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Prologue: A new racer

Jeff V.O: Jeff Conway a pro driver when i was 18 i earned Racing School. i became Team Conway Racing but at the end of the day

this is my last ARCA race losing is not and option. Conway job done just an ordinary life. my driving skills

at daytona at ARCA Series. Conway job as a stock car racer. but someone will win this race..

(BGM: US National Anthem By: Anna Graceman)

(Anna Graceman) (singing)

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?

And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

P.A: Drivers, start your engines!

(engine Sounds)

Jeff V.O: All we know is...His name is Jeff Conway.

(BGM "Moon Over The Castle" GT2 version)

Leigh Diffey: We are underway. The Daytona 200 is on.

Conway will last race of ARCA has been history.

(Engine Humming)

Jeff V.O: Sometimes my family and my pride if was. my dad was a retired racer.

i earned a racing school. as a nascar fan was tough driver when i was a teen.. my family was racing

since the race of Team Conway Racing founded 3 years ago. Largest Ever Pet Shop is an evil, vicious, and malevolent place

and It's owned by Fisher Biskit. founded the Largest Ever Pet Shop Racing. then she driving of the number 76 Toyota blythe baxter

Leigh Diffey: With 23 laps to go, Conway is leading.

Fisher: Take him now, Merlin.

Merlin: He's all mine.

Jeff: The accelerator is stuck. l can't slow down.

Jake: Step on the clutch, we got company..

(in the Pits)

Roger: The accelerator is fixed, but the transmission is damaged.

Sunil: Are they out of the race?

Blythe: They will be..Conways?

Sunil: I Hope So..

Jeff: Get me out in front of the pace car or the race is over for us!

Pit 1: The linkage is all twisted.

Jake: Just give him the high gear.

Pit 2: I've got it.

Pit 3: Let's go.

Pit 4: Come on.

Jeff: Go! Go! Go!

Roger: Get out there and help them!

Sunil: I'm On it!

Jeff: We made it. Good work.

Sunil: l owe you one. Who Are You?

Jeff: The Names Conway, Jeff Conway.

Fisher: Conway!

(Engine revs)

Leigh Diffey: The green flag is out and racing resumes.

Jeff: Merlin's still in the lead.

Jeff: Where am l?

Jake: Ninth. Eight laps to go.

Jeff: Am l gaining on Merlin?.

Fisher: Conway's moving up fast.

Merlin: On it!..

(Engine Humming)

Jeff: Remember me?..Conways

(Engine Humming)

Jeff: I'm going to drafted Merlin, make him pull me around. the track.

Merlin: He's on my rear.

(Engine Humming)

Merlin: He's going on the outside.

Fisher: Conway's gonna win..

Merlin: I'm going to put him in the wall.

(Car Smashes)

Merlin: Adios Conway..

Jeff: I'm setting him up, Dad.

Leigh Diffey: There's the white flag. One lap to go.

(Engine Humming)

(Car Smashes)

Jake: Don't keep this up, son, please.

Jeff: Dad, This guy's going down!

(Engine Humming)

Fisher: Last turn, Merlin. Conway going to lose.. He'll try and slingshot past you.

Merlin: l know Conway. He always goes to the outside.

(Engine Humming)

Jeff: This one's for you, Mom and Dad.

Merlin: He's going high.

(Engine Humming)

(Conway overtakes Merlin)

Merlin: He's going low!

(Engine Humming)

(Car Smashes)

Merlin: NO!

Jeff: LEPS gonna smash you, For Good!

Merlin: AAAAH!

Leigh Diffey: Here comes the finish line,

and Jeff Conway takes the win!

Jeff: YES!...i won the race alright!

Jake: Oh Thank you son...(crying)..Thank you.

Fisher: AAUGH!...Darn!

Jeff V.O: Finally We just won the ARCA...of daytona as a champion of Daytona 200..this is my last race for my team.

anyway...one Happy ending...but merlin was crash.. i just quitting ARCA i join my racing team. but going to meet blythe

(in the victory lane)

Jeff V.O: but sometimes is going me his new auntie..Blythe Baxter..

Blythe : Hi..You must be?.. Jeff Conway..please to meet you..My name is blythe baxter called me cousin.

Jeff: Jeff Conway...Hi..Blythe Baxter you're fashion designer, student, owner and Auntie?

Blythe : Yes...you Stock Car Racer of Conway Racing? of course i have a offer job for you Welcome to the

Blythe Style Racing. an racing team for all of racing activities. From Pawtucket. and for various pets adoptions from the team

I'm a Crew chief and Pro race car driver.

Jake: okay...son you must joined the team and im Sorry about the ARCA race...I'll Go with you.. we need a deal.

think about it.

Blythe hands Jeff a business card. Jeff shakes Blythe's hand

Jeff: Thank you dad.. Shall we go?..

(in the pits)

Merlin: Fisher...you ruined it...i hate LEPS! in Downtown city..because i Quit!

Fisher: What?!...NOT FAIR!.

