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Remus was lying in the grass outside his house. It was summer and the sun was shinning brightly. It was only two weeks into summer and it had already been the best summer of his life. Mostly because he wasn't alone.

"Oi! Moony!" Sirius called from Remus's window upstairs. "If you wanted to go swimming, now would be a good time to get ready! 'Else you're going in the pond fully dressed!"

"Fine, fine!" Remus said, standing up. "On my way, and my trunks better be the same color as they were when I bought them or no food for you!"

There was a strangled-like sound from the upstairs window before Sirius's head popped back out. "On second thought, wait about five minutes before you come up."

Remus laughed and sat back down. "Tell me when you're finished up there." Remus smiled, looking at the nearby lake they were going to swim in as soon as Sirius stopped playing pranks. Remus and Sirius had been best friends since as long as Remus could remember, BEST friends since they were eight. Sirius was the best friend Remus had ever had. Sure, he had other friends, Lily, James, and Pete were all great, but there was something special about Sirius. All five of them were spending the last two weeks at the Potter's. Sirius's parents had been sent to Albania for some reason no one knew. Remus had begged his parents for WEEKS to let him stay here. Eventually they caved, but Sirius's parents had been harder to convince. They had been terrified of Remus since he had been bitten. They had grudgingly agreed, but Sirius never told Remus what he'd said to convince them, only that they didn't like it at all.

Just then Sirius poked his head back out the window. "Ok, your trunks are back to their dull old black. I still get to eat, right?" He sounded genuinely worried.

"Of course." Remus laughed, standing back up to go inside. He walked in the door and around the corner towards the stairs when he was suddenly knocked clean off his feet by a flying Sirius, who landed on top of him.

"Oof." Remus grunted as he hit the floor with a dull 'thud'.

"Sorry Moony." Sirius said, smiling down at him, making no move to get up.
Remus laughed. "That kinda hurt; let's just hope you didn't bruise my tailbone!" He took a deep breath to get his lungs working again as Sirius rolled over to get up. 'He smells good…' Remus thought as Sirius stood up and reached down to give Remus a hand. "Just watch where you're going! And slow down!" Remus laughed, shaking his head.

"You're one to talk." Sirius laughed.

"Too true, too true…" Remus laughed again. Generally HE was the one going too fast. "I'll see you out there, just need to change."

"Groovy!" Sirius grinned and dashed outside.

Remus sighed and waited until Sirius was out of sight before bolting upstairs faster that Sirius ever could to change into his BLACK swim trunks. This summer was defiantly going to be interesting.
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