Greetings, everyone. Lately I've been feeling a bit of a writer's block with my other story, as it is quite extensive (just look at its word count compared to the chapter number) and in general rather straining to work with. So because of that and the fact that VRAINS as a spin-off seems more and more appealing to me, I've decided to give it a shot and write a fanfic for it as well. There will be some stylistic differences compared to Dawn of Twilight, but that's only of concern for those who have been reading my other story anyway. Plotwise there will be comparably minor differences to Season 1 and 2, whereas Season 3 will involve a lot more new concepts. Though even the former two will contain a fair amount of new elements, Season 3 will just be totally uncharted territory and thus the most different out of the bunch – if there's anything to know about me, then it's that I like to break the mold of the common fanfiction story approach, so don't expect this story to introduce one or two additional Lost Incident victims and be done with the central new concepts; I much prefer going past the confines of the Lost Incident, as you will see. One last thing, as I feel more comfortable with real life dueling and don't really like the Anime-IRL divide too much, I will write duels with 8000 lifepoints instead of only 4000. With that said we can start. Here goes nothing I guess.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS or anything related to it aside from my OCs and cards I created myself. I guess that is obvious, but oh well.

Chapter 1: Changing Winds

Five Years ago, within the LINK VRAINS...

"Hmm, what a strange event," a male voice said, looking at a structure that could best be described as a high-security prison. Mostly painted in gray and white color, the futuristic stronghold stood within a region of the VRAINS network that was out of bounds for normal users. On several spots hung the pretty much only design element the practical building had, a hexagonal emblem consisting of a mixture of white and black – a well-known symbol as it belonged to the very administrators of this network, SOL Technologies. The surrounding darkness was accompanied by occasional alarm sounds that came from the edifice in periodical intervals, to the slight annoyance of the man, as he was focused on searching for something. While the night obscured any insight the observer could have possibly gained through the few parts of the building that were made from glass, looking at what was inside the prison was not important to the man anyway. The searchlights of the giant structure wildly moving back and forth into all directions before him said it all: Whatever was in there had definitely somehow found its way to the outside.

And that was just what the man was here for. Gliding on top of a levitating board, he narrowed his yellow eyes lacking irises or pupils, scanning the surrounding area for any signs of his target whilst avoiding the searchlights which would turn the attention of SOL Technologies toward him if he was spotted by them. As soon as he had been notified about the sudden alarm that SOL had raised, the man had logged into the VRAINS and departed towards the region of matter. Luckily his organization had means to bypass the security controls of SOL that guarded the entrance to the restricted area with relative ease. That didn't go for the prison before him though, which had been the reason that brought him here. If something had escaped from his probably second worst enemies' high-security prison, what kind of man would he be to not take the chance and capture whatever had found its way out of SOL's greedy claws? The only problem with his plan was spotting said thing – something that was not exactly easy to accomplish in the absolute darkness around him while simultaneously dodging the cones of light that posed the security measures of SOL Technologies.

"Damn, where is it? If I let this chance pass, I might never get access to the Cyberse World!" the man cursed, looking around feverishly in order to obtain the thing that could potentially enable the achievement of his goals.

"Are you looking for me?" a sudden voice interrupted the man's train of thought.

The man froze, halting the movements of his board at once. His head spinning around towards the person who had addressed him, the male at first looked startled, as his eyes didn't perceive anything notable. However, with a closer look and the speaker drawing a bit nearer, he finally saw who had talked to him so suddenly: It was a small humanoid being, just a few inches in size. While its body was mainly tinted in a color that resembled a mixture of very dark purple and black, it also possessed linings that went over its limbs contrasting its body color, pulsating with whitish energy streams. On its wrists it had two symbols of the same moving white mass, something looking like a sword on its right wrist, and something akin to a shield on its left. Its forehead was extended and curved backwards in a rather flat arc, ending in a pointed tip. Below the flowing white markings on its forehead, that consisted of a quartet of white dots being linked together in a diamond-like shape with a smaller dot in the middle, two oval eyes were located, gazing at him with white scleras and irises while the thin iris borders and pupils it possessed had light blue color.

The man's eyes widened in shock as he perceived the creature. Then his expression changed, anger becoming apparent on it.

"IGNIS!" he bellowed in outrage, reaching for his wrist. With the programs that he had installed in his duel disk, he could and would easily disassemble this abomination before him. He was interrupted in his plans as the being spoke up to him once more, however.

"Woah, hold your horses! I was expecting a rather unfriendly greeting, but this is just insanity! How about if we all calm down again and talk like civilized people? I mean you no harm, I assure you," the creature asked, its tone rather polite, even if there was a tiny hint of fear in it from the way the man had reacted to it.

"There is no use in talking with an Ignis like you! Now prepare for your annihilation!" the man yelled back, his finger menacingly hovering over the disk that would unleash the program of his choice.

"Hey, do nothing rash now! I'm not an Ignis! At least not in the way you would define it. I'm more like a dark twin to them. Or a bright one, actually," the being responded, raising its with white lines decorated arms to pacify the man.

Surprise became visible on the man's face. "You're not an Ignis?" he repeated before his expression changed back to the one he had previously. "Nice try, but that trickery of yours won't fool me! Now accept your fate and die with honor at least, instead of making up lies in order to save your skin!" the male declared, his finger approaching the touchscreen of his duel disk once more.

The being sighed audibly. "So you won't let me live, no matter what I say?" it inquired in exasperation.

"No! You must be erased not matter what!" the man insisted, about to pull the trigger by activating the program in his disk. At once the creature made a move of its own, causing the man to panic, his movement towards the touchscreen that would activate his contraption accelerating. Before he was able to so, a lightning connected to him, having been launched from the palm of the little black creature. A stream of memories ran through the man's mind at that, the lightning having activated something inside his brain apparently. The small being began talking as the man experienced the flood of sensations within his mind.

"Ryoken, you really disappoint me! I thought you were better than this, treating me like your enemy! You always were a reasonable person, but currently you're acting like an idiot, not gonna lie! Especially if the solution to your very problems outright walks into your face and you try to kill it!" it chastized while it was observing the man, giving him a slightly scolding look.

"You... How do you know my-?" the man asked with eyes half-closed from the strain he felt at the very moment, his statement interrupted by a jolt of pain that forced him to clench his teeth.

"Name?" the being finished for him. "Well, let's say it's only natural that I know it, given my origins. But anyway, focus on the feeling you're experiencing right now! This bolt of Anti Material will be able to shatter the fake memories you were given and unlock your real ones, you just have to help me and concentrate on it!" the creature addressed him in a tone between demanding and pleading. But more demanding, honestly.

"What fake memories?! What the hell are you talking about?!" the male hissed, clutching the side of his head in pain.

"Remember, Ryoken! Think about SOL Technologies! They have done more to you than just imprisoning your father for three years! Think of what happened three years ago!" the being insisted, emitting another bolt that invaded the mind of the opposing person, strengthening the already existing impetus manifold.

"You're wrong! Nothing happened three years ago! Nothing at-!" The male shook his head violently, both in denial and to get rid of the pain, as if he could just shake it off. Suddenly he froze, long forgotten thoughts resurfacing. He halted his movements, staring ahead for a while and recollecting himself.

"Finally," the creature remarked, pleased that the man had ceased his resistance at last.

"So you are...?" the male spoke up after a few moments of disbelief, facing the small humanoid with a look of surprise.

"Yeah, I am an A.I.! I am the one who will help you to save humanity! That's why I sought you out after all!" it said, gesturing to itself with a hint of pride on its expression.

"So you were the thing that escaped from SOL's prison over there?" the man addressed it.

"Right! I've been sitting in that awful place for some years now, helping those money-loving jerks to generate Data Material – not very willingly might I add! But eventually I got tired of it and decided to make the first strike instead of waiting for Cyberse to make their move on us! I planned my escape – and just now I succeeded with it!" the small humanoid being explained. "By the way, I don't like you calling me a thing, so I guess it's about time to give you my name at last. You may call me Noctis, pleased to make your acquaintance," the creature said with an apparently male voice.

"Fine, Noctis!" the man replied, causing a pleased reaction of the A.I. as that had been the kind of answer desired by it – or rather him. He was slightly surprised as the male continued shortly afterwards, assuming a demanding tone which displeased Noctis a bit. "But if you want me to trust you, you have to deliver a proof!" the man insisted.

"A proof? So you'll accept me?" Noctis repeated, a hint of annoyance audible in his tone.

"Exactly! I want a sign of goodwill from you! Give me something with value great enough, then I will accept you as my ally!" the man went on demanding.

The black A.I. chuckled, the flow of its white lines slightly altering at his change of emotions. "Very well! I hope you are prepared, because it looks like you're going to get your birthday present earlier this year!" Noctis giggled, transmitting a collection of files and data to the male with a white flash similar to the previous ones.

The man opened the files as soon as he received them, not getting his hopes up to not be disappointed if the information was insufficient for his demands. But as soon as he realized what the content of these files was, he became aware that he had made a great error of judgment with his pessimistic attitude. This data – it changed everything for him!

"This is data about the whereabouts of the Cyberse World! Where did you get that?" he asked the A.I., his eyes glued on the files as he absorbed every bit of information into his brain as soon as he finished processing it.

Noctis chuckled once more. "Oh, I just searched for it by looking into the network while I was in captivity! I had a lot of time on my hands, so I used the servers of SOL as a starting point to begin my search from! Given my special purpose, it wasn't all that hard to do either! Now then, do we have an agreement?" he inquired, that what was most likely a grin given he had no mouth growing on his expression.

The man closed the file, facing the A.I. with a grin of his own. "Oh, most certainly we have! Welcome to the Knights of Hanoi!" he told, offering the small humanoid his hand.

"Then it's decided! Together we will get rid of those Cyberse abominations!" Noctis replied, accepting the hand by taking one of its fingers with his own hand.

"We will! Now then, let's make our preparations!" the man retorted, holding out the wrist of his left arm to the A.I., Noctis accepting the invitation by taking a seat on the man's duel disk. The male then turned his floating board, leaving the restricted area alongside his new comrade.

"Be ready, Cyberse! The time for you to vanish has come at last!" Noctis whispered with a devious smirk of anticipation on his face.

Five Years later...

"...and that concludes our lesson! Please make sure to review the vocab and don't forget the extra homework on the other side of your worksheets! See you tomorrow!" a middle-aged teacher addressed his class, receiving an identical salutation from his students who left the classroom soon after that.

"Finally," a 16 years old teenager sighed, standing up from his desk. "English is not the most interesting subject at school, but at least the teacher has more charisma than average and the subject as a whole is fairly important, so that's something I guess." The fair skinned male then turned leftwards in order to exit the row of the lecture hall-like classroom where he had sat before. The youth had dark green hair that parted on his left-hand facial side, most of it running rightwards from there. While his hair was rather flat on the anterior part of his head, that on the hinder part of it was more messy, though even then the number of spikes he had on both sides of his head was about equal. Alongside a few dark purple highlights on both sides he also had some bangs of the same color on the backside of his head. He furthermore had a pair of rather tired-looking golden eyes and was clad in the standard Den City school uniform consisting of a slate colored jacket with light blue trim, a white dress shirt underneath it, a light blue tie and black pants. The only distinguishing features he had were his black and light green colored shoes and a small bracelet made of golden and light blue threads that adorned his right wrist and looked about as simple that a small child could have made it.

The tired male left his row, turning leftwards to exit the lecture hall over the side passage of the room. Or at least he planned on doing that, because suddenly...

-"Ouch!"- two voices exclaimed in unison, the male rubbing the right side of his head to alleviate the pain from the previous collision. 'Great, I daydreamed and bumped into someone!' the teen cursed inwardly, looking around to his right. "Are you okay?" he asked the person he had collided with, standing up while offering his hand to them.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But thank you for your concern," a female voice retorted, taking his hand and standing up as well.

"That's good," the dark green haired teenager sighed in relief. "But still, I have to apologize to you. I wasn't fully awake apparently, so it's definitely my fault that this happened. Sorry for bumping into you like that," the male apologized in embarrassment, rubbing the backside of his head while the girl arose.

The female chuckled. "No worries, nothing bad happened. Besides, I wasn't really paying attention either," she reassured the boy.

Whilst she said that, the teenager finally took a bit of time to look at the person he ran into making this a rather unfortunate meeting. It took him only a spare moment to regret his way to phrase this encounter with, noticing that this girl was – even for the rather decent standards of his class – an absolute looker. Much like all female students she wore a slate colored jacket with blue trim, white dress shirt with a yellow jumper above, and a short black skirt alongside a blue tie (which unlike most students she secured with a clip that resembled a black kitten head, instead of a pink heart).

But that's about where her similarities to the other female students ended in terms of clothing, as she also wore a pair of black stockings going all the way up to her thighs and white shoes with light blue highlights and low heels of the same color. Her most distinguishing features were on her head though, having long light blue hair reaching to about the height of her hips. On the anterior part of her face her hair was mainly white though, and far shorter. Alongside the white bangs that framed her face she also had one dark blue bang protruding from the right side of her head, being bent back so it pointed upwards, a red clip securing it. Lastly she had fair skin, like pretty much all of the boy's classmates. As the male looked into the magenta-pinkish eyes of the girl, he felt his heart jump, causing him to speak up again.

"Still I can only repeat myself that I'm very sorry for running into you like that," he said, keen on not getting on the bad side of what was most likely one of the best looking girls of his class.

"I assure you, there was no harm done. Also I'm to blame for half of this accident, so I have to apologize too. I hope you can forgive a clumsy girl like me. Ahaha~," she giggled a bit nervously, causing the boy's eyes to go wide once more.

'Even her laugh is beautiful. I wonder who she is,' the male contemplated, his thoughts beginning to drift away. Suddenly he was pulled from his daydreams back into reality as the girl snapped her fingers in front of his face.

"Eh? What's wrong?" the teenager exclaimed in confusion, visibly unaware of his current outside word situation.

"I asked you about your name, but you didn't reply for a while, so I decided to get your attention," the girl explained in a polite tone.

"Oh! Sorry for that, my mind went elsewhere," the boy apologized, the beautiful, reassuring smile of the female washing away his feelings of guilt. "Anyway, you wanted to know my name, right? I'm Yukemi. Shimizu Yukemi," the green and purple haired male responded, stating the answer to the girl's question at last.

The white, light blue and dark blue haired girl nodded. "I see. My name is Atsuko, nice to meet you," the female replied, showing the faint hint of a curtsy as she introduced herself as well. Her movement, as faint, unfinished and little as it was, only helped to further the emotions of excitement the male already felt whilst talking to her.

"Is that your first or last name?" Yukemi inquired, seeking certainty to not embarrass himself when addressing her later on. God forbid how people would react if he saw her in some public place and then addressed her with her first name in front of a few dozens of people. Calling people by their first names was reserved for family and close friends after all, and he barely knew her for a few minutes now.

"My first name. I don't like using my last name a lot. It makes things really impersonal and distanced, does it not?" Atsuko asked him.

Yukemi's eyes widened. Had she just indirectly addressed one of his own beliefs? He decided to keep pressing, picking up the subject.

"Oh, definitely. It feels like a way to put a barrier between different people. Which is especially sad with how introverted most people seem to become nowadays – compared to the past at least. These days, anything is done by technology. Everything is fast, flexible and flawless. But also there is a lot less heart behind it. While it can be obnoxious at times to leave your house in order to pick up a delivery from the mailman, it still feels better than just receiving a plain email as you actually exchange words with a sentient being, even though the email is faster. But unfortunately, most people don't care about the human heart nowadays. They only care about efficiency rather than emotion." Yukemi elaborated. A second later he regretted his digression, knowing that he had gone too far. The girl in front of him would probably never agree with him. Because unlike him, everybody loved technology.

"You have a point there," the girl responded to his surprise, Yukemi looking a bit startled for a second that she actually agreed with him there. "The advancing technology offers many good things, but there are also a few disadvantages. I for instance know a restaurant owner from whom I get my bento for school everyday. I could of course just have him deliver it to me via a drone, but I don't want that. I know him well and enjoy our brief conversations when getting it from his restaurant almost as much as the food itself. If I just picked the technological delivery, I wouldn't have that. But anyway, enough of my stories. It boils down to the point that the network itself always was and still is fake. The breath of life is the thing that really matters, right?" Atsuko inquired with another of her irresistible smiles.

"Right," Yukemi said, still in disbelief that he had actually found a commonly thinking classmate.

"Anyway, I have to leave. See you at school tomorrow!" the female called out to him, turning around to make her exit.

"Wait!" Yukemi stopped her, grabbing her by the wrist.

"Yes?" Atsuko asked, turning back with a slightly confused look on her face.

"Can we please exchange numbers? I want to take you somewhere, you know, a cinema or a park, to make up for that accident from before."

Atsuko raised an eyebrow. "You mean like a date?" She inquired.

Yukemi shook his arms vigorously, clearly embarrassed. "No, just to make up for what happened before!" he insisted, obviously denying the fact that her implication seemed rather appealing to him.

Atsuko nodded. "Okay then, here you go!" she responded, pulling her phone from her pocket and holding it out to him. He quickly copied the number on the display and saved it on his own phone. They then repeated the process vice versa, Yukemi giving her his number as well.

"Thank you. I'll make sure to notify you once I've found an appropriate way to make up for our run-in," Yukemi assured her.

"I look forward to it!" Atsuko said with a smile. "Now then, see you tomorrow!" she called out to Yukemi as she turned away from him, raising her hand to say him farewell.

"See you tomorrow!" he repeated. "And by the way, can I call you Atsuko-chan?" Yukemi inquired, wanting to be sure that she was fine with his usage of her first name, even after he had heard her opinion about her own name before. He wasn't going to do a full-on yobisute – the dropping of a honorific which in their culture was considered rude in even the most informal of situations. Honorifics were more frequently attached to the last name though, so with him already using her first name instead – even if it was on her request – he deemed that he shouldn't go much further and use honorifics for her first name at least, yet even doing that didn't make him fully comfortable since being on first name basis was more common among peers of the same gender. This made him want to address her by her last name instead, as paying respect to people was something he usually made a point of. The only problem with that was that he didn't know her last name – plus a part of him craved for the sense of familiarity that the use of her first name expressed.

She gave him a look as her head turned around with another smile that practically made Yukemi's heart melt. "Of course you can! To be frank, I don't care that much about first names or last names, you can even drop the honorific if you want, I won't be offended by that! Between us, I never really got why yobisute bothers people so much, I personally have no problems when I see someone doing it, given that it's okay among us students though not overly polite of course, but to each their own I guess! But now I really need to go. See you tomorrow, Yukemi-kun!" she said him farewell, now making her exit for real.

"She called me by my name," Yukemi whispered, his heart practically exploding with joy. While he observed Atsuko drawing into the distance he noticed that her black bag had key tag-like versions of Kuriboh and Kurivolt attached to it. 'Damn, is there anything about her that isn't adorable?' he wondered, looking at her as she took her leave.

"If I could actually date her?" Yukemi mused once Atsuko was gone, contemplating about her implication. He shook his head violently. "No, get that dreaming out of your head, Yukemi! She is an elite class person whereas you are only second-hand at best! She deserves better than you, much much better! Even if you were to be in a relationship with her, you would only drag her down with your pessimistic attitude!" he scolded himself, banging against the side of his head with his fist repeatedly.

"Anyway, I think it's about time that I go home as well," he said to himself, beginning to leave the classroom. Before he did so however, he noticed a person on his left-hand side, apparently sleeping with his face resting on his desk. Yukemi scowled. "What an idiot. Does he have no respect towards our teacher at all?" he whispered angrily, entering the seat row and approaching the sleeping person. For a moment, Yukemi contemplated if he should give him a wet willy to teach him a lesson. But considering the message he wanted to deliver to that guy, he decided against it as it would be counterproductive and also a tad bit hypocritical. Instead he bent forward, bringing his mouth close to the other male's ear.

"Wakey wakey, school's over!" he said into the person's ear, not too loud, but not too quiet either. Granted, that got the other male's attention, waking him up at once.

"Hmm?" he muttered in a drowsy voice, raising his head from the desk in search for the voice.

"Glad that you're back!" Yukemi spoke up, facing the other male with a scolding look as the one who had fallen asleep turned to him. "You know, I get that English is not the most interesting of subjects, but will you please refrain from falling asleep like that?! Our teacher is really trying hard to get the subject matter across, yet you are spitting on his efforts by simply going to sleep! I better not see you doing that again, or there will be consequences!" Yukemi threatened the other male.

"Of what concern is that to you? Everyone of us can choose how much attention they want to pay. It's not important for you how I choose to spend the lessons. And who are you anyway?" the other male retorted groggily.

"I am Shimizu Yukemi, the one who finally makes it clear to you how disrespectful your behavior is, Fujiki Yusaku! If you're always falling asleep because you're overtired, well, just stop using your computer so much on the evenings and go to bed earlier! The way you're stomping on the attempts of Adachi-sensei to teach us necessary knowledge for our life is unacceptable, so if you don't cut that out soon, I'll personally make sure that you regret it, got that?" the dark green haired male announced.

Yusaku looked at the build of the opposing male. From the muscles he could spot through Yukemi's clothes he deduced that he did at least regular workouts, so if he were to make his threat real, he could probably beat him up. The blue and pink haired male came to the conclusion that it was best to simply answer all of his demands in the affirmative as that would avoid conflict and an unnecessary loss of time he could have spent fighting the hacker group he despised the most.

"I understand. It won't happen again," Yusaku replied, Yukemi scowling a bit as the other male's tone didn't convince him of his readiness to comply to his demands the least bit. As Yukemi wanted to respond, a new voice pushed itself into their conversation.

"Oi, what are you two still doing here?" an obnoxious male voice addressed them. As they turned around, Yukemi spotted an obese teenager who was on his way to them. He rolled his golden eyes. "Great, the bane of the classroom has shown himself..." he whispered in clear annoyance, facing a male with the same main hair color as him.

"Man, you've got some bad manners there, simply falling asleep during class! I hope you're not missing out on the subject matter too much, otherwise you won't pass the next exam!" the newcomer went on addressing Yusaku.

Yukemi cleared his throat. "Oh, look what we have here! You are one to talk, Shima Naoki! Last time I checked, you watched one of Go Onizuka's duels during an English lesson, despite the fact that the use of electronic devices is banned during class! So in my book, I should report both of you to Adachi-sensei, shouldn't I?" the dark green and purple haired male addressed the obese one.

Naoki looked startled. "What?! That' no true at-!" he began, a glare from Yukemi prompting him to end his futile attempt to deny the truth. "Fine, you got me there! But that was only once, whereas that guy falls asleep all the time!" he continued, trying to guide the attention of the other male towards Yusaku.

Yukemi raised an eyebrow. "Really, Shima-kun? I observed you watching the matches of Charisma Duelists at least half as many times as I saw Fujiki taking a nap during class. Any repetitions and I'm gonna report both of you to our teachers, understood?" he inquired.

Naoki nodded hastily, while Yusaku didn't seem all that bothered by the threat. "Sure, I won't repeat it!" He assured the self-proclaimed class supervisor, beads of sweat running down his neck.

"I somehow doubt that...," Yukemi retorted, the other teen's nervousness intensifying once again, "but I'll give it a shot and see if you can keep your word. If you do not, detention time for you," he stated, the corpulent male calming down, even if only by a little bit as the threat was still out there.

"Anyway, could it be that the both of you have not many friends?" the dark green haired male tried changing the subject, now that the immediate threat had vanished for him.

Yukemi pursed his lips. "What makes you believe that?" he said, a frown forming on his face.

Naoki shrugged his shoulders. "Well, for Fujiki it's obvious I guess, with how he's sitting in the backrow not interacting with anyone. As for you, while you may be sitting in the central part of the classroom, you have no immediate neighbors next to your seat and don't meet with anyone from another class during lunch either," the male elaborated.

