I… I cannot begin to explain to all of you what this has meant to me. This journey in general has been rocky for me. And to know that my first WIP has been finished – even if she's only a rough draft… It means so much to me that each and every one of you has stuck with me despite all of my inconsistencies, my bad grammar or misspellings, and more. I don't even wanna say this is a goodbye because, well, there's another baby coming soon.

Thank you all. I don't want to make this too long, so not to drag it out.

I don't even know what to say other than I love each and every single one of you. I'll let you have a little peek at the next book… just as an "I'm sorry for this shitty ending."


So, his father had been right: love truly wasn't all that complicated in the grand scheme of things. His heart sought after a charming, yet vulgar, somewhat poncey boy with eyes he'll never forget. It didn't get what it wanted, and it's destroying him from the inside out. Memories from the years are jumbled in his mind and the voices of those lost along the way muddying the waters.

All he can manage, with what little is left of Remus Lupin, is the utterance:


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Much love to each and every single one of you.
I'll see you back in a bit : )