Chapter 3: BOXER's Boring

Driver: Jeff Conway
Car: Subaru Impreza WRX '01
Rival: Ramon
Car Subaru Impreza WRX '08
Track: Deep Forest

Conway was join the impreza meeting. a part time rival was lost in sunday cup is Ramon.

Sunil: Who's That?

(Engines Sound)

Jeff: What The WHAT?!

Ramon: Conway...You Got Lucky and i failed the sunday cup. and you are a hero of downtown city
and ruined my car again..

Jeff: tell me the truth..and you sick of your freaking car..and you drive like impreza... you're rude rodent

Fisher: Jefferson Conway... a former stock car driver..and a newest rookie driver of blythe style racing. if i introduced you
my name is Fisher Biskit..owner of LEPS. Driver of Biskit Racing Team..And you a bad driver..i layed my eyes on you..Jeff Conway

Jeff: Why You!.

Blythe: Conway, Enough!..Don't Do understand?

Jeff: Yes blythe...

Fisher: and you wearing that racing suit?

Jeff: This is my racing better lose you're coward. that is subaru..BOXER engine, isn't he?.

Fisher: You're coward conway..and you won the sunday cup!..You cheater!

Jake: Stop it! Both of you!..

Blythe: Enough Fighting..Boys

Jeff: beat it Fisher and Ramon...

Ramon: Conway..I'll see you at the track..cheater..

Jeff: What?

Anna: Conway, my darling just focus on track, stick to the plan. just drive with these that clear?

Jeff: yes auntie...ramon gonna win..pal

(at the Pits)

Bev: Conway!'re jeff conway?

Jeff: Nice to meet you..who are you.

Bev: My Name is Bev Gilturtle of Paw-tucket. some of the races in downtown city of motorsports racing..
from le mans to GT World Championship.. and you're jeff conway you won the sunday cup race.

Jeff: Thanks Bev..

Madison: Conway..Race starts in 5 mins.

Jeff: Thanks...Madison?

Madison: oh...You Jeff Conway. a rookie racing driver..good luck on the race...i'm madison. just get in the car.

Jeff: alright...let's roll..I'm Coming for you ramon...

Pepper: Be safe conway..

(at the deep forest track in starting grid)

DJ John: Welcome to the Subaru Impreza Racing Meeting.. starting the first grid. Rainbow Dash!. Starting the second grid. Ramon!
Starting in third grid, Sue Patterson, and Starting in Last Grid. Jeff Conway!.

Jeff: Those imprezas?

Blythe (Radio): they four of them?

DJ John: What's this?...The Last Grid Entry?!...It's Youngmee Song!

Jeff: five imprezas

DJ John: The Racers are ready...and there underway!

(Engine revs)

LAP 1 of 3

DJ John: Conway Get his Clean start in sector 1..but conway takes 4th, Sue takes 3rd

Jeff: we got this guys. i'll slipstream myself..

Sue: Huh?..Conway...

(Engines Revs)

Ramon: Mama Mia!..It's Jeff Conway!...Too Bad for you Conway..

Rainbow: Hey!...Not Fair!

Jeff: You're not getting away this time..Ramon!

DJ John: Conway in 3rd place. Second place is rainbow dash, Ramon is take the lead in sector 2!...And the crowd goes wild will take the impreza drivers meeting trophy.

Jeff: Rainbow dash...i got this overtaking..

Rainbow: don't forget conway...beat ramon first!

(Engine revs)

DJ John: here comes jeff conway versus ramon. the impreza duel racer are take conway's lead in turn 6.
Conway fight to the podium.

Ramon: could you do's not fair conway! cheater

Jeff: Darn...we're Overtaking..

(Engines Revs)

DJ John: conway gonna chase Ramon!...Side by side on turn 7 and move to the final corner..Huh?
What's this?...youngmee gonna drive impreza and take 3rd position...

Rainbow Dash: What?!

DJ John: Unbelieveable...Conway in 1st, Ramon in 2nd, Youngmee in 3rd?..What is the Meaning Of This?

Jeff: Hey!...That is my lead!

(Engines Revs)

Ramon: Come back here!

LAP 2 of 3

DJ John: Conway still in the lead...Ramon gonna condition on the BOXER engine in Turn 1.

Blythe: That's impossible...Youngmee?...Conway Don't Distracted youngmee..Got That?

Jeff: Roger that...Youngmee...Beat Ramon..

(Engine Revs)

(In Turn 2)

Delilah: Conway...Jeff Conway..He's a guy winning the sunday that a boy driving the impreza?

Olive Shellstein: That driving was an amateur..

(in Turn 5)

Jeff: oh dear...We got company..

DJ John: it's a War of Impreza for the Meeting and the championship.

Ramon: Conway...Come and get it..this i'll little salsa crash..

(Car Smashes)

Jeff: Oh dear...You asked for it Ramon!

