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Impossible Reality

Chapter 1:

As the dark limo pulled to a stop, several men in dark suits took in sharp breaths as though they were waiting for the presence of royalty. Instead, out stepped one Maximillian Pegasus, newly released from the hospital for therapy for his newly lost eye. Cruquet bowed his head slightly and greeted him. Pegasus had changed during his stay at the hospital....and he didn't mean getting a glass eye. Pegasus had always seemed carefree before, and he'd always looked like you could never hurt him or depress him. He'd had the attitude of a young boy, and even with his hair color, he's looked the part. But now......Pegasus had acquired the hard lines on his face that you can only get from feeling the harsh cruelty of great pain......and with his face set into a deep scowl like that, it was hard to tell that this was the same man who'd been lecturing Kaiba on comics only two months ago.............. Cruquet didn't mean to be concerned, but he was worried........if Pegasus hadn't been his employer, they might have been friends.......and it wasn't like him to look so miserable.........

But of course, Cruquet would never understand what was wrong..........

Pegasus turned to Cruquet "How are things running back here?" "Smoothly, sir." "Good." "All of the staff have been awaiting your return for some time now." "Yes, I know. I'm afraid that everyone's presence was unnecessary. I was planning on giving everyone another week off to themselves." Confusion showed on Cruquet's face. "If I may ask, sir......" "You see, Industrial Illusions has been suffering ever since I had to leave, and I just want to spend a week or so fixing up business so that no- one need fear about their livelihood." Pegasus smiled grimly. "In any case, I won't be needing anyone for awhile, so all of you can relax at home for a short while............ "Sir, with all due respect, you just got out of the hospital. I doubt that you will be in the condition to....." "Think nothing of it. I'm much better now, really, and it's an excuse for all of you to take a vacation. I'll call you if there is some unforeseen reason I need anyone." Cruquet was about to protest, but knew that arguing with him would be pointless. Instead, he remembered his place, and said absolutely nothing.

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ It was three o'clock at the Kaiba house.

Seto Kaiba pushed open the door to his home office as he listened to Mokuba happily recount every detail of his day at school. Seto would occasionally nod or remark, but his main focus seemed to be on the pile of mail he had just received.

"And then during Math, Sora was supposed to go up and do a problem on the board, only she told Ms. Kawagato that she didn't wanna, and Ms. Kawagato says I don't care if you wanna, you have to do a problem on the board, and Sora said no, and Ms. Kawagato got mad, and now Sora's got detention for a week, and whatcha lookin' at big brother?"

Kaiba was staring at the contents of a small envelope that he had just received. Inside were a one-page letter and a small check for a rather large amount of money. "What the fuck....?"

"Wow, big brother, that's a lot of money. Whatcha gonna do with it?"

Kaiba immediately scrambled for his computer. "First I'm gonna find out who it is who sent this."

Mokuba picked up the letter and read it out loud. It was short and to the point.

"To Mr. Seto Kaiba,

Due to some delay with your delivering of a promised good that was supposed to be delivered three months ago, I have sent you the agreed price for your machinery and have personally picked it up from your business so as not to inconvenience you. I believe this should provide a proper explanation for Item ID 7829348's disappearance."

The letter wasn't signed. "Um, big brother, what does all of this mean?" "It means some bastard has a stick in his ass about having to wait for something the company said they'd sell him awhile ago." " what's the big deal?" "The big deal is that if you order something from the company, you have to wait your turn just like everyone else so other people don't start sending in more angry letters complaining about how THEY have to wait." "So whatcha gonna do about it?" "Knowing how some of these rich bastards think, I'm gonna have to go p to them personally and threaten them with a lawsuit." Kaiba logged in to Kaiba Corp.'s data-base. "Computer, has anyone been to Kaiba Corp. to pick up Item 7829348?" The computer beeped back a response. "Yes, we did have one man come for that item........two days ago, I believe." "Well?????? Who was it?????"

"Oh, he didn't give us his name, but I'm pretty sure I know him from somewhere.....oh yes, his name is Cruquet. Joseph Cruquet." ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^

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