"I don't see a lot of people around you either," Yukemi shot back, his face giving away only few emotions, even though he was clearly upset by this statement of his classmate on the inside.

Naoki flinched for a moment. "You must be imagining things, I have a lot of friends! Especially since I'm a member of the Duel Club!" he retorted as he had recollected himself.

"The Duel Club?" Yusaku repeated, his voice only showing that he was faintly intrigued. Once more in his life Yukemi wondered if there was anything in the world that could amaze this guy. 'And here I thought I was apathetic,' Yukemi added in his thoughts.

"That's right, the Duel Club!" Naoki proclaimed proudly. "It's one of this school's clubs only the best of duelists have access to!" he claimed.

"That's a lie. First, all clubs are open to the general public of students. And second, if there was the club with only the best duelists, I would be a member of it," Yukemi told in a nonchalant tone.

Once more the obese student flinched in surprise. He then composed himself anew and looked at Yukemi's wrist. "If that's so, why do you have one of those old duel disks then? I have one of the newest models, hell, it even has an AI!" Naoki proclaimed, holding his wrist before the golden eyes of the other student, the AI within the disk speaking up to Yukemi with a simple greeting.

"I don't have one of the newer models because I don't trust the advancing technology. You don't even have a deck if the Knights of Hanoi disable your card transmitting function to access the database of SOL and then attack you within LINK VRAINS. You would be helpless. A card insert disk doesn't have this problem," Yukemi explained, Yusaku briefly looking up at his mention of the Knights of Hanoi.

Naoki looked startled for a second before he regained his cocky grin. "Even if I were to go into the VRAINS and that happened, Playmaker would come and save me from them!" he stated in a tone full of confidence.

"You mean that mysterious guy who goes around beating the Hanoi?" Yukemi inquired in a bored tone. Again he felt like his more passive conversation partner next to him reacted at the mention of one of his words.

"That's right! The amazing Playmaker who beat the Knights of Hanoi single-handedly! Once I have trained enough I will enter the VRAINS and follow his footsteps beating the Knights as well, I swear it!" Naoki declared, clearly a bit too high-spirited.

"Amazing?" Yukemi repeated with a scoff.

"Exactly! Playmaker is the best!" Naoki reaffirmed his opinion.

Yukemi's frown grew. "I don't see what's amazing about that guy. I only see a network individual beating a bunch of terrorist network individuals. Nothing within the network is real, reality is where we currently are. So for me, that guy is just fighting in a fictional world, like a person who turns into a knight and fights a dragon within his own dream. There is nothing real about it." He told, now imagining that the resident sleeper on the desk next to him was frowning as well. Yukemi pushed the thought aside as his imagination and continued. "I'd much rather look up to a strong duelist in real life. But unfortunately, everything related to duels is nowadays performed in this obnoxious place called LINK VRAINS."

"Did you just call the best place in the world obnoxious?!" Naoki exclaimed in indignation.

"So what if I did?" Yukemi stated indifferently. "Will you challenge me to a duel to defend the glory of that joke of a place? Then go ahead, come at me! I'll beat you at any time of the day! Even if you wake me up at half past midnight, I'll still kick your butt gloriously! I'd even go so far as to enter the very place I despise for our duel, just to prove to you how stupid it is! So well, are you in for a duel?" he inquired with a challenging look at Naoki.

"You think you're strong? Your duel disk doesn't even have an AI!" Naoki shot back, trying to cover his anxiety towards accepting the challenge with a smug comment.

"Of course not. I think I already touched on as for why I don't have a new disk, but there's also one more thing. Unlike you I don't need assistance to duel," the dark green and purple haired male replied, much to Naoki's anger. "Anyway, are you accepting my challenge or not?" he inquired, his voice growing a tad bit more intense as his golden eyes narrowed towards the other male.

Naoki began sweating. "You know what, I think I forgot something in the stove at home! I need to go there right now!" he excused himself, coming up with the by far most classic and ineffective pretext to leave the scene.

Yukemi looked at him apathetically, secretly glad that he didn't have to waste time with that guy now. "I see. Then deal with the pressing matters first. I'll get back to our duel someday," he allowed Naoki to retreat, who promptly did just that.

"Thank you for getting rid of that guy," Yusaku thanked him with his usual tone of indifference, though there was a tiny hint of gratefulness in it.

Yukemi gave him a nod. "No problem. That guy is a pest for pretty much the entire school, including us of course." He told the blue and pink haired male who now stood up, making his exit. "But please do me a favor and don't fall asleep during class again, will you? I really don't want to create conflict between us, but if someone hurts the feelings and efforts of others, I just can't help but do something against it," Yukemi addressed him, conveying his final wish to Yusaku before the latter took his leave.

"Will do," Yusaku retorted apathetically as he left, his tone seriously making Yukemi doubt that he would keep that promise.

Den City, Streets...

"Great! Another worthless day full of things that have absolutely no value to me is about to reach its conclusion!" Yukemi exclaimed, walking down the streets of his hometown. "Well, I guess the encounter with Atsuko was something nice. Everything else, not so much," he added, continuing to make his way home. He looked sideways at that. "But at least there is always my daily dose of unhealthy but tasty fast food to cheer me up," the male stated, looking at the burger place he usually came to after school. He then looked into the other direction, his eyes growing wide as he spotted something – or rather someone.

"Wait a sec, is that her over there?" he exclaimed in surprise, looking closer. "Yeah, it's really her! God, she's beautiful! I wish I could be with her!" he fantasized, resting his head on one of his arms while looking at a female clad in the usual Den City High School uniform, having brown hair styled in a bob cut and hazel eyes. He shook his head after that. "What the hell are you thinking Yukemi, are you out of your mind? Zaizen Aoi is way out of your league! She is the sister-in-law of the security manager of SOL Technologies and you are just a random nobody! Get those romantic delusions out of your head right now!" he scolded himself. Yukemi then let out a heavy sigh. "I best get me burger and head home afterwards," the teenager said, entering a building bearing the lettering "Burger World" in orange color. As he made his way to one of the seats a female with short brown hair wearing a mostly pink outfit noticed his arrival, exchanging eye contact with the young man. After a few moments she came to his table, ready to take his order.

"The usual cheeseburger with extra spice, Yukemi?" she addressed him. By now he was such a common sight in the burger place that practically every worker there knew him. Though he shared a closer relationship with this one in particular.

"Sure, Anzu. Anyway, how is the money collecting going? Soon having enough for your trip to the states? I really hope that you can start your professional dancing career soon, you have real talent," he told the woman while looking into her amber eyes which were flanked by her brown frontal hair that faintly resembled a pair of wings in form.

The female shook her head. "Unfortunately it seems like I will have to continue working for a while until I have enough money. So that means a few more months of serving people at this burger place I suppose," she said with a trace of sadness in her voice.

"You know, I can always pay you a bit of extra gratuity. A few hundred thousand Yen and you're good to go," Yukemi suggested.

The woman shook her head vigorously. "I appreciate your kind offer, but I can't accept it. When I make it to America and start my dancing career I want to be able to say 'You've done it, Anzu! You made it here all by yourself!' Therefore I must decline your offer, as kind as it is," she rejected his suggestion.

Yukemi gave her a nod of approval. "You are way too humble and honest to be bound to a place like this, but if that's your wish, I'll accept it. Anyway, can I at least give you an average gratuity for serving me my food right to the table instead of making me stand in the queue at the checkout and take it here by myself?" he asked her.

Anzu smiled. "Well, that sounds like something I have the right to earn a small reward for, so go ahead!" she thanked him. "Wait a minute, I'll be back with your food in just a few moments!" she told Yukemi, leaving his table to head for the kitchen of the burger place.

"Such a nice girl. A shame that she's still bound to this place," he said in a monologue, looking at the leaving female. He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, life was never fair, so I shouldn't be surprised," Yukemi debated with himself.

Den City, Central Plaza...

Leaning to chair next to a food truck sat a familiar teenager, looking at the giant screens that were located on the walls of the buildings that framed the square.

"Who are those two again?" Yusaku asked a dark purple haired male in the truck behind him, staring at the images of two duelists that were displayed on the screens of the square.

"The Charisma Duelists-," the male begun before a voice interrupted them.

"Blue Angel and Go Onizuka. Sheesh, you don't even know them? I really wonder what you're doing with all your time, with how little things there are that you are actually interested in," the newcomer finished for him, stepping up to the scene.

"Do you know this guy, Yusaku?" the adult addressed his friend, surprised by the arrival of this new person. He obviously wasn't a customer wanting to buy one of his hot dogs like the one Yusaku currently ate, meaning it must have been a friend of the blue haired male. Which surprised the man. As far as he knew, Yusaku had no friends other than him. 'Maybe he's a friend Yusaku recently made in school. His uniform matches with Yusaku's after all, so he must be a student as well,' the man contemplated.

Yusaku shook his head. "Not really. He woke me up at the end of class today and said that there would be consequences if I fall asleep again," he explained, gesturing at the other student.

"You threatened Yusaku?" the purple haired male with the goatee repeated in disbelief.

"Yeah, I did indeed. His behavior is unbecoming of a student, so in case he disrespects our teachers again with it, I'll make sure to punish him. Whether that's by physical means or by turning him in for detention is still to be determined. But more likely the second option honestly, as I don't like unnecessary violence," the freshly arrived male said, causing the other to sigh in relief. His best friend getting beat up was truly something he didn't want to worry about as well. "Anyway, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Shimizu Yukemi, nice to make your acquaintance," the green and purple haired male finished.

"I'm Kusanagi Shoichi," the purple haired male retorted. He then pointed at the hotplate before him. "Anyway, since you're here I might as well ask if you want a hot dog. You'd be my first customer today, given the duels of today's evening have yet to start," Kusanagi addressed the green haired male.

Yukemi rubbed his chin. "I already visited the place of my choice today. But I think I can still manage to eat a bit more. I'll take one hot dog, Kusanagi-san," he replied, not wanting to disappoint the man who made a good first impression on him, despite the lack of hunger he felt after swallowing a bunch of his favorite burgers at the place he had visited before.

"One hot dog coming right up!" Shoichi told him, content that he had made a new customer. He quickly finished the sausage on his hotplate and put it into a bun. "Any extra wishes aside from mustard?" he inquired.

Yukemi shook his head. "No, just mustard is fine."

Shoichi smiled. "Great! Here you are!" he retorted, handing over the hot dog to the teenager in exchange for the money. He then looked at the banknote he had received. "Wait, those are one thousand Yen! The hot dog is only 500! Meaning you still get 500 Yen change!" the adult exclaimed, rummaging in his cash box to get the change.

Yukemi raised his hand to stop him, confusing Kusanagi a bit. "Keep it. But in return, please promise me something."

Shoichi nodded eagerly. "And what, may I ask?" he inquired.

Yukemi pointed at his classmate. "You are a pretty good friend of Yusaku, right?"

The adult male hummed. "Pretty much. Why do you ask?" he questioned.

"Well, promise me to make sure that he goes to bed earlier from now on. I don't want to report him to our teachers, alright?" Yukemi asked.

"Okay. I'll be sure to make him get some extra sleep from now on," Shoichi agreed, Yusaku grumbling at how easily his friend was bribed by his classmate. Kusanagi noticed this and raised his hands in apology. "I'm sorry Yusaku, but he has a point. You exert yourself too much. So maybe some more sleep would do you good," he tried to convince the blue and pink haired male who merely rolled his eyes in slight annoyance.

"Anyway Yusaku, have you heard of the Data Storm?" Shoichi continued after a while, Yukemi meanwhile having taken a seat on another chair, eating his hot dog.

"No," Yusaku simply replied, much to the irritation of Yukemi.

'I really expected him to a bit more chatty with his few close friends, but not even then he's talking much. Just what is wrong with this guy?' Yukemi wondered on the inside whilst chewing on his hot dog.

"Some time ago there was a wind that blew inside of LINK VRAINS called the Data Storm. A certain group of people did something called Speed Duels on it," Kusanagi narrated.

"Speed Duel...," Yusaku repeated absent-mindedly, Yukemi perking up at the story.

"There were rumors of countless monsters that lived among the wind. And that it led you to a brand new world," Shoichi went on. "But that wind has all but vanished now." the owner of the hot dog stand concluded his story.

"Not exactly. And those rumors, they are true," Yukemi spoke up at once, having finished his hot dog in the meantime.

"What do you mean by that?! Do you know anything about that legend?!" Kusanagi exclaimed in shock, deeply intrigued by this sudden declaration.

"I will tell you. But before that I want a question of my own answered. Do you and Fujiki perchance engage in activities involving computers a lot?" Yukemi inquired.

Shoichi pursed his lips, deliberating if it was worth to give up part of his cover for that piece of information. After a few moments he decided for a yes. "Yeah, we do indeed. Now then, what about that legend?" he asked the teenager, expecting an answer that satisfied him.

Yukemi nodded as he processed the information. "Hmm hmm, I see. Then let me explain it to you. That so called Data Storm is just normal wind. Those beings living among the winds are birds, you know, those creatures with wings that can fly around," he said, imitating the flapping of wings with his arms while the adult looked aghast, surprised by the answer he was just receiving. "And that unknown, brand new world to which the winds take you, well, that's the outside world. I guess with how little time computer freaks like you spend outside, one might eventually come up with the mysterious legend that is real life in the fresh air. That's why that wind has vanished too by the way. Normally there is no wind inside of buildings after all. Have a nice day you two," Yukemi bid them farewell, standing up while Kusanagi looked at him with an expression of disbelief. "Oh, and by the way, spend more time outside. It's good for your health – and you can encounter legendary entities like birds and wind there. See you sometime!" he said, turning around to give them one last look before turning back and raising his hand to wave them goodbye, walking into the distance.

"Did that guy just insult us as some computer nerds?" Shoichi muttered in disbelief, still shocked about the kind of surprising answer he had gotten from Yukemi.

Yusaku nodded. "Looks like it," he remarked, looking not quite as bothered by Yukemi's implications as his older friend. This was one of the moments where Shoichi truly wished to have the same apathy as Yusaku.

SOL Technologies, Audience Hall...

A tall male in formal attire named Zaizen Akira entered the room, a holographic projection of chess pieces appearing before him. Then all pieces aside from the white bishop vanished, leaving the two of them alone while a chess board matching the bishop appeared. A voice spoke up at that.

"Zaizen, is it true that an Ignis has been spotted?" the voice apparently belonging to the chess piece addressed the teal and dark blue haired man.

"Yes, Bishop-sama. We have confirmation that it's somewhere within our network," the male responded to the voice.

"SOL Technologies has been the leading force in the network for many years now. And that is all thanks to the Data Material that has been created by Cyberse and the A.I.s. But ever since the Knights of Hanoi attacked the Cyberse World five years ago, our supply of new Data Material has been decreased drastically. That particular Ignis hid the Cyberse World somewhere inside the network, and if we don't find it quickly, our company's future will look rather grim," Bishop narrated.

Akira nodded. "I know. Ever since our connection to Cyberse was severed, the performance of the network has fallen by 20%. If we want to maintain the status quo, we need to discover the Cyberse World," he agreed with his superior.

"Exactly. That's why we need to take drastic measures. Zaizen, make the necessary preparations. We're going to force that Ignis out of its hideout. Execute Operation Reversed Castling!" Bishop commanded.

"Operation Reversed Castling?! You want to run a city scan?! But that will leave us wide open to attacks from the Hanoi! Besides, you can't even make this order! Only our two highest members can issue this kind of command!" Akira protested, not believing this declaration.

"Hoh? Are you trying to reject your command, Zaizen Akira? I believed you to be smarter than that! Besides, he can issue this order! Mainly because I authorized him to do so!" a new voice chimed in as another white chess piece manifested in front of the man.

"King-sama?! You ordered this?!" Akira repeated in disbelief.

"Precisely. We will bring the Ignis to the light just as the king is moved to the middle of the backrow where he is vulnerable were he to perform a reversed castling with a rook. If that means giving up some of our own safety by putting me there as well, so be it! We must obtain that Ignis by any means possible, before the Knights of Hanoi can get ahold of it! Do you understand that, Zaizen?" the white chess piece inquired.

"I do, King-sama. I will prepare everything for a city scan," Akira retorted obsequiously, bowing to his superior.

"Good! You and Bishop are dismissed then!" King said, both of his subordinates leaving the conference after that. The voice then chuckled, echoing through the audience hall. "Finally things are looking good again! Once we find the Cyberse World, there will be enough resources at my disposal for the execution of my plans! This time it will all work out for me! No more risky moves! No more King's Gambits! I won't be too hasty again like back then with the council! Instead I will take my time and execute a more long term strategy! Operation Sicilian Defense will succeed! I will gain monopoly of the network and then...!" he chuckled darkly, "...the entire world! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" His laughter resounded in the vast room, the size of it boosting the wicked sound to a reverberating echo of malice.

LINK VRAINS, Unknown Location...

In a pitch-black room green lights began flashing to life as two individuals arose from circular light green portals, both of them clad in white clothes. The hinder one now addressed the person before him, a male with tanned skin wearing a mostly white coat with highlights of red, green and yellow color.

"Revolver-sama. We found traces of the Ignis from five years ago within the network. If SOL Technologies gets ahold of it, the Cyberse World will be reborn."

"If that occurs, all of our efforts will have been for naught," Revolver stated, looking at the white screen in front of him with his yellow eyes. He wore a mask of yellow glass with white casing, as well as an outfit consisting of a white jumpsuit with shoulder-pads and a white trenchcoat, containing the aforementioned extra colors of red, green and yellow. He furthermore wore black and red boots with light green heels, standing before his subordinate with a collected posture. In addition to the spiky red and crimson-brownish hair he wore earrings consisting of a blue diamond followed by a bullet token. Lastly his mask had four white circles on it, making up a rhombus through white lines connecting them. In the middle of it there was a small white point, finishing the symbol that was on the part of the mask that covered his forehead.

"I agree. We have to find that abomination as fast as possible. Death to Cyberse!" a small black being bearing white lines spoke up, arising from the duel disk of Revolver, the pattern of lines and circles on its forehead resembling that of the man whose disk it had just left.

"Understood, Noctis-sama. What is your suggestion on our advance?" the silver haired male addressed the small being.

"Well, I think we should just continue the usual means of searching, meaning I do most of the work while you do something I guess. But I have picked up the information that SOL intends to do a city scan. And if that happens..." the A.I. began.

"... we will show ourselves and strike," Revolver finished calmly.

"Exactly! I can't wait to get my hands on that Ignis! Revolver, I take it that your Cracking Dragon is still longing for the dessert it never got?" Noctis addressed his partner.

"Most certainly it is. But there is one thing that bothers me a bit. Recently an individual called Playmaker has thwarted our attempts to search for the Ignis by defeating our foot soldiers. He could be trouble in the long run," the Hanoi Leader voiced his concern.

"I know. He is a capable hacker who erased all of his activities in LINK VRAINS and managed to block our IP trackers. On top of that he's a capable duelist who took out a good amount of our knights by now. But he's no immediate concern for us right now, or what do you think?" Noctis asked his partner.

"I agree. As dangerous as he might potentially be for our cause in the long run, finding the Ignis has priority for now. If not even you managed to track the Cyberse World in those five years since our attack, it is safe to assume that we will never find it again if we don't capture the Ignis and extract the information from it," Revolver retorted.

"Well then, what are the orders?" his subordinate Spectre addressed them from behind.

"Use all of our resources on finding the Ignis! And prepare for our attack once the city scan commences!" the red haired male with the mask commanded Spectre.

"Understood, Revolver-sama!" Spectre said, briefly bowing before vanishing into a green portal akin to that which he had come out of previously.

"Finally we will obtain that obnoxious Ignis! Piss me off once, shame on you! Piss me off twice, have your existence erased forever!" Noctis grumbled with a mix of happy anticipation and returning anger in his voice.

Den City, Shimizu Residence...

"Hello everyone! I'm back!" Yukemi yelled, flinging the door open as he entered his house. He then grimaced in discomfort. "Well, no answer as always. I wonder why I'm still yelling that after all those years. Habits die hard I guess," he said sarcastically, closing the door of the building. "Anyway, I guess I can make myself some popcorn and switch on the TV. There are a couple of good duels today I wanna watch after all," Yukemi told in a monologue, doing just as he had said. A few minutes later he sat on his couch comfortably with a bowl of popcorn on his lap, looking at the TV screen.

"Are you fired up, everyone? Exciting duels of the Charisma Duelists are about to begin in LINK VRAINS!" an MC told as Yukemi kept looking at the TV, the cameras beginning to show the stage of the duels one after another.

"In Area 1 we have the number one roughneck of LINK VRAINS using his Gouki Deck, Go Onizuka!" the announcer told, a muscular man with tanned skin wearing a mostly black and golden outfit being shown in an environment giving vibes of Paris due to the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe this part of LINK VRAINS had, with the surrounding buildings and their lighting making it clear that SOL had constructed this part of their network based on the Paris hotel conplex in Las Vegas.

Yukemi chuckled. "Man, I really don't get what everyone has with their liking of the infrastructure in VRAINS. That part for instance is just a replica of a city that also exists in real life," he said, letting out a brief sigh. He then looked at Go Onizuka who stood in the area with a confident expression on his face. "But at least I like the duelist who has his match there. While I do not like a whole lot of Charisma Duelists, Go Onizuka is an exception. For one, his Gouki Deck consists of Warrior-Type monsters. Not the most ancient ones admittedly, but warriors. And second is his character! Unlike most Charisma Duelists, you can actually feel the emotion through the screen when he duels! He's not just assuming a role, he actually duels with all of his heart whenever he enters a match! That's what separates him from other Charisma Duelists who are just role playing!" he debated with himself, once more wishing that there was anyone home with him who could hear his words.

"And in Area 2 we have the poster girl of LINK VRAINS using her Trickstar Deck, Blue Angel!" the announcer continued, the dueling area this time looking like a replica of Florence, a rough copy of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore being right next to the rooftop the female Charisma Duelist with dark blue hair clad in a mostly white and blue outfit stood atop of with her opponent.

"Ah, and there is the only duelist playing inside the VRAINS aside from Go who's actually worth the time! Blue Angel truly is the poster girl of LINK VRAINS!" Yukemi romanticized, looking at the female duelist who was waving to the crowd with an amorous expression on his face. He then smirked sheepishly. "Well, there is one more Charisma Duelist whom I admire, but that one is more of a personal friend than a stranger that I simply happen to like," Yukemi added.

He sat there and waited a few more minutes for the duels to start. But then suddenly...

"Wait a second, is that really what I think it is?!" Yukemi exclaimed in shock as cracks formed in the sky, a great black dragon with greenish orbs all over its body emerging from the rift. "No way, the Knights of Hanoi?! Today?! Man, I really wanted to see those duels!" he shouted in indignation, observing how the dragon made its way through the network world.

Yukemi continued observing as the creature began scorching avatars with its flame breath. For a moment Yukemi pitied those poor people, but then he shook his head, reminding himself that it was purely their fault for going into the network and trusting that accursed technology. 'For everything good about technology, there are at least two things bad,' He repeated one of his inner mantras. 'Anyone who sets foot into that world without being prepared for potential drawbacks is accountable for their own suffering.' Suddenly he saw the great dragon drawing closer to a rather special person though, changing his opinion as he stood up at once, the bowl of popcorn on his lap crashing to the ground. "Hold up! Is that dragon about to grill Blue Angel now?! I don't care about those other guys, but she is someone who shouldn't be harmed in return for how much joy she has brought to me and other people with her duels! Run for your life, Blue Angel!" he shouted, even though she could obviously not hear him with Yukemi standing in his living room in the real world.