(Engines Revs)

Ramon: Buh Bye Conway...

(Engines Revving)

Jeff: Ugh!...Blythe i'm gonna little help..

Blythe (Radio): We're gonna taking damage..careful conway

Sunil: Don't worry is on the way!

Jeff: Sunil?...

Sunil: Conway...Repairs on it's Way...stand back i'll throw this one..

Jeff: on it Sunil...Hey Ramon look we got here Water balloons.

(Throws Water Balloons on Ramon)

Ramon: Hey!...stop It!

Jeff: Hurry Sunil...Repair the Rear of the car with the duct tape..

(Sunil used the Duct tape to repair the rear spoiler of the car)

Sunil: All done..conway

DJ John: Ladies and gentleman sunil saved the rear spoiler of the car..Wait a minute..a water fight..

(In Turn 8)

Sunil: Ramon...Take This!

(Throws Water Balloons on Ramon)

Ramon: Stop It!...Please Stop!

(Car Screeching)

Ramon: Conway!...How Could You!

(Engines Revs)

LAP 3 of 3

DJ John: Conway Takes the Lead!

(In Turn 1)

Ramon: what have you done!

(Engines revs)

Jeff: Get in sunil!

(Sunil's hop in the front passenger seat of the impreza and close the car windows)

Jeff: You okay?

Sunil: Thank you Conway...

Jeff: nice job blythe...i'll take it from here. we're gonna win..

Ramon: What?...we're critical damage!

Jeff: So long Ramon...see you in finish line.

(In Turn 2)

DJ John: it look like a critical damage and ramon vs jeff conway, Side by side on turn 2.

Zoe: oh my darlings..

Fisher: That rude guy...he won the sunday cup.

Mo: Conway?'s Incredible...

Jeff: Here we go..

(Engines Revs)

(in Turn 5)

Rainbow Dash: faster that a speed...rainbow dash away!

Ramon: uh oh...We're Gonna CRASH!

(Car Crashes)

DJ John: oh... no! no! no!... for goodness sake ramon's impreza was out of the race..

Ramon: help!...i failed...

Blythe (Radio): You're Okay?

Jeff: Yep i'm okay..Let's win the Impreza race..

(Engines Revs)

(in Turn 8)

Jake: Hurry it up...son.

DJ John: Conway in 1st. Rainbow dash in 2nd. Youngmee in 3rd...Who is the Winner of impreza meeting cup?!


DJ John: Checkered flag...Conway wins the impreza meeting. 1st place trophy Jeff conway. 2nd place Rainbow Dash and 3rd place Youngmee song..

Jeff: Yes!

Sunil: You Okay?

Jeff: too bad about..Ramon..not bad at all.

(at the podium)

Jake: Conway...are you alright?

Jeff: I'm fine...

Jake: Conway i'm so proud of you...

Sunil: (Gasps)

Ramon: Conway!

Jeff: Ramon?

Ramon: What have you done to me! (Crying)

Jake: This is for my son and a champion..So next time you lose.

Ramon: Blythe?

Blythe: Nice yourself..

Ramon: you haven't seen the last of ramon?

Jake: in you're face...Jerk!...Go Home!

Ramon: (Crying)

Jeff: What?

(at the pit garage)

Jeff: (Gasps)...What are you doing?

Youngmee: Conway?

Jeff: Youngmee Song...You're a baker girl?..she so feminine..aren't you..
i got a gold i just won't my impreza meeting..i'm jeff conway..

Youngmee: Too bad for that car.. my little boy. (Kisses). how's racing for the impreza meeting

Rainbow: Conway what took you so name is Rainbow dash i'm a human like race driver..
what happen to ramon

Jeff: Ramon is Defeated...conway gonna drive the impreza. if i never lose conway will survive... that a Subaru Impreza WRX?

Rainbow: um...i think the blue one..BOXER Engine.'re a driver too..

Jeff: of course rainbow...well i gotta wear up.

Rainbow: so Put your clothes on you better be hurry..

(Outside the Pits)

Youngmee: Look. Conway Driving a car. pets are adorable are working together as your team..
and my love.. so what's your full name mister?

Jeff: (sighs)..okay..My Name is Jefferson Cornelius Conway...ex-ARCA Racing Driver..current Blythe Style Racing driver.

Youngmee: So do's a honor mister conway.

Elwood: Jefferson Cornelius Conway!'re a driver huh?

Jeff: Who are you?

Elwood: My name is Elwood. one of the Blythe Style Racing rookie driver. and you must be the hero
of the pro driver... must be the pro driver too?

Jeff: Geez thanks...what was that?

Fisher: Ha!...nice rookie driver for you Jefferson...This machine is useful for the car.

Jeff: What are you planning to do..Steal this thing?

Fisher: Steal?...You're a bad driver rude.