Jeff: Excuse Me..i'm gonna talk to merlin.

Blythe: Jeff!...Were you going.

Jeff: Merlin...it's Okay..you ready to join the team

Merlin: Good Luck..Conway. ..I'm Merlin..we got a job to do. this place is crawling with LEPS..

Jeff: (Smiled)...Jeez..

(At the Littlest Pet Shop's Blythe Style Racing's in Driving Park)

Blythe: Welcome to the Team. Cousin. You're Apartment up there..

Jeff: Thanks Aunt Blythe..

Roger: Jeff Conway...

Jeff: Uncle Roger...My name is Jeff Conway. Former Stock Car driver. Good to see you kid i just won't the last race.

Roger: yes i hope just pack these things for now son...i'm a pilot to travel all over the world.

now you known these apartments. Enjoy your Stay..

Jeff: Thanks...

Blythe: Conway..We got a lot to job to do..(Kisses)

(at the apartment room 246, Jeff's Cleaning up the apartment..)

Blythe: Conway.. Think a job for you as a race driver... you understand

Jeff: of Course?

Blythe: Listen.. Jeff..A Rival Business called Largest Ever Pet Shop is an evil, vicious, and malevolent place

where pets don't get to hang out with each other... Josh Sharpe was a race driver. that owner is Fisher Biskit..

Jeff: Biskit?...a owner right..so what are we gonna do..

Blythe: we need a race to win..and more collecting cars and pets too.. and we're did i took..

Jeff: My mom was captured...Lydia and my sister Layla... what are we going to do..

Blythe: Don't worry we gonna problem...okay?..those evil robots are monbans...and they will gonna defeat the biskit's

you gonna need more cars...to build. (Winks)

Jeff: Cars?...we'll see about that..i will need a cars..

("Littlest Pet Shop Gran Turismo" Title Card)

(At the Garage)

Jeff: Whoa...What is this?

Anna: Conway!...good to see you too..Darling

Jeff: Anna..I just Won the Stock car race. because of fisher biskit?

Anna: What?...Are you sure. that biskit's was Largest Ever Pet Shop...what do you say conway

Jeff: Correct that. Anna Twombly...

Anna: What?...That my Name..Mr. Conway..

Jeff: Whatever...so what we have anna..

Anna: This is a 240Z Sports Car...

Jeff: (gasps)...Is beautiful. some sort of junk?..replica car from nissan..should i test drive anna..

Anna: of Course...Conway. give it a try..

(Engines Starts)

Jeff: Whoa..check it out guys

(Engines revving)

Jeff: Here goes nothing...

(Engines revving)

Anna: What Do you think?

Jeff: Not Bad...i will test drive the track..

(At the Test track)

Zoe: OMG!...You're Jeff Conway?

Jeff: Who are You...

Zoe: Zoe Trent...Nice to meet you...you're the guy aren't you?

Jeff: Good to see you..Zoe you're dog with a talent for singing.

Zoe: Sure Thing..Darling so...let's see.. how the 240Z can do..

Jeff: Let's roll...zoe i'll test drive for that teacher..

Zoe: I'm a pet darling...not a teacher..got that?..whoa!

(Engines revving)

(BGM: Where Is the Love?)


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love

You said you'd give to me

Soon as you were free

Will it ever be

Where is the love


You told me that you didn't love him

And you were gonna say goodbye

But if you really didn't mean it

Why did you have to lie


Where is the love

You said was mine, all mine

'Till the end of time


Was it just a lie

Where is the love


If you would have a sudden change of heart

I wish that you would tell me so

Don't leave me hanging on to promises

You gotta let me know

Jeff: Are you okay Zoe?

Zoe: Darling..i don't Scared to drive

Jeff: Wear Your seat belts next time..Zoe.

(At The Dyno Test)

(Engine Revving)

Blythe: Okay!...Great Work Conway..

Jeff: It's Works!...Dad that Turbo engine works!...

Jake: Great...that's right son...much better than turbo.

(At the apartment room 246)

Blythe: Conway!...Don't forget your Laundry dirty clothes in the washing machine?!

Jeff: Yes dear!..

Blythe: it's Aunt Blythe!...Right?!

Jeff: Oh...Sorry..

(At the Garage)

Blythe: We got car parts and tuners..for 240Z..

Jeff: What?...car parts and tuners? ..is that a title of the car 240Z in japan..

Zoe: (Singing)..FAIRLADY!..Z!...oops?!

Jeff: (Laughing) Zoe is Singing...Let's Get's to work Blythe..

Blythe: Great.. let's do this


Oh, how I wish I'd never met you

I guess it must have been my fate

To fall in love with someone else's love

All I can do is wait

That's all I can do, yeah


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love


Where is the love

Blythe: Well... What do you think?

Jeff: That car was nice...we're Ready For The Race...at sunday cup and clubman cup...Good to see you too cousin..

Blythe: Okay...that turbo was nice.

To Be Continued in Next Race