The blazing breath of the creature drew nearer to the VRAINS idol, Yukemi standing before his couch with a frozen expression, looking at the screen in suspense. 'Shit, it almost has her! Please Blue Angel, don't die!' he thought desperately, flinching in terror as the dragon's flame breath began connecting to her. But...

"Wait a minute, who's that guy?!" Yukemi shouted with a mix of confusion and relief as an unknown male wearing a dark turquoise and black body suit tackled the female, getting her out of the danger zone as they dodged the dragon's fire with this move.

"Who are you?" Blue Angel addressed her savior, the male clad in white riding the giant dragon – a Knight of Hanoi as Yukemi easily realized – asking the newcomer the same question.

"My name is Playmaker," The ominous male with the yellow, red and pinkish hair stated, facing the Knight of Hanoi with his green eyes.

"Okay, that's it!" Yukemi roared, stepping forward at once. "First those damn knights ruin my chilled watching-duels evening, one of the few things that still make my time here on earth worthwhile! Then they hurt a bunch of arguably stupid people – but people nevertheless! Next they dare trying to harm Blue Angel as well! And finally that network freak saves my girl! I've had enough, I'll go into that stupid network and beat the hell out of those jerks!" he cursed loudly, grabbing his duel disk from the nearby table, going to his bedroom where he then lied down on his bed.

"Well then, get me into the damn place already! Deck Set! INTO ZA BRAINS!" Yukemi shouted vigorously, ready to get into the mess and punish those knights. He looked startled as nothing happened. Then he palmed his head in realization. "Oh, right. It has been so long since I went there for the last time that I did the wrong chant. Due to the accent of everyone I always hear whenever they go there I maybe confused something," he debated with himself. "Well, second attempt! INTO THE VRAINS!" he shouted, this time succeeding.

His hair changed as he was surrounded by flowing data, remaining the same style for the most part, but becoming a bit more revealing on his left-hand facial side, showing more of his forehead. The dark green parts of it turned into an orange-brownish color, his hair also growing a bit more downwards, now almost reaching to the bottom of his neck. The dark purple highlights on his sides and the back of his head assumed a dark blue color while his eyes turned from golden to beige. Finally about his body, his skin assumed a slightly darker tone.

Regarding his outfit, Yukemi exchanged his formal school uniform for something far more oldschool. He now wore a chest plate of golden color with engravings and pauldrons made from silver. In addition to that ancient Roman-Greek armor he furthermore wore matching greaves and vambraces, also resembling those used by the aforementioned cultures a few hundred years ago. He wore a brownish skirt made of leather strips studded with gold, another piece of armor worn by ancient warriors. He furthermore wore leathers sandals of the kind that was formerly worn by legionaries and a bright green cape around his shoulders. Finally he had a sword with a cross guard strapped to his back and a pair of small yellowish wings on each side of his head, resembling the impression most people had about the looks of a valkyrie's head armor.


Yukemi, now in his new appearance, looked around, standing somewhere within Area 2. "Damn it, where are they?" he muttered, searching for Blue Angel, Playmaker and the Knight of Hanoi within the now mostly destroyed replica of Florence. His gaze darted upwards as he saw the latter two gliding on some data wind above him, riding levitating boards as they maneuvered across the sky.

"What the hell are they doing there?! And how can they hover around with those boards?! Is it perhaps...?!" he exclaimed in shock, remembering his previous encounter with Yusaku and Shoichi. "No way, did that hot dog-selling nerd tell the truth with his Data Storm fairy tale after all?!" he shouted in realization, his eyes still glued to the duelists above him. He then began running after them. "Wait! I want to duel that guy as well!" he yelled, also wanting to have his shot against the Knight of Hanoi. But unfortunately for him, Playmaker and the Knight did neither hear the teenager nor were they moving at a pace that Yukemi could keep up with, leaving him behind as they drifted away into the distance.

LINK VRAINS, Unknown Location...

Spectre appeared from a portal again, seeming somewhat alarmed as he addressed his leader who still stood in front of the white screen.

"Revolver-sama, we have detected an energy outburst coming from the restricted area! Another A.I. apparently found its way out of SOL's prison!" he reported to his superior.

"What?!" Revolver repeated, looking fairly surprised, even for his standards. "An A.I. escaped? Is that really true?" he inquired, seeking confirmation.

Spectre nodded. "Genome and Baira double and triple checked. It's definitely an A.I. – the Iris A.I. at that," he responded.

"The Iris A.I.?!" Revolver exclaimed in shock.

"So it's really him. What should we do, Revolver? Should we prioritize it over the Ignis?" Noctis addressed his partner.

"I think so," Revolver retorted. "The Ignis is important for accessing the Cyberse World, but if it was smart, it would have just deleted the information about the current location of its home world, so we have to speculate on the strength of its wish to return home. The Iris A.I. on the other hand will help us to get rid of Cyberse under any circumstances – and on top of that it's also a huge bargaining chip in case SOL Technologies somehow gets ahold of members of our organization," he elaborated.

"A wise choice," Noctis nodded in approval.

"Dispatch two more knights in order to capture the A.I.! Don't let it escape under any circumstances, even if it means giving up the Ignis!" Revolver ordered his subordinate.

"I understand, Revolver-sama. I'll pass on the order immediately," Spectre assured him, vanishing once more.

"Looks like it's our lucky day. An Ignis and an A.I. at once," Revolver stated with a smirk, continuing to observe the ongoing duel between Playmaker and his Knight of Hanoi on his white screen.

LINK VRAINS, with Yukemi...

Yukemi stood still on his place, hunched forward with his hands on his knees whilst panting heavily. The chase had done nothing other than exhausting him, the male now taking a break from the persecution of the two duelists, trying to recover.

"Man, that didn't work. Why are those boards so fast?" he complained, still huffing and puffing. Suddenly he saw an object approaching him at fast pace, shifting his gaze towards it. "Wait a second, what's that over there?" he wondered, narrowing his eyes. Before long he recognized the incoming thing. It looked like a small humanoid being with a body of a pure white color. It also had flowing lines running across its body that possessed a dark green color to contrast from the white. While the pattern of most of the lines seemed rather unimportant, Yukemi noticed that the being had something looking like an eagle with spread wings alongside a laurel wreath on its forehead, Yukemi recognizing this symbol made of green flowing lines as the coat of arms of Rome, merely lacking the signature "SPQR" below it. The being had several dark green protrusions on its head that made something roughly resembling a crown. Yukemi furthermore recognized two symbols on the wrists of the being – a sword on its right arm, a shield on its left. Finally the being had eyes with dark green scleras and irises and golden iris borders and pupils, being fixated on the teenage male.

"What the...? Who the hell are you?" Yukemi addressed the being as it reached him, subsequently attaching itself to his duel disk.

"I think that can wait until later. For now you should focus on running away from them," the white being retorted with an apparently male voice.

"Running away from whom?" Yukemi asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

"From those two," the creature told him, pointing at the horizon.

Yukemi's now beige eyes widened, looking into the direction the being had pointed at. In the far distance he was spotting two Knights of Hanoi, riding boards akin to those of their comrade and nearing at fast pace. And from their direction of movement, they obviously seemed to be after that being that was now linked to the disk on Yukemi's wrist.

"Oh crap!" the teen shouted, beginning to run anew, this time away rather than after someone.

"Give us the A.I.!" he heard a voice from behind, the orange haired male gulping and accelerating his escape.

"You're not getting away!" the second Knight of Hanoi called out to him, Yukemi realizing that they were catching up to him in panic.

"Great! First my nice evening is ruined and now I'm about to be run over by some psychos on flying boards! What a great proof of just how beautiful the network is!" he shouted in exasperation, looking over his shoulder to make sure just how close his persecutors were. He then looked forward again, spotting a person near a building who he knew rather well.

"Er, do you need help over there?" a female with blue hair addressed Yukemi in his avatar form, looking concerned about the predicament of the young male.

Yukemi shook his head. "No, I have everything under control. By the way, I am Heavenmail, a big fan of your work. If I make it out of here alive and meet you again, may I please have an autograph?" he addressed Blue Angel.

"Sure. Good luck with those guys," the VRAINS idol retorted, sweat dropping a little as the weird male clad in that ancient armor followed by two Knights of Hanoi who chased after him passed by. "What a strange day," she added, looking at the teenager and his persecutors as they moved away from her into the distance.

"Damn it, those two are about to catch me!" Yukemi or Heavenmail as his virtual reality avatar was called exclaimed after a while, now seeing that the knights had almost caught him. "You!" he addressed the being that rested on his disk, the creature reacting to his abrupt shout almost immediately.

"Yes?" it inquired.

"Can't you do anything to help me? From what I saw you were faster on your own, so why stick with me for your escape?" Heavenmail asked the small humanoid.

"Oh, good that you're mentioning it! I can indeed help you!"

"Great! And how, may I as-," Heavenmail began before he felt his feet leaving the ground. Looking downwards in shock, he realized that he was now standing atop a levitating board as well, having a white base color with green stripes all over it, golden laurel decorating the edges of the vehicle. "What the hell? How did I get on this thing?!" he exclaimed in surprise, clearly startled by the fact that he was now moving within the air at fast pace as well, his light green cape fluttering in the wind.

"I created it for you. That's why I attached myself to you by the way. Without you I couldn't materialize it. So by seeking you out, we can now flee at a pace faster than my flight speed," the white being with the flowing dark green lines and the green crown on its head explained.

"I see. That's quite practical indeed. But I'm not quite comfortable with riding on these things, I hardly got the chance to practice after all," Heavenmail retorted, looking to the ground a bit anxiously.

"You! Hand over the A.I.!" a voice suddenly addressed him, startling the armored male. As Heavenmail looked to his sides, he realized that the Knights of Hanoi had caught up to him.

"Damn it, they have reached us!" the orange and blue haired male cursed.

"That's right! Now prepare to lose against the both of us in a duel!" the knight on his right addressed him, readying his duel disk.

"First, I will not lose against you. Second, what makes you even think that there will be a duel, now that I'm on the same height as you?" Heavenmail retorted.

"What do you mean by th-AAAAAHHH!" the Knight of Hanoi screamed, receiving a kick from Heavenmail that catapulted him off his board, his avatar dissolving as he hit the ground.

The other knight looked shocked, Heavenmail meanwhile turning around to him. After a while he recollected himself, sporting a cocky grin once more.

"That was a rather decent trick to get rid of one of us, but now that I know about it, you won't get me with it as well!" the second knight declared with a victorious grin.

"Maybe not with that trick," Heavenmail admitted, much to the glee of the man with the steel gray mask. "But I think that this trick should still do its work," the orange haired teen continued, drawing the sword from his back and slicing through the hinder part of the knight's board. With shock the Knight of Hanoi realized that the part of his D-Board that contained the drive was severed from the part he stood on. Without the motor he and his board quickly plummeted down as well, shattering and dissolving as his avatar completed its fall and met the ground.

"That was maybe a bit underhanded, but nevertheless effective. You have my gratitude for getting rid of those guys," the small being addressed Heavenmail shortly afterwards.

"Thank you," the orange haired male thanked the small humanoid. "But anyway, who or what are you exactly? And why were the Knights of Hanoi after you?" he questioned it.

"My name is Hector and I'm an A.I. who has just made its way into freedom. I do not remember why I was held captive though. I simply escaped from the restricted area of LINK VRAINS and once I saw you, I somehow knew that I belonged to you, don't ask why," the A.I. explained.

"Hector? Like the Trojan hero who was defeated by Achilles and then had his corpse dragged through the dust by him on his chariot for twelve consecutive days?" Heavenmail inquired.

Hector blushed. "I'd rather not have you bring up my name and its origins too much. It's embarrassing to be named after someone famous for being mistreated after his death in such a spectacular way," the white A.I. stated, visibly uncomfortable.

"Oh come on, it's not that bad," Heavenmail tried to cheer him up with a reassuring smile. "I mean, of all the heroes named in the Iliad that Troy had during the Trojan War, Hector was one of the few worth of mention. Aside from Aeneas whom the Romans then portrayed as their originator and national hero, Hector was pretty much the only one who ever did something noteworthy. He slayed over thirty thousand Greeks during the war and was only defeated by a guy who was literally invulnerable aside from one weak spot on his heel. He was the MVP of Troy, and according to Homer – not the yellow one of course – also a caring father and husband, great son and brother, plus of course a great leader as he guided the Trojan forces. Centuries later he became a figure symbolizing virtue and heroism as well. So I'd say that even with his rather embarrassing post-death experiences, he is a majorly positive character you can be proud of for sharing his name," he told the A.I. in order to make it feel good about its name again.

"Hmm, you have a point there," Hector stated. "Fine, I suppose you're right with that, I have a rather decent name indeed. But anyway, enough of my name, let's talk about yours. I have missed out on asking for it," he addressed the teenager who continued his way along the track of the Data Storm.

"Oh, right! My name is Shimizu Yukemi. But while we are in the network, please use my avatar name Heavenmail. Nice to meet you by the way!" Heavenmail responded.

"Nice to meet you as well, Heavenmail! I hope we can get along quickly, as I intend to keep staying with you," Hector told.

"Eh? But why that?" Heavenmail questioned, slightly startled by this announcement.

"Well, as I said, I somehow instinctively sought you out. I don't know why either, but I just feel like I have to be by your side," Hector explained. The white being with the green lines over its body then gave the male a concerned look. "Except if I bother you with my presence. Just say it and I'll be gone. I don't want to be a burden to you, especially if those guys in white keep coming after you because of me," Hector offered.

Heavenmail shook his head. "Hell no! Do you have any idea about how lonely I am? And now that I have stumbled across someone who actually wants to be by my side, why would I shove that person away from me again? I don't quite like technology, but even if you are an AI, you seem somewhat special, almost sentient."

"I am sentient," Hector interjected.

Heavenmail looked startled for a second before he recollected himself and continued. "All the more reason why I should keep you! Even if those Knights of Hanoi keep coming after me in order to capture you, I will not give up the only friend I have! You'll stay and that is absolute!" the orange haired armored male declared with determination in his voice.

"Thank you. That means a lot to me," Hector retorted gratefully, running one of his hands across his cheeks.

"Wait, are you crying?" Heavenmail asked in surprise.

"I'm not crying! I'm just really glad about your response!" Hector gainsaid, continuing to wipe his face.

"You are crying," Heavenmail pointed out, slightly deadpanning.

"No, I'm not! An A.I. named after a brave hero would never cry from something like that!" Hector insisted, obviously lying.

"But you do," Heavenmail stayed adamant.

"I'm not! I'm absolutely, definitely, surely, certainly, unquestionably, indeed, without a doubt, not!" Hector insisted, getting all worked up with his denial of feelings.

'Oh my, it looks like from now on the days are gonna be a thousand times more fun,' Heavenmail chuckled inwardly, amused by the antics of his new partner.

LINK VRAINS, Unknown Location...

"That guy. He has taken out our knights without even engaging in a duel," Revolver mused, observing the male who was clad in ancient armor with a slight frown on his face.

"Indeed. His way to deal with our subordinates is a little bit old fashioned, but undoubtedly effective. We'll have to send someone stronger to deal with him. Especially since he seems to be the origin of that A.I., which could be highly problematic. I suggest that we fight fire with fire," Noctis advised.

Revolver nodded. "I am aware of that. That's why I summoned her after all," he told, looking rightwards as a newcomer arose from a green portal.

"You called, Revolver? What's the matter this time? Is it Playmaker again?" a female asked, approaching the Hanoi Leader.

"No, not this time. Here, look at the screen!" Revolver addressed the female, the girl obeying as she stared at the monitor before them.

"So it's this guy, huh?" she inquired before looking closer. "He has an A.I., now that's something! I already heard rumors from Faust and Chimera, but I was not expecting them to be true. That another A.I. has shown itself, and the Iris A.I. of all at that, wow! Do you believe that this guy could be its origin?" she addressed the male.

"Most certainly he is. A.I.s always seek out their origins, like you could observe with me and your own, White Diamond," Noctis remarked, looking at the duel disk of the girl from which a being looking pretty similar to him emerged. It was a small green humanoid with light blue lines running across its body. Its scleras and irises were light blue as well, whereas the borders of its irises and the pupils were magenta. Its stature and the ponytail-like protrusion on the back of its head suggested it to be a female. It also had the same symbols on its wrists as Noctis and Hector, as well as a light blue diamond-shaped one on its forehead.

"I agree with you, Noctis. If I have found White Diamond and you have found Revolver, that person must be the Iris A.I.'s origin," the green A.I. stated.

"Exactly, Emerald! I therefore dispatch you and White Diamond in order to defeat that boy and capture the A.I.!" Revolver commanded.

The girl made a brief curtsy. "As you wish, my dear Revolver-sama," she said with a mischievous smirk, vanishing again.

Revolver sighed. "Even if we are close, I really wish she wouldn't undermine my authority so much."

Noctis hummed. "I remember how she once requested to have some music play here in this hideout, you know, like in an elevator. Said that it was really depressing with all that silence and darkness around and that we should make this place a bit fancier, even though it is technically a terrorist hideout. She really can be a bit special at times. On the other hand though, she is our most capable duelist," the black AI said before smirking. "Well, apart from you of course," he added with a cocky grin.

"Oh, that much is certain. But even as only the second strongest among the Hanoi, she should easily succeed," Revolver said, confident about the skills of the female.

Noctis hummed. "Especially with Emerald backing her up. That guy is as good as done already," he stated, the two of them beginning to observe via their white monitor once more.

LINK VRAINS, with Heavenmail...

"Well, looks like Playmaker got this in the bag. A pity, I really wanted to defeat that knight for attacking Blue Angel, but oh well," Heavenmail remarked, observing how the duelist in the bodysuit made its final offensive against the Knight of Hanoi with his freshly acquired Decode Talker.

"Yeah, seems like it's over. This is about the moment when you play the edgy comeback music, were this some sort of TV show," Hector added, watching as the knight was defeated alongside a loud scream saying "Decode End!".

"Anyway, that makes things easier for us. I guess we can now log out and...," Heavenmail began.

"Hoh? Log out you say? I believe it's a little bit too early for that!" a female voice interrupted him, Heavenmail spinning around to the source of the noise.

"What?! Who the hell are you?!" Heavenmail demanded, facing the speaker with a frown.

The person in question was a young woman riding on a D-Board of dark blue and green color, alongside a vast majority of white that posed the main color of the board. Her outfit consisted a single piece of clothing that possessed neither sleeves, nor did it cover much of her legs, only having the length of shorts. In return for that it covered some of her neck though, having a collar of moderate height. Her outfit was mainly blue, having trim of light brown color. From the middle of her chest upwards everything was navy blue instead, but it still had the brown trim at the edges of it.

To cover up her exposed arms and legs she wore sleeves and stockings, the former having the same navy blue color as the upper part of her main piece of clothing as well as the same trim as it. The sleeves that only kept her shoulders exposed even covered parts of her hands and the girl wore a white duel disk with the same extra colors as her outfit on her left wrist. The stockings on the other hand reached up to a little above her knees and were mainly white with blue stripes running across them irregularly, furthermore possessing light green highlights. She also wore white and dark blue boots with green heels that reached up to about the middle of her lower legs.

The final part of her outfit were her earrings which looked the same as those worn by the Hanoi Leader, only reversed with the bullet tokens coming first and then finishing with the blue diamonds that hung at the bottom of them, and her golden belt which was held around her waist by a blue buckle with the shape of a five-edged diamond. Regarding her head, she had long white hair reaching to her hips with a few light blue strands on the right-hand side of her face. The magenta eyes of the fair skinned woman gave him an intense look as the female approached him on her D-Board, her slightly condescending smirk looking like she was issuing a challenge to him.

"Oh, me? I am a member of the Knights of Hanoi, and I'm here to take that A.I.!" she announced, pointing at Hector who was still resting with his lower body being located inside of Heavenmail's duel disk.

"You're a knight? You don't look like one to me. All the knights have the same avatar after all," Heavenmail retorted to her, raising an eyebrow in doubt of her allegation.

The female chuckled, the look in her pink-purplish eyes making him shudder. "Oh, I'm afraid that this is only true for our foot soldiers! I can assure you that I'm in fact a Knight of Hanoi! My name is White Diamond, and like I said, I am here to take that A.I. from you!" she repeated, bringing her finger back towards Hector.

"Fine then! I will defeat you and make sure that you don't take away my new friend! But you better watch out, as I am no pushover! Especially with someone else backing me up, outnumbering you!" Heavenmail retorted confidently, readying himself.

"That's right! You tell her, Heavenmail!" the white A.I. shouted encouragingly, cheering for his new partner.

White Diamond giggled. "Oh, now that's sweet! Your A.I. truly is on your side already, despite the short time you have known him so far! But I must correct you, as your statement was false! I am not outnumbered! Because I have a little friend of my own, right Emerald?" she asked, a green humanoid arising from her disk at that.

"Right, White Diamond. It's two versus two," Emerald agreed with her partner, revealing herself to Heavenmail and Hector, much to their shock.

"What?! You have such an AI as well?!" the orange haired male cried out in terror, gazing at the green A.I. with shock on his expression.

"Yup, I do. Now then, are you ready to duel?" White Diamond inquired, Heavenmail gritting his teeth as he angled his arm to prepare for the incoming fight. "I'll take that as a yes," the female stated, readying herself as well.

"Hold up! What's going on over there?!" a sudden voice startled both of them, White Diamond and Heavenmail plus their respective AIs looking around to face the newcomer, who was none other than Playmaker.

"Hoh, the famous Playmaker is paying us a visit? I feel so honored!" White Diamond remarked sarcastically, performing a brief curtsy.

Playmaker narrowed his green eyes a bit, taking a look at the female. "And you are...?" he addressed her with a demanding undertone.

"I am White Diamond," the female introduced herself to him before a smirk crawled onto her face. "The sister of the Knights of Hanoi Leader!" she added with a victorious grin.

"What did you say?! The sister of the Knights of Hanoi Leader?!" Playmaker repeated in disbelief, his wide open eyes staring at the girl in shock.

"You don't look much like a Knight of Hanoi to me," a voice spoke up from Playmaker's duel disk. As Heavenmail looked at it, he noticed that Playmaker had something looking like a huge moving eyeball inside of his disk, deducing that this must have been the speaker.

White Diamond shrugged her shoulders, doing a brief snap afterwards. At once she wore an almost sleeveless coat-like white jacket with green trim that reached down to her knees, startling both Heavenmail and Playmaker.

"Well, I technically have this thing, but I don't wear it a lot. It's only good when it's cold around me, and even then it has its blindspots, so I sometimes wear it during my Speed Duels, but aside from that I don't use it a lot. Covers up too many good-looking things too," she said nonchalantly, the jacket dissolving again.

"If I didn't know it any better, I'd say that you're an exhibitionist," Heavenmail remarked, looking at the female with once more exposed skin.

White Diamond smirked. "So what if I am?" she challenged him with a cocky smirk.

Heavenmail decided not to press the topic, switching to another. "Anyway, what is that Speed Duel you mentioned? Does it mean dueling while riding on these crazy-ass boards?" he inquired.

The white and light blue haired female nodded. "Exactly! It's the thing we're about to engage in!" she told, readying her duel disk once more.

"Hold up, I will duel you!" Playmaker chimed in, wanting to use the chance that was offered to him. So long he had been searching for the leader of the hacker group – and now said person's sister had basically walked right into his face. He couldn't give up this opportunity to find out more about his past.

White Diamond shook her head. "Unfortunately I cannot agree to that," she declined his challenge.

"What?! But why?!" Playmaker shouted angrily, furrowing his eyebrows.

White Diamond chuckled. "Well, for one, you only have an Ignis, whereas Heavenmail over there has an A.I., something far more valuable than your little friend. And for two, he is a wildcard, while I already know how strong you are. So my chances at beating him are probably higher than those of beating you," she explained.

