Portgas D. Naruto

I have been watching One Piece for a little while now and thought it'd be cool to have a little bit of a crossover. This is only a prequel and I do plan to see this one through until the end. Hope you enjoy!

The world, the world was a place for everything, for some it was a danger, for others a land of opportunity, but for one person it was a land of adventure and a place of self fulfillment. This teenager went by the name of Portgas D. Naruto. Naruto was the 1st born child of the once great Pirate King Gol D. Roger and the stunning lady of the sea Portgas D. Rouge.

He was a fair skinned boy with hazel coloured eyes and light red hair, overall he resembled his mother more than his father. He was born at a very complicated time, his parents were on the run from the world government and he was introduced to the outlaw life at a very young age. His family was on the constant run until his father surrendered himself to the Government, explaining to him and his mother that this way the government wouldn't come after them and they would be able to live freely. Of course Portgas D. Rouge did not agree with his logic and begged him to stay.

Since becoming the Pirate King the Roger Pirates had gone their separate ways to fulfill their own unique goals and ambitions. This meant that the family of three had no force to counter the Government, no army to fight back against them. Both Rouge and Roger knew that they couldn't directly fight back, so in their minds running was the only possible solution, the only way to get out scot-free. Their son Naruto, though he was smart, wasn't fully aware of the family's situation. This lead him to question both parents why they were constantly moving place to place.

Currently Naruto was sleeping in his bed, the family was hiding out on one of Roger's many territorial islands. The boy was dreaming of a world where his mother and father didn't have to run away from the government. Naruto was in pure bliss in these dreams he so often had, it was like the perfect world to him, a world gone of fear, hate, and separation. A world of happiness. His dreams were short lived however, he woke up to the sound of footsteps and creaking floor boards outside of his room. Naruto got out of his bed and tip-toed over to his door, quickly taking a peak underneath it he spotted a set of legs moving towards the front entrance of the house. He focused in on the pants the individual had on and had noticed that they were the same that his father wore. Naruto then concluded that there was no intruder in the house, just his dad walking around probably trying to find something to eat.

He was walking back to his bed when he heard the front door creak open and within a second, very swiftly shut. Naruto was puzzled, it didn't make sense for someone to go walking around at night, especially alone, so the boy grabbed his shoes, put them on and went out the door after his father.

The boy ran as fast as he could in the direction the Pirate King had went and finally caught up to him at the islands makeshift dock. He spotted the older man loading up a small vessel with supplies and food. These actions however worried young Naruto,

'Is he abandoning us? Leaving mom and I on the island to die or something? Why would he be leaving in the first place?' Naruto thought to himself behind a shrub

"Come out." A booming voice spoke, the voice of Gol D. Roger

Naruto cringed at the sound of his fathers voice, coming to the realization that his cover had been blown. The boy walked out from behind the bushes and shrubs to face his father on the small boat. He looked him right in the eye, emotions began to surface in Naruto and tears began to form at both of his eyes. The boy wiped them with his sleeve before he clenched his teeth and looked up once again to face his father.

"YOU'RE ABANDONING US AREN'T YOU!" Naruto yelled at his father surprising him

The Pirate King remained silent not answering his son's question, he was about to say something but Naruto had beat him to it,

"ANSWER ME!" He screamed again

The man took a step out of the boat and then brought his other leg over the side so he was standing on the dock once again. He faced his son again, a shadow heading his facial expression.


He took one step closer to Naruto, facial expression still hidden by the darkness of the night. Things were different for Naruto however, he started to think that his father may do something to him, something that would make him sorry about speaking out against him.


Another step closer to his son with no signs of stopping, Naruto's heart beat began to pick up in pace, a look of fear had long since replaced the 3 year old's sad facial expression.


Naruto's heart felt like it could explode, it was practically beating out of his chest. The boy clenched his eyes shut, getting ready for whatever was to come in the next couple of seconds.

Roger then fell on both of his knees and pulled Naruto into a hard embrace. The 3 year old was shocked to say the least, he expected that his father had become a bad man from what he gathered from him leaving his mother and him behind. He quickly put those thoughts behind him and hugged his father back with all the force he could use.

The older man looked down at his son a tearful expression on his face, "I don't want to leave your mother and you Naruto, matter of fact I want to stay. But what I am about to do needs to be done, this is the only way that you and your mother will no longer be hunted by the Government. This way you will be allowed to live a peaceful life."

"W-what are you going to do?" Naruto asked

Roger looked down at the ground before answering Naruto, "I'm going to hand myself over to the government and play it off that you and your mother weren't associated with me at all."

Naruto couldn't believe his ears, his father was going to willingly hand himself over to the Government and Marines, his lifelong enemies!

"But they'll do bad things to you! Hurt you!" Naruto spoke to his dad, trying to tell him what he planned on doing was wrong

Roger smiled, "I have no choice in the matter son."

The boy didn't understand what the older man was saying so he raised a brow at him' "What do you mean?"

Roger continued with his smile and continued to speak, "You see young one, your mother and you are the most precious people in my life, and I would gladly give my life so that you two may have a chance at yours. So you see it's my duty as a husband and father to do this and it must be done."

Roger then brought up one of his knees to get back in a standing position, but before he could get back up Naruto asked him something, "W-w-will I ever see you again?" He questioned rather quietly

This caused Roger to grin at him and then he responded to his son, "I'll always be here for you Naruto, no matter the time nor the place I'll be with you. . .in here."

Roger pointed at the centre of Naruto's chest showing him that he'll always be in his heart watching and looking out for the boy.

Roger then pushed himself up into the standing position before reaching into his captains coat. The man then pulled out a hat, the hat was clad completely in black but had a red ring that stretched all the way around the hat creating a full circle around it. [Think Ace's hat minus the beads and faces, but black with a red ring going around the outside] He put his hand over top the top part of the hat and then reached over above his son's head and plopped it on top.

"This hat is one of my favorites and means a lot to me, but I know no better person to leave it with than you." Roger said to him with a warm smile

Naruto began to shed more tears because of his fathers action. The boy then took a step forward and hugged his fathers legs, not wanting to let him go on and let the Government have him.

Roger then looked up at the sky and noticed that the sun was going to rise soon and knew he must get going.

"Naruto, my time has come to leave. . .but before I go. . .I want to tell you to do something." Roger spoke

"Live free."

Roger finished before he stepped back onto the boat and set sail.

Next update will happen as soon as I can, I'm trying to make chapters for this thing really long so it'll be more stuff to read and enjoy with the writing piece.