What if I told you that there was a better way? Would you believe me? Of course you will but once you heard the solution you'd turn your back on me. That's the fate of every woman. Or so I have been told. I refuse to believe that I was fated to give birth to Anakin just so then he could kill me and I was brought back to life with the purpose to entice my descendant to the dark side.

It takes away what little hope I have left. Bess words hurt me more each time. Her voice is like poison. I beg her to stop but she keeps going.

"Anakin was meant to be the one who turned the tides but he failed so now it falls unto Ben Solo or Kylo Ren as he childishly insists." Bess chortled. "Out of all the good Sith names, he chooses a terrible one. He and his acolytes do not know what is coming."

"You shouldn't be cocky. Palpatine failed once."

"Third time is the charm." Mary knit her eyebrows. Bess laughed again, this time at her sister's worried state. "You always loved gossiping with lady Seymour. Endless hours, reminiscing about the good old days and dreaming about what the future will hold. Now it's our time to shine. Our family is special. The Force chose you for a reason when it could have chosen other women to bear the chosen one." Her tone became less mocking. "You do not want to hear this but I have to repeat it, otherwise you will never fully comprehend the gift that has been bestowed on us."

"Pray tell me, sister what is this wonderful gift? Hmm? Stealing others merits? Poisoning the youth of our enemies with false promises then watching with glee as they collapse under the weight of their failures?"

"You are being over dramatic. Palpatine wants to bring order to an unruly galaxy. You were always our father's pearl, were you not? How many times did you complain about the lack of civility and open hostility towards you? Don't tell me the bitter memories of court still don't rankle you. They do rankle me. Everyone with any drop of humility left won't have to go through life being a victim like you and me. He intends to wipe the slate clean."

"Like a pearl." Mary said. "It is too much for one man. What about those that choose not to be cleansed by the all powerful Sith?"

"The perfect society requires sacrifices. Order comes at a price, sister. Our father understood that. It is why no one, including your cousin, ever succeeded in deposing him."

"Do you want to give me a history lesson, Bess? Is this what this is or you just want to see me suffer? Or both?"

"Oh Mary, when it comes to common sense, you are so quick to catch on things but fail to show it. Your endless suffering is a weapon. You can't let it go. What do you have left if you do? Nothing except your beauty and that can be taken away as easily as your life. Without that, you can be the greatest spokesperson, a celebrated queen and scholar but no. You choose instead to cling on to the only thing you were taught gives you value: your pain. And you are good at using it to drive even the sanest person who can see through you mad and the gullible, sad because they can't see through you."

"Pot calls the kettle back. Likewise, you are only good at-"

"Oh stop it Mary. The pity party is over," Bess snapped. Before her sister could turn her back and go back to her room, Bess motioned to the praetorian guard who stopped her sister in her tracks. Mary was forced to face Bess again.

"That is how it is going to be from now on. You listen and shut that mouth of yours. Your toxicity isn't useful. Your descendants are going to toe the line and you are going to sit here and watch."

"Why me?"

"Why ask questions you already know the answer. Do yourself a favor and relax. We won." Bess said. Her grin widened. "We are finally free and the fruits of our labor will soon pay off. The galaxy will be at peace. No more threats from within or petty squabbles. We will finally rest in peace."

Mary felt dread in the pit of her stomach. A knot formed in her throat. She wanted to throw up. This was all wrong. There had to be a way to get a message across to the new republic. The threat is not Snoke. It's this monster. It's dark tentacles have reached my sister and countless others. But who would listen to a walking corpse?