"But he could also be stronger than me. In that case I'm the better choice," Playmaker tried to convince her.

The female giggled once more. "My, you truly are a sly fox, Playmaker! Your arguments trying to convince me are not bad, but unfortunately they won't work on me!" she taunted the male who frowned at her response. "And in addition to that he still has an A.I., so that makes my choice obvious!" she finished, pointing at Heavenmail to indicate the duelist she had chosen as her opponent.

"Hey, I'm also an AI! What is it that makes his more valuable?!" the eye in Playmaker's disk shouted indignantly.

The white haired girl laughed. "My my, you are confusing something here, my dear little collection of algorithms! The expression "A.I." is the abbreviation for two things! First is of course "Artificial Intelligence", something both of you would meet. But Heavenmail's little friend also falls under the second category, where the term stands for "Anti Ignis". Since you aren't this type of AI, you barely interest us compared to that guy's Anti Ignis," White Diamond elaborated.

"What?! Did you just say that I don't matter to you compared to that guy over there?!" the eyeball demanded angrily, referring to Hector who kept his calm whilst remaining in his position on top of Heavenmail's duel disk.

"Exactly! Your value is lower than that of the Iris Anti Ignis, that's why we don't care about you too much," Emerald chimed in, the green A.I. arising from White Diamond's duel disk again.

"Wait, that girl also has one of those Anti Ignis?!" the speaking eyeball cried out before coming to realization, adding another, rather awkward statement. "Wait, Ignis? I am an Ignis!" the eye told as if it had just made the discovery of the century.

White Diamond raised her eyebrows in sarcastic surprise. "Oh, really? No shit, Sherlock! Of course you're an Ignis, that's why we want to capture you after all! But as I said, I first want the Anti Ignis! Once I have it I can turn my attention to you guys!" she said with a smirk towards Playmaker and the eyeball.

"Duel me!" Playmaker insisted with an intense voice, desperately wanting to duel the girl to gather information about his past upon his potential win.

"Get lost, Playmaker! She is threatening my Ignis, so I will face her! You have dueled enough for today! She is my opponent, not yours!" Heavenmail chimed in, causing the other male to frown.

"You heard him, Playmaker! I belong to Heavenmail-kun!" White Diamond mocked the orange haired duelist, the implication in her taunt only pissing him off even more.

"You will regret that you just mocked me like that and that you want to capture Hector! Prepare yourself for an ancient beating a la Vae Victis!" Heavenmail shouted, readying his golden and silver duel disk with light green highlights, a serious expression occupying his face.

"I'll gladly take you on! Give me a few minutes and we're done!" White Diamond smirked, preparing herself as well. "And then I'll take your Ignis as well!" she announced, pointing toward the other male who still grumbled because his challenge had been rejected by the female.

'Don't worry Yusaku, if that guy beats her, we will most likely get the information about the Hanoi anyway,' Kusanagi tried to reassure his friend over Playmaker's ear piece.

"But that would imply that he actually wins this duel," Playmaker responded to the man who was currently sitting at a screen in real life, observing the ongoing events within LINK VRAINS from there. "Which is far from being guaranteed, given that his opponent is the sister of the Knights of Hanoi Leader," he finished, following the two duelists on the Data Storm.

"Now then, are you guys ready?" White Diamond inquired, having already activated her duel disk.

"As ready as humanly possible! Bring it on!" Heavenmail shot back, having activated his duel disk as well.

"We will definitely not lose this duel!" Hector chimed in, the white Anti Ignis flexing his arm with confidence in his voice.

"I highly doubt that. Even if you are the Iris Anti Ignis while I'm just the Wind A.I., our skills are still worlds apart," Emerald retorted, the comment of the light green Anti Ignis causing her white counterpart to frown, Hector narrowing his dark green and golden eyes in light upset.

-"SPEED DUEL!"- all four or them exclaimed in unison, the Data Storm below them increasing in magnitude.




(This Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel.)

"I'll take the first turn!" White Diamond announced, grabbing a card from her hand and activating it. "For starters I will activate the spell Terraforming! I add a field spell from the deck to my hand! I pick the field spell Galebringer Fortress – Airbase and add it to my hand! Then I activate it!" she declared, revealing a spell that showed a floating fortress with several runways from which white-greenish lizards bearing white wings launched into the surrounding sky.

"She only played two cards yet, but I already have a bad feeling about this," Heavenmail murmured with a frown on his face.

"I feel you. The way she played these card without hesitation or taking time to deliberate whatsoever shows that she must be very skilled with this deck. We better keep our guard up," Hector advised his partner.

"You would be well advised to listen to your A.I.!" White Diamond addressed them with a smirk before continuing her move. "Now I normal summon Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle!" she declared, a reptilian creature with jet-like wings akin to those beings depicted on the artwork of Airbase appearing. It was mostly white with a few dark blue and black highlights, having something resembling its namesake weapon attached to its right arm. Alongside the green rifle the beast had dark brown slit eyes and a white tail with a metallic tip of green color. It briefly let out a growl before shifting towards its controller, flying alongside White Diamond's D-Board.

Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK 1200/ DEF 100/ Reptile/ Effect

"Reptile, huh? Not the most common monster type for sure. There shouldn't be too much generic support for it," Heavenmail commented.

"I know. But that also means that it has fewer weaknesses than more common types, right?" the female retorted, causing the male to grit his teeth. "Anyway, its effect! Upon normal summoning it I can send the top three cards from my deck to the graveyard! So I'll do just that!" she declared, now having four cards in her graveyard.

"You're milling yourself? But why?" Heavenmail asked, confused by this strategy.

"I'll show you! But first the effect of Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter! If I already control a Galebringer, I can bring out this one by milling two more cards from the top of my deck! Come!" White Diamond shouted, another lizard with the color scheme of the previous one appearing, only with a slightly different build and another weapon on its right arm.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK ?/ DEF ?/ Reptile/ Effect

"A monster with unknown ATK and DEF?" the eyeball in Playmaker's disk spoke up in surprise.

"Yeah, you hardly see a lot of them around, do you? This monster in particular has ATK and DEF equal to the number of cards in my graveyard times 200, meaning its stats will both become 1200!" the white haired duelist announced, her monster powering up.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter: ATK ? → 1200; DEF ? → 1200

"So that's why she milled herself," Hector realized.

"That's right! But it doesn't end here! Stormrifle's effect! Once per turn, if I have six or more cards in my graveyard, I can add a "Galebringer"-Monster from the deck to my hand! My choice is Galebringer Lizard – Tempestsniper!" she announced, showing them the card.

"Her hand went back to two," Heavenmail contemplated, observing his opponent with focused eyes.

White Diamond smirked, stretching out her arm. "And now appear, our circuit that sweeps away our opposition!" the female yelled, emitting a blast of green energy that formed into a dark blue circuit with gray arrows on its edges.

"A Link Summon," Playmaker muttered as he watched the move of the Hanoi Member.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two "Galebringer"-Monsters! I set Stormrifle and Gustshooter into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" White Diamond yelled as her monsters spiraled upwards, becoming green beams of energy that filled two of the bottom markers of the circuit. "A new gale that blows through the closed world! Link Summon! Appear, Link 2, Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet!" she announced as a white dragon with green spikes on the tips of its wings appeared, the metallic tip at the end of its tail being light green, resembling a wind symbol. The light blue eyed creature let our a roar as it sped forward from behind Heavenmail, catching up to the line of its controller.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet

Wind/ Link 2/ ATK 1000/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↙↓)

"A formidable monster," Hector admitted, having finished his visual examination of White Diajet.

"I'll take that compliment as I activate the effect of my monster! When I Link Summon White Diajet while I have six or more cards resting inside my graveyard, I may special summon a Galebringer with a level from there! Arise, Galebringer Lizard – Turbulencegun!" she exclaimed, a new monster making its entrance.

Galebringer Lizard – Turbulencegun

Wind/ Level 2/ ATK 600/ DEF 1800/ Reptile/ Effect

"That's one of the monsters you've milled before," Heavenmail stated.

"Smart boy, I see that you pay attention! Then you better watch what happens next! First my White Diajet receives 100 ATK times the number of cards in my graveyard! And then Turbulencegun also mills three more cards as that can be done when I special summon it! Therefore I'll have ten cards in my graveyard, bringing the ATK of my White Diajet to 2000!" the female declared, her monster powering up at her words.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet: ATK 1000 → 2000

"Now I'll show you the power of my field spell! By revealing one Galebringer in my hand, in this case Tempestsniper, I am able to summon any number of Reptile Monsters from my hand or graveyard to zones my "Galebringer" Link-Monsters point to! Since White Diajet in the right Extra Monster Zone has a bottom-left and bottom arrow, I can now revive Stormrifle and Gustshooter to my second and third Main Monster Zone!" the girl proclaimed as she brought back her monsters.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK ? → 1600/ DEF ? → 1600/ Reptile/ Effect


Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK 1200/ DEF 100/ Reptile/ Effect

"As a result, my Diajet powers down," she added.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet: ATK 2000 → 1800

"But that doesn't matter! Appear, our circuit that sweeps away our opposition! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Galebringers! I set White Diajet and Stormrifle into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! A new gale that blows through the closed world! Link Summon! Appear, Link 3, Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale!" she yelled, another whitish dragon with green tipped wings and light blue eyes appearing, taking the place of the former.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale

Wind/ Link 3/ ATK ?/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↑↙↘)

"Diagale's effect! When Link Summoned while I have eight or more cards in my graveyard, I can add any spell from my deck to the hand!" she declared with a smirk, searching out a card. "Oh, and about its ATK, it's determined by the number of cards in my graveyard times 300! Meaning with ten, Diagale sits at 3000 ATK!" she told, her monster letting out a screech as it received its new power.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK ? → 3000

"She brought out a monster this strong already?" the eyeball in Playmaker's disk spoke up in slight anxiety.

"Yup! And it's going to get even better once I play this! The spell card Pot of Greed which I added to my hand via White Diagale's effect! Without any setup or restrictions it enables me to draw two cards, in turn raising the ATK of Diagale as I send it to my graveyard once it resolves!" White Diamond announced, her hand growing from two to three.

"What?! A spell that draws you two cards without any conditions?! What kind of stuff did the creators of that thing smoke, making a free plus one without a once per turn clause?!" Heavenmail cried out in disbelief.

"Something pretty nasty apparently. But I am not complaining about it as I'm one of the few people who actually have that card, so I couldn't care less about how overpowered it is," White Diamond retorted. "Now Diagale's ATK increases to 3300!" she added, her dragon gaining additional strength.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 3000 → 3300

"I then place one card face-down and end my turn!" the female duelist concluded, handing over to Heavenmail.

"Alright! It's my turn! Draw!" he yelled inspecting his hand. Suddenly a voice addressed him from behind.

"Hey, you! Do you even know how Speed Duels work?" the eyeball within Playmaker's disk asked Heavenmail. As he shook his head, the eyeball continued. "Both players start with only four hand cards, as you might have noticed already. There is no Main Phase 2. The Main Monster and Spell & Trap Zones are limited to three instead of five and lastly every player has a Skill which they can use once per duel. The latter is dependent on the respective duelist in its functionality and can do all kinds of stuff. Got that?" it asked the male clad in the ancient armor.

Heavenmail nodded. "Thanks for the crash course. I really appreciate it," he told the eyeball, which looked like it was grinning from ear to ear at his praise, as crazy as that might sound given its almost complete lack of facial features.

"Anyway, I start my turn by special summoning Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess from my hand! This monster can be summoned when I control no monsters!" Heavenmail declared, a dark haired male clad in yellow-brownish fur appearing, taking a fighting stance with the bare fists of his muscular arms directed at the opposing monsters. His body was graced by a pair of white wings protruding from his back, a faint radiance around him hinting at the possibility that it was blessed by an even more heavenly being.

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess

Light/ Level 4/ ATK 1800/ DEF 1000/ Fairy/ Effect

"Heraklux's additional effect! When normal or special summoned I can add an "Arms of the Goddess"-Card from my deck to the hand! I choose Arms of the Goddess – Excalibur!" he told, adding a spell card to his hand.

"Hoh? Excalibur you say? I already assumed that you would be an old fashioned person just from that ancient armor you wear, but also utilizing legendary weapons is what raises your liking for antique stuff to ridiculous levels!" White Diamond giggled in amusement.

"I have to agree with her, your deck is about as pre-Renaissance as it can get," Emerald chimed in.

Heavenmail scowled. "Talk all you want! I just don't trust all the new stuff and especially technology, okay?! That's why I much more prefer the legends from my childhood than playing with some monsters that look like they come straight out of Matrix or whatever!" he declared, giving Playmaker a brief side glance at the last part.

'I feel like I've heard that somewhere already...,' White Diamond contemplated, Heavenmail's statement reminding her of something.

"Anyway, on with my turn! I now activate the field spell Arms of the Goddess – Hidden Arsenal! I'll teach you about the full power of this field spell soon, but first its most obvious effect! When activated I add a "Goddess"-Card from the deck to my hand! I pick Arms of the Goddess – Heavenly Mail!" he stated, revealing a card that depicted a shining torso armor of gold and silver with gems embedded in it.

"Ah, so that's the namesake of your avatar name, I see! Well, what does it do?" his opponent asked, intrigued by the new card.

"You will see very soon! But first I equip my Heraklux with three equip spells!" Heavenmail declared resolutely.

"Three?!" White Diamond repeated, surprised by the unusual move. Normally decks didn't play that many equip spells after all.

"You heard me correctly! I activate Arms of the Goddess – Heavenly Mail, Arms of the Goddess – Excalibur, and lastly Arms of the Goddess – Trishula! I equip all three of them to Heraklux!" Heavenmail shouted, his monster first gaining a shimmering armor for its upper body before two weapons appeared before it, a blue sword enveloped by icy cold and a radiant trident. It grabbed both of them, swinging them around before taking a battle stance anew.

"Three equip spells? Man, that monster must be really powerful now!" the eye in Playmaker's disk remarked as it observed the duel.

"Indeed! My Excalibur and Trishula strengthen my Heraklux by 400 ATK each!" Heavenmail retorted, his monster powering up.

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess: ATK 1800 → 2600

"But that's not all! Excalibur allows me to search another "Goddess"-Card from my deck when activated! I pick Achillor, Lance of the Goddess! And Trishula inflicts 500 damage to you when it's played! Greetings from Shiva!" the orange haired male retorted, his monster dashing forward with the trident to deliver a brief stab to White Diamond who gasped at the pain for a second before recollecting herself.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 8000 → 7500

"First blood goes to our team!" Hector addressed Emerald victoriously, the green A.I. frowning at the declaration of her white counterpart.

"Damn right, Hector! But I'm not finished yet! Since I control an "Arms of the Goddess"-Card in my Spell & Trap Zone I can special summon Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess from my hand!" Heavenmail went on, a blue haired male clad in green samurai armor who wielded a cross between a lance and sword appearing on the field, much like the previous monster having a pair of white angel wings.

Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK 1000/ DEF 1400/ Fairy/ Effect

"I activate his effect! By discarding a "Goddess"-Card, I can draw one card from my deck! I discard Siegfin, Halberd of the Goddess in order to draw!" Heavenmail continued.

"He exchanged one hand card for another," Emerald commented, observing attentively.

"And now you will witness the real power of my field spell! Arms of the Goddess – Hidden Arsenal's effect! Once per turn I can pick one of my monsters and any multiple of 400 with a maximum of 2000! Then my monster loses that much ATK, but in return for that I may use a number of "Goddess"-Equip Spells or Traps as link material during this turn that is equal to the multiples of 400 my monster lost!" Heavenmail announced.

"What did you say?! Using equip spells and traps as link material?!" White Diamond repeated in disbelief.

"Exactly! I lower the ATK of Heraklux by 2000, meaning I can use up to five of such cards as link material during this turn!" Heavenmail declared, paying the price by weakening his monster by the specified amount.

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess: ATK 2600 → 600

'A rather unusual strategy,' Playmaker debated with himself, slightly intrigued by this.

"Nice going, Heavenmail! That means that we now have up to five cards we can use for Link Summons!" Hector exclaimed enthusiastically.

"That's right! And I will make use of some of them right now! Appear, our ancient circuit that guides to my destiny!" Heavenmail proclaimed, emitting a burst of energy to form a bluish circuit in the sky. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more monsters with different names, except Tokens! As my Hidden Arsenal enables the use of my backrow "Goddess"-Cards as if they were Effect-Monsters, I set Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess, as well as my two equip spells Arms of the Goddess – Excalibur and Trishula into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" the male declared, three energy beams flocking together into the circuit.

"Hmm, let's see what this boy can do with his Extra Deck...," White Diamond whispered in a deliberating tone.

"The shine of moon veils a deadly arrow in dim luminescence! From the ether it will descend and give you a watery grave! Link Summon! Arise, Link 3, Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess!" Heavenmail shouted, a female with green hair and fox-like ears clad in a mix of armor and ancient robes of golden, blue and black appearing, the upper part of her outfit ending in a short white skirt. She furthermore wore black stockings with golden trim as well as dark blue greaves with the same trim as her stockings and had a golden bow resembling angelic wings in design with green gems embedded in it. Drawing an arrow enveloped by water droplets from her quiver and bringing it to her bow, the long haired female rode atop of a dark blue eagle with light blue eyes that let out a high pitched screech as it ascended further into the sky.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess

Water/ Link 3/ ATK ?/ Fairy/ Link/ Effect (←→↓)

"Hoh? Another monster with unknown ATK? And here I thought I was the only one with those cards! Tell me, how are her ATK determined?" White Diamond inquired with interest.

"Her original ATK become equal to the number of materials I used for her summon times 800! With three materials, she has 2400 ATK!" Heavenmail proclaimed, the eagle letting out another screech as it powered up alongside its rider. "Also, as Heraklux lost his equip spells, he will lose 800 ATK, reaching rock bottom due to this."

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK ? → 2400

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess: ATK 600 → 200 → 0

"Not bad! But it won't be enough to strike down my Diagale!" the female retorted in a challenging tone.

"It needn't be, as I'm not done yet! Excalibur's effect! When it's sent to the graveyard I may draw one card for each "Arms of the Goddess"-Card I currently control! At the very moment I have Heavenly Mail and my field spell Hidden Arsenal, so I'll draw two cards!" Heavenmail said, strengthening his hand again.

"He brought his hand back to five!" the eyeball cheered, content with the ongoing of the duel.

"Now I normal summon Achillor, Lance of the Goddess!" Heavenmail continued, an orange haired man clad in black armor worn by the Ancient Greeks appearing, rotating his namesake weapon in his hand as he appeared. Like all Goddess-Monsters he had a pair of white wings.

Achillor, Lance of the Goddess

Dark/ Level 3/ ATK 1300/ DEF 700/ Fairy/ Effect

"If Achillor is Normal Summoned, I can add a "Goddess"-Card from my graveyard back to my hand! I pick Arms of the Goddess – Trishula! Then I activate it plus a second copy of Trishula, equipping both of them to Dianahri!" Heavenmail declared, two tridents appearing in the air next to his monster.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 2400 → 2800 → 3200

"And as you might remember, you receive 500 damage when Trishula is activated! Take that!" Hector exclaimed, pointing toward White Diamond as Dianahri took the two tridents and winded up her bow with them as if they were arrows. With an accurate shot they were launched forward, the female duelist hissing in pain as they hit her.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 7500 → 7000 → 6500

"I'm not done! With the effect of Achillor I can inflict 200 damage times the number of "Goddess"-Equip Spells I control! With three you take 600 more damage!" Heavenmail went on, his monster hurling three lances at the female who once again grunted in discomfort.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 6500 → 5900

"All these little hits! I'm feeling like dueling against Blue Angel, not gonna lie!" White Diamond remarked.

"You wouldn't be too wrong with that! Her dueling style shaped my own way of dueling after all! I deeply adore all females, and especially her! Hence why I copied one or two things from Blue Angel!" Heavenmail exclaimed.

"Hoh? Then dueling a cute girl like me must be a great honor for you, right?" the Hanoi Girl asked him with a smirk on her face.

Heavenmail ignored her provocation and continued. "Now the effect of Tiames, Cleaver of the Goddess from my hand! By discarding her I can add another "Goddess"-Card from my deck to the hand! I pick a second Siegfin, Halberd of the Goddess! Then I banish Tiames from my graveyard as I have at least two "Arms of the Goddess"-Cards on my field! By doing so I can special summon a "Goddess"-Monster from my hand or graveyard! Revive, Susanova!" he told, the blue haired male in the samurai armor making his return.

Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK 1000/ DEF 1400/ Fairy/ Effect

"And now, to make the finishing touches before the Battle Phase, I will Link Summon again! Appear, our ancient circuit that guides to my destiny! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more monsters with different names, except Tokens! I use Heraklux, Susanova, as well as one of my Trishulas, setting them into the Link Markers! In addition to that I can banish the copy of Siegfin, Halberd of the Goddess I have in my graveyard as one of the materials when I Link Summon a "Goddess"-Monster! Circuit combine!" Heavenmail shouted, four beams of energy heading skywards.

"Link-4. Not bad, Heavenmail!" Hector praised its partner.

"I know!" the orange haired male retorted before beginning his summoning chant. "With the bow of storms, great power shall be unleashed! A glorious arrow of wind heading right toward our destiny! Link Summon! Appear, Link 4, Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess!" Heavenmail yelled, a female wearing the same outfit as the previous one appearing. The only remarkable difference was that everything green and blue about Dianahri was reversed with Apollousa, the latter having light blue hair and a dark greenish outfit instead of the other way around. Everything else though matched, from the design of their bows to their fox-like ears. There was only one additional major difference, as Apollousa was mounting a bear with fur of a mix of light green and sky blue instead of a dark blue eagle. The female wound up her bow with an arrow, awaiting further directions.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

Wind/ Link 4/ ATK ?/ Fairy/ Link/ Effect (↑↙↓↘)

"Her ATK are determined via the same method as her sister, meaning they are 3200 as I used four materials!" Heavenmail proclaimed as his monster assumed her battle value. "In addition to that Dianahri loses 400 ATK as I used one of her Trishulas as link material."

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess: ATK ? → 3200

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 3200 → 2800

"He summoned another strong monster," Emerald remarked, still observing Heavenmail alongside her partner. "But I wonder why he didn't use Heavenly Mail as link material if it is now destroyed via its equip monster leaving the field anyway," she added in light confusion.

"At this moment the effect of Heavenly Mail!" Heavenmail shouted, answering the Anti Ignis' question. "When its equip monster leaves the field I can equip it to another monster in an adjacent column by moving this card to the same column as that monster! I move Heavenly Mail to my third Spell & Trap Zone, re-equipping it to Dianahri and therefore avoiding its destruction!" he announced, his monster receiving the jeweled chest armor.

"Nice move, Heavenmail! Now beat her up!" Hector shouted, getting fired up.

"I will! I set one card face-down! Now battle! Apollousa attacks White Diagale! Stormforce Arrow!" he yelled, his monster firing a wind projectile at the whitish dragon.

"What? But my Diagale has more ATK than your Apollousa!" White Diamond cried out in surprise.

"Not for long! Dianahri's effect! By sacrificing 800 of her ATK I can make one of your monsters ATK half of her current ATK until the end of this turn while also inflicting 800 damage to you! This lowers Diagale's ATK to 1000!" Heavenmail countered, activating his monster effect. This caused Diagale to manifest a pair of pink fairy-like wings, winding up a watery arrow with her bow that had turned white and launching it at Diagale, which crippled the latter with its power.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 2800 → 2000

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 3300 → 1000

"Tsk! Then I use one of my own effects! By discarding Galebringer Lizard – Draftmortar during a battle between a Galebringer of mine and one of your monsters, I can boost my monster by 200 ATK for each card in my graveyard! With eleven plus Draftmortar itself, Diagale will go beyond your monster, gaining 2400 ATK!" White Diamond shot back.

