So, this is something that was floating around in my head since Pizza Party and I had to get it off my chest. Please enjoy.


It felt like time had stopped.

Just a few minutes ago, everything had been perfect. She had finally been able to confess her true feelings to Marco, had received his affection in return. They had kissed. They had kissed so willingly and freely without fear of hurting Tom. And what a kiss it had been. She had felt everything from him in that kiss; his passion, his tenderness, and his warmth. She had felt it all and she had given it all to him in return. She had been glowing with happiness and love.

And it had all left her in an instance.

Star Butterfly gaped at the sight of her mother and Eclipsa glaring each other down, the former's eyes aglow. Eclipsa's parasol was charged with her black magic, while Moon's hands were charged with her blue magic. Both women visibly endowed with rage at one another, and it was making Star sick to her stomach. Eclipsa turned slightly to acknowledge her, little Meteora having a particularly sour look on her face for a baby.

"W-What's going on?" she asked carefully, her hold on Marco's hand tightening. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest as dread clenched her stomach. A sinking suspicion crept up her throat, but she shoved it down, refusing to believe it. That wouldn't happen. Never in a million years.

Eclipsa turned back to face her opponent. "Do you want to tell your daughter what you did?" she bit out. "Or should I?"

Moon's glowing eyes faded as her gaze settled on her daughter as her face softened slightly.

"Mom," spoke Star, the word feeling wrong on her lips for the first time in her life. She didn't know why this was when everything was fine. It was fine, right? The two of them must have been having a spat. "What did you do?" Perhaps her mother had eaten the last Snookers or Eclipsa had spilled something on her mother's dress. It had to be something small like that.

But the blond girl had never seen Eclipsa look so angry in all the time she had known her. Not when someone had made an attempt on her life, not when she thought that Star was going to hurt Heinous, and not when they had discovered Rhombulus' treachery in releasing Globgor.

She knew that something serious had just happened. Something that was much bigger than her.

"First of all," began Moon, her voice calm and collected as turned to fully face her daughter. That was the voice of the true diplomat she was. "this did not go down the way I intended." She held her hands up as a sign of peace, but that wasn't how she saw it. She saw it as a way of placating her as if she was fourteen years old again and had just caused havoc across the kingdom with her newly acquired wand.

She had come so far since then. At least, she thought so and she had assumed that her mother thought so too. Clearly, she had been wrong.

"I-I-" Star's hand involuntarily dropping Marco's as she approached her mother. Her mother, who now felt like a perfect stranger. "What do you mean 'intended?'" It all started to come together in her head, like pieces of the jigsaw puzzle Rafael and Angie had shown her on her first week staying with them. Only instead of a cute kitten, this puzzle came together to paint a different picture. A picture of lies, betrayal, and deceit.

"Are you, are you working for Mina?" came the accusation from her own mouth. She hoped, she prayed that this wasn't the case.

Moon's gaze hardened slightly, her eyebrows furrowed in pure determination and her lips pursed a firm, straight line. "No," she answered. "Mina's working for me."

And that was when her entire world fell apart.


She actually felt as if she was going to throw up.

"Star," Moon began, regardless of her daughter's silence at her revelation. She had done that often throughout her life. Disregarded how she felt, always dismissing what she had to say. She thought it had stopped sometime after she was right about Heinous being Meteora, but apparently, she had been wrong. "I know it must seem crazy that Mina's working for me. But let me explain."

But the woman standing in front of Star wasn't her mother. No, this woman was a stranger that she didn't know. And worse? Star didn't want to know her. She felt her magic swell inside her as her anger rose to violent heights. "You... TRAITOR!" she roared, transforming into her Butterfly form without meaning to. Random spells flew from her multiple hands, to which everyone shielded themselves.

Moon quickly shifted into her own form, flying up to her level. "I know what this looks like, but you have to understand-"

But Star was having none of it. "Understand what?!" she snapped, more excess energy shooting out without her consent. She supposed that she was so much angry that her magic needed a release.

Her mother conjured a shield. "Mina was already planning to overthrow Eclipsa," she pleaded. "Trust me, I stopped her from doing far worse."

This only served to make her angrier, more magic rolling off her in waves. "So, you start a revolution behind my back?!"

Star didn't know this at the time, but that word would loom over her head for a very long time. Revolution would be a word forever ingrained into her life, into her mind, and into her heart.

Moon was becoming angry too, that much was clear by the enraged look on her face. It was as if she had done nothing wrong. As if she was completely justified in her treacherous actions and Star was being the unreasonable one. "That one who started this was her!" She pointed at Eclipsa, but that wasn't all she did.

No, a blast of electric blue magic shot out from Moon's hand and toward Eclipsa. The Queen of Darkness gave a yelp, immediately shielding Meteroa from the blast with her body. Eclipsa herself was not as lucky, however, because she ended up taking the full brunt of the blast.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as the teal-haired woman fell to the ground. Her mouth formed an 'O' shaped upon her descent, her grip tight on her baby as she forced herself to fall backward as to not crush the infant.

"Eclipsa!" screeched Star. She dropped her Butterfly form, rushing over to her fallen friend. "Oh, no. Oh no, oh no, oh no!" She took the woman's face in her hands, pleading that she was alright. It felt as if that spell had directly pierced her heart instead of hitting her. "Y-You're going to be alright, I promise." She knew, however, that she couldn't keep that promise as she felt Eclipsa's breathing pick up as if she was struggling for air.

