AN- Ok, I got a note saying that this is confusing and er…yeah. I guess it is. *scratches head* Ya see, I write based on the standpoint that Sirius and Remus have been best friends simply forever. Long before Hogwarts. That's where that flashback comes from. From then on out, they became completely inseparable, except the fact that Sirius's parents were terrified of Remus (they were there when Remus was discovered to be a werewolf; their son was almost killed in the same attack after all!) So their friendship was secret. And er…I hope that clears things up, maybe a bit. I have a story of first year that I'm working on, but haven't typed. But basically Sirius has always been really close to Remus, and Remus tells him everything. Sirius adores Remus and always has. James knew they were going to end up together from the get go. And um…shutting up now.
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Remus smiled happily. So far this summer had defiantly been his best. Sirius had been true to his word, never once acting any differently towards him. If anything, he seemed almost closer. The summer had been full of adventures, and Remus's parents scolding them for making too much noise at night when they didn't want to go to sleep. If there had ever been something that hadn't been said before, it was said now. But the end of summer was fast approaching, and Remus still hadn't managed to tell Sirius that HE was the one he was desperately in love with.

Sirius sighed. Only one more week was left before they went to James's house. Only one more week alone with Remus. That was almost, depressing. Sirius smiled inwardly, careful not to let his emotions show on his face. He loved spending so much time with Remus, that's why he loved Hogwarts so much. For so long he had to merely write to him, be content with seeing his handwriting and reading his words. Somehow that fell so short of actually BEING with Remus. Remus is just so…Remus. Nothing else could possibly describe it. Just looking at his face, seeing his eyes. It was like magic, it always had been. Sirius supposed that he'd always loved Remus; Madam Pomfrey could have easily said something about it even in first year. She'd seen his dedication to Remus, even head him call him 'Moon-love', a dead give away. James had been recording a list of 'Sirius and Remus Mysteries' since the day they met on the Hogwarts express. It had to be destiny or something. Nothing else could fit. Just then, Sirius noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Remus was getting up. Time for food!

"G'Morning Moony!" He chirped cheerfully from his makeshift bed. Remus paused at the door and turned back to him.

"Awake so early? What a surprise!" Remus laughed and opened the door. "It smells like mum's just about done with breakfast." He smiled and sniffed the air. "Bacon, biscuits, and eggs."

"On my way!" Sirius quickly jumped up and grabbed the nearest pair of shorts and a T-shirt, which just happened to be tie-dyed. Remus was already on his way down, and now that Sirius thought about it, he could hear the sizzle of the frying pan. The smells coming from the kitchen were almost enough to make him drool. Consequently, he dressed VERY quickly.

"Love, love me do! You know I love you! I'll always be true! So ple-e-e-ease! Love me do…ohoh, love me doooo…" Sirius sang as he skipped down the stairs. He quickly grabbed Remus and swept him into a on-the-spot dance when he came into the kitchen. Remus laughed as he was spun around. Mrs. Lupin wiped her hands on her apron as she stifled a laugh herself. "Good morning Mrs. Lupin!" Sirius said with a theatrical bow once he had released Remus to find the ground again (he was dizzy). "Breakfast smells simply wonderful."

"Why thank you Sirius!" she said laughing. Sirius was a nice boy, somewhat crazy, but nice. "It will be done in just a few minutes, if you can wait that long." She added with a chuckle.

Remus was laughing, having regained his balance. "What WAS that you were singing Siri?" he asked, confused.

"Why, it's by the Beatles, a muggle phenomenon! You must have heard of all the wonderful music muggles have!" At Remus's blank stare, Sirius threw his hands up in dismay. "This simply means that we MUST explore the muggle music genres today!" He laughed and sat down at the table. "Never heard of the Beatles, Great Merlin!" he muttered quietly. Remus giggled (AN-Yes, he GIGGLED. Why? Because he did!) and sat down beside him.

"Sounds like fun I suppose…" he smiled and took a sip of his orange juice. 'Especially if he swings me around like that again!' he added silently with a smile. The summer had defiantly been an enjoyable one.

"Great!" Sirius exclaimed as he picked up his fork. "We'll start right after breakfast." His face was all smiles. Obviously this was something he REALLY loved. Muggle music, a strange obsession.

(a few minutes later…)

"Ok Moony, lets start with swing." Sirius smiled and pulled a record play out of his bag. Remus had never noticed it before. He pulled out another box filled with large, round discs that looked like very flat Frisbees and carefully pulled one out. "Alright, this one's a classic." He said as he put the disc on the player and started the needle on one of the grooves. "It's called 'Sing Sing Sing'. But one thing about this music is you just HAVE to dance." Sirius gave Remus a cheeky grin before jumping up and lifting him into the air again. "Now, this sort of dance involves a lot of throwing the partner around, it's almost gymnastics in a way. A lot of people consider it outdated, but music is MUSIC and with music, everything is just that much better."

Remus just had to smile. The light in Sirius's eyes was just too much to stand. The thought of music just lit Sirius up like a light bulb. "So how many types of music do you have?" he asked after the song had finished and Sirius had set him back down so he could continue in Remus's musical education.

"Just about everything there is." He stated with a big grin. "Now let's see, what shall we listen to next?" he said softly to himself as he flipped through the stack of 'records' as Remus now knew they were called. "Aha! The Beatles, I knew it was in here somewhere." Sirius grinned. "The Beatles were a revolution in music. They write catchy tunes and are just…awesome." He smiled, he seemed to be doing that a lot today. "Here's the song I was singing earlier…"

And so the day continued. By lunchtime Remus had begun to love music almost as much as Sirius. They had listened to everything from Bach to Simon and Garfunkel, Elvis, the Beach Boys, and a lot of other bands Remus couldn't even begin to remember the name of. By dinnertime, Remus wanted his own copy of half of Sirius's records.

"Time to go shopping in London then, eh?" Sirius had replied.

"You bet." Remus readily agreed. "And can we bring this stuff to Hogwarts?" He asked hopefully. Hogwarts with MUSIC was bound to be interesting.

"You know, that sounds like a plan Moony, my friend! Hogwarts isn't going to know what hit it."

With that, Hogwarts was doomed.
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