"Apollousa's effect! Once per turn, by making her lose 800 ATK, I can negate the activation of a monster effect and prevent you from activating that same effect for the rest of this turn! In other words, your monster stays at 1000 ATK!" Heavenmail shouted, his monster piercing the spectral image of Draftmortar with one of her arrows as she manifested pink fairy wings for a moment as well, her bow also turning white with a serene radiance enveloping it, thwarting White Diamond's attempt to boost the ATK of her monster at the cost of some of his own monster's ATK.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 3200 → 2400

"Damn it! Then I will activate my face-down card, the continuous trap Galebringer Super Mobilization – Sapphire Ceasefire Blast! When a "Galebringer"-Link-Monster is attacked I can once per turn negate the attack by milling cards from the top of my deck equal to its Link Rating! I mill three cards, negating the attack of your Apollousa!" White Diamond said, using her last resort to stop the attack with.

"Alright! Then I use my Achillor to attack your Turbulencegun!" Heavenmail went on, his monster piercing the winged lizard with its lance.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 5900 → 5000

"Next up Dianahri attacks White Diagale! Now get rid of that wyvern for me! Tidalforce Arrow!" Heavenmail commanded, his monster striking down the white dragon with a water-enveloped arrow.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 5000 → 4000

"At this moment both my field spell and Dianahri's equip spell trigger their effects! When one of my Goddesses beats one of your Link-Monsters in battle, I can gain 400 LP times the Link Rating of your monster! With Link-3 on White Diagale I gain 1200 LP!" Heavenmail told, receiving an invigorating boost of life force.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 8000 → 9200

"Furthermore Trishula gives Dianahri 800 ATK since she succeeded in taking down your monster!" he went on, his monster receiving extra power as well.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 2000 → 2800

"And now the final effect of Trishula! Once per turn I can destroy one of my Goddesses to give the equipped monster an additional attack! I destroy Achillor to enable Dianahri to attack again! And since the effect of Hidden Arsenal not only boosts my lifepoints but also allows for another attack of the victorious monster, you will now receive two further attacks from Dianahri!" Heavenmail proclaimed resolutely.

"Alright! If these attacks connect, Heavenmail wins!" the eyeball in Playmaker's disk shouted enthusiastically.

"Go ahead, Heavenmail! Defeat her with your monster!" Hector chimed in, equally fired up.

"Okay then! Dianahri's first attack! I select Gustshooter for my attack target! Tidalforce Arrow!" the male clad in armor exclaimed, his monster firing another projectile.

"Are you stupid?! Gustshooter has 3400 ATK as its power is 200 times the number of cards in my graveyard!" White Diamond protested.

"Not for long! Heavenly Mail's effect! Once per turn, if the equipped monster battles an opponent's monster while I control another monster in the column of the equipped one, I can negate the effects of your monster until the end of the damage step! I have Dianahri and Apollousa in the third column! Therefore Gustshooter's ATK becomes 0!" Heavenmail countered.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter: ATK 3400 → 0

"Nice one, Heavenmail!" Hector cheered.

"Alright! My attack continues! Tidalforce Arrow!" Heavenmail yelled, his arrow piercing the winged lizard, damaging the female considerably.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 4000 → 1200

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 2800 → 3600

"Good! One more hit and you've won!" Hector yelled, flexing his arm confidently.

"I know! Go again, Dianahri! End this with your Tidalforce Arrow!" Heavenmail commanded, the female launching the third and final arrow from atop of her eagle.

-"We won't let you!"- White Diamond and Emerald snapped, startling the two males. -"From our graveyard we banish Draftmortar in order to activate its effect! It revives one of our Galebringers in attack position, at the cost of decreasing its ATK by 2000 until the End Phase! Return, White Diagale!" they announced, the white dragon making its reappearance.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale

Wind/ Link 3/ ATK ?/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↑↙↘)

-"White Diagale's effect! Its ATK is equal to the number of cards in our graveyard times 300! With 16 kicking around, White Diagale has 4800 ATK! Unfortunately this value is cut by 2000 due to Draftmortar's downside effect!"- they went on, their monster powering up to a moderate amount.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK ? → 2800

"My monster is still stronger!" Heavenmail retorted, continuing his attack.

"Maybe. But as your extra attack effects are hard once per turns, you won't be able to finish me off!" White Diamond declared victoriously, Heavenmail gritting his teeth as the female lost her monster, but retained enough lifepoints to continue the duel.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 1200 → 400

"Oh man! He was so close!" the eyeball moaned, its owner not showing any superficial reaction as Playmaker kept watching the duel with a neutral expression on his face.

"Damn it! But my monster will gain 800 more ATK due to Trishula at least!" Heavenmail cursed, visibly annoyed that his opponent had managed to survive his assault.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 3600 → 4400

"I end my turn!" Heavenmail admitted grudgingly, handing over to White Diamond.

"That's nice! Then I will begin my turn right away! Here goes our counterattack! Draw!" she yelled, her hand rising to two cards.

"Counterattack you say? Then show me how you imagine this counterattack to work with only two cards in your hand!" Heavenmail challenged her.

The white and light blue haired girl smirked. "Only two? I think you're miscounting terribly there! I activate the spell Squamata Scale! This lets me draw until I have five cards in my hand, given that my LP are lower than yours and that I only control and have in my graveyard Reptile and Dragon monsters! As a downside I have to discard my entire hand during the Standby Phase of my second next turn!" she declared, replenishing her hand.

"What the hell?! That isn't a downside at all with how short duels are nowadays! And that draw effect is once more just insanely stupid! Why do you have so many broken cards in your deck?! Geez, this is more annoying than the circumference crap from geometry today, not gonna lie!" Heavenmail complained, exasperation apparent on his face.

'Wait, what did he just say...?' White Diamond briefly deliberated before responding to her opponent. "Well, let's just say that I'm quite fond of spell cards, making me the opposite of my brother. He has a liking for traps," she told.

'So the Hanoi Leader uses a lot of traps. Good to know,' Playmaker debated with himself, picking up the piece of information that the female had given him.

"Anyway, the effect of Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster from my hand! When you control more monsters than me, I can special summon it from my hand! Its ATK are determined by the usual formula, only with 100 ATK instead!" she announced, another winged reptile appearing on her field.

Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK ? → 1800/ DEF ? → 1800/ Reptile/ Effect

"Next I activate the spell card Monster Reborn, reviving White Diagale with it!" she went on, the monster reappearing.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale

Wind/ Link 3/ ATK ? → 5400/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↑↙↘)

A grin formed on White Diamond's face. "And now it's time for you to meet my baby girl! Appear, our circuit that sweeps away our opposition! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Link-3 White Diagale and Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" the white haired girl shouted, four greenish energy bullets heading upwards into the dark blue circuit.

"Four Link Markers!" the eyeball exclaimed in shock.

"That means that a Link-4 monster is coming," Heavenmail said with a frown.

"This is quite bad," Hector chimed in, sounding mildly concerned.

"A new gale blows through the closed world! It ravages and devastates anything in its path! Now manifest and eradicate those who stand in our way! Link Summon! Appear, Link 4, my ultimate beast of destructive aerial force! GALEBRINGER WYVERN – WHITE DIAMONSOON!" the female shouted, an enormous white dragon with light green horns that were curved forward appearing. It possessed great wings of greenish color that seemed to be as flowing as the wind itself, the translucent gales constantly altering their directions. On certain sections of its torso, arms and legs, the dragon had dark green gems that were embedded into its white scales, as well as a few diamonds that adorned its broad torso that gave impressions of a chest plate from the way it was armored. In addition to dark blue fangs and claws the beast possessed a pair of golden-brownish eyes with black pupils that were turned into slits. Preparing its light green arm cannons with black highlights the dragon let out a roar, causing Heavenmail and Playmaker to shield their eyes with their arms in order to block the incoming winds.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon

Wind/ Link 4/ ATK 3000/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (←→↙↘)

"She summoned something terrifying!" the eyeball in Playmaker's disk cried out anxiously, retreating further into the depths of the device it was trapped in.

"This must be her ace monster," Heavenmail remarked, bracing himself.

"Impressed?" White Diamond asked with a cocky grin before continuing her move. "Turbulencegun's effect! When I Link Summon a Galebringer while it rests in my graveyard, I can special summon it! However, it will be banished when it leaves the field!" she declared, her monster reviving.

Galebringer Lizard – Turbulencegun

Wind/ Level 2/ ATK 600/ DEF 1800/ Reptile/ Effect

"When Turbulencegun is special summoned, I can mill three cards! I then tribute it, targeting White Diamonsoon! Now card effects cannot destroy it, securing my precious baby girl! Then the effect of my field spell! I reveal Tempestsniper once more in order to summon Reptiles from my hand or graveyard to the Link Markers my Galebringers point to! I use this effect to bring back Breezeblaster!"

Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK ? → 2100/ DEF ? → 2100/ Reptile/ Effect

"Then the effect of Breezeblaster! By targeting a "Galebringer"-Link-Monster and milling cards from the top of my deck equal to that monster's Link Rating, I can draw one card!" she continued, bringing her hand to four cards while the number of cards in her graveyard rose to twenty-five, in turn powering up Breezeblaster.

Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster: ATK 2100 → 2500; DEF 2100 → 2500

"I addition that that I activate the spell Mystik Wok! By tributing one monster I gain LP equal to either its current ATK or DEF! I sacrifice Breezeblaster, gaining 2500 LP!" White Diamond restored some of her lost lifepoints at that, now sitting at a moderate value once more.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 400 → 2900

"Then I special summon Tempestsniper from my hand as well! I can do that when I have Galebringers on my field, including a Link-Monster! By milling two cards from my deck for each Galebringer I control plus Tempestsniper in my hand itself I special summon Tempestsniper to a zone that Link-Monster points to! I summon it to my second Main Monster Zone to which White Diamonsoon points to!" she declared, the monster appearing.

Galebringer Lizard – Tempestsniper

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK 700/ DEF 1700/ Reptile/ Effect

"Tempestsniper's effect! Once per turn I can inflict 100 damage for each card in my graveyard to you! Take 3300 points of damage!" White Diamond shouted, extending her arm towards Heavenmail.

"I activate my trap, Arms of the Goddess – Half Block! When I control a "Goddess"-Link-Monster, I can activate this card from my hand by discarding it! All effect damage I take during this turn is halved!" he shouted in response.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 9200 → 7550

"Not bad! Then I will answer to your move with my own! Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon activates her effect! I target and lower the ATK of one of your monsters by 100 for each card in my graveyard until the end of this turn! And you cannot react to this effect! Turbulence Yoke!" Wind Diamond went on, pointing at Dianahri whose ATK was drastically lowered, strong winds weighting down on the monster from above forcing her and the eagle she rode toward the ground.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 4400 → 1100

"The next effect! Once per turn, I can send up to ten cards from my graveyard back to my deck and then destroy one card you control for every five cards I shuffled back! I return ten cards of course, destroying both your Apollousa and Dianahri! Gale Pressure Cannon!" the girl declared, the monster sending out two streams of strong wind from its two arm cannons.

"Apollousa's effect! I reduce her ATK by 800 to negate your effect, disabling its further use for the rest of this turn!" Heavenmail shot back, the arrow of his monster canceling the effect of the great white dragon.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 2400 → 1600

"I was expecting that! I merely wanted you to use up that effect so I could activate another, plus the shuffling back of my cards still succeeds as it is a cost rather than an effect! Next I activate the quick-play spell Galebringer Mobilization – Heaven's Retaliation from my hand! I destroy one spell or trap you control, picking your Heavenly Mail with it!" she declared, the equip spell shattering. "Then I can set a "Galebringer"-Spell or Trap from my deck, also being able to activate it during this turn if it happens to be a quick-play spell or a trap! I set the continuous spell Galebringer Mobilization – Skyfire Assault! And then the bonus effect of Heaven's Retaliation! When activated while I have a "Galebringer"-Monster in the same column as itself, I can target one monster you control and halve its ATK for the remainder of this turn! I target Apollousa!" White Diamond told, the female on her bear losing more of her offensive power.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 1600 → 800

"She cut down the ATK of your monsters quite a bit," Hector addressed his partner.

Heavenmail hummed. "But that also offers an opportunity to me! Dianahri's effect! I lower her ATK by 800 and make one monster you control have half her current ATK, also inflicting 800 damage to you! As Dianahri will have 300 ATK as I use this effect, your Diamonsoon will be nigh powerless with 150 ATK as well!" he yelled back, his move forcing disarming of ATK on both sides.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 2900 → 2100

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 1100 → 300

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon: ATK 3000 → 150

"Not a bad move admittedly! But unfortunately, White Diamond and I are not susceptible to these kinds of tricks!" Emerald retorted before her partner went on.

"Now I flip up the card I set before, Galebringer Mobilization – Skyfire Assault! When this card is activated while I have a Galebringer in the same column, I gain 200 lifepoints for each "Galebringer"-Card with different names in my graveyard! I have fourteen, so I gain 2800 LP!" White Diamond proclaimed, recovering more than thrice the amount that Heavenmail had just inflicted to her.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 2100 → 4900

"Then its main effect! By milling two cards, I can add one "Galebringer"-Card from my deck to my hand! I search a copy of Draftmortar! Next I activate the effect of my continuous trap Galebringer Super Mobilization – Ceasefire Sapphire Blast! By tributing one Galebringer a "Galebringer"-Link-Monster points to, I can boost the ATK of my monster by 1000 until the end of this turn! I tribute Tempestsniper to give White Diamonsoon said bonus!" White Diamond told, powering up her ace.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon: ATK 150 → 1150

"Now the effect of my trap Galebringer Super Mobilization – Full Diamond Armor in my graveyard! By shuffling this and nine other cards back into my deck, I can special summon two "Galebringer" Reptile Monsters from there! Arise, Stormrifle, Tempestsniper!" she shouted, the monsters returning.

Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK 1200/ DEF 1000/ Reptile/ Effect


Galebringer Lizard – Tempestsniper

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK 700/ DEF 1700/ Reptile/ Effect

"I activate the effect of Stormrifle to add another "Galebringer"-Card to my hand! Now appear, our circuit that sweeps away our opposition! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two "Galebringer"-Monsters! I set Stormrifle and Tempestsniper into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" White Diamond shouted. "A new gale that blows through the closed world! Link Summon! Appear, Link 2, Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet!" she announced as a familiar white dragon appeared again, the girl having returned it to her Extra Deck with one of her effects.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet

Wind/ Link 2/ ATK 1000 → 2700/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↙↓)

"Diajet's effect revives a Galebringer with a level! Come again, Tempestsniper!" she went on.

Galebringer Lizard – Tempestsniper

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK 700/ DEF 1700/ Reptile/ Effect

"Appear again, our circuit that sweeps away our opposition! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more "Galebringer"-Monsters! I set Link-2 White Diajet and Tempestsniper into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! A new gale that blows through the closed world! Link Summon! Appear, Link 3, Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale!" The second dragonic Link-Monster from before showed itself again, its predominantly white body brimming with power.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale

Wind/ Link 3/ ATK ? → 5400/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↑↙↘)

"Much like before I gain a bonus for having a sufficient amount of cards in my graveyard! I add a spell to my hand! Then I place one card face-down! Now battle!" she yelled, pointing toward her opponent.

"Great. She has two monsters which are both arguably stronger than mine," Heavenmail moaned in annoyance.

"Glad that you're so happy about your situation! Allow me to put you out of your misery with some attacks! White Diamonsoon attacks Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess! At this moment Diamonsoon's third and final effect is activated! When a Galebringer battles I can mill up to three cards to have my battling monster gain 500 ATK for each! I mill three cards, giving Diamonsoon 1500 ATK for the rest of this turn! Wind of Change!" White Diamond proclaimed, her monster being enveloped by a strong gale that raised its power.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 5400 → 6300

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon: ATK 1150 → 2650

"Now crush his monster! Aerial Crossfire!" she commanded, her monster letting loose a storm of wind from both of its arm cannons, crossing to create a single, even greater vortex that hit Apollousa full force.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 7550 → 5700

"Ugh! Damn it, that hurt!" Heavenmail shouted in indignation, feeling the hit even through his armor.

"That's the feeling of getting hit, Heavenmail! And I will continue having you experience it by attacking your Dianahri! But first I add a "Galebringer"-Card from my deck to the hand as I can do that via my field spell Airbase when I destroy one of your cards with one of my Galebringers, either by battle or card effect! I add Galebringer Super Mobilization – Full Diamond Armor back to my hand! Then Diagale attacks Dianahri!" the female declared, pointing at his other monster. "At this moment I discard the Draftmortar I added to my hand previously, boosting the ATK of Diagale by 200 for each card in my graveyard! With 22, it will receive 4400 ATK! This is the end!" White Diamond shouted, her monster receiving the boost and unleashing its attack.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 6300 → 6600 → 11000

"Eleven thousand attack?!" the AI in Playmaker's disk spluttered in disbelief, its eye wide open.

"That's what you think! We can play this game together! By discarding the remaining card in my hand, Siegfin, Halberd of the Goddess, I can negate the next battle destruction of one of my Goddesses while also halving all battle damage I take for the rest of this turn!" Heavenmail shot back.

"Huh? But why didn't activate this effect earlier? You could have avoided a lot of extra damage," White Diamond exclaimed, confused by the play of her opponent.

"In order to win of course," Heavenmail responded, the eyes of both his opponents and the spectators widening in surprise.

"What did you just say?! To win?!" the white haired female cried out in terror.

"Exactly. My face-down is the trap Arms of the Goddess – Blade Reflector. It can be activated during Damage Calculation when a Goddess I control battles. It temporarily halves the ATK of one of your monsters after the battle while also inflicting the same battle damage I took to you. With 10700 total damage which will be halved due to Siegfin, I will take 5350 damage. I have 5700 LP, whereas you have only 4900. If your attack connects, which it will as you have already declared it, I will keep 350 of my lifepoints while you will lose all of them due to Blade Reflector. Alea iacta est," Heavenmail declared, explaining the meaning of his words.

"Well done, Heavenmail! We have this duel in our bag!" Hector shouted in enthusiasm.

White Diamond looked distraught for a while. But eventually she recovered, sporting a victorious grin on her face. "Wow, that was a really nice plan, applause to you for coming up with it! However, you made a grave mistake by revealing it to me before being able to activate your trap – the saying you used means "The die is cast", not "The die has fallen" after all! With that in mind, the result of this battle can still be altered as it isn't determined yet! I guess from your words about how much you revere females like me, it is not far-fetched to assume that you also want to amaze them with your dueling skills! So because you wanted to impress such a cute girl like me by explaining your master plan beforehand, you just gave up your chance at victory!" she declared with a cocky smirk.

"What do you mean by that?" Heavenmail asked, frowning at the declaration of his opponent.

"I'll tell you! Quick-play spell activate!" White Diamond responded, using one of the cards in her hand. "With Super Minimizer, I can make the ATK of a monster on the field half of its current ATK until the End Phase! I choose Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale!" she declared.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 11000 → 5500

"Eh? Her own monster? But why?" the AI in Playmaker's disk cried out in confusion.

"To survive the battle of course," Playmaker replied calmly, the eye staring at him as he continued his explanation. "By reducing the damage Heavenmail takes, she will reduce the damage she takes herself as well. Therefore, it is the only way to avoid defeat, as weakening Heavenmail's monster would only make the damage received by White Diamond even greater while not even forcing a tie," he elaborated.

"Damn it! She found the weakness of our card!" Hector cursed, the battle reaching its decisive stage, Heavenmail activating Blade Reflector. Due to the previously played quick-play spell White Diamond withstood the force of Heavenmail's trap, much to the chagrin of the latter.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 5700 → 3100

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 4900 → 2300

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 5500 → 2750

"I end my turn! The attack modifying effects affecting both of my monsters and your Dianahri expire, bringing them back to their normal values!" White Diamond announced, the monsters changing in value just as she had said.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 300 → 2800

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 2750 → 6900

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon: ATK 2650 → 3000

"Heavenmail, we're in a quite the pinch," Hector addressed his partner.

The orange haired male looked at the white Anti Ignis with the green lines, nodding. "I know. But I still have a way to recover! Especially with the effect of Half Block! During the End Phase of the turn I used it, if a "Goddess"-Link-Monster was destroyed during this turn, I can draw two cards!" he announced, his empty hand filling itself.

"So you'll have three cards when you begin your turn, I see! But will that be enough for a counterattack?" White Diamond asked him with her usual grin which Heavenmail both found adorable and provocative at the same time.

"Oh, I think so! My turn! I draw! From my hand I activate the equip spell Arms of the Goddess – Gae Derg! It destroys a spell or trap you control when activated! However, when equipped to a Link-Monster, I can instead destroy up to two of such cards on either side! I use this effect to get rid of your Airbase and Skyfire Assault!" Heavenmail announced, a lance appearing next to Dianahri who then used it in conjunction with her bow, shooting it like an arrow and destroying White Diamond's cards. "However, if the second option is used, my monster loses 1600 ATK." He added, his eagle-riding archer powering down.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 2800 → 1200

"Nice! Even with this drawback you can utilize your weakened monster by reducing one of her monsters to half her ATK value once Dianahri pays 800 of her ATK! With the effect of your monster you can make the ATK of Diagale a mere 200!" Hector told encouragingly.

"That won't work. The effects of that monster cannot be activated during this turn. This restricts me from using Dianahri's at any point of this turn, disallowing me the activation of this second version of Gae Derg's effect if I already used Dianahri's effect before. Meaning if I had used this effect before, I could have only destroyed one of her spells, which I was not inclined to do," Heavenmail retorted to the AI.

"Oh. Well at least you got rid of her spells then," the white Anti Ignis responded.

"Precisely. Now the other effects of my equip spell! First the equipped monster of course gets 400 ATK!" Heavenmail announced, his monster powering up again.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 1200 → 1600

"And then its third effect! By destroying an "Arms of the Goddess"-Card I control, I draw a card! I destroy Gae Derg and draw!" he declared, the ATK of his monster dropping once more while he acquired a new hand card in return.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 1600 → 1200

"So you removed two of my cards for basically nothing? Not bad, but I still don't see you winning this duel!" White Diamond spoke up to him.

"Not if I play this! The spell Arms of the Goddess – Royal Armory! If I control a "Goddess"-Link-Monster and have "Arms of the Goddess"-Equip Spells with different names in my graveyard that exceed or equal the Link Rating of my monster in number, I can draw one card for every Link Rating that "Goddess"-Link-Monster has! Dianahri is Link-3 and I have four different equip spells in my graveyard! Therefore, I can draw three cards! However, I cannot draw cards by my card effects for the rest of this turn!" he announced, his hand going up to five cards.

"Can you see him winning now?" Hector addressed the female, who gritted her teeth in frustration.

"Now then, I normal summon Tellur, Crossbow of the Goddess!" Heavenmail continued, a brown haired male clad in green appearing, directing the crossbow he carried toward White Diamond.

Tellur, Crossbow of the Goddess

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK 1600/ DEF 800/ Fairy/ Effect

"Tellur's effect! When normal summoned I can revive a "Goddess"-Monster from my graveyard! Return, Heraklux!" he yelled, the muscular male in the yellow fur reappearing.

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess

Light/ Level 4/ ATK 1800/ DEF 1000/ Fairy/ Effect

"If this monster is normal or special summoned I can add an "Arms of the Goddess"-Card to my hand! I search out another Excalibur from my deck! Then I activate it, raising the ATK of Heraklux by 400 while also allowing another search via its ability on activation! I search Amateret, Tachi of the Goddess!" Heavenmail shouted, taking another card into his hand.