"Oh, dear!" exclaimed Moon, also dropping her form. She approached them but kept her distance. "T-That was an accident!"

Star glared daggers at her. "Like anyone's going to believe that!" she bit out angrily. Tears welled in her eyes as she focused on Eclipsa's paler-than-normal face. "Hey, Eclipsa, stay with me. Please. You need to stay with me!"

Eclipsa offered her a weak, sad smile. "It's alright, Star," she assured her, her breathing still labored. "I tried my best, but it appears my best wasn't enough."

The blond shook her head, refusing to accept this as tears streamed down her face. "No, you're going to be alright!" she insisted. "You can't leave, not now! Mewni needs you. Meteora and Globgor need you. I need you!" She had come to rely on the older woman in recent weeks. Eclipsa always said that she counted on her, but really, that went both ways. Eclipsa had been there for her, had been the persons she confided in.

She couldn't lose her now.

"P-Promise me something, dear," requested Eclipsa softly. She took Star's face in her hands, gently caressing her heart-shaped cheek mark. "Promise me that you'll look after Meteora. Promise me that you'll take care of Mewni for me."

"You'll do all that yourself!" asserted Star. "You're not going anywhere!" Why was Eclipsa even saying these things? She was going to be alright! She had survived three hundred years in a crystal and had survived being ripped away from her husband and daughter. Surely, she could survive a simple magical blast that hadn't even been cast on purpose. She had to!

But Eclipsa, using all her strength, raised the hand holding her wand and offered it to the blond girl. "Promise me, Star Butterfly." Her violet eyes were narrowed sternly and insistent. She wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Her hand shaking, Star took the wand from the dying woman. Instantly, it transformed into her purple-colored wand with butterfly wings, devils horns, and a star in the middle. "I-I promise," she vowed. Instantly, she felt Eclipsa's dark magic engulf her for a brief second, her cheek marks lighting up at the contact.

She didn't know for sure, but she had the feeling that she had just made a magical oath.

Eclipsa smiled up at her. "Thank you, dear." She looked down at her daughter, who was staring at her in confusion. "Sweetheart, I love you so much. I'm so sorry that I have to leave you so soon." She caressed the clovers on Meteora's cheeks before pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "Know that I will always be with you."

With that, her eyes flutter closed and the Queen of Darkness was no more.

Meteora titled her head in confusion. "Mama?" she questioned. When there was no response, the baby began to wail. And this wasn't like her usual baby whines. No, this was full-blown sobbing and each screech felt like a dagger to Star's heart.

She took the baby in her own arms, rocking her. "Shh, Meteora," she soothed. Of course, she felt like crying herself, but she knew she couldn't. She had to be strong for the baby. "It's going to be alright. I won't let anything happen to you, I swear it." Meteora didn't look very happy but quieted down, nestling into Star's chest.

Moon tried to approach her. "Star, I didn't mean to do that," she insisted. "You have to believe me!"

Star glared at her, putting some distance between them. She didn't trust herself in front of her mother at the moment. "I don't even know who you are right now," she responded, feeling nothing but disgust for the woman. It was a sick feeling, being disgusted with your own mother.

Moon gave a ragged sigh, running her fingers through her hair. "Star, I know you don't trust me right now, but I need you to give me the baby and the wand," she demanded. "Mina's coming and-"

Star tightened her hold on both Meteora and the wand. "If Mina's coming, then I'm getting Meteora as far away from her as possible!" she interrupted. Her mother was right, she didn't trust her. She killed Eclipsa, who was to say that no harm would come to the baby in her arms?

Over her head body. She had made a promise to Eclipsa and she was going to keep it.

Moon's facial features twisted into that of frustration as she made a grab at her daughter. "Star, we don't have time for this!" she exclaimed.

Star quickly moved out of her reach. "You're right," she agreed calmly. She looked to Marco for the first time since they had come into the room. "Marco."

Marco seemed to understand as he took her by the waist and pulled out his Dimensional Scissors. Neither of them had any idea if the portals were working, but all they could do was hope. Mina was on her way and if they didn't get out of here soon, Eclipsa's sacrifice for her daughter would be in vain.

"Star?" questioned Moon. Her voice held a hint of franticness and that somehow gave the blond satisfaction. Good. Let her panic. The reserved, proper queen deserved to have her facade broken. "Star, what are you doing?"

Star glared in response. "I'm keeping my promise," she answered. She nodded at her boyfriend. Marco used his scissors and, to both their surprise, it worked. Without another moment of hesitation, both clambered through the portal, Star's arms enveloping Meteroa as tight as she could. She would do as Eclipsa wanted, she would protect the baby, even if it was from her own mother.

"STAR!" was the last thing the blond heard before they abandoned Mewni completely.


I probably won't continue this until after "Cleaved" airs, but I will be working on it. I just want to wait in case there's anything I have to change. And let me just say that I don't hate Moon. I am disappointed with her betrayal, but the MHC are still the worst people ever. Besides, Moon's descent into darkness will be fun to write. Anyway, I hope you liked it and please review!