EXTRA: Shilling + Future Plans [Last one, I promise!]

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12 Protheans - "Javik is born centuries earlier, and is preserved on Ilos alongside the Prothean scientists. After perfecting time travel, they send him back in time to undo extinction - all while he is haunted by a recurring dream. Based on La Jetee and 12 Monkeys."

An Illusive Reign - "On an ordinary day on the Illusive Man's station in 2183, shortly after Shepard dies, the former picks up the Death Note. He uses it to win humanity's birthright as rulers of the galaxy - but there's more to the universe...[AU, Death Note/Mass Effect/Star Wars]"

Galactic Atlas - "A story of the Cycles, told forwards and backwards. AU [No Shepard, based on Cloud Atlas]"

Life on Earth - "On an ordinary day on the Citadel in 1978, Delen S'Leya finds herself transported to Earth disguised as a human! An unusual journey lies ahead for her. AU."

Overlooking Ilos - "The story of how the Reapers overlooked Ilos."

A Passionate Intensity - "On an ordinary day on Khar'shan in 2182, a Hegemony leader picks up the Death Note. Yeah, it's not pleasant. AU."

Peace Through Might - "On an ordinary day on Thessia in 2182, an asari Matriarch picks up the Death Note. The galaxy is enlightened under the guidance of the Asari Republics. AU."

The Rage of Tuchanka - "On an ordinary day on Tuchanka in 2184, Urdnot Wreav picks up the Death Note. The galaxy is brought low by the vengeance of the krogan people. AU."

Rational Planning (LEGENDS) - "On an ordinary day on Rannoch in 2177, a geth unit picks up the Death Note. A more rational galaxy emerges from the Collective. AU, Death Note/Mass Effect/Star Wars. NOTE: It is recommended you read The Rebel Alliance's Death Note before reading this for context."

Station Thessaly - "After a terrible terrorist attack forces the isolation and abandonment of the asari homeworld, the survivors devolve into a more primitive society - but never lose their culture. One-shot - A Mass Effect adaptation of Station Eleven."

They Blinded Me With Science! - "On an ordinary day on Sur'Kesh in 2182, the Death Note falls into an Inner Cabinet meeting. The Salarian Union uses it to conquer the galaxy in the name of science! GLORIOUS SCIENCE! Meanwhile, a bored Zellogi drinks and does drugs. AU."

Vengeance of the Suit Rat - "On an ordinary day in the Migrant Fleet in 2182, a quarian picks up the Death Note. Nothing good happens for anyone outside the Migrant Fleet. AU."


Don't Fuck With Aria [Omega Death Note]

Mass Effect 3: Rewrite [Lol Casey Hudson]

Mass Effect: Grunge Edition [90s!]

The Might of the Link [Alar Death Note]

Orphans of the Galaxies [Orphans of the Sky, Mass Effect edition!]

Reign of the Inusannon [The story of the Inusannon]

Triumph of the Hierarchy [Turian Death Note]

A Very Capitalist Galaxy [Volus Death Note]