A/N: This was weighing on me, just wanted to get it out there. I love Dramione and the amazing ability that being a friend to someone, offering love or a choice to better has to heal. It's beautiful. I wrote this to Train Wreck by James Arthur. I own no characters and it all belongs to the beautiful JK Rowling!

He had been the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Eyes that never left her, hands that never wavered, and arms that never pulled away. She had been the first one to move, pulling him from the other side that day. She knew he wasn't on their side.

She'd extended her hand and waited, while everyone else was shouting at them. While everyone else screamed at her for betraying them, while his parents begged him to not move. But his eyes had met hers, the same tears reflected back at her. And he'd moved, just an inch, but it was enough because then his hand was in hers, the blood and dirt sliding roughly over her skin.

And while everyone else watched as their dead savior came back to life once again, and saved their world once again, he'd kept his eyes on her, his hand still warm in her palm. He'd encircled her later, as she mourned the lives they'd lost. He'd kissed away the pain when she wanted to be numb. He'd twirled her around when they created life in the form of a beautiful baby girl, then later a boy. He'd encouraged her career and would meet her each evening with a warm cup of tea and a foot rub as she ranted in front of the fire. He'd held her as she cried at their departure and their graduation. He'd cooked breakfast when their grandkids came to visit. He'd loved her within an inch of infinity, never letting up.

And now she was here laying by his side, holding his hand as his eyes stayed focused on her. He was getting tired, she could see it. He smiled, pulling her closer, so he could see the golden flecks he claimed were in her eyes.

"Do you know you saved me?" She smiled, tears unshed as he wiped away a stray tear. "You saved me that day. You gave me a choice to choose right."

"I only offered. You saved yourself by choosing." He laughed, eyes still focused on her before he quieted.

"You gave me a beautiful life, darling. You gave me kids and grandkids and now greatgrandkids. You helped me be the greatest dad. Remember? Remember that one time I put Astrid's nappy on inside out?" They both laughed, remembering the mess of urine and defecation that had permeated the very expensive rug he'd inherited from his parents. "I'm so glad we threw out that rug."

She shushed him, hugging his waist as he pressed his forehead against hers. His eyes blinked, faltering a bit.

"I'm still here. I'm still here, right?"

"Yes love." A kiss to his lips. "You're still here, you'll always be here."

She watched then as he memorized her face, and she memorized his. At the last minute he re-centered his eyes on her brown ones. He smiled and breathed out.

"I love you, Mione."

"I love you, Draco."

"In this lifetime?"

"And every other."

The electric blue dimmed, a dull gray no comparison to the amazing man that had been her husband. He had been the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Eyes that never left her, hands that never wavered, and arms that never pulled away. For the first time in over 103 years, she wiped her own tears.