is the sand of this island." Jade was tightening her abs, as she moved her hips, riding him hard. "I will live and die for you; my sun, my moon, my stars."

Kotal could feel her engorged nipples, moving with the motion of her breath. "My love, you are my truth."

"Then take me," she said, laying her body on the sand. She made sure to move slow, to keep Kotal inside her. "Let me be your strength."

He moved Jade's leg over his shoulder as he increased his pace. He could feel her body tense, with pleasure. She was moaning louder, crying out his name. As an experiment, he would slow down, until he could feel her body relax. And then would fuck her hard until she screamed. Her pussy was dripping wet, but Kotal was still hard. The power of the sun was like a drug; raw energy flowing through his muscles.

Before he knew it, he'd expelled his seed with intense power. He could feel Jade sinking her nails into his back as she buried her face in his chest. Kotal began to slip his exhausted manhood from her body.

"No, leave it in," she said, forcing her lips to his. "Just hold me, please."

Kotal had no idea what would happen next. As far as he knew, they had no means of returning to their homeland. Was their fate to live out the remainder of their days on this island? Only time would tell.