Jeff: Get outta of my Face!...

Blythe: Conway...Stop It!. you too such a rivalry business

Fisher: Spoiled Brats...You're a driver and a pet animal.

Jeff: Dad...We're Doomed!

Jake: What?...let go of my son!...WHO ARE YOU!

Fisher: Jake Conway...I'm Fisher Biskit the evil owner of "LEPS" or "Largest ever Pet Shop" Racing team

Jeff: Largest Ever Pet Shop?..

Fisher: You have been banned under my racing team?..I Like you..

Jake: Banned?!...since i was you with my wife and my daughter..

Brittany: Shut up! a bearded man.

Jeff: Brittany...if i will punched in you face..

Brittany & Whittany: (laughing)

Jeff: (growling)...Biskit Twins.

Bella: Jefferson!...You Got Lucky at this time.

Chloe: Yes Bella..i told you you're career you're respect your racing..and the fans
make champions are bad're a shame!..Monbans...Eliminate and get conway to kiss of death from Eliza Biskit. (laughing)

Jeff: Dad.. Run!

(Jake and his team ran away)

Fisher: Get them!

Monbans: Prime directive:Obey Biskit voice commands. get conway!

(BGM: Get Closer [Gran Turismo])

Jeff: Incoming!

(Lucas accident Spilled the sports drink on racing suit)

Lucas: Conway!...come back here you supposed to be racing not a chasing...Monbans?

Monbans: Prime directive: Get conway!

Lucas: No!...i'm NOT Jeff Conway...please don't hurt me.

Monban: Stop that boy!

(Jake smashing monbans with the Bat)

Jake: Take that and That!...Conway...Run!

(Jeff Rans Away)

Jeff: Elwood!

Elwood: Uh Oh...Monbans Here...

Jake: Jeff, Elwood, behind you.

Monban: You Not getting away this time conway. eliza biskit will gonna kiss you real soon..

Jeff: All that dirty tricks..

Fisher: have been banned...and a kiss of eliza biskit.

Jeff: You're a monster!...

Monban: Arrest that kid!

Jeff: What?

(they handcuffed Jeff and Elwood)

Jeff: (crying)...I'm Not Going to Jail!

(At the Police Station)

Officer Sharon: Jefferson Cornelius Conway. Pro race Driver of the Blythe Style Racing. ex-ARCA Racing Driver
why did you do this for you?

Jeff: But if was fisher biskit's banned me...He's Betrayed us!

Officer Sharon: Silence! many times racing are rivalry in the track?

Jeff: My rival Fisher Biskit..if i win so many races i became a champions and this our biskitfully
and will happy endings. being a dream of race driver.

Officer Sharon: What?!'re ex-ARCA Driver too?.

Jeff: Officer...Please...I'm a Race driver...(Crying)

Officer Sharon: Conway, Enough crying..why are you running?

Fisher: These Maniacs!...Fisher Biskit and his LEPS gang. We're gonna doomed by monbans!

Officer Sharon: Fisher Biskit. A man was Largest Ever Pet Shop is Fisher Biskit's abode. It is an evil, vicious, and malevolent place
and where pets and cars too..

Jeff: a car dealership and racing team?

Officer Sharon: Yes...fisher gonna corrupted.

Jeff: Corrupted?

Jake: What is Corrupted?

Jeff: Dad

Fisher: i just uncorrupted!

Jake: Why you!...let go of my son..and his driver. what do you want biskit...never cheated again...Sorry Fisher

Fisher: What?!

Officer Sharon: Get Fisher out of my police station

(the police grabbing fisher biskit out of the police station)

Fisher: Officer!...Officer Please!...

Officer Sharon:'re a professsional race driver too. and even so many cars are racing. like a stardom. but next time you getting troubled..Understand?

Jeff: Yes Officer...i'm Jeff Conway anyway..

Officer Shannon: Glad to hear it..

(at the Trailer Truck)

Jeff: Banned, from the Largest Ever Pet Shop?...that pesky scum Fisher biskit is a evil owner.

Blythe: Conway, you cannon going to the superstore...This place is crawling with monbans!

Jeff: But Cousin Blythe?...What about my sister...i need you going to superstore...

Blythe: No! can't going to the superstore...they gotta killed for you're soul..

Jeff: (sigh)...okay cousin...these idiots of biskits..we're gonna have a new pet..

Jake: WHAT?!...a new pet...Ugh...son it's too dangerous you can't buy the new you?

Jeff: (sigh) Yes daddy...

Blythe (she kissed the cheeks to conway)...Don't worry you have a own pet...okay?

Jeff: i accept your apology...cousin. see you at the track tomorrow...daddy?

Jake: Who's daddy?

Blythe: what the what?...Never mind..

Jake: (sigh) Bah...

TO BE CONTINUED in the Next Chapter
"Conway's Rivalry Fight"