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess: ATK 1800 → 2200

"Now the effect of Amateret! By lowering the ATK of a Goddess by 1000, I can special summon her from my hand! I weaken Dianahri and summon her!" he announced, a golden haired female wearing a reddish kimono appearing on the field, wielding a long curved blade.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess: ATK 1200 → 200

Amateret, Tachi of the Goddess

Fire/ Level 3/ ATK 800/ DEF 1600/ Fairy/ Effect

"Also the effect of Hidden Arsenal! I lower the ATK of Heraklux by 2000 to use up to five of my "Goddess"-Equip Spells or Traps as link material during this turn!"

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess: ATK 2200 → 200

"Now appear, our ancient circuit that guides to my destiny! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more monsters with different names, except Tokens! I set Amateret, Dianahri, as well as Excalibur and Trishula into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" Heavenmail shouted, the two monsters alongside the two equip spells flocking skywards.

"The fiery blade that burns away everything! With nigh limitless force it will cut you to pieces! Link Summon! Appear, Link 4, Arestis, Sword of the Goddess!" he yelled, a female wearing the same outfit as his two former Link-Monsters appearing, only that her special cloth color was red instead of dark green or blue. Aside from that she shared their appearance almost entirely, the main differences being her red eyes contrasting from Dianahri's light blue and Apollousa's green ones, as well as her brownish hair. Raising a golden sword with red gems embedded in it and a cross guard looking like angelic wings, she was riding a scarlet wolf which let out a howl as she caught up to her controller from behind, now speeding across the sky on her mount.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess

Fire/ Link 4/ ATK ?/ Fairy/ Link/ Effect (←→↙↘)

"I guess you know how her original ATK are determined, right?" Heavenmail inquired, the monster gaining 800 ATK for each of its materials.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK ? → 3200

"Now I banish Amateret from my graveyard! By doing so I can discard two cards and then special summon one Goddess from my graveyard with negated effects while also recovering an "Arms of the Goddess"-Equip Spell! I add back a Trishula and special summon Achillor with negated effects!" Heavenmail told, the monster in the black armor reviving.

Achillor, Lance of the Goddess

Dark/ Level 3/ ATK 1300/ DEF 700/ Fairy/ Effect

"I equip Arestis with Arms of the Goddess – Trishula! Upon activation you receive 500 damage!" Heavenmail shouted, the fox-eared female on the wold throwing the trident at White Diamond.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 2300 → 1800

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK 3200 → 3600

"Unfortunately I cannot utilize Trishula's other effects too much as I have to send cards with the name of the one that Amateret recycled to the graveyard at the end of my Main Phase! So appear again, our ancient circuit that guides to my destiny! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more monsters with different names, except Tokens! I set Tellur, Heraklux and Achillor, as well as Trishula into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" he announced as four energy beams shot into the air.

"Another Link-4..." Playmaker mused, slightly intrigued by this. His AI on the other hand was freaking out a lot more than him.

"The spear of wisdom that lights up the heavens! Its great force will pierce even reality! Link Summon! Appear, Link 4, Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess!" he chanted, another female in the usual attire appearing, her unique extra color being a radiant white. Her black hair blew in the wind as she rode a gigantic white owl, swinging a golden spear with white gems on it, as well as angel wing-like protrusions just behind its tip, her white eyes shining in determination.

Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess

Light/ Link 4/ ATK ?/ Fairy/ Link/ Effect (↑←→↓)

"Another Link-4?!" White Diamond exclaimed in disbelief.

"That's right! And with four materials, Athenadur will have 3200 ATK as well! Unfortunately Arestis loses 400 ATK without Trishula equipping her," Heavenmail proclaimed, his monsters following suit, going even.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK 3600 → 3200

Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess: ATK ? → 3200

"Now I equip Arestis with Arms of the Goddess – Clarent! This cards boosts the ATK of Arestis by 400 and also gives me 600 lifepoints when activated!" he told, the monster grabbing a second sword that was also enveloped by flames, having a crimson color.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK 3200 → 3600

HEAVENMAIL: LP 3100 → 3700

"I set one card face-down!" Heavenmail declared, eyes narrowing. "Then battle! Athenadur attacks your White Diagale! Heavenforce Pierce!" he yelled, his monster speeding forward with her spear aimed at the white dragon.

"Are you nuts?! Your monster is weaker!" White Diamond shot back in confusion.

"Not for long! Clarent's effect! Once per turn, when a Goddess attacks one of your monsters, I can negate the effects of your card until the end of the damage step! Therefore, the ATK of Diagale becomes 0!" Heavenmail shot back, shocking the female.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale: ATK 6900 → 0

"Fine! Then the effect of White Diamonsoon will...!" White Diamond began.

"Keep on dreaming! Clarent also disables monster effects on your field from being activated during my Battle Phase! Therefore, you can activate neither of the value-changing effects of your ace monster!" Heavenmail countered.

"Nice going, Heavenmail! Don't let her thwart our plans!" Hector shouted in vigor.

"What?! Then the trap Galebringer Super Mobilization – Shimmering Brilliant Cannon! It will give one of my Galebringers 200 ATK for each card in my graveyard! With 25, my monster will power up to 5000!" she shouted in response.

"Not on my watch! Arestis' effect! Once per turn I can negate a trap or trap effect by reducing her ATK by 800! Your card is a goner!" Heavenmail shot back, his monster manifesting a pair of pink fairy wings and having her blade turn white with a divine radiance surrounding it, slicing through the card of White Diamond with the formerly golden blade and destroying it. His monster then returned to its former looks, like always after successfully using its effect.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK 3600 → 2800

"He's countering all of her moves!" Playmaker's eyeball-AI shouted in enthusiasm.

"Kuh! Then my already existing continuous trap will negate your attack by milling three cards from my deck!" White Diamond cursed, using her Sapphire Ceasefire Blast.

"Not happening! During the turn Tellur, Crossbow of the Goddess was used as link material for a Goddess, when you use a card or effect that one of my "Goddess"-Link-Monsters could negate, I can use Tellur's effect once in order to apply the effect of that Goddess without the ATK cost, also destroying your card and giving my "Goddess"-Link-Monsters 600 ATK! Since I am not using the effect of my Goddess itself, but merely apply it with the help of Tellur in a modified way, the fact that I already negated a trap this turn doesn't matter! So go again, Arestis!" Heavenmail declared, the blazing sword of his monster getting rid of another of White Diamond's traps.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK 2800 → 3400

Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess: ATK 3200 → 3800

"Damn, another negate?" Emerald cursed, even the collected Anti Ignis getting angry at this.

"That's right! Now taste the blade of our monster!" Hector yelled, Arestis continuing her attack onto the collapsed White Diagale.

"This is bad, White Diamond! If this attack connects, we are done for!" Emerald addressed her partner worriedly.

"I know, Emerald!" the female retorted before sporting a grin. "But luckily we still have a backup plan!" she whispered, the green AI reciprocating her expression. "Skill activate! Stormwinds of Change! I mill the topmost card from my deck and then gain 100 lifepoints for each card in my graveyard! Currently I have 28 cards there, so I will receive 2800 lifepoints!" White Diamond declared, an invigorating breeze surrounding her, the wind restoring her lost energy reserves.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 1800 → 4600

"Damn it! She used her Skill! That saves her from losing against this attack!" Hector cursed.

"But not from the following ones! But for now my Athenadur beats your Diagale, inflicting 3800 damage!" Heavenmail stated, the spear of his monster piercing right thought the white dragon that perished with a high-pitched screech.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 4600 → 800

"Then Arestis attacks your ace monster! Attack on White Diamonsoon with Blazeforce Blade!" Heavenmail continued, his monster swinging her fiery blade at the great white dragon.

"Damn it! Our monster's effects are still disabled!" White Diamond cursed, the blade of the female monster bisecting the massive dragon with a loud roar on White Diamonsoon's behalf.


"Now the finale! My field spell gives me 1600 LP as one of my Goddesses defeated one of your Link-Monsters in battle, gaining 400 for each Link Rating your monster had! Furthermore Clarent gives me 1000 more lifepoints as its equip monster was victorious in battle! And Clarent also banishes up to three cards from your graveyard as that happens, meaning Gustshooter, White Diagale and Diamonsoon!" he announced.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 3700 → 5300 → 6300

"And then the additional effect of Hidden Arsenal allows the victorious monster to attack again! Direct attack with Arestis, Sword of the Goddess! Even if you banish Draftmortar to bring back a Galebringer with 2000 ATK lower than normal, you will not survive my attack as all of your other monsters are too weak! This is the end! BLAZEFORCE BLADE!" Heavenmail screamed, his monster charging at White Diamond for the final attack.

White Diamond smirked. "So you want to end this duel by first defeating my ace and then banishing it alongside all other cards that could help me? You really do want to impress girls! But your attempts are futile!" she told him in a victorious voice.

"What?!" Heavenmail exclaimed in shock.

"That's right, I have a final backup plan! When I am directly attacked I can return five cards to my Deck via the effect of White Diajet, special summoning it and negating the attack! Your plan has failed!" White Diamond proclaimed triumphantly, her monster arising and flapping its wings, the gust sending the wolf-riding Arestis flying backwards.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet

Wind/ Link 2/ ATK 1000 → 3100/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↙↓)

"Damn it! She blocked my attack! Turn end!" Heavenmail hissed in frustration.

"How do you like that? Looks like I live to see another day!" White Diamond proclaimed victoriously.

"Tch! But even if, with only two cards in your hand I don't see how that comeback is supposed to look like! You have used your Skill too!" Heavenmail retorted.

"That's true, White Diamond. We're still in a huge pinch," Emerald remarked.

The white haired female nodded begrudgingly. "I know. But we will find a way! Draw!" she yelled, now with three cards in her hand. "Hmm, this could work!" she murmured with a smirk before revealing her card. "I activate the spell Raigeki! This destroys all of your monsters!" she declared, showing a spell that depicted a lightning striking down through the darkness.

"I don't think so! Athenadur's effect! Once per turn I can lower her ATK by 800 do negate one of your spell or spell effects!" Heavenmail yelled in response, the spear of his monster making short work of Raigeki, ending it with a pierce of its now white spear, the monster having manifested the usual pink fairy wings for the duration of its effect.

Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess: ATK 3800 → 3000

"Kuh! I halfway expected this! Then I shuffle Shimmering Brilliant Cannon from my graveyard back into my deck, destroying one of your face-up monsters! I destroy Athenadur!" White Diamond continued trying.

"Have you forgotten? Arestis can negate traps and their effects! I pay 800 of her ATK and negate your card!" he yelled back, the sword of his monster intercepting the salvo of gems that was directed at Athenadur, the latter making use of its effect and alternate appearance again.

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess: ATK 3400 → 2800

"Damn it, that didn't work either! Then I banish Draftmortar, reviving a Galebringer with 2000 reduced ATK until the end of this turn! I summon Stormrifle!" she shouted in slight frustration, her winged lizard making its return.

Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle

Wind/ Level 4/ ATK 1200 → 0/ DEF 1000/ Reptile/ Effect

"Stormrifle's effect! Once per turn I can add one Galebringer from my deck to the hand should I have six or more cards in my graveyard! I add Gustshooter! Then I special summon it by milling two cards as I already control a Galebringer!" she added, the frustration on her expression growing.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK ?/ DEF ?/ Reptile/ Effect

"Its ATK and DEF are 200 times the number of cards in my graveyard, meaning 4200. But that won't be enough to finish you off during this turn!" she said, becoming increasingly desperate.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter: ATK ? → 4200; DEF ? → 4200

"I return Mobilization – Skyfire Assault to my deck in order to draw one card! Then I activate the spell Snake Rain, discarding the other card in my hand in order to send four reptiles from the deck to my graveyard. I select these four. Then I set the final card in my hand." she told, revealing four monsters to him with a look of nigh hopelessness on her face.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter: ATK 4200 → 4000 → 5200; DEF 4200 → 4000 → 5200

Heavenmail examined the cards before smirking. "Turbulencegun there could possibly help you, but it appears that you have no further Link-Monsters in your Extra Deck you could summon, given you either control them or had them banished by me! It's over!" he proclaimed victoriously.

The look of White Diamond changed into a grin as well, startling the male. "My, you really fell for it! Did you actually think I was finished yet? This match will end soon, but not in your favor!" the female announced deviously.

"What are you saying?! Your damn Extra Deck is empty! There is nothing left you could use those three monsters of yours for!" the orange haired male snapped at her in exasperation.

"Not yet!" White Diamond replied. "But I have a way to change that!" she declared, her smirk growing wider.

"Don't tell me...!" the eyeball in Playmaker's disk cried out in disbelief. "But you have already used your Skill, so even if you have Storm Access and the required threshold of less than 2000 lifepoints, you won't be able to use it!" the AI shouted indignantly.

"You are right," the white haired girl responded, the eyeball sporting a grin, if that was even possible. It abruptly lost it though as she continued. "However, there is something else that allows me to turn the tides of this fight! Emerald, if you will?" she addressed her own AI.

"Of course, White Diamond," the green humanoid retorted politely, hovering above her partner and spreading her arms, the light blue lines on her body including those that resembled a sword and shield beginning to glow. White Diamond repeated after her, much to Heavenmail and the other spectators' confusion.

"What the hell is she doing?" Heavenmail whispered with a frown, not the least bit delighted by this mysterious move of his opponents.

Playmaker noticed that the data wind around them began increasing, raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

"Oi, why is the Data Storm getting stronger?" the eyeball asked. A sudden rather surprising shout answered that question for him whilst startling the AI.

-"PROWESS ACTIVATE!"- White Diamond and Emerald yelled in unison, their poses synchronizing as the data gale began enveloping them in a vortex.

"Prowess you say?!" Heavenmail screamed in terror, even Playmaker looking majorly surprised by this. Through his ear piece, the latter could hear a similar shout coming from Kusanagi, mirroring the thoughts the two AIs had on that declaration.

"Exactly! It's an unique ability owned by Anti Ignis which their partners can access during a duel! Or in words that you can comprehend, it's like a second Skill that works in Master Duels as well! This one in particular has the ability to create any card from the Data Storm once my lifepoints are lower than 3000, adding it to my Extra Deck!" White Diamond explained, grinning from ear to ear as the Data Storm around her increased in power.

"What?! You can use it during a Master Duel, choose the card you want – and it can be used with a higher threshold as well?!" the eyeball shouted in disbelief.

"Exactly! It's better than Storm Access, but that's only natural as Anti Ignis have the very purpose of surpassing you and your kind! As such I can now create a new monster that doesn't even have to be a Cyberse from the Data Storm, adding it my Extra Deck!" the white and light blue haired female responded before the gale around her grew in intensity once more, her and Emerald beginning to shout in unison at that.

-"A new breath resides among the winds, already within our grasp! Manifest yourself, new card created from our mutual will! Now come to us and enable our victory! PROWESS – GALE SYNTHESIS!"- they screamed, a radiant card appearing before them.

"They are really creating a new card for themselves!" Hector shouted in disbelief, Heavenmail sharing his shock.

"Magnificent power!" White Diamond proclaimed with a smirk, grasping the card. She then raised her right arm, a serious expression forming on her face. "Now it's time to settle things! Appear, our circuit that sweeps away our opposition! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Link-2 White Diajet and Galebringer Lizards – Stormrifle and Gustshooter into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" the white haired girl shouted, four greenish energy ascending into the sky, filling up four link markers on a blue circuit within in.

"Four Link Markers again!" Heavenmail cried out in disbelief.

"Another scary dragon?!" the eyeball freaked out.

"Damn it, this could be it! Whatever she's summoning could be our end!" Hector cursed violently, highly annoyed and intimidated by this development at the same time.

"A new gale blows through the closed world! With adamantine gales as sharp as swords it will cut everything! Now manifest and eradicate those who stand in our way! Link Summon! Appear, Link 4, my piercing storm that blows you away! GALEBRINGER WYVERN – WHITE DIAZEPHYR!" the female shouted, another enormous white dragon with light green curved-forward horns appearing. Its green wings wings were also made from translucent gales, having sharper edges than Diamonsoon, Heavenmail feeling a sting as one of the winds caused by them touched him. The beast furthermore had white colored scales with green embedded gems as well, in addition to the dark blue fangs and claws and the golden-brownish eyes with black pupils that were turned into slits. A great difference to the former Link-4 was that the weapons on its arms were no cannons, but sharp lance-like blades instead. Moreover it had a slender torso, unlike Diamonsoon which was a little bit more bulky in that region as it possessed armor-like defenses of scales and gems there, however Diazephyr compensated that with strong legs that had small pores emitting wind on their backsides, functioning akin to a booster that allowed the monster to use the air streams coming from the back of its legs as a way to speed forward with immense swiftness. Doing just that the great white dragon flew in from a few hundred feet behind them, passing by at enormous velocity as its sliced through the air with its arm blades.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr

Wind/ Link 4/ ATK 3000/ Dragon/ Link/ Effect (↑←→↓)

"Wah! It's the buddy of the scary dragon!" Playmaker's AI shrieked.

"Manners please! That's no way to talk to a lady!" White Diamond admonished, criticizing the Ignis for its way to address the apparently female monster. "Anyway, time to take my newest girl out for a ride! Battle! White Diazephyr attacks Athenadur!" the girl announced, pointing towards the opponent's monster.

"So you're going for mutual destruction?" Heavenmail addressed her.

"Nope! Now it's time to show you the effect of White Diazephyr! I can return any number of cards from my graveyard to my deck and then boost the ATK of Diazephyr by 200 for each! As I return 28 cards to my deck, her ATK will increase by 5600! Razor Gale!" White Diamond announced, strong winds enveloping the green and black arm blades of her monster.

"But doesn't Heavenmail's Clarent disable monster effects during battle or something?" the eyeball asked Playmaker in a hopeful voice, wishing for his theory to be true.

"No," Playmaker retorted neutrally, much to the disappointment of the AI. "Clarent's effects only work during his Battle Phase. During hers they are useless," he responded.

"That's right! Now observe how my monster surpasses the definition of the word 'powerful' as her ATK become 8600!" White Diamond proclaimed, her monster letting out a roar as it reached a new apex of strength.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr: ATK 3000 → 8600

"Damn it! Then I reveal my face-down card, the trap Covering Fire! My Athenadur gains ATK equal to the ATK of Arestis!" Heavenmail shouted, a flaming sword stroke heading toward the attacking monster, assisting Athenadur.

Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess: ATK 3000 → 5800

"Fine! But my monster is still superior! Crush her, Diazephyr! Storm Cutter!" White Diamond yelled, the lance-like weapons of her monster's arms clashing against the spear of the white haired owl-riding female. For a moment it looked like Athenadur could withstand the attack, but then her spear broke, the white dragon slicing her to pieces mercilessly.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 6300 → 3500

"Nice try, but that wasn't quite enough, even with all the ATK your monster received by its own effect!" Heavenmail addressed the white haired female.

White Diamond smirked. "Oh, it's not over yet! If I returned ten or more cards with the effect of Diazephyr, my monster gains an additional attack!" she declared victoriously.

"What did you just say?! Another attack?!" Hector repeated in disbelief.

"That's right! Now the two of you will lose!" Emerald responded, her partner raising her arm as she spoke up again.

"This duel was a lot of fun, but now I'll have you lose it, Heavenmail! Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr attacks Arestis, Sword of the Goddess! With this it's over! STORM CUTTER!" White Diamond screamed, her monster speeding forward to deliver the final strike. With a loud bang the wolf-riding warrior exploded, veiling her controller in dust as he received the damage.

"Oh no! Heavenmail lost! Now she's going to get us next!" Playmaker's AI shouted melodramatically, dreading the idea of his current owner fighting the female before them.

White Diamond gave the other duelist a smirk. "Looks like it's time to turn to you, Playmaker! With the skills I've seen from you so far I doubt that you can even match Heavenmail in power! Might as well hand over the Ignis already!" she addressed the stoic yellow haired male. As Playmaker opened his mouth to respond, a sudden voice interrupted him, much to his and White Diamond's surprise.

"I'm not done yet! I still have 600 lifepoints!" Heavenmail panted, the dust around him disappearing, revealing an indicator that confirmed his statement.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 3500 → 600

"What?! You still have lifepoints?! But how?!" the white and light blue haired Hanoi Duelist cried out in confusion, her certainty about having won disappearing again.

"When I took the hit, I banished Tellur, Crossbow of the Goddess from my graveyard! By doing so, I halved the damage!" Heavenmail told, White Diamond quickly doing the math, confirming his statement in its verity.

"Damn it! But that will change nothing about the outcome of this duel! You have 600 lifepoints, no cards in your hand, and only your useless field spell on your field! Draw your last card and then hand back to me so I can finish you off if you will, but all that pointless thrashing around will achieve nothing! During my End Phase the ATK boost of Diazephyr expires! But I also activate her quick effect, targeting a monster and gaining LP equal to half of its original ATK! You cannot react to it as I target Diazephyr herself, gaining 1500 lifepoints! Wind Rejuvenation! Also Diazephyr can mill five cards during the End Phase, so I'll do just that! Now I end my turn!" White Diamond retorted, the ATK of her monster returning to normal, alongside her other declarations which also became reality.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 400 → 1900

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr: ATK 8600 → 3000

"This duel is not over yet! My turn! I draw!" Heavenmail yelled resolutely, only for his expression immediately losing all of the courage it previously had.

White Diamond chuckled. "A bad draw? Wow, that's one unlucky way to go down! Will you show me your useless card or will you end your turn right away?" she giggled in amusement.

"I summon Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess," Heavenmail said in a voice devoid of fighting spirit, playing the lone card in his hand.

Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess

Wind/ Level 3/ ATK 1000/ DEF 1400/ Fairy/ Effect

"That monster? Oh boy, that does absolute nothing on its own! I guess that concludes our duel! Especially when I play my trap Galebringer Super Mobilization – Full Diamond Armor! When this card is activated, it equips to a Galebringer, making it invulnerable in battle and against card effects that would destroy it! This will make my White Diazephyr even more resilient against your cards! I furthermore use the quick effect of White Diazephyr in order to target itself, gaining 1500 lifepoints! Wind Rejuvenation!"

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 1900 → 3400

"Now then, mind ending your turn? You have nothing left to play!" White Diamond asked politely, having a clearly noticeable mocking undertone.

"Don't give up now, Heavenmail! You still have your Skill available! Use it to summon a Link-Monster and beat her!" Hector yelled, wanting to encourage his partner again.

"Even if I could, it won't help. Equipped with Full Diamond Armor and with its own effects, White Diazephyr surpasses anything that is still left in my Extra Deck. I've lost," the once brave male said in a dejected manner, letting his head hang.

"Oh come on, don't surrender like that!" Hector snapped, the small palm of the being hitting Heavenmail in the face with not little impact.

"Ouch!" Heavenmail exclaimed in surprise, not expecting this the least bit.

"Listen, buddy!" Hector continued, his voice getting serious now. "As you discussed with me before the duel, I am named after a hero who got his body dishonored spectacularly after dying! And I have no intention whatsoever to be defeated alongside you and then bound to a chariot by my heels, being dragged through the dust for twelve days like my namesake! I have no idea what these Knights of Hanoi want to do with me, but I'm not taking any risks, so I'll be expecting the dust-dragging, even if it's only a metaphorical one! So be it just for my own selfish reasons, I don't want you to lose! Especially since you've grown on me over these past few minutes and I don't want that to end already! So whatever you do, don't you dare giving the hell up, got that, Heavenmail?!" the white Anti Ignis yelled at him with emotion.

Heavenmail looked somewhat startled by this emotional outburst before he recollected himself, addressing Hector with a questioning look. "Okay, I will continue to duel. But how should I win? My resources are limited and even if I had enough material for a Link Summon, I don't have anything in my Extra Deck that could turn this battle around." the orange haired male voiced his concerns.

"Yeah, that's right! You and your partner stand before a dead end!" Emerald chimed in with a triumphant look on her face.

Hector looked around to the other Anti Ignis, giving her a deep frown, something that only seemed to amuse Emerald even more. Her expression changed to shock though as Hector began smirking, much to the confusion of the green AI.

"You really seem to forget against whom you're dueling here! The Prowess is not just a power you possess, but every Anti Ignis has it! And as I just remembered from my fractured memories, mine just so happens to be the same as yours!" he proclaimed with a hint of gratification in his voice.

"What?! You mean...?!" White Diamond cried out in terror.

"Is that really true, Hector? You also have that power?" Heavenmail addressed his AI.

Hector nodded. "I do. I just remembered it as those two used it themselves. And even if most of my other memories are lost for some reason, I still know how to perform it. But you must synchronize your mind and body with me, or else it won't work," the white A.I. told his partner.

Heavenmail nodded. "I understand. But when do I know that we are synchronized?" he inquired, not entirely knowing how they were supposed to pull off that move together.

"You'll feel it," Hector simply replied, turning back to looking at their opponents.

"That's not very helpful," Heavenmail retorted, slightly sweat dropping at this response.

"Just repeat after me and you'll eventually feel it!" Hector commanded, hovering upwards until he was levitating above his partner, spreading his arms with the green lines on his body glowing.

"If you think so, fine," the orange haired male sighed, spreading his arms in the same manner as the Anti Ignis.

"Can they really pull it off?" White Diamond whispered, slightly worried by this.

"With how short they have been together so far, no. But we Anti Ignis are more to be judged by human standards rather than the calculable standards of Ignis. And as we both know, the humans' trademark is the ability to perform miracles in times of need," Emerald retorted, her words only making the female worry even more.

"Oi, do you think it will work?" the eyeball addressed Playmaker.

Playmaker simply continued looking forward as he gave his response in the usual collected tone. "That depends on their willpower. I see their chances at around 50%," he bluntly stated, the AI looking surprised that he had given such a rational response. After a moment it noticed something, speaking up once more.

"Er, Playmaker, was this data wind already there before?" the eye asked, looking at small pixilated gales that had begun blowing around them.

"It must be them. They are beginning to synchronize," Playmaker stated, gazing at the two partners with even for his standards no little interest.

"Wait, they do? Keep going, Heavenmail, Hector! I don't want to face that scary lady!" the eyeball yelled, having no intention for Playmaker to fight White Diamond whatsoever, just wanting to save his own skin.

The wind around the male and his Anti Ignis began strengthening gradually. Suddenly a jolt rocked through their bodies, White Diamond looking majorly distraught by this development.

"Oh no! They managed to synchronize!" she screamed, bracing herself for the worst.

"This could makes things a little bit harder," Emerald added begrudgingly.

The winds near Heavenmail and Hector started blowing in a vortex around them. The two of them then began yelling in unison.

-"PROWESS ACTIVATE! Once per duel, if our lifepoints are 3000 or lower, we can activate this ability and add a new card of our choice to our Extra Deck! A new breath resides among the winds, already within our grasp! Manifest yourself, new card created from our mutual will! Now come to us and enable our victory! PROWESS – GALE SYNTHESIS!"- they yelled, a glowing card appearing before them, the Data Storm calming down once again. Heavenmail's hand swept through the air, grabbing the card. Taking a brief look at it, he allowed for a short smirk. "Now this is what I call power!" he remarked, the card being transported to his Extra Deck after that.

"Even if, you have no material to summon that monster! You still have lost!" White Diamond shouted angrily, her finger pointing at Heavenmail for emphasis.

"You seem to forget that there is still something else that can be used!" the teenager clad in armor shot back.

"What?! Oh right, your...!" she realized in shock.

"Yes, exactly! Skill activate, Legend of Destiny! This allows me to draw one card from my deck at random!" Heavenmail declared, putting his fingers onto the card pile in his disk.

"You leave the outcome of this duel to chance?!" White Diamond cried out in disbelief.

"Of course not! I never trust technology or random algorithms that determine the card I draw by sheer luck! No, this ability is linked to my very heart! So if my wish is just strong enough...!" he began, grabbing the card in his pile that had begun glowing in the meantime, "...I WILL DRAW EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO WIN THIS DUEL! DESTINY DRAW!" he shouted, taking the card with a long swipe of his arm.

"A Skill that interacts with the user themselves?!" White Diamond repeated, surprised by the unusual ability.

"Exactly!" Heavenmail retorted before beginning to grin. "And using it I got just the card I needed! I activate Arms of the Goddess – Aegis! This card will be equipped to Susanova, giving it 400 ATK!" he declared, the samurai grabbing a golden shield that was summoned before him.

Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess: ATK 1000 → 1400

"And what use has this?!" White Diamond snapped at her opponent.

"A great one! Because on activation, Aegis enables me to revive a Link-3 or lower "Goddess"-Link-Monster from my graveyard! Revive, Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess!" he declared, the eagle-riding female reemerging.

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess

Water/ Link 3/ ATK ?/ Fairy/ Link/ Effect (←→↓)

"Oh no! Now they can...!" the white haired girl began in terror.

"Exactly! Now we can Link Summon with it! Appear, our ancient circuit that guides to my destiny!" Heavenmail proclaimed, emitting a burst of energy while raising his hand, Hector repeating after him. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess and Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" he shouted, the two monsters filling up four markers of the circuit in the sky.

"A Link-4 monster...!" White Diamond stuttered.

"This could be bad," Emerald voiced her concern as well.

"From the holy sanctum, a new warrior shall descend to guide fortitude on its way to greatness! Behold the righteous flame from above! With a blazing sword it will purify this world from evil! Link Summon! Now descend, Link 4, MICHAEL, ARCHANGEL OF THE GODDESS!" Heavenmail chanted, a male angel clad in white robes descending from a cloud emitting radiance that blinded those spectating the arrival of the new monster.

His attire had red trim and fine embroidery and he was wearing golden sandals, making for a simple, yet heavenly-looking outfit. Wearing a golden caplet atop his scarlet hair, the angel possessed ten great feathery wings, the pair in the middle bearing the Hebrew letters for 'fire' in red color on it. He also had a halo that had been set aflame, burning with the same fiery zeal as his eyes. Swinging a golden sword with a single ruby embedded in the intersection between its wing-like cross guard and the other linear part with the blade on the one side and the handle on the other, the archangel finished his descend, the blade of his sword lighting up into flames as that happened.

Michael, Archangel of the Goddess

Fire/ Link 4/ ATK 3000/ Fairy/ Link/ Effect (↑↙↓↘)

"A new ace monster?!" White Diamond spoke up in disbelief.

"Oh, definitely!" Heavenmail yelled back triumphantly before continuing, raising his arm. "Michael's effect! When Michael is Link Summoned, I can set any number of "Arms of the Goddess"-Cards with different names from my graveyard to my Spell & Trap Zone! I use this effect to recover Aegis, Clarent and Heavenly Mail! Then I can negate the effects of face-up cards on the field up to the number of cards I recovered with this effect! I select your Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr as well as your Full Diamond Armor! Holy Disarm!" he exclaimed, his monster swinging his flaming sword to send fire upon the two declared cards that burned away the aura they had previously emitted, resulting in loss of their effects.

"What?!" the Hanoi Duelist cried out in disbelief, Emerald sharing her emotion.

"But it isn't over with that! Because now I will activate all of the cards I set before, equipping them to Michael! This raises his ATK by 800!" Heavenmail went on, the angel grabbing a second, though much darker flaming sword, furthermore receiving two layers of armor as he put the shield of Aegis over his left arm whilst using the chest plate that was Heavenly Mail for further protection.

Michael, Archangel of the Goddess: ATK 3000 → 3800

"We also gain 600 lifepoints when Clarent is activated!" Hector reminded them, Heavenmail's lifepoints rising just as he had declared.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 600 → 1200

"And now the final effect of Michael! Once per turn I can make him gain 300 ATK for each "Arms of the Goddess"-Card I control while also destroying one of your cards! I destroy Galebringer Super Mobilization – Full Diamond Armor! Sword of Judgment!" Heavenmail yelled, another swing of the flame blade being performed by Michael, this time destroying a card rather than negating their effects. His ATK rose during the same moment.

Michael, Archangel of the Goddess: ATK 3800 → 5000

"Now end this! Battle!" Heavenmail bellowed, pointing forward.

"Wait! We can talk about this!" White Diamond protested in a subdued tone, trying to talk her way out.

"There is nothing to talk about! I attack your White Diazephyr with Michael, Archangel of the Goddess! HOLY INCINERATION!" Heavenmail cried out, his monster swinging the blazing sword again, this time against the opposing ace monster, engaging it in battle.

"Kuh, you asked for it! I banish Galebringer Lizard – Cyclone Cannon from my graveyard! This is one of the two cards I left in my graveyard when I activated Diazephyr's effect last turn! By banishing it I can destroy the attacking monster! This will end your archangel!" she yelled, the monster briefly arising from a portal to fire a blast of wind projectiles at the angel.

"Did you already forget my avatar name?! I am called Heavenmail for a reason! The effect of my equip spell Arms of the Goddess – Heavenly Mail! Once per turn, when the equipped monster would leave the field by any means, I can protect it against that! As such your effect fails!" Heavenmail retorted, the golden and jeweled breastplate redirecting the blast as soon as it made contact with the angel.

-"What?!"- White Diamond and Emerald cried out in unison, the former losing the balance on her D-Board for a second as the impact of the now succeeding attack hurled them back a bit.

WHITE DIAMOND: LP 3400 → 1400

"But that wasn't enough damage to win this duel! You failed!" White Diamond addressed him, regaining her composure alongside her signature smirk.

"So you did indeed forget about it? No wonder, you called the card useless on your previous turn after all!" Heavenmail spoke up to her.

White Diamond's eyes widened. "You don't mean...!"

"The effect of my field spell, Arms of the Goddess – Hidden Arsenal! As I beat one of your Link-Monsters in battle, I gain 400 lifepoints times its Link Rating! I recover 1600 lifepoints!" he announced, recovering the amount her had stated.

HEAVENMAIL: LP 1200 → 2800 → 3800

"But that's not the main thing! Because this effect also allows the successful monster to attack again! And I will do just that, attacking you directly in order to win this duel!" Heavenmail declared resolutely, stretching out his arm toward the female who flinched at his words.

"Don't worry, White Diamond! We still have White Diajet and enough targets for it as a backup plan in our graveyard!" Emerald whispered to her partner.

"Not anymore! As you probably saw, Heavenmail and I gained 1000 more lifepoints! That was because Clarent's effect triggered! And do you know what that effect also does?!" Hector addressed the two of them triumphantly.

"Oh no! He banished White Diajet and two other cards in our graveyard with it!" Emerald realized, the white A.I. giving her a victorious smirk.

"Wait, didn't you say that you revere females?! You wouldn't hurt a girl like me, would you?!" White Diamond addressed him, beginning to sweat bullets.

"Right! You wouldn't just strike down two defenseless girls, right?!" Emerald chimed in, supporting the attempts of her partner to convince their opponent to spare them.

"I do indeed revere females," Heavenmail responded, a smile of relief forming on White Diamond's face. "And because I do, I will strike you down just as ruthlessly as if you were a guy!" he went on, the smile of the female disappearing at once, though she also looked somewhat weirded out.

"That entire exchange just now was a little bit strange, frankly speaking. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not how you normally talk with a girl in a situation like this. Just say that you'll defeat her regardless of her sex and be done with it," Playmaker remarked, which first embarrassed and then irritated Heavenmail.

"Yeah, that was so cringe!" the eyeball quipped, further flustering the armored duelist.

"Don't listen to them, Heavenmail! Say what you want to say, and then take that gender equality and hit these two Hanois right in the face with it!" Hector defended him before pointing at White Dimaond and Emerald enthusiastically.

"Wait! This isn't necessary at all!" White Diamond screamed as her opponent gestured his monster to move, Michael beginning to raise his flaming blade above his head.

"Oh, this is very necessary! Michael, Archangel of the Goddess attacks White Diamond directly! This is what happens when someone tries to take away my friend! HOLY INCINERATION!" Heavenmail screamed, his monster letting lose a wave of fire as Michael swung his flaming blade in an arc, sending the white haired girl flying as her lifepoints were depleted.



"Heavenmail won! We're saved!" the eyeball shouted as its feelings towards the other duelist shifted to a more positive standpoint, relieved that its owner didn't have to fight the Hanoi Duelist now.

"Hallelujah, that was some good stuff! We totally rocked this duel!" Heavenmail exclaimed, sighing in relief as well.

"Yeah! We won the duel! But then again, that was never out of question!" Hector shouted triumphantly.

"You didn't sound too convinced about that throughout the duel at times," Heavenmail remarked in response.

"What are you saying? I never doubted that we would win!" Hector protested indignantly.

"Really?" Heavenmail asked, raising his left eyebrow.

"Okay, maybe once," Hector admitted.

Heavenmail raised the eyebrow a bit further.

"Okay, maybe even twice," Hector grunted, annoyed to concede it.

Heavenmail raised the eyebrow to the absolute maximum, prompting the Anti Ignis to let out a huff of exasperation.

"Okay, maybe I doubted that you would win a whole lot, but all that matters is that we won in the end!" Hector finally said, his partner stopping to raise his eyebrow at that.

"I suppose you are right. Anyway, what about White Diamond?" he asked, his head turning back to his opponent.

"She's fleeing!" Playmaker exclaimed, speeding forward on his D-Board to catch White Diamond, the female disappearing into a circular portal of green particles. Before he could reach her she finished her evacuation, the greenish portal swallowing her.

"Unlucky, looks like she got away," Heavenmail remarked, approaching the other male.

"That was your fault! You were closer to her than I! You should have gone after her instead of talking to your AI! Now she got away before we could extract intel about the Knights of Hanoi from her!" Playmaker snapped, yelling at Heavenmail for sacrificing valuable data for a quick chatter with his new partner.

"What's your deal?! I defeated her, so I can do whatever I want with her! If I allow her to retreat, fine, not your business! Besides, I think her being gone is better than both of us losing against her and having Hanoi run rampant in LINK VRAINS! So from my viewpoint, this day was still a success!" Heavenmail shot back.

"From your viewpoint maybe! But from mine we just let the sister of the Hanoi Leader holding what is probably one of the greatest data archives about the Knights of Hanoi get away! You should have let me duel, I wouldn't have allowed her to escape!" the yellow, red and pink haired male retorted angrily.

"You would have gotten your ass kicked royally! I saw your duel against the Knight of Hanoi – and just as White Diamond said, I don't see how you could have matched let alone outperformed me with the kind of moves I saw there! White Diamond would have annihilated you during her third turn at best!" Heavenmail responded, feeling his temper rising as well.

"ENOUGH!" Hector interfered, ending the childish bickering between the two duelists. "I have extracted some data from White Diamond as we won against her! You can have it, but only if you cease this stupid argument at once!" he spoke up to Playmaker, who nodded in agreement.

"I understand. I apologize for my rudeness," he said politely, though Heavenmail wondered if he really meant it.

"Alright then! Here is your data!" Hector said, a greenish energy beam shooting out from his palm. As it connected to Playmaker's disk, the AI within it spoke up.

"Ou, that feels weird. How he's showering me with all that stuff," the eyeball remarked.

"Be quiet," Playmaker told, the eyeball flinching in discomfort.

"I hope you are happy now," Heavenmail addressed the other duelist, still mad from the way Playmaker had accused him.

"I am. Thank you for the data and see you around," Playmaker thanked them, logging out.

"I guess we can log out too, or what do you think?" Heavenmail addressed his AI.

Hector nodded. "As I don't want anyone else forcing us to duel before we can log out, we better do so now," he agreed with his partner, giving him a nod.

Heavenmail hummed. "Okay then. Log out!" he said, his body dissolving into pixels before disappearing.

Den City, Shimizu Residence...

Yukemi flapped open his eyes, sitting up on his bed. "Okay, I'm back. But what about...?" he began, halting his sentence as a white humanoid emerged from his disk.

"Me? Don't worry, I was right behind you. Just took a while as I crossed into your world for the first time," Hector said.

Yukemi nodded, his hair and attire back to normal, now that he was back in the real world. "I see. Anyway, how are we going to handle this? The Knights will most likely come after you, so I better keep you with me all the time, if possible. So do I just carry my duel disk around for that?" he addressed his Anti Ignis in a questioning tone.

Hector shook his head. "That is how someone like Playmaker who has caught an Ignis would probably handle it, but as I am an Anti Ignis, we can do something a little different!" he told, to Yukemi's surprise leaving the duel disk and flying up to his head. Yukemi looked baffled as Hector began dissolving into particles before he was gone entirely. Then he heard a something inside of his mind.

"Impressed? Guess who's inside of your mind now!" Yukemi heard the familiar voice of Hector echoing in his thoughts.

"Wow, that's crazy! How did you do that?!" Yukemi cried out in surprise, palming his forehead as if he could still somehow touch the Anti Ignis.

"I merged with you in the way I was programmed to! You see, we Anti Ignis are apparently highly complex entities capable of entering a symbiosis with humans! This protects us from outside harm while we boost the brain capacity of our host while also strengthening their physical body and resilience! Or in other words, if someone tries to hurt you now, I will shield you from it – and you can use the extra brain power you got from me to cheat on your next tests at school, if you are inclined to do so!" Hector proclaimed proudly.

Yukemi gasped with a mix of surprise and happiness in his voice. "Man, that is awesome! This way I can protect you while also not running danger to be harmed myself! And I can constantly keep an eye on you without anyone noticing! Geez, that is an amazing ability of yours!" he cried out enthusiastically, though he didn't take the cheating part seriously as Hector was obviously joking there.

Yukemi felt the Anti Ignis inside of his mind smirk. "Oh, definitely! But anyway, it's late and you have school tomorrow. You better get some rest now, you've earned it after all," Hector advised.

Yukemi nodded, laying down on his bed again and grabbing the blanket, getting rid of the duel disk on his wrist in the meantime. "Agreed. I feel so tired after this duel! Good night, Hector!" he yawned, laying down his head and pulling the blanket over him.

"Good night, Yukemi!" Hector retorted, putting his systems on sleep mode as well, decreasing the activity of the A.I. within the green haired male's mind. Not long after, both Yukemi and the Anti Ignis within him fell soundly asleep.

Den City, Café Nagi...

Playmaker, or rather Yusaku now, exited the room within the food truck of his best friend, Kusanagi looking around to him.

"Yusaku, you're back! How are you?" he inquired, concerned about his friend after the straining duel against the Knight of Hanoi and the events after that.

"I'm fine," Yusaku replied before extending his duel disk towards the purple haired male. "But that doesn't matter now! Analyze the data that Anti Ignis gave me! We need to know anything regarding the Knights of Hanoi we can!" he commanded him, Kusanagi giving him an understanding nod.

"I'm on it!" Shoichi replied, typing buttons on his computer interface. "Just one more click and... oh," he muttered, enthusiasm changing to disappointment.

"It's just one file," Yusaku said, not able to fully hide his own disappointment in his voice.

"And a fractured one as well. 'P**m***e*s P**j*ct'," Shoichi read the name, the only content of said file. "What could that possibly mean?" he addressed Yusaku.

Yusaku shook his head. "Frankly, I have no idea. All I know is that this file alone, even if we decipher it, might as well say nothing relevant for us. Or in other words, today was a failure," the blue haired male said, a hint of depression in his tone.

Kusanagi stood up, putting his hand onto Yusaku's shoulder to comfort the teenager. "Don't worry, I'm sure that we will discover other leads that help us to find out about the culprit of the incident from back then. We just have to keep searching," he told his friend encouragingly.

"Hopefully," Yusaku said, sounding not as confident about that subject as Shoichi, but still somewhat at ease from the comfort of his friend.

LINK VRAINS, Unknown Location...

"I'm back, onii-san!" a rather cheerful voice called out to the man who still stood before the white monitor, now turning around to face the newcomer.

"Oh, White Diamond, you're back," Revolver responded to her, taking a step towards the girl in order to greet her. "You sound not too sad about your defeat," he remarked, the female briefly flinching at that.

"Well, it wasn't exactly what I planned, but the information I gathered during it is more than enough to compensate for that, onii-san!" White Diamond declared with a cryptic undertone, Revolver deducing that his sister was trying to tease him with her way of making it a mystery.

"I see. So what would that information be, White Diamond? Care to share with me?" Revolver inquired.

"I would like to hear it, too!" Noctis chimed in from his partner's duel disk.

White Diamond smirked. "Well onii-san, I have found out the identity of Heavenmail, the boy with the Iris Anti Ignis!" she proclaimed victoriously, grinning from ear to ear.

"You what?!" Revolver repeated in disbelief, prompting the female to chuckle.

"You heard me! I found out his real life identity!" White Diamond repeated, still grinning triumphantly like there was no tomorrow.

"And how did you manage to do that, might I ask? And more importantly, who is he?" the red haired Hanoi Leader now asked his sister.

"Well, he mentioned that he had annoying circumference stuff in geometry today. That and the fact that his avatar looks like a teenager leads me to the conclusion that he must go to school here in Den City, just like me. And now guess what I had in math class today!" White Diamond said, giving her brother a look that challenged him to guess the answer.

"Geometry, more specifically circles, including of course circumference," Noctis finished on behalf of his partner.

White Diamond smirked. "Exactly!"

After a brief moment of deliberation, Revolver spoke up again. "But there are four classes in your year at school, each of them holding around 60 students. That means there are at least 240 students of whom all could be Heavenmail, given that males can make female avatars and vice versa. He could not even be part of your class," Revolver told his sister.

White Diamond shook her head, her grin staying on it. "No onii-san, he is in my class! Our math teacher specifically mentioned that we would do geometry earlier than all other classes. So if he already had it, that means...," she responded, giving her brother another chance to complete her statement.

"...he's in your class!" Revolver concluded, now grinning as well.

"Precisely!" White Diamond retorted, still shooting a prideful smirk due to her realization of her opponent's identity.

"Still, that only narrows down the pool of possible candidates to about 60 people. How do we know whom of them is Heavenmail?" Noctis voiced his concern.

Emerald chuckled, arising from White Diamond's duel disk. "Well, let's just say White Diamond had a rather interesting run-in today!" the green Anti Ignis answered.

"What do you mean by that?" Revolver addressed her.

White Diamond responded on the behalf of her AI. "Well, there was a boy I collided with on my way out of the classroom today. He was rather old fashioned just like us and didn't like technology a lot, just as Heavenmail has claimed of himself. Furthermore he seemed to be quite charmed by me – and Heavenmail also declared that he was quite the fan of girls. The final spark I needed to be absolutely sure were the similarities in appearance. While their hair colors are different, the general style of it is nearly the same, plus his eyes also give me the same impression, despite their differences in color! So I know just about who our dear Heavenmail could be!" she finished with a wide grin of victory on my face.

Revolver grinned back. "Alright then, here is the list of your classmates! Mind showing me our friend?" he asked her politely, the white screen before them displaying a variety of images.

White Diamond laughed. "Oh, of course, onii-san! Here, it's this one!" she said, pointing at a particular image with a sweet smile on her face.

"Shimizu Yukemi, I see," Revolver murmured, visibly delighted by this development. He lost a bit of his enthusiasm as he continued though. "Now then, how do we make use of this information? He barely gives us any weaknesses we could pressure him over, and the Anti Ignis will protect him even if we attack him in real life" he asked, rubbing his chin in a deliberating manner.

"Oh, he has one great weak spot, I can assure you!" White Diamond told him with another of her signature grins halfway in between being malicious and adorable.

"And what, might I ask?" the Hanoi Leader asked her, intrigued by her statement.

White Diamond assumed the smirk she always had when she knew something her conversation partner didn't, starting the explanation with her signature word for it. "Well, there are three things I noticed about him!" She began, holding up three of her fingers. "First, he seems to be alone quite a lot. His personal data confirms that he is indeed all by himself, so he would appreciate any kind of friend he can get. Second, he seems to like human contact a lot, and especially the notion of the meetup between us two to make up for our bump-in being like a date threw him off quite a bit. When I brought up the subject he was clearly embarrassed, which is a good sign that he would like the idea of going on a date with a pretty girl. And third, as he said himself, he adores females a lot, and while he would like any kind of friend, he truly seems desperate for a particular kind of female friend, with how he looked at me and begged for my number so pitifully. Conclusion: If for say one of best looking girls in his class – scratch that, the best looking girl in his class! – came up to him and wanted to be his girlfriend, he would probably fall heads over heels in love with said girl and trust her blindly! He will stop paying attention about his personal security or intel, and once that happens...!" the girl elaborated with a grin, once more leaving it for her brother to finish.

"...we will either seize the Anti Ignis or gain information that helps us to get ahold of it! Wow, you can be so devious sometimes, Kogami Atsuko!" Revolver whistled, impressed by the cunning plan of his younger sibling.

White Diamond, also known as Kogami Atsuko, smirked. "Oh, I definitely can be a little devious at times! But then again I don't wear my heart on my sleeve and tell everyone about my deepest secrets, right Emerald?" she addressed her Anti Ignis.

"Oh, most certainly you don't," Emerald said, reciprocating her grin.

"Great! Looks like even if we suffered two loses, it's still a win for the Hanoi today! Death to Cyberse!" Noctis cried out, sharing their sentiment with a smirk of his own.

-"Death to Cyberse!"- the lot of them repeated, continuing to stare at the monitor containing Yukemi's private data with victorious expressions on their faces.

Card Corner:

Heavenmail's Cards:

Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess

Attribute: Light

Level: 4

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1800/1000


If you control no monsters: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add 1 "Arms of the Goddess" card from your Deck to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Heraklux, Fist of the Goddess" once per turn.

Achillor, Lance of the Goddess

Attribute: Dark

Level: 3

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1300/700


If this card is Normal Summoned: You can add 1 "Goddess" card from your GY to your hand. During the Main Phase: You can inflict 200 damage x the number of "Goddess" Equip Spells you control to your opponent. You can only use each effect of "Achillor, Lance of the Goddess" once per turn.

Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess

Attribute: Wind

Level: 3

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1000/1400


If you control an "Arms of the Goddess" card in your Spell & Trap Zone: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can discard 1 "Goddess" card; draw 1 card. You can only use each effect of "Susanova, Naginata of the Goddess" once per turn.

Tiames, Cleaver of the Goddess

Attribute: Earth

Level: 4

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1600/900


You can discard this card; add 1 "Goddess" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Tiames, Cleaver of the Goddess". If you control 2 or more "Arms of the Goddess" cards while this card is in your GY: You can banish this card; Special Summon 1 "Goddess" monster from your hand or GY. You can only use each effect of "Tiames, Cleaver of the Goddess" once per turn.

Siegfin, Halberd of the Goddess

Attribute: Water

Level: 2

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 500/100


If a "Goddess" monster you control battles: You can discard this card; the next time that monster would be destroyed by battle this turn, it is not destroyed, also any battle damage you would take is halved for the rest of this turn. If a "Goddess" card you control would be used as Link Material, this card in your GY can also be used as material by banishing it. You can only use this effect of "Siegfin, Halberd of the Goddess" once per turn.

Tellur, Crossbow of the Goddess

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1600/800


If this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Goddess" monster from your GY. During the turn this card was used as Link Material for a "Goddess" monster, when your opponent activates a card or effect which 1 of your "Goddess" Link Monsters could negate with its own effect, you can apply the effect of that "Goddess" Link Monster (you do not have to lower its ATK), also that opponent's card that activated its effect is destroyed and your "Goddess" Link Monsters gain 600 ATK. If you would take battle damage: You can banish this card from your field or GY; halve that damage. You can only use each effect of "Tellur, Crossbow of the Goddess" once per turn.

Amateret, Tachi of the Goddess

Attribute: Fire

Level: 3

Type: Fairy/Effect

ATK/DEF: 800/1900


You can decrease the ATK of 1 monster you control by 1000; Special Summon this card from your hand. During your Main Phase: You can banish this card from your GY; discard 2 cards, then add 1 "Arms of the Goddess" Equip Spell from your GY to your hand, but you must send cards with that Card Name from your field and hand to your GY at the end of this Main Phase, also Special Summon 1 "Goddess" monster from your GY, but its effects are negated. You can only use each effect of "Amateret, Tachi of the Goddess" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Hidden Arsenal

Card Type: Spell/Field


When this card is activated: You can add 1 "Goddess" card from your Deck to your hand. During your Main Phase: You can decrease the ATK of 1 monster you control by any multiple of 400 (max. 2000), and if you do, this turn, you can use a number of "Goddess" Equip Spells and "Goddess" Traps as material for Link Summons, treating those cards as Effect Monsters, up to the number of multiples of 400 ATK that monster you control lost (even if this card leaves the field). If a "Goddess" monster you control destroys an opponent's Link Monster by battle: You can gain 400 LP x the Link Rating of the destroyed monster, and if you do, your monster can declare an additional attack this turn (even if this card leaves the field). You can only use each effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Hidden Arsenal" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Heavenly Mail

Card Type: Spell/Equip


Equip only to a "Goddess" monster in the same column as this card. Once per turn, if the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle or be removed from the field by a card effect, it is not. Once per turn, if the equipped monster attacks an opponent's monster while you control another monster in the same column (Quick Effect): You can negate the effects of that opponent's monster, until the end of the Damage Step. If the equipped monster leaves the field: You can target 1 monster in an adjacent column; equip this card to that monster by moving it to your Spell & Trap Zone in the same column.

Arms of the Goddess – Excalibur

Card Type: Spell/Equip


Equip only to a "Goddess" monster. If this card is activated: You can add 1 "Goddess" card from your Deck to your hand. A monster equipped with this card gains 400 ATK. If this card is sent to the GY: You can draw cards equal to the number of "Arms of the Goddess" cards you control. You can only use each effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Excalibur" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Clarent

Card Type: Spell/Equip


Equip only to a "Goddess" monster. If this card is activated: You can gain 600 LP. A monster equipped with this card gains 400 ATK. During your Battle Phase, your opponent cannot activate monster effects on their field. Once per turn, if a "Goddess" monster you control attacks an opponent's monster (Quick Effect): You can negate the effects of that opponent's monster, until the end of the Damage Step. If the equipped monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle: You can banish up to 3 cards from your opponent's GY, also gain 1000 LP.

Arms of the Goddess – Aegis

Card Type: Spell/Equip


Equip only to a "Goddess" monster. If this card is activated: You can target 1 Link-3 or lower "Goddess" Link Monster in your GY; Special Summon it. A monster equipped with this card gains 400 ATK. If a "Goddess" monster(s) you control would be removed from the field by an opponent's card effect, you can make that "Goddess" monster(s) not leave the field. You can only use each effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Aegis" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Gae Derg

Card Type: Spell/Equip


Equip only to a "Goddess" monster. If this card is activated: You can destroy 1 Spell/Trap your opponent controls, OR if this card was equipped to a Link Monster, you can destroy up to 2 Spell/Trap Cards on the field instead, then that Link Monster loses 1600 ATK. The equipped monster cannot activate its effects during the turn you use the second option of the above effect. A monster equipped with this card gains 400 ATK. You can target 1 "Arms of the Goddess" card you control; destroy it, and if you do, draw 1 card. You can only use each effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Gae Derg" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Trishula

Card Type: Spell/Equip


Equip only to a "Goddess" monster. If this card is activated: You can inflict 500 damage to your opponent. A monster equipped with this card gains 400 ATK. If the equipped monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle: It gains 800 ATK. (Quick Effect): You can target 1 "Goddess" monster you control; destroy it, and if you do, the equipped monster can declare an additional attack during each Battle Phase this turn (even if this card leaves the field). You can only use this effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Trishula" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Royal Armory

Card Type: Spell/Normal


If you control a "Goddess" Link Monster and have a number of "Arms of the Goddess" Equip Spells with different names in your GY that is equal or higher than your monster's Link Rating: Draw cards equal to the Link Rating of that "Goddess" monster you control, also you cannot draw cards by your card effects for the rest of this turn after this effect resolves. You can only activate 1 "Arms of the Goddess – Royal Armory" per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Blade Reflector

Card Type: Trap/Normal


If a "Goddess" monster you control battles, during damage calculation: Target 1 monster your opponent controls; have your opponent take the same battle damage as you do from that battle (if any), then after damage calculation halve the ATK of the targeted monster until the end of this turn. If you would take damage that reduces your LP to 0 while this card is in your GY: You can banish this card; you take no damage for the rest of this turn, also draw 2 cards. You can only use this effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Blade Reflector" once per turn.

Arms of the Goddess – Half Block

Card Type: Trap/Normal


Halve all effect damage you take for the rest of this turn. If you control a "Goddess" Link Monster, you can activate this card from your hand by discarding it. During the End Phase of the turn you activated this card, if a "Goddess" Link Monster(s) was destroyed during this turn: Draw 2 cards. You can only use this effect of "Arms of the Goddess – Half Block" once per turn.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess (altered effects)

Attribute: Wind

Link Rating: 4 (↑↙↓↘)

Type: Fairy/Link/Effect

ATK: ?


2+ monsters with different names, except Tokens

This card's original ATK becomes the number of materials used for its Link Summon x 800. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a monster effect (Quick Effect): You can make this card lose exactly 800 ATK, and if you do, negate the activation, also your opponent cannot activate that effect of monsters with the same name for the rest of this turn. You can only control 1 "Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess".

(Note: This card is here despite being existent in real life as it was both the source of my inspiration for the rest of this archetype and because its effects were slightly altered because I don't like too oppressive negate cards.)

Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess

Attribute: Water

Link Rating: 3 (←→↓)

Type: Fairy/Link/Effect

ATK: ?


2+ monsters with different names, except Tokens

This card's original ATK becomes the number of materials used for its Link Summon x 800. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can make this card lose 800 ATK, and if it lost ATK, make the ATK of 1 monster your opponent controls become equal to half of this card's current ATK until the end of this turn, also inflict 800 damage to your opponent. You can only control 1 "Dianahri, Bow of the Goddess".

Arestis, Sword of the Goddess

Attribute: Fire

Link Rating: 4 (←→↙↘)

Type: Fairy/Link/Effect

ATK: ?


2+ monsters with different names, except Tokens

This card's original ATK becomes the number of materials used for its Link Summon x 800. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a Trap Card or effect (Quick Effect): You can make this card lose exactly 800 ATK, and if you do, negate the activation, also your opponent cannot activate that effect of Trap Cards with the same name for the rest of this turn. You can only control 1 "Arestis, Sword of the Goddess".

Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess

Attribute: Light

Link Rating: 4 (↑←→↓)

Type: Fairy/Link/Effect

ATK: ?


2+ monsters with different names, except Tokens

This card's original ATK becomes the number of materials used for its Link Summon x 800. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a Spell Card or effect (Quick Effect): You can make this card lose exactly 800 ATK, and if you do, negate the activation, also your opponent cannot activate that effect of Spell Cards with the same name for the rest of this turn. You can only control 1 "Athenadur, Spear of the Goddess".

Michael, Archangel of the Goddess

Attribute: Fire

Link Rating: 4 (↑↙↓↘)

Type: Fairy/Link/Effect

ATK: 3000


2+ Effect Monsters

If this card is Link Summoned: You can Set any number of "Arms of the Goddess" cards with different names from your GY to your Spell & Trap Zones, then you can negate the effects of face-up cards on the field, up to the number of cards that you Set this way. During your Main Phase: You can make this card gain 300 ATK for each "Arms of the Goddess" card you control, then destroy 1 card on the field. You can only use each effect of "Michael, Archangel of the Goddess" once per turn.

White Diamond's Cards:

Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1200/1000


If this card is Normal Summoned: You can send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the GY. If you have 6 or more cards in your GY: You can add 1 "Galebringer" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Stormrifle" once per turn.

Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter

Attribute: Wind

Level: 3

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: ?/?


This card's ATK/DEF are equal to the number of cards in your GY x 200. If you control a "Galebringer" monster: You can send the top 2 cards of your Deck to the GY, then Special Summon this card from your hand. You can only use this effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Gustshooter" once per turn.

Galebringer Lizard – Tempestsniper

Attribute: Wind

Level: 3

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: 700/1700


If you control a "Galebringer" Link Monster: You can send top 2 cards of your Deck to the GY for each of those monsters plus 2 more, and if you do, Special Summon this card from your hand to a zone that Link Monster points to. During your Main Phase: You can inflict 100 damage x the number of cards in your GY to your opponent. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Tempestsniper" once per turn.

Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: ?/?


This card's ATK/DEF are equal to the number of cards in your GY x 100. If your opponent controls more monsters than you do: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can target 1 "Galebringer" Link Monster you control; send a number of cards from the top of your Deck to the GY equal to the Link Rating of that targeted monster, and if you do, draw 1 card. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Breezeblaster" once per turn.

Galebringer Lizard – Draftmortar

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: ?/?


This card's ATK/DEF are equal to the number of cards in your GY x 100. During the Damage Step, if a "Galebringer" monster you control battles (Quick Effect): You can discard this card; that monster gains 200 ATK x the number of cards in your GY, until the end of this turn. (Quick Effect): You can banish this card from your GY; Special Summon 1 "Galebringer" monster from your GY in Attack Position, but it loses 2000 ATK until the end of this turn. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Draftmortar" once per turn.

Galebringer Lizard – Turbulencegun

Attribute: Wind

Level: 2

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: 600/1800


If this card is Special Summoned: You can send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the GY. You can Tribute this card, then target 1 "Galebringer" monster you control; that monster cannot be destroyed by card effects. If you Link Summon a "Galebringer" monster while this card is in your GY: You can Special Summon this card, but banish it when it leaves the field. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Turbulencegun" once per turn.

Galebringer Lizard – Cyclonecannon

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK/DEF: 1000/500


You can shuffle 5 cards from your GY into your Deck; Special Summon this card from your hand. If a "Galebringer" monster you control is targeted for an attack while this card is in your GY: You can banish this card; destroy that attacking monster. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Lizard – Cyclonecannon" once per turn.

Galebringer Fortress – Airbase

Card Type: Spell/Field


You can reveal 1 "Galebringer" monster in your hand; Special Summon any number of Reptile monsters from your hand and/or GY to Main Monster Zones "Galebringer" Link Monsters you control point to. If a "Galebringer" monster you control destroys a card your opponent controls: Add 1 "Galebringer" card from your Deck to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Fortress – Airbase" once per turn.

Galebringer Mobilization – Skyfire Assault

Card Type: Spell/Continuous


When this card is activated while you control a "Galebringer" monster in the same column as this card: Gain 200 LP for each "Galebringer" card with different names in your GY. You can send the top 2 cards of your Deck to the GY; add 1 "Galebringer" card from your Deck to your hand. If a "Galebringer" monster you control would be destroyed by card effect, you can shuffle this card from your GY into the Deck instead. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Mobilization – Skyfire Assault" once per turn.

Galebringer Mobilization – Heaven's Retaliation

Card Type: Spell/Quick-Play


Target 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy it, then Set 1 "Galebringer" card directly from your Deck, and if it is a Quick-Play Spell or Trap Card, it can be activated this turn. If this card is activated while you control a "Galebringer" monster in the same column as this card: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; halve its ATK until the end of this turn. You can shuffle this card from your GY into your Deck, except during the turn it was sent there; draw 1 card. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Mobilization – Heaven's Retaliation" once per turn.

Squamata Scale

Card Type: Spell/Normal


If all monsters you control and in your GY are Reptile or Dragon monsters, and if your LP are lower than your opponent's: Draw until you have 5 cards in your hand, and if you do, discard your entire hand during your 2nd Standby Phase after this card's activation. You can only activate 1 "Squamata Scale" per turn.

Super Minimizer

Card Type: Spell/Quick-Play


Target 1 face-up monster on the field; its current ATK becomes halved until the end of this turn. You can only activate 1 "Super Minimizer" per turn.

Galebringer Super Mobilization – Full Diamond Armor

Card Type: Trap/Normal


Target 1 "Galebringer" monster you control; equip this card to it. The equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects while it is equipped with this card. At the start of the Damage Step, if the equipped monster battles an opponent's monster: You can return that opponent's monster to the hand. During your Main Phase: You can shuffle this card plus 9 more cards from your GY into your Deck; Special Summon 2 "Galebringer" Reptile monsters from your GY. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Super Mobilization – Full Diamond Armor" once per turn.

Galebringer Super Mobilization – Ceasefire Sapphire Blast

Card Type: Trap/Continuous


If your opponent declares targets a "Galebringer" Link Monster you control for an attack: You can send cards from the top of your Deck to the GY, equal to your monster's Link Rating, and if you do, negate that attack. You can Tribute 1 "Galebringer" monster your "Galebringer" Link Monster points to; that Link Monster gains 1000 ATK, until the end of this turn. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Super Mobilization – Ceasefire Sapphire Blast" once per turn.

Galebringer Super Mobilization – Shimmering Brilliant Cannon

Card Type: Trap/Normal


Target 1 "Galebringer" monster you control; it gains 200 ATK x the number of cards in your GY, also, if it destroys an opponent's monster by battle, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half of their monster's original ATK. These changes last until the end of this turn. You can shuffle this card from your GY into your Deck and target 1 face-up card your opponent controls; destroy it. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Super Mobilization – Shimmering Brilliant Cannon" once per turn.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet

Attribute: Wind

Link Rating: 2 (↙↓)

Type: Dragon/Link/Effect

ATK: 1000


2 "Galebringer" monsters

Gains 100 ATK for each card in your GY. If this card is Link Summoned while you have 6 or more cards in your GY: You can Special Summon 1 "Galebringer" monster that has an original Level from your GY. If your opponent attacks you directly (Quick Effect): You can shuffle 5 cards from your GY into you Deck; Special Summon this card from your GY, and if you do, negate the attack. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Wyvern – White Diajet" once per turn.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale

Attribute: Wind

Link Rating: 3 (↑↙↘)

Type: Dragon/Link/Effect

ATK: ?


2+ "Galebringer" monsters

This card's ATK are equal to the number of cards in your GY x 300. If this card is Link Summoned while you have 8 or more cards in your GY: You can add 1 Spell from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Galebringer Wyvern – White Diagale" once per turn.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon

Attribute: Wind

Link Rating: 4 (←→↙↘)

Type: Dragon/Link/Effect

ATK: 3000


2+ Effect Monsters

You can shuffle up to 10 cards from your GY into your Deck; destroy 1 card your opponent controls for every 5 cards that you shuffled into your Deck with this effect. During the Damage Step, if a "Galebringer" monster you control battles (Quick Effect): You can send up to 3 cards from the top of your Deck to the GY, and if you do, your monster gains 500 ATK for each card sent to your GY, until the end of this turn. (Quick Effect): You can target 1 monster on the field; it loses 100 ATK x the number of cards in your GY, until the end of this turn. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect's activation. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Wyvern – White Diamonsoon" once per turn.

Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr

Attribute: Wind

Link Rating: 4 (↑←→↓)

Type: Dragon/Link/Effect

ATK: 3000


2+ Effect Monsters

During the Damage Step, if this card battles an opponent's monster (Quick Effect): You can shuffle any number of cards from your GY into your Deck; this card gains 200 ATK for each, until the end of the this turn. If you shuffled 10 or more cards into your Deck with this effect, this card can declare a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. (Quick Effect): You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; gain LP equal to half of its original ATK. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect's activation. During the End Phase: You can send the top 5 cards from your Deck to the GY. You can only use each effect of "Galebringer Wyvern – White Diazephyr" once per turn.


And that's it! The first chapter shows us Shimizu Yukemi, our protagonist, as well as a first look at the new elements for Season 1. Regarding his deck, sometimes I really see cards around which I want to make a whole archetype, and Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess is definitely one of them. I doubt that they make it an archetype but just leave it as a standalone generic card like Saryuja (on whom I have my eyes as well by the way), and because the mythological background the card has makes a lot of sense for a rather old fashioned person like Yukemi who prefers myth over tech it seemed logical for him to use that kind of deck. I hope you liked his duel and could adapt to the 8000 LP format. It just makes me more comfortable to write with and also benefits some characters directly who could need it to have more satisfying duels (I think you can guess one in particular; hint: she uses a burn damage deck). But as I increased the lifepoints and didn't want to nerf Storm Access, I doubled the threshold for its activation, so that should make things balanced out again. I plan on making similar changes to Soulburner's Burning Draw and a couple of other Skills if necessary.

About other characters, I really have to say something, namely that Kogami Atsuko is in fact not my character, at least not in terms of the visual design and name, as I only created her deck and her personality (the latter somewhat based on the way she has been portrayed so far). I just got around to use her because I have permission to do so. All credit regarding her visual design goes to AliceKuroCross, so please visit her DeviantArt if you want to have visuals about her, since unlike me, Alice can actually draw really well. The only additional thing about Atsuko's visual design that I added is a pair of white stockings with green elements plus boots to her yet untouched lower avatar half, mainly to have her fit the wind theme she has going around more and to look more like a Knight of Hanoi. There is technically her jacket-coat, but well, as you saw she doesn't like to wear it a lot. Aside from that visual change to White Diamond she looks quite exactly like Alice has drawn her so far, same thing going for her real life appearance, so if you are interested, go to DeviantArt and look her up (though her design might have been reworked by now). Regarding Atsuko's deck, I think the typing of her monsters really showcases her younger sister relationship with Ryoken and the attribute explains the whole "My gale that..."-thing Revolver had going for his three Link-4 Borrel Dragons in the anime, offering another reason for that particular summoning chant other than his "I must find and destroy the Closed World/Cyberse", as for the wind-part it was never really explained why he used it. In this story it will be used by him as an honoring allusion to his sister. Back to Atsuko, she also likes using generic spells as opposed to her brother's trap obsession. And before anyone brings that one up, I see and will always see Pot of Greed as a broken card, key words being "generic plus one without conditions or restrictive clauses", hence why I included some meta humor in this story. A lot of generic draw spells are broken by the standards of a TCG player like me when using their anime effects, so I felt like making some jokes about that kind of cards. Just a little disclaimer I wanted to mention.

Finally for names, I picked the name for Yukemi's A.I. because of the two aspects it covers with it: On the one hand Hector is obviously a name associated with ancient times, but as Hector was a Trojan hero and the word 'Trojan' also has a heavy association with modern internet culture, it makes for a nice summary of Hector's identity as the A.I. of a rather old fashioned person like Yukemi while also maintaining the emphasis of being an artificial being. A similar thing is going on with Yukemi's avatar name as 'mail' is both a word for a piece of ancient armor and alludes to the word 'email' (which is technically there if you exclude five letters of the previous word 'Heaven', leaving only an 'e'). This both considers the conservative and the modern aspect of his character as he is an Anti Ignis Origin. The first part of his avatar name on the other hand obviously alludes to the archetype he uses.

I hope you liked this first chapter of Destiny Junction and enjoy the plot so far! Please read, review, favorite, follow, and if you are so inclined and have the time, pay my other story a visit!

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Haoh Ryu Z